God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 436

Chapter 436 – Strange Movements in Europe!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 3: The South]

Xin Jia Rou who was seated beside Mu Xiang Ling saw this, she immediately went to prop her up as she asked worriedly: “Xiang Ling!! Xiang Ling!! What’s the matter?”

“This is…. Natural Evolution!!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with wonder as he reached out to feel her forehead, noticing that her temperature was feverish. He had felt shocked and immediately came to that conclusion.

Such a natural evolution had occurred once in front of Yue Zhong, which was Zhuo Ya Tong’s evolution. At that time, Zhuo Ya Tong had awoken in front of Yue Zhong, causing the him who was not yet an Evolver to be filled with envy.

Xin Jia Rou looked at Yue Zhong with a face of worry as she asked: “Master, is Xiang Ling alright?”

Yue Zhong consoled her: “Don’t worry!! I’ll get a doctor to look at her!”

By now, Yue Zhong was in control over the entire Guilin City, getting a doctor wasn’t a problem.

Very quickly, a few doctors were summoned to their place, and as they took a look at the feverish and unconscious Mu Xiang Ling, they could only prescribe medicine to help control the fever.

As Yue Zhong was busy taking care of Mu Xiang Ling, on the other side of the globe, within a luxurious mansion in Berlin, Europe. A few Aryan men were seated around a table engaged in discussion.

One of them was dressed in a neat suit, and he had a hook nose as well as eagle-like gaze, his face chiselled, and his golden hair slicked back. He had a scepter in his hands, and as he sat there at the sofa, he was emitting an intense aura. Just by sitting there quietly, it felt like the entire room belonged to him. If any ordinary person were to sit beside him, they would be pressured by that aura, to the point that they would not dare speak.

The scepter-wielding man spoke out solemnly: “The Judgement Corps at the Guangxi area of China had failed. They have instead, just recently established a new form of authority, whose leader seems to be called Yue Zhong, and he’s Chinese. I would like to hear your opinions?”

A burly and muscular man, with blond hair and blue eyes and a handsome look stood up as he spoke in a ringing voice: “Those damn retarded Chinese that grew whips behind their heads dare to go against us Aryans? They truly deserve death. We should just set fire to their entire place and burn them all to the ground!! Esteemed Apostle, do grant me, Andrew, the permission to head to Guangxi, and I will definitely bring my men to take care of them!! We will seek redress for our fallen comrades. Glory to the great Aryan race!”

The scepter-wielding man with blond hair was the 5th Apostle of the 12 Apostles in the Kingdom of God, Hallex. He was one who held considerable power and authority within the Kingdom of God as well.

Hallex looked at Andrew as he spoke severely: “Andrew, your intentions and resolve are good! However, those yellow-skinned monkeys are no longer those buffoons with plaited hair! Although they’re a lowly and despicable race, we cannot help but acknowledge, their combat strength is truly astonishing. Even the United States in the Korean-War were forced to sign a humiliating treaty. If we are to restore the Master Race’s glory throughout the world, we have to take our enemies seriously. Even if they’re an ant, we must use all our force to stamp them out!”

Andrew lowered his head in shame as he replied: “Yes, Great Apostle Sir!!”

The 5th Apostle Hallex wasn’t just a white supremacist. In fact, he was a huge supporter of the ‘Aryan master race’ belief. He shared in the extremist views of the propagator and instigator of World War 2, Hitler, and in his mind, only the Aryan race were the rightful and elevated race, all other races were lowly in comparison.

Hence, Hallex had gathered a number of like-minded fanatics, and they all held the restoration of the Aryan’s glory as their single-minded purpose.

Nationalism was a double-edged sword, it could cause people to be extremely narrow-minded and stubborn, but at the same time, it could cause like-minded people to gather together. Hallex relied on that nationalistic view to gather his subordinates, and they were all loyal to him, even willing to die for their ideals.

One guy in the west side, who has dressed simply and had a pair of glasses mulled silently, before saying: “Apostle, sir! I feel that we should try and rope Yue Zhong into our Kingdom of God. If he could join us, then we would gain a pawn over at the China region. Furthermore, if he becomes one of us, we can become stronger as well.”

Andrew immediately glared at that middle-aged man in glasses and roared: “Porter! What are you talking about? How can we let those lowly yellow-skinned monkeys into our Kingdom of God? Are you crazy? Just breathing the same air as those monkeys makes me sick! And you want them to join us? Are you trying to drive me crazy?”

Porter replied solemnly: “Andrew!! Even Hitler had formed an alliance with the Japanese during the war. For the sake of restoring glory to our Aryan race, we need to make concessions and compromise when necessary.”

