God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 438

Chapter 438 – Conflict At The Restaurant!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

The Mutant Beasts corpses laying by the riverbank would naturally be handled by Yue Zhong’s subordinates.

Yue Zhong held Mu Xiang Ling’s hands as they came to the city centre of Guilin City.

They discovered that currently, there were all sorts of vendors and people walking about and browsing, the bustling activity a close shadow of the pre-apocalyptic glory.

Although there had been incidents of riots and instability, there were still many people in Guilin City. So while there were deaths, it was not heavy enough to impact the energy level within Guilin City.

Yue Zhong observed the flourishing scene and felt a sense of pride, this huge city of about 900,000 survivors now belonged to him. In this apocalyptic world, humans were the most precious treasure, with about 900,000 people, he possessed a decent amount of fighting resources.

All of a sudden, a rumbling sound came from beside Yue Zhong, as Mu Xiang Ling lowered head in embarrassment, saying: “I’m hungry!!”

“Let us eat then!”

Yue Zhong looked around the busy street, before pulling Mu Xiang Ling along, and entered an extremely clean and simple shop, which was filled with customers.

The moment they stepped into the shop, they caught a whiff of an exotic aroma of herbs and fresh meat.

The customers inside the shop were stuffing their faces with fragrant bowls of Mutant Beast meat.

“Esteemed customers!!” When Yue Zhong and Mu Xiang Ling entered the shop, they were greeted by a pretty lady, whose exquisite features including a pair of big eyes and a healthy colour, was smiling brightly. Her long hair was tied in a ponytail, and she welcomed both of them to a table to be seated.

Upon sitting down, Mu Xiang Ling eyed the young, beautiful waitress warily, her eyes filled with dislike.

The young lady in ponytail asked: “May I know what would you guys like?”

Yue Zhong asked: “What would you recommend here?”

The waitress smiled and introduced a few dishes: “Our famous dish here is the Braised Mutant Pork Shoulder, as well as the Braised Mutant Black Fish. These are our signature dishes! Other than those, we also have some common dishes.”

Yue Zhong nodded: “Let’s have those 2 then!”

“Great!” The waitress immediately noted their order and left swiftly towards the kitchen.

Mu Xiang Ling then broke into a sweet smile: “Hehe! Big Brother! That young miss is quite the beauty, isn’t she? Do you want me to help you chase her? If I act, she will definitely be yours.”

Yue Zhong reached out to pinch Mu Xiang Ling’s cheeks, as he chuckled: “Silly! If I want any beauty, it’s just a simple matter of opening my mouth. Why should I need you to do it for me?”

Being together with Mu Xiang Ling, Yue Zhong was extremely at ease. At least this little loli didn’t fear him like other people. In his path to reach where he was, to gain control and authority over Guilin City, he had killed without blinking. Even his subordinates and trusted aides viewed him with a little fear amidst their respect, hence they didn’t dare crack jokes openly.

Even his close brother Hu Yi had been assigned to be trained together with the new recruits, and did not have the time to chat idly.

Hu Yi’s combat strength was tyrannical, but he was lacking in his military bearing. Hence, to fit in the modern warfare tactics, Yue Zhong had him thrown into special training, using the training of the elites with twice the difficulty to polish him.

If Yue Zhong wanted to utilize his brother, he had to have the capabilities. Hence he had decided to get Hu Yi whipped into shape.

In this apocalyptic world, personal strength was important. However, the strongest force would still be an army made of individual experts. Yue Zhong could single-handedly deal with 2,000 zombies on his own. However, against a million-strong horde, even if he hacked and slashed till his arms rot, it wouldn’t be enough. He would have to retreat in the face of such numbers. However, with a 10,000-strong army, he wouldn’t need to fear a million-strong army.

Mu Xiang Ling slapped Yue Zhong’s right hand away, as she pouted: “Wuu!! Don’t pinch my face!! It’s gonna become round because of you! Then I won’t look pretty anymore!”

