God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 439

Chapter 0439 – Cleaning Up the Gangs!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Yue Zhong eyed the 5 incoming hooligans, grabbed a piece of meat and placed it in his mouth with disinterest: “They’re yours! Do your best!”

“Eh~~!! Yue-gege, how can you expect a loli like me to handle 5 of them? Aren’t you ungentlemanly~~!” When Mu Xiang Ling heard Yue Zhong, she got excited, and started to warm up: “Oh right! Is it ok to cripple them?”

Yue Zhong replied mildly: “It’d be best not to! They still have some use. We can throw them into the Scum Battalion! If you cripple them, then we’d just have to kill them!”

Yue Zhong had no favourable impressions of such hooligans that bullied the weak commoners. He had intended to punish these hooligans by sending them to the Scum Battalion as cannon fodder. If they were crippled, he wouldn’t spend any medicines to heal them. He would only do so for good people.

“Got it~~!” Mu Xiang Ling let out an excited smile, as she lifted her hand, and activated her ability, as 5 chairs suddenly flew towards the 5 hooligans viciously, controlled by an unseen force.

At that instant, the 5 chairs hit the 5 hooligans heavily, and were destroyed by the impact, at the same time, causing the 5 hooligans to be injured gravely, spitting blood from their mouths as they fell to the ground.

“A high-level Enhancer!! Damn it!! You actually dare to injure me!! I will definitely make you wish you were dead!! If you have the guts, just wait here!”

The leader of the hooligans glanced resentfully at Mu Xiang Ling and Yue Zhong, before directly taking out a bamboo flute and forcefully blowing it.

Looking at the hooligan whose face was filled with hatred, a strange light flashed past Yue Zhong. He didn’t leave, but quietly stayed sitting there, continuing to eat the shop’s signature dishes.

“Oh! Interesting! So you still have backup! Good!! I really want to see what sort of person is supporting you from behind the scenes.”

The resentful hooligan glanced and Yue Zhong and smiled coldly, “You’ll know soon!!”

“Who dares to touch my men!! Do you not want to stay in Guilin City anymore?”

Following an indignant shout, a young man, accompanied by four police officers, strode into the shop.

The leader of the hooligans instantly rushed up to the young man and implored loudly,
“Young master Dan!! It was these two!! It was them who hit us!! Young master Dan, you have to give us brothers justice!!”

Yue Zhong glanced at the young man who had been escorted in by the four police officers and he smiled faintly, “So it’s actually Dan Yu, long time no see.”

As soon as he saw Yue Zhong sitting at the table, Dan Yu’s heart instantly exploded. Both his knees softened, and he was so frightened that he directly fell paralyzed onto the floor. After all, he knew that the person in front of him was actually the controller of Guilin City; just one order from Yue Zhong would be enough to make him die a miserable death. Moreover, the reason that his father was able to regain his original post was because he had correctly chosen to stand on Yue Zhong’s side at a key moment. Even if it were Dan Yu’s father, Yue Zhong would still be able to make him die with ease.

“Young master Dan, young master Dan, what’s wrong? Right, it was those people who attacked young master Dan!! Go capture those two people and bring them back to the police station!!”
One of the police officers instantly propped up Dan Yu and directly pointed at Yue Zhong, his brain working like lightning as he attempted to curry favor with the young master.

“Attacked your mom!!” Dan Yu was so scared that his soul almost scattered. He viciously gave the police officer a slap to the face.

“Luo Ping you bastard! Are you trying to kill me?” Following that, Dan Yu ruthlessly kicked the leader of the hooligans onto the floor, his face flashing with an ominous glint.

Only after finishing all this did Dan Yu bend his waist, kneeling down before Yue Zhong with a flattering smile on his face and saying, “Apologies! Young Master Yue!! It was I who had eyes but failed to recognize Mount Tai. Sorry!! Sorry!!”

Upon seeing this scene, apart from Yue Zhong himself and Mu Xiang Ling, everyone else was stunned.

The fact that there were four police officers escorting Dan Yu was already enough to show that his background was extraordinary, yet upon seeing Yue Zhong, this extraordinary son of an official was actually so scared that he instantly fell to the ground. This made everyone feel incomparably astonished.

Yue Zhong glanced at Dan Yu, who was kneeling before him, and said indifferently, “Bai Xiao Sheng! Come out! Take all of them away and lock them up!! The people over there on the floor, you can directly throw them into the Scum Battalion.”

“Yes! Head!”

Very quickly, eight experts wearing black suits, each of them exuding a terrifying aura, entered the shop.

“Personal guards of the head?” As soon as they saw the eight experts, the four police officers’ faces all paled as they instantly guessed Yue Zhong’s identity. They didn’t resist at all, letting the guards restrain them.

Yue Zhong’s personal guards very quickly took away the pale-looking Dan Yu, the four police officers and the 6 hooligans lying on the floor, only leaving behind the wrecked little shop.

The energetic ponytail girl filled with youthfulness then came up to Yue Zhong, bending down slightly as she thanked sincerely, “Thank you!! I am called Chen Bing Xia. Many thanks for helping out.”

