God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 441

Chapter 441 – Devourer

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

“Let’s start!!” Hu Yi observed their surroundings once, before pulling out a sniper rifle, aimed at the horde, and fired.

With a single ‘peng’, a zombie’s head was blasted apart.

Attracted by the sound of the gunfire, the huge horde shifted, and swarmed towards the direction of Hu Yi and the rest, who were atop the hill.

“There’re simply too many of them!! We would rot before we manage to kill them all!” One Enhancer whose level reached 38 waved his hand as he spoke, and a number of blades made out of air sliced towards the zombies in front, instantly decapitating 20-over of them.

Another who had the [Gun Specialization] Skill pulled out 2 .03 rifles, and began to fire without stop, every single round fired from each gun would kill a zombie.

One of the Enhancers had [Plant Manipulation] and he planted a Mutant Seed under the tree, and soon, countless vines exploded out from the ground, wrapping around a number of the zombies, shredding them into pieces.

The rest of the warriors raised their own .03 rifles and aimed at the zombies without haste, making sure to kill them with a single shot each time.

There were about 200 experts on this side, each of them being above Level 30, and had plenty of experience in killing zombies. None of them had any fear towards the zombies. As long as their Stamina could hold out, it was hard for them to die.

With the combined efforts of those 200 experts, although the small hilltop seemed to be surrounded by the dense horde of zombies, none of the zombies could break past the defences.

Huge numbers of the zombies were being decimated constantly, while those in front would be trampled by those behind.

Soon, the total number of zombies killed by this team of elites had reached more than 2,000.

At this time, the horde suddenly parted, and a number of 3m-tall strange zombies appeared. They had protruding bellies, their limbs were coarse and bulky, and they had long tails, with bodies covered in a layer of scales. Their eyes were completely milky-white, and their hands had long sharp nails, matching their teeth.

The moment these strange zombies appeared, they began to swallow up the corpses of the ordinary zombies, and there seemed to be no end to their appetite, as they continued to gobble up the ordinary zombies into their bodies.

Hu Yi looked at the strange zombies swallowing up the rest, and a notification appeared in his mind.

“Level 60 Strange Monster: Devourer I-Type. It can swallow ordinary zombies to constantly evolve and grow stronger. Its initial level is 50. Swallowing enough ordinary zombie corpses will allow it to reach Level 70. Swallowing higher-grade corpses may give rise to potential further growth and evolution.”

Hu Yi took a look at the Devourers, and his heart went cold. He quickly aimed a rifle at the head of one of the Devourer and fired wildly.

The dense hail of bullets assaulted the Devourer, and simply bounced off, not hurting it in the slightest.

“Allow me!!” The expert who could control blades made of air stood forward, his eyes flashing with a glint, and he expended a huge amount of Stamina to conjure a huge blade that could bifurcate even an armored vehicle, as he sliced towards the Devourer.

The huge blade made of air landed on the body of the Devourer, and the skin dented inwards slightly, before causing the blade to be dispersed. At the next instant, the Devourer immediately opened its mouth and shot out a black, murky poison arrow at the Enhancer who controlled the air-blade.

“Ah!!!!” The expert immediately wailed in agony when he was struck. His body instantly rotted, and his eyes lost the colour of health, before he suddenly pounced towards Hu Yi.

Hu Yi’s face changed in horror as he kicked the expert towards the ground, before roaring: “Zhang Zhen! What are you doing?”

The expert looked up with soulless eyes, as it climbed up and pounced towards the others.

Hu Yi immediately shot forward and pulled out his Dark Magic Blade to slice off the head of Zhang Zhen, as he roared: “He’s infected!! Shit!! Everyone, be careful! That Devourer can cause someone to turn almost instantly with its spit, don’t let it get on you!”

Hearing those words, the expressions of everyone fell. They had worn the Mutant Beasts hides and few things could endanger them. However, at the initial point of the apocalypse, the scene of their friends and loved ones turning into zombies right in front of them had been deeply embedded in their minds. Their attacks became a lot more guarded, and did not attack the Devourers, instead choosing to deal with the ordinary zombies.

Those Devourers also seemed to ignore the humans on the hill, instead choosing to swallow the corpses of the zombies unhurriedly.

Hu Yi looked at those Devourers hanging around the foot of the hill, and his eyes flashed with a hint of urgency: “Damn it, what do we do? Are we going to stand here and watch as those freaks become stronger?”

The experts on the hill were killing the ordinary zombies without stopping, while the Devourers were swallowing up the corpses, and both sides came to a standstill.

However, Hu Yi was clear that if they were to allow the Devourers to evolve, they would be wiped out.

