God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 443

Chapter 443 – Type 3 Lightning!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

After swallowing the large amount of Type 2 Mutant Beasts’ nuclei as well as the 2 Type 3 Mutant Beasts’ nuclei, it finally triggered an evolution, causing Lightning to evolve into a Type 3 Mutant Beast as well.

Currently, Lightning was almost an entire size larger than its previous form, and it had 40 times the speed of a normal human. The moment it unleashed its full speed, it would cause a sonic boom from breaking the sound barrier.

In just a matter of 4 seconds, Lightning had crossed the distance of 1,000 metres, and charged into the midst of the Greater China Alliance’s troops with a resounding boom. Its claws slashed about, and numerous soldiers would find their heads swiped away, causing fresh blood to fountain upwards and splatter everywhere.

“Powerful!!” Yue Zhong observed Lightning as it broke past the sound barrier and unleashed its devastating damage. This was the might of a Type 3 Agility-type Mutant Beast. It was simply astonishing!!

Although Lightning did not have the fearsome defence of the Type 3 Green Jiao-Python, nor the immense strength, as well as the threatening corrosive poison spit, it had its simplest and most effective weapon: speed. That sonic speed was enough for it to lay waste to numerous enemies.

“Damn it!!” 20 of the Greater China Alliance’s Enhancers were infuriated and they charged at Lightning.

Lightning eyed those Enhancers above Level 30, and its body flashed, suddenly appearing in the midst of them.

In 2 mere seconds, the heads of those 20 Enhancers were smacked away, fresh blood splattering everywhere, and they could not even catch a glimpse of Lightning’s movements.

Yue Zhong activated his [Shadow Steps] and managed to reach a maximum speed 17 times that of other humans, and could barely managed to keep up with Lightning’s figure. Even with this speed, he was barely reaching the terrifying degree of combat potential that Lightning now possessed.

As for other Enhancers, whose speed were lacking, they could not catch any of the movements, not to mention putting up a resistance.

Yue Zhong charged forwards, and appeared near a tank. He activated his [Art of Fear], and a huge Spirit force assailed outwards, with Yue Zhong as the centre.

In a single instant, all the soldiers within the tank were submerged in the terrifying hallucinations and fainted.

Only those with Spirit values high enough or special skills and equipment that could block the [Art of Fear] attack from Yue Zhong survived. Those other tank operators were simply helpless.

The rest of the tanks were focused on the Mutant Leopard Cats, and were firing wildly at them.

As rounds after rounds blasted in the midst of the Leopard Cats, some of the Mutant Leopard Cats were blasted into charred pieces. Those Mutant Leopard Cats could not withstand the heavy firearms. Even Lightning, a Type 3 Mutant Leopard Cat, would be blasted to smithereens if it was caught, not to mention the ordinary Mutant Leopard Cats.

The various IFVs were also firing at the Mutant Leopard Cats with their 25mm cannons, blasting a few of the Mutant Leopard Cats apart, dyeing the ground crimson with rivulets of blood.

As for those self-propelling rockets, due to the restrictions of the range, they could not display their full might.

Yue Zhong took the opportunity when the Greater China Alliance was distracted by the Mutant Leopard Cats, and flashed about, activating his [Art of Fear] continuously, sending waves of terror sweeping outwards in all directions. His tactics caused many of the soldiers in the tanks and IFVs to faint from the terrifying Spirit attack.

On the other side, White Bones had charged into the midst of the soldiers, its bone blades dancing about, slicing any soldier unfortunate enough to be in its way into pieces.

After losing the suppression of the IFVs and tanks, the 400 Mutant Leopard Cats wreaked havoc on the remaining unlucky soldiers, charging into their camps, and pouncing onto many of the fleeing warriors, ripping their necks off.

The moment the soldiers had to face the Mutant Leopard Cats right after being buffeted by the snowstorm, their spirits were on the brink of collapsing, and many of them threw down their weapons and tried to escape. They did not know where to run to in the middle of the snowstorm, but it was better to be frozen to death than to be eaten alive by Mutant Beasts.

Yue Zhong eyed those fleeing soldiers and hollered loudly: “Throw down your weapons!! Raise your hands in the air! I’ll spare those who surrender!!”