If it wasn’t for Yue Zhong, perhaps the entire shop would’ve already been smashed by those hooligans.

Yue Zhong smiled slightly as he handed over a ten-tonne food stamp to Chen Bing Xia, saying,
“I am called Yue Zhong! There’s no need to be courteous!! Your shop’s signature dishes are truly delicious. I hope to have the chance to savour them again! This is a year’s payment of meals.”

Chen Bing Xia received the 10 tonnes-worth of ration tickets and her eyes immediately started to tear, as she thanked Yue Zhong profusely: “Thank you!! Thank you!!”

With this huge amount, Chen Bing Xia’s family would be able to continue running the shop. Without it, they would be hard-pressed to continue running due to the damages incurred earlier today.

“If anyone else dares to bully you guys, just report my name! Alright! We’re leaving!” Yue Zhong laughed before standing up and led Mu Xiang Ling out.

Chen Bing Xia gripped the tickets in her hands tightly, as she watched Yue Zhong’s back leaving in the distance, her beautiful eyes flashing with a strange glint, her mind brimming with confusing thoughts.

Mu Xiang Ling teased Yue Zhong: “Wa!! What a hero saving the damsel in distress! Regardless, continue working hard like this, and that pretty lady might have her heart stolen by you!”

Yue Zhong flicked her forehead and chuckled: “Enough of your mischief! This time, once we go back, we’re gonna be busy for a while!”

Soon after Yue Zhong returned to the government office, Dan Yu’s father Dan Hong came scrambling in front of Yue Zhong, kneeling and pleading profusely: “Leader!! My worthless son was lacking, and had offended you, I plead for your magnanimity and mercy! Please! I only have one son.”

Yue Zhong sat on the sofa, with Mu Xiang Ling beside him who was helping to massage his leg. He looked at Dan Hong coldly, “Dan Hong! Initially, on account of your merits, I’ve given him a new lease on life. Now, he’s still out there instigating hooligans and ruffians to bully the commoners, this truly is a leopard that cannot change its spots! I’m giving you 3 options! First: Lock him up for 20 years. Second option: Send him into the Scum Battalion and only after he has killed 40 zombies will he be set free. Third: You can give up your position and be a sanitation worker. Your choice!”

Dan Hong knelt there, his back in cold sweat. All 3 options were incredibly unappealing. Sending his son into jail for 20 years was tantamount to wasting his life. On the other hand, being in the Scum Battalion, Dan Yu would not last past a year. And for Dan Hong to give up his post as a superintendent, he obviously could not bear to sacrifice his current standard of living.

Dan Hong gritted his teeth and made the painful choice: “I choose 1! Let him stay in jail!! It would be better for him!!”

In comparison, his own position was more important.

Yue Zhong eyed Dan Hong indifferently and replied: “Alright! You’re dismissed!”

“Yes!” Dan Hong heard that and left the office obediently.

After Dan Hong had left, Yue Zhong thought back to the events earlier and spoke softly: “Seems like the problems of the triads have to be dealt with!”

Amongst the various gangs and triads in Guilin City, there were numerous who had the backing of some government officials. Yue Zhong had busied himself with the reorganizing of the military and government, and neglected the disease that was growing within Guilin City, namely the problem of the triads. Now that he had seen the despicable measures of some of these triads, it caused a fury to arise in his heart.

Yue Zhong was a decisive man, and quickly deployed various troops throughout the city, embarking on a cleanup.

The Golden Wolf Triad was a small triad that had 40 members at its core, and had control over a street as well as a nightclub.

On this evening, inside the nightclub, the dim red lights were lit, and the scent of liquor and wine hung heavily in the air, as numerous young men and women were intoxicated in their partying.

All of a sudden, a 30-man troop came bursting into the club, dressed in the Nano Combat suits, hoisting a single assault rifle each.

Hu Yi, who was leading, hollered at the top of his voice: “I want everyone to stay where you are! Get down on the ground! We will execute anyone who disobeys!”

With the sudden presence of this team as well as the threat from Hu Yi, all the young men and women in the nightclub immediately got down on the ground.

Hu Yi’s booming voice rang out: “All the men from the Golden Wolf Triad get out here! If you don’t turn yourself in, the moment you’re caught, I will execute you on the spot! All your family members will be implicated as well!”

Not long after, a middle-aged man brought over 30 men as they came out slowly with bitter expressions, saying: “I’m the chief of Golden Wolf Triad, Sheng Sheng Yi, I’m here to turn myself in. I plead with this officer to have mercy on my family.”

Hu Yi replied coldly: “Come with us!”

Sheng Sheng Yi sighed, as he led the rest of his members and followed Hu Yi and his team.

It was not that Sheng Sheng Yi had no intentions of resisting, but upon seeing those soldiers with strong killing intent, all thoughts of resisting was immediately vanquished. He was extremely clear that the only outcome for resisting was death, and hence they could only follow obediently.

With the government’s iron fist clamping down, all the triads became paper tigers overnight. In the midst of a city-wide sweep, all triads and gangs, big or small, were instantly dissolved, and all the core members and chiefs were apprehended by him.

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