Yue Zhong chuckled as he looked at Mu Xiang Ling, seeing this bundle of joy, he naturally felt more light-hearted. Since returning to Guilin City, he had been under a lot of stress.

Mu Xiang Ling seemed to have turned into a little devil as she taunted: “Gege! A sentence from you can get a beauty to accompany you. But in the end, these people accompany you because they fear your power, not that they truly want to be with you. What’s the meaning in that? If you truly want to be a casanova, you must obtain their hearts, then you can be considered a true playboy. Furthermore, by getting any beauty to fall for you, wouldn’t that be proof of your charm?”

If it were any other lustful man, they would be inspired by Mu Xiang Ling’s words. However, Yue Zhong merely ruffled her head as he smiled: “I don’t have the patience or time to chase them slowly. It’s just a short break for me to breathe. There are still many things I have to do.”

The Kingdom of God had monopolized all the resources on Europe’s end. Europe had cutting-edge technology and the moment they finished their researches and wiped out the zombies, they would be able to progress and develop extremely quickly.

In comparison, China had plenty of lands, which were currently controlled by who knows how many ambitious and power-hungry warlords who had risen. Considering all these gave Yue Zhong a headache.

It was not only Yue Zhong who was busy expanding his power and influence. With the change of the world, all sorts of strange characters that had been oppressed by modern society laws and norms, had all risen. If Yue Zhong wanted to unify the entire country, it would require an unknown amount of energy and resources.

If one was backward, they would invite bullying. It was a proven course of nature, everyone in modern society knew that well. The moment Europe consolidated their power, and Asia was still in chaos, it was not improbable for the Opium War to repeat itself. Europe was never willing for a strong Asia that could rule the entire world, and they were filled with fear towards the race that had the most number of people, as well as the glory of their past ancient civilizations. If they had the power, they would definitely not allow that. And the opposite was true, if Yue Zhong had the chance, he wouldn’t mind giving the Kingdom of God a stab.

Other than Europe itself, the rest of Asia was still unsettled. Wuyan Hong was filled with hatred against the Chinese, and he was currently on the top of the priority list. If he was still weak, he had no choice, but now that Yue Zhong had the power, he could not stand by allowing his fellow countrymen to be used as dogs and pigs for others.

Mu Xiang Ling was dejected as she pouted: “Cheh! I’d thought that you would say, for beautiful women, you would even cross the fires of hell!”

Yue Zhong raised his eyes: “Do I look like that sort?”

Mu Xiang Ling’s eyes widened as she looked at Yue Zhong for a long while, before she suddenly grinned: “Yes! You’re even the sort that would push a loli into a small ditch! Lolicon!”

Yue Zhong was caught unaware, as he flared, and reached to pinch her face:” What?! It was you who pushed me ok?”

Mu Xiang Ling giggled as she threatened: “Bully me some more! I’ll cause a scene!! I’ll shout out loudly that Yue Zhong is a lolicon! You won’t ever have face again!!”

“Forget it! I won’t stoop so low!” Yue Zhong immediately waved his hands and ruffled her hand. If he was really labelled as a lolicon in front of so many people, his reputation would take a dip. This devil definitely had the capacity to do so. Because she knew where Yue Zhong’s threshold laid.

Mu Xiang Ling shot a proud look as Yue Zhong gave in to her, and she knew she could tease Yue Zhong. In any case, she was still young, at most, Yue Zhong would just give her a spanking, and would not actually punish her.

The waitress quickly came back with the signature dishes as she placed them on the table: “It’s here!! These are the braised Mutant Pork Shoulder and braised Mutant Black Fish! Do enjoy!”

A delicious fragrance wafted into their noses, as Yue Zhong looked at the sumptuous dish in front of him, and made to quickly grab a piece of pork shoulder, and immediately tore the meat from the bone, feeding it into his mouth. Upon entering, the meat instantly melted in his mouth.