Those soldiers had lost all will to fight, and were only concerned about not being eaten alive. The moment they heard Yue Zhong’s words, they quickly abandoned their weapons, raising their hands, and looked at the Mutant Leopard Cats with fear.

Lightning howled once, and all the Mutant Leopard Cats eyed those humans who surrendered, their eyes flashing with unwillingness, but turned their attention away from them, and made for others who had not surrendered.

Seeing that it was effective, all the remaining soldiers immediately surrendered to Yue Zhong.

Duan Zi Ke came up with a bitter expression as he announced: “I’m Duan Zi Ke. I’m the commander of these soldiers! I’m officially surrendering, and I hope that you can look upon my troops favourably!”

Yue Zhong pointed to the shuddering figure of Jin Guang Xuan that he dragged out, whose face was pale and asked: “Who’s this?”

Jin Guang Xuan immediately stammered out loud: “I’m Jin Guang Xuan! I’m the song of Jin Sheng Cheng, the Greater China Alliance supervisor of the Guang Xi region! I’ve surrendered! You can’t kill me!!”

Yue Zhong glanced at Duan Zi Ke before saying solemnly: “I’m Yue Zhong. Duan Zi Ke! How about being my subordinate? Working for someone like him is too demeaning for you.”

Yue Zhong had initially intended to just observe the troops of the Greater China Alliance. He had not expected the Jin Guang Xuan to be such a bag of straw, and had actually ordered the troops to march on in the snow. With a single shot, he was able to dismantle the great army of this Greater China Alliance, causing them to collapse.

Currently, there were only Lightning and its 400 brothers beside Yue Zhong. No one else was present to control the captives. Regardless of what kind of person Duan Zi Ke was, or whether he had the ability or not, he was still the commander of these soldiers, and this was the optimal choice now.

Yue Zhong stared at Duan Zi Ke and said: “As long as you serve me, I’ll naturally look favourably upon you and your troops.”

Duan Zi Ke mulled silently for a while, before lifting his head and asked: “Yue Zhong! If I were to join you, what are your plans? Are you going to become a warlord?”

Yue Zhong looked directly at Duan Zi Ke and replied slowly: “My aim is to use military force to dispel all warlord factions within China, reuniting the entire country, and establishing a new country.”

Yue Zhong had gotten to where he was step by step, and he had transformed from a weak, ordinary humans under him into mighty persons with a large faction to rely on. His ambitions had slowly increased as well. At first, he just wanted to find a place where no one would control him, so that he could live on peacefully. Now, he wanted to abolish and hopefully absorb the many factions, and unite the whole country.

Even though he had not seen it himself, he knew that there were many factions littered across the whole country. His own force now was one of many as well. Who knew how many people possessed an unbridled ambition? The Greater China Alliance was also one of many factions.

Duan Zi Ke’s eyes flashed with a hint of awe, as he saluted Yue Zhong and said: “Please let me be a part of your plans.”

Yue Zhong immediately grinned and said: “Great!! From now on, you’re a commander under me! Commander Duan!! Please organize your troops together with White Bones. We have to leave here as soon as possible!! We need to seek shelter from the snow.”

Yue Zhong naturally would not easily believe that Duan Zi Ke could instantly become a loyal subordinate. Since he had no other men to utilize now, he needed Duan Zi Ke to obey his commands and see how it went from there.

Duan Zi Ke heard the orders and immediately saluted once more, before striding towards the others: “Yes, Chief!!”

White Bones followed closely beside Duan Zi Ke, if there were any strange movements, White Bones could easily take care of it.

Duan Zi Ke had a presence and authority within these troops. Very quickly, he managed to gather all the captives, and even woke those soldiers who had fainted from the [Art of Fear] hallucinations.

Yue Zhong led the force that had only 1,200 soldiers remaining towards a small town.

The majority of the Greater China Alliance soldiers had fled, and only these remaining 1,200 had remained behind in order to band together to resist Yue Zhong earlier.