As Hu Yi and the rest were engaged in a crisis, within a villa in Guilin City, Zhang Xue Wang was sitting with his vice-commander Yu Hong, as they drank liquor together.

Yu Hong drank a gulp of the soju, as he belched and cussed: “Damn it!! Yue Zhong isn’t worth shit!! We helped him gained the city, and he actually shoved us to the new recruits battalion to lead these greenhorns!! Isn’t this obviously not trusting us?”

Zhang Xue Wang eyed Yu Hong and frowned as he growled: “Old Yu, you drank too much. If your words were heard by Leader, we would all be in trouble.”

Hearing that Yu Hong grinned in contempt: “What leader? That position was also snatched by him! If it wasn’t for us, how many of the survivors would be dead be now! The moment he came, he stole all our positions, and forced us into this meagre place. He is shit. Commander, let’s rebel!!”

Zhang Xue Wang was alarmed, as he shot Yu Hong a look, and replied: “Old Yu, you’ve had too much to drink!”

Although he was advising him otherwise, Zhang Xue Wang was undeniably affected by those words. While being a commander of an elite force was the same post as a commander of a recruits battalion, the positions of those 2 were different. The commander of the elite force would definitely have more authority than a commander of a recruits battalion.

When Zhang Xue Wang was re-allocated as the commander of the recruits battalion, he was naturally unhappy. However, he was clear that Yue Zhong had managed to gain a steady footing in Guilin City, and if he were to jump up now to voice his disapproval, there would be countless who would automatically step up to do him in.

Yu Hong’s eyes glinted strangely, as he clapped once: “Commander!! I know you’re worried about Yue Zhong’s forces being too strong, and we can’t defeat him. Don’t worry. We have the manpower!! Come out!!”

“Commander Zhang, how do you do!” A 26-27-year old male came walking into the room as he smiled and greeted Zhang Xue Wang.

Zhang Xue Wang eyed this young man, and his heart was filled with caution as he asked: “Old Yu! This is?”

The young male, who had squinty eyes, chuckled before introducing himself: “Commander Zhang! Let me introduce myself. My name is Lin Chang Hai. I’m a member of the Greater China Alliance. We of the Greater China Alliance aim to restore the glory of China, and we have countless experts with us. We are currently based in Guang Xi, and we have over 70,000 members, and a force of 10,000.”

“Our Alliance Chief knows that Guilin City had been overtaken by this small fry called Yue Zhong, and was extremely infuriated. Hence, he assigned me to come and form an alliance with you, Commander Zhang. We can work together to topple Yue Zhong’s tyranny. After this, we hope that Commander Zhang will join our Greater China Alliance, and help to establish our control over Guilin City.”

Zhang Xue Wang’s eyes flashed, before he slowly replied: “Yue Zhong has a force of 10,000. How are you going to topple his governance?”

Lin Chang Hai chuckled mysteriously: “Commander Zhang, other than you, there are already 2 other high-ranking officials who had been unhappy with Yue Zhong’s rule, and have joined us already. Furthermore, Gao Ming Hao from the Green Bamboo Triad as well as other experts from the Heavenly Dragon Triad, even Chen County’s Wen Fu Xin* had all agreed to join us. At that time, once the army of the Greater China Alliance reaches, you guys work from the inside, we attack from the outside. Such a prong-attack will guarantee that Guilin City will become ours. Yue Zhong is now busy dealing with the zombie horde, and he would not think of acting against us.”

Zhang Xue Wang mulled silently, before asking softly: “Currently, the 3-million-strong zombie horde is making its way towards us. After gaining Guilin City, what does the Greater China Alliance intend to do?”

Lin Chang Hai laughed indifferently: “Since the aim of the zombie horde is Guilin City, after we have done away with Yue Zhong, we will organize for everyone to evacuate the city.After which, we will slowly chip away at the zombie numbers, and one day, we will regain Guilin City and Nanning City. Ensuring the survival of everyone is of utmost importance.”

Zhang Xue Wang seemed to have resolved the questions in his heart as he replied: “Alright!! I’ll promise you guys!! Tell me your plan!”

Lin Chang Hai was elated, and proceeded to divulge every single detail of their plan to Zhang Xue Wang.

From the direction of Bin Qi City, a 10,000-strong force dressed in all sorts of garbs, carrying various weapons were currently marching on towards Guilin City.

[Kun] *Wen Fu Xin was the guy who tried to take down the Heaven Sect, but faced defeat at the Leader before Yue Zhong managed to cut in at the right moment and won the Heaven Sect. (Chapter 383 – 384)

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