God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 442

Chapter 442 – Collapsing the enemy With a Single shot!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition
(Book 3: The South)

Among the 10,000 armed militants, a number of them were wielding blades, wooden bats and other various melee weapons. Only about 1,500 of the elite troops were wielding guns. Also, there were 5 IFVs, 10 self-propelled artillery, 6 40-round auto-loader rocket launchers, and 8 Type 96 tanks.

Taking a look at this troop that was made up of a combination of melee weapons and modern warfare weaponry, it was obvious that these 10,000-strong troops did not have the luxury to equip each and every soldier.

Yue Zhong stood on a small hill, by his side stood White Bones, and as he laid prone on the high vantage ground, he took a look through the scope of the Falcon Sniper and assessed quietly: “So this is the Greater China Alliance? Their strength is not weak.”

“Ah! I see some old acquaintances!!” Yue Zhong moved the scope and suddenly saw the chief of the Green Bamboo Triad, Gao Ming Hao seated in the co-driver seat in an armored vehicle.

Yue Zhong lifted his head and took a look, noticing that it was dusk, he gave a sigh. He did not rush to snipe Gao Ming Hao, instead choosing to observe the troop quietly.

Gao Ming Hao sat quietly inside the jeep, his mood extremely comfortable. Initially, when he was forced out of Guilin City by Yue Zhong, he managed to only bring a few of his trusted aides as they escaped pitifully. His efforts and hard work in establishing the 10,000-strong Green Bamboo Triad went down the drain just like that, and he had suffered a tremendous setback. However, when he escaped to the nearby Bin Qi City, he was scouted and recruited by the Greater China Alliance.

The Greater China Alliance allowed Gao Ming Hao to lead his own troops, and helped him bolster his forces. Now he was a small warlord commanding over a thousand soldiers. Although these were male survivors wielding melee weapons, they were under his control. It caused him to feel great again.

Beside Gao Ming Hao, there was a young man who had pale skin, a tall stature, decent looks, but with an aura of weakness and superficiality between his brows chuckled at Gao Ming Hao: “Old Gao! Once we’ve taken down Guilin City, you’d better not forget your promise.”

Gao Ming Hao eyed the young man beside him, and a hint of contempt flashed past his face, but he maintained the amiable smile and replied: “Of course Young Master Jin!! After we take down Guilin City, I would definitely find a pair of beautiful twins for your enjoyment.”

This young man in front of him was called Jin Guang Xuan, and he was the son of Jin Sheng Cheng, who was the supervisor of the Guang Xi part of the Greater China Alliance. Although Jin Guang Xuan was handsome, he was extremely lustful in nature, and was the perfect example of a hero father and wastrel son. He would be in the company of ladies most of the time, and Gao Ming Hao despised him.

However, Gao Ming Hao knew how to carry himself, and although he viewed Jin Guang Xuan in contempt, he continued entertaining him, becoming one of his close friends.

Jin Guang Xuang chuckled loudly as he said: “Haha! The other time, you brought me a mother-daughter pair, they were not bad!! However, they’re a little old for my taste!! Next time, do take note!! I like young and beautiful girls!”

In the eyes of Jin Guang Xuan, Gao Ming Hao was like a dog kept by his house, and regardless of how he ordered, it would be fine. At most, he could just gave him a dog bone to chew on, figuratively.

In the past, it was the same for Yuan Shi Kai and his eldest son, Yuan Ke Ding who was like that as well. He treated Duan Qi Rui and Feng Guo Zhang, whom his father did not dare take lightly, as slaves, and was extremely despotic.

Gao Ming Hao held his rising anger in check, while giving Jin Guang Xuan a warm smile: “sure! I got it, Young Master Jin. Next time, I’ll definitely take note.”

Right at this time, snowflakes started floating down from the skies.

Seeing the snow falling, one of the men in military uniform immediately turned and rushed towards the jeep, smacking the doors hard as he called out: “Young Master Jin!! Young Master Jin!! Open the door! I have something to report!”

Jin Guang Xuan eyed the soldier, his expression one of displeasure as he rolled down the window, and felt the chill creeping in, causing him to shiver uncontrollably. He hurriedly asked: “What? Duan Zi Ke!! Spit it out!! If there’s nothing, don’t come and bother me!!”

Duan Zi Ke did not mind Jin Guang Xuan’s disrespect, instead urgently replying: “Young Master Jin!! It’s snowing now!! What do we do? Shall we get the troops to find some shelter first?”

Jin Guang Xuan’s eyes narrowed as he replied coldly: “No way! If we hinder my dad’s plans just because of the snow, will you be able to bear the responsibility? Even killing your entire family would not be able to make amends for the losses to my Jin family then! Godspeed, godspeed, can’t you understand this logic? To think that you’re a military personnel.”