“Delicious!!” Yue Zhong’s spirits were lifted as he began to eat voraciously.

Mu Xiang Ling also quickly used her chopsticks in a bid to grab food: “Gege, you’re too crafty! Eat slower, leave some for me!”

The pretty waitress looked on at this funny scene, and her eyes twinkled in amusement.

Right at this time, at another table, a burly man slapped the table as he shouted: “Waiter!! Why is there a fly in my food!! What the hell is wrong with you guys? Do you know how to run a business?”

“Where’s the boss? Get him out here!!”

“Get your boss out here! If not, we’ll wreck your lousy shop!!”

A few of the men beside the burly man immediately hollered aggressively.

Seeing this, a number of the customers in the restaurant became frightened as they stopped eating, paid their money and left. There were even a few with no manners that directly left without paying.

A middle-aged man whose skin was slightly dark and yellow, his entire face filled with wrinkles came over with a careful smile, as he bowed and said: “Friends! Our dishes are carefully scrutinized to ensure quality, and there would definitely not be a single fly. Is this a misunderstanding?”

The burly man laughed coldly, as he grabbed a spoonful of soup, in it, a large fly laying dead: “Not a single fly?! What’s this?”

The pretty waitress took a step forwards as she stared at the burly man and said: “I’ve checked every single dish that comes out of the kitchen. There was no fly!! This is your doing!!”

The burly man instantly frowned and hollered, pulling out a bat, as he flipped the table: “You dare frame me?? Brothers, fuck these people! Trash the place!! Do it!!”

The 5 men beside the burly man instantly pulled out their weapons as well as they started to unleash carnage.

The sounds of breaking and destruction rang out within the shop.

“Stop it!! You bunch of hooligans!!” The waitress screamed as she watched her family’s store being wrecked. This store was the hard work of her family, and the moment it was destroyed, her family’s livelihood will be gone.

The shop owner and the rest of the workers just stood at a corner as they watched helplessly, not daring to move. The hooligans had baseball bats, knives and if they were to rush into the heat of things, they might get injured or worse.

In this apocalyptic world, there was a loss of medicinal manufacturing plants, and their quantity had lessened considerably. With each usage, the amount left was dwindling. Hence, medicine was even more expensive now. They did not dare to get hurt.

A hooligan came up to Yue Zhong and Mu Xiang Ling and his eyes flashed with ferocity as he barked: “Get lost! Can’t you see that we’re conducting business here? Do you want to die!”

“Quickly flee!!” The waitress looked at them and shouted out in worry. She knew that these hooligans were not any decent people, and would not hesitate to hit or even kill a little girl.

There were simply no hooligans that held to the principles of not hitting women or children left in the apocalyptic world.

Mu Xiang Ling’s eyes flashed angrily, as she lashed out with a vicious kick at the groin of the man like a cheetah: “Trash! You dare spoil the mood of my meal!”

After gaining a set of equipment, she had the strength equivalent to 2 grown men, and this single kick actually caused the hooligan to be sent flying back 2 to 3 metres.

When the hooligan received that blow, his eyes looked like they were about to pop out, his hands grabbing his stomach as he doubled up in pain. Tears streamed down his eyes.

Mu Xiang Ling sent the hooligan flying with a kick, and turned around to look at Yue Zhong smugly, before her gaze travelled to Yue Zhong’s groin.

“What a vicious loli!” Yue Zhong suddenly felt his back break out in cold sweat, and his legs immediately snapped shut. Even with his Endurance reaching a high 151 points, that bullets could not penetrate his skin, that part was still his weak point, for that matter, it was the weak point of all men.

The waitress witnessed this and her eyes flashed with a glint: “So strong!!”

The leader, who was the burly man, looked at Mu Xiang Ling, his eyes gleaming fiercely as he roared: “Everyone together!! Catch that bitch, and we’ll have some fun, before we sell her off to some nightclub!!”

Led by that burly man, the remaining 4 thugs quickly charged towards Mu Xiang Ling.

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