God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 60

Chapter 60: The Youthful Girl, Guo Yu

Tiger Wang laughed out loud, then said: “HA HA! Little brother Yue, you have no idea. I reckoned that the central government has fallen. If they had not fallen, they would have released a notice of stability to reassured the public. It has been more than half a month since Long Hai City had broadcast a notice of the survival enclave to reassured the public. But there have not been any notice from the central government, they have all most likely became zombies.”

Tiger Wang suddenly offered a promise: “Yue, if you come help me, you will be the 5th master of our Always Bright Village! You will only be below me, Zhang Xiang, Lei Zhen, and Chen Yan. The next time we go out to find survivors, I’ll let you pick the three most beautiful women.”

Yue was silent for a moment, then slowly said: “Boss Tiger, I’m sorry. I have to make a trip to Nanning, my parents are there. I must go and find them. I’m afraid I can’t help you.”

A cold light flashed in Tiger Wang’s eyes, his legs shaking, and was silent for a moment, letting out a long sigh, said: “Fine! You a righteous man that that value love. Each man have their own ambitions, I won’t force you. But I have a request, I hope you can do me a favor before leaving.”

Yue’s eyes narrowed, and slowly said: “Boss Tiger, please tell me!”

Tiger Wang smiled, his words surprising Yue: “I know a place where the military stored obsolete equipments and arsenals. I’m going to need your help, together we will seize the arsenals.”

Yue thought for a moment before continuing to say: “Boss Tiger, your firepower is so fierce, yet is still unable to seize the arsenals?”

With Tiger Wang’s firepower, as long as there are plenty of bullets, normal zombies would be easily kill. He had to asked Yue for help, thus the situation would not be so simple.

Tiger Wang had nothing to hide, looking directly at Yue and said: “There is nothing to hide! In the arsenal, there are four mutated dogs. Those four mutated dogs are extremely ferocious, the last time we five brothers could not get rid of it. If I did not see your extraordinary skill this time, I would not dare have the idea of going there again.”

“40%! Those four mutated dogs, if I get rid of them. I want 40% of the firearms inside that arsenal!” Yue thought for a while, then said.

Tiger Wang frowned, then deeply said: “20%! Little brother Yue, after seizing the arsenal, the most I can give you is 20% of the arsenals.”

Yue shaking his head, said: “Boss Tiger, I have to risk my life to fight those four mutated dogs. If careless, my brothers and I will all die under the jaws of those four mutated dogs. If it wasn’t because of Boss Tiger being so extraordinary and heroic. I would never asked for so low.”

Tiger Wang stared at the mountain for a while, then looked toward the backyard and shouted: “Little Rain! Come here!”

A skin white, black hair failing down her shoulders like a waterfall, baby-face, with voluptuous bosom, and fine facial features girl came in wearing a white dress.

Seeing Little Rain came in, Lei Chen and Chen Yan had an insatiable desire in their eyes. They stared at Little Rain’s large breasts, who was a minor.

Little Rain came in, kneeling before Tiger Wang, Lei Chen, and Chen Yan . With her refined beauty, youthful face, and busty figure, capturing people attention with her charm. She can be called a youthful big bosom model.

Tiger Wang was also staring at Little Rain’s ample chest.

Even Yue could not help but stared at her several time. In modern society, with ample nourishment, the girls developed early. Lu Wen’s figure among her peers is very good, but compared with Little Rain, was still quite a bit inferior.

The girl name Little Rain timidly looked at Tiger Wang, and said: “Boss Tiger!”

Tiger Wang pointed to Little Rain, then toward Yue, and said: “Little brother Yue, this is Guo Yu, she is the most beautiful virgin I have. Now I will give her to you! She’s not below those girls that you have brought. The most important is her obedience. And you know what? She is the daughter of Lei Jiang City’s Mayor. The virgin daughter of a mayor, her value is far above the 20% of arsenals, what do you think?”

Listening to Tiger Wang giving her away like some kind of gift, Guo Yu’s eyes flashed with humiliation. But she did not dare show any discontent. Tiger Wang treated Yue with courtesy, but he would not show any mercy towards women. Guo Yu has seen Tiger Wang broke the limbs of a beautiful women, then threw her into the henhouse. The women could not endure it and died in 2 days, but before dying, the horrors she saw would shock one’s heart. There was also a women that was thrown to the zombies while alive. Guo Yu saw the woman being eaten piece by piece while moaning in miserable agony. From then on, none of the women dared to disobeyed Tiger Wang. Those girls that would dared exhibit a princess syndrome and temper before Tiger Wang would only be seeking death.

Yue’s eyes blinked a few time, smiled and said: “Okay! We will do it your way.”

Tiger Wang smiled and said to Guo Yu: “Little Rain, why have you not gone to meet your new master?”

Guo Yu brought an air of sweet scent towards Yue, then knelt in front of Yue. She looked at Yue with those bright eyes and said: “Greeting master!”

Seeing Guo Yu kneeling in front of Yue, Lei Chen and Chen Yan’s eyes were filled of envy. Each of them had four beautiful women in their room, but those women were not as beautiful or had a figure like Guo Yu.

“Such a youthful and voluptuous beauty, Yue, you truly are fortunate.” Sitting besides Yue, Wang Shuang was staring at the tempting Guo Yu, his eyes flashed with a burning desire, and muttered in a low voice.

Tiger Wang watched Guo Yu kneeling in front of Yue, smiled and said: “Now it’s getting late, little brother Yue, you have travelled far and hard. You should take a hot bath and rest.”

Yue asked: “Boss Tiger, the water is not contaminated?”

Bathing was a great consumption of water. In Lei Jiang city, only Yue, Ji Qing Wu, Chi Yang, and Lu Wen were able to bathe. The others were only able to wipe their body with water carefully, and did not dare to take a bath. After all, they did not know if the water was contaminated.

Tiger Wang looked at Yue, and explained: “We take the water from the river. You won’t have any problems as long as you boil the water for 5 minutes. If you drink the water directly, there is a chance you may be infected, and a chance you may not be infected.”

Guo Yu’s body was slightly trembling, she knew how they were able to reach this conclusion. Tiger Wang used more than 20 people to do the experiments. One of the people who drink the water directly became infected and turned into a zombie.

Tiger Wang seeing that Yue did not have any doubt, attracted a tall, thin young man over, and ordered: “Liu Shui! Take little brother Yue and his companions to go rest.”

Liu Shui nodded, and led Yue out: “Yes!”

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