All of the people gathered in the room were Aryan supremacists, and in their eyes, any other race was lowly. Amongst them, besides other white races, they would look down and refer to the rest with derogatory terms.

Hallex turned to another lean man who had been silent all this while, and asked: “Ralph, what’re your thoughts?”

Ralph spoke slowly: “Apostle sir!! I reckon that in the current world, manpower is strength! The number of people in Guilin City is too high! We should decrease that number. That’s my first proposition. Otherwise, when Yue Zhong joins our Kingdom of God, he would not rely on us entirely.”

Hallex’s pupils narrowed as he asked: “What’s your recommendation?”

Ralph laughed: “Wuyan Hong of Vietnam in Lang Son City especially hates the Chinese. He detests their land and people. We just have to instigate the battle between him and Yue Zhong.”

Porter lifted his glasses and piped in: “Ralph! It’s winter now! Furthermore, the weather has been especially harsh across the globe this year. Even Guangxi has been reported to have some crazy winds and hailstorms. With such strange weather, both Wuyan Hong and Yue Zhong would not be so stupid as to deploy their troops to fight.”

After the apocalypse, the winter had become abnormally cold, and the entire world seemed to be enveloped in a blanket of ice, as all hustle and bustle slowed to a crawl.

Other than a selected few, the majority of fighting forces had all but ceased battle. The risk was too huge, as a sudden hail storm could cause an entire troop to be wiped out.

Especially the Europe region, which was snowy to begin with, now that the weather had turned horrid, and snow was everywhere. If it wasn’t for the vast resources of the Kingdom of God, where they diverted some to provide warmth for their facilities, a large number of their forces would have perished from the cold.

Ralph replied mildly: “I know. But we should still send some instigators first, otherwise when the snow melts, if they don’t clash, then there’s no point.”

Hallex eyed Ralph and said solemnly: “Fine! This will be handled by you Ralph!”

Ralph immediately bowed in respect: “Yes, Apostle Sir!”

Yue Zhong was unaware that he was already noticed by his enemies on the European side, as he sat beside Mu Xiang Ling and kept watch over her.

Early the next morning, Mu Xiang Ling groaned, as she slowly opened her eyes and saw Yue Zhong and Xin Jia Rou sitting by her side.

Yue Zhong asked Mu Xiang Ling: “How are you? Feeling better?”

“Much better!! Oh yes! Big Brother, I’m now already an Evolver! I’m a Spirit-based Evolver, with the Level 3 Skill Telekinesis.” Mu Xiang Ling broke out into an excited smile, as she made a grab in mid-air, and a vase came flying towards her from afar.

Yue Zhong waved his hands, and a set of high-grade equipment appeared on the bed: “Congratulations on becoming an Evolver! This set of equipment is your reward!”

Yue Zhong had executed a number of experts, and these experts had their equipment as well, hence giving a set wasn’t a hard thing. It was just that anything of Level 4 Type equipment or better was harder to obtain.

“Thanks Big Brother!!” Mu Xiang Liang grabbed the equipment and could almost feel the enhancement she would be gaining. She leapt into Yue Zhong’s arms in excitement, kissing his cheeks twice.

A set of quality equipment could bring about an earth-shattering change, by now Mu Xiang Ling was Level 11, and wearing that set of equipment could allow her stats to be on par with an ordinary Level 30 Enhancer.

Xin Jia Rou looked at Mu Xiang Ling and felt comforted as well. Now, both mother and daughter were Evolvers, and with such strength, regardless of what happens in the future, at least they will have the strength to protect themselves.

Mu Xiang Ling hugged Yue Zhong’s arm as she pleaded: “It’s been a boring day! Big Brother, bring me out to play!”

“Fine!!” Yue Zhong was also itching to go out with Mu Xiang Ling pestering.

Mu Xiang Ling pounced into his embrace again and kissed his face: “Yay!! Big Brother is the best!”

Yue Zhong chuckled and brought Mu Xiang Ling out.

The moment they left the villa, a harsh cold wind blew over, causing Mu Xiang Ling’s face to be flushed red, as she let out a breath, causing a small fog to rise in front of her.

There was a huge snowstorm in the previous night, and there was a layer of ice on the ground.

Guangxi was generally warm, and even during winter, there would hardly be snow, Guilin City had never seen snow in the past decades. This first winter since the apocalypse had seen a number of snowstorms, and there was even an incredible hailstorm in the past few days, directly freezing over 200 survivors within Guilin City to death.

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