Duan Zi Ke laughed bitterly as he explained: “But! Young Master Jin!! The weather’s too cold!! We’re all southerners, and aren’t used to this. If it continues, the soldiers will either freeze to death or be injured heavily!”

Guang Xi was originally warm to begin with, and it seldom snowed there, not to mention snowstorms. In the first winter of the apocalypse, the sudden chill had taken the lives of countless people, and the remaining survivors were still not any better adapted to the cold. Hence, even Yue Zhong had not dared to deploy his forces.

Jin Guang Xuang seemed to become impatient with the reasoning, and immediately replied before pulling up the window: “Then just let them run!! Enough with your blabbering! In those days, when the Red Army trekked the snow mountains and plains, they had not complained. This is just some cold. Bolster their spirits to get through this! Don’t bother me anymore! Get the whole army moving! With our utmost speed. Once we obtain Guilin City, they can rest well then.”

Duan Zi Ke’s expression had turned extremely ugly as he cursed under his breath: “Fool!!”

True, in those days, the Red Army had crossed countless terrains, but they had lost many as well. Unless forced to, who would want to trek the mountain and plains?

Jin Guang Xuan continued to stay within the Jeep to enjoy the warm air, and naturally could not feel the pain of the common soldiers.

Duan Zi Ke could only helpless relay the stupid command: “All troops! Full speed ahead!!”

The speed of the troops suddenly increased a lot. However, from time to time, there would be soldiers who fell lifelessly, never to get back up again.

“Retard!” Yue Zhong watched all these, and thought silently. If it were him, the moment he saw the snowflakes, he would pull the troops back, and not wantonly march on in these conditions.

These were people from Guang Xi, not those northerners from Liao Ning, nor were they like those polar bears suited for snow.

The snow got heavier and heavier, and soon, a huge gale started to blow.

Countless snowflakes flew with the wind, as the snow blanketed the soldiers of the Greater China Alliance, piercing them with a chill like a cold knife that reached the bones.

As the soldiers marched on, they shivered uncontrollably, their faces flushed red, and their legs becoming numb as they traversed through the snow, as though they didn’t belong to them.

Soldiers would fall from time to time, fainting in the snow, and never getting up again.

Under those harsh winds, the soldiers of the Greater China Alliance fell like droppings as their temperatures dropped to dangerous levels.

The morale and spirit of the soldiers were at an all-time low, and everyone became numb.

“It’s time!!” Yue Zhong saw that a few more soldiers of the Greater China Alliance had fallen in the snow, and he took careful aim at Gao Ming Hao inside the jeep.

Yue Zhong was only about a kilometre away from Gao Ming Hao, and he quietly adjusted his breathing, getting his attention at its maximum, and his entire focus was on Gao Ming Hao solely.

When the jeep came to a sudden halt, Yue Zhong immediately pulled the trigger.

With a single ‘peng’, a 14.5mm sniper round immediately pierced through the air, piercing the defensive glass of the keep, and blasted Gao Ming Hao’s head into pieces.

Even if Gao Ming Hao was a Level 49 Strength-based Evolver, he had no way of defending against that assassination shot from Yue Zhong.

Jin Guang Xuan took a look at Gao Ming Hao’s headless body, and he immediately shrieked in terror: “Ah!! Help!! Help!! Save me!!”

“Attack!! Attack!!” The sharp sound resounded across the entire Greater China Alliance’s troops.

The troops were already at a low point, having to face the harsh and cold snowstorm. Suddenly, they heard that they were under attack, and confusion led to chaos.

A large number of the melee weapon-wielding soldiers escaped in all directions. Close to 80% of the original troops fled, as most of them were forcefully conscripted workers, and were meant to be cannon fodder. Their morale was low to begin with, and the moment they thought there was a trap, they quickly fled.

Within this armed forces of the Greater China Alliance, there was still a small troop that could fight. It was the 1,500-strong unit of well equipped soldiers. However, the chaotic frenzy of the cannon fodder had caused the soldiers to be bewildered as well.

“Good chance!!” Yue Zhong had not expected a single shot from him to cause such a collapse. However, he was not a man to let go of such opportunities, and he immediately let out a whistle, before charging towards the troops of the Greater China Alliance with White Bones.

In the midst of that chaos, the heavy firepower of the Greater China Alliance would not be employed, and it was the best time for Yue Zhong to display his strength.

Hearing Yue Zhong’s whistle, Lightning, which had been lying in wait all this while with its over 400 brothers immediately charged towards the troops of the Greater China Alliance as well. Compared to humans, the Mutant Beasts’ ability to withstand cold was much stronger. Even in the snowstorm, Lightning and its brothers could move without problems.

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