These 1,200 soldiers weren’t weak in fact. They could be on par with the elites that Yue Zhong were training in his Elite Battalion. However, due to Jin Guang Xuan’s ineptness, it had caused the soldiers to feel worse. At the same time, Yue Zhong, White Bones as well as the terror that Lightning and its brothers caused were enough to dispel any notion of resistance.

If it were another place and time, if both sides were to engage in an actual battle, in order to forcefully subjugate this force of 1,200, Yue Zhong would definitely have to pay a higher price.

After travelling for about an hour in the snow, Yue Zhong and the rest entered a small town.

The zombies within the town had long since been cleared by the humans, and when those soldiers entered the town, they began searching for suitable homes and shelter as they huddled within, shivering in the cold.

Within a building, Yue Zhong immediately set fire to a wooden bed frame, and a number of the soldiers gathered around the fire to warm themselves up.

The two attributes that determined the body’s resistance to the cold was Vitality and Endurance. Very few Enhancers in the Greater China Alliance had focused on these 2, hence they felt the cold all the way to their bones.

Yue Zhong eyed Duan Zi Ke and asked: “What kind of organization is the Greater China Alliance?”

Although someone had told Yue Zhong about the movements of the Greater China Alliance, the person did not know the exact details and makeup of the Greater China Alliance.

Duan Zi Ke thought for a moment, gathering his thoughts, before he replied directly: “The Greater China Alliance…..”

The Greater China Alliance was an union that was formed from a number of warlord factions coming together. They had communicated through radio. Although it was termed an alliance, in truth, there was almost no relationship between these warlords. It was a load of complete bull. Other than the broadcasting station, they lacked other means of communications. At the same time, no one of them wanted to give up their own establishments they worked so hard to get.

However, after the alliance was formed, the total number of people these warlords shared amongst themselves became over a million, with many experts amongst them. It was a decent-sized threat to anyone who hears of them. Although they did not have any close relationships, they would share intel from time to time, and it became such that an alliance was more beneficial than not.

Jin Sheng Cheng was in charge of the Guang Xi region, which happened to be the strongest force. He had over 80,000 survivors under him, and had opened 2 military camps near him, retrieving 5 infantry battalions’ worth of equipment. At the same time, he established a survivor force of over 20,000, as they went around in search of more resources.

Duan Zi Ke was the leader of one of these forces, numbering at 10,000.

Of course, Jin Sheng Cheng could easily deploy a 20,000-strong army was because he forced a lot of young men to be drafted. As long as there were fit and able-bodied young men, he would conscript them into the forces. These was how he managed to put together a force of 20,000.

Truthfully, if Yue Zhong was that vicious as well, he could easily pull out a force of 200,000. However, their combat power would definitely be lacking, and just paying the wages of the 200,000 would be enough to burn through his resources.

Jin Sheng Cheng’s base of operations was in Ning Hua District, near Bin Qi City. Although he could not conquer a city, subjugating a small district wasn’t a problem.

According to Duan Zi Ke’s explanations, the current force that Jin Sheng Cheng had with him was even stronger than the one that Duan Zi Ke brought out, and not some pushover force.

Yue Zhong looked at Duan Zi Ke and said solemnly: “Tell me all about the callsigns you guys have within Guilin City.”

“Yes!” Duan Zi Ke’s heart went cold and directly gave the information.

Yue Zhong memorised those secret callsigns and told Duan Zi Ke: “I’m going out for a bit! Duan Zi Ke, White Bones, you guys lead the soldiers to rest here within the town for a day.”

“Yes!” Duan Zi Ke eyed White Bones beside him before responding in a clear voice.

White Bones nodded slightly at Yue Zhong. It had already a primary level of intellect, and had gained 1 point of enhancement in it, it already knew how to handle some basic matters.

The moment Yue Zhong went out, he leapt onto Lightning’s back and said solemnly: “Back to Guilin City!”

Lightning instantly unleashed its maximum speed, bounding off into the snowstorm like a hurricane itself. With its speed that broke the sound barrier, sharp winds blanketed Yue Zhong constantly. If it wasn’t for his high Endurance, he would have been shredded to pieces.

With Lightning’s full speed of mach-1, in just half an hour, Yue Zhong had already returned to Guilin City.

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