God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 444

Chapter 444 – Chaos Strikes!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

The snowflakes were falling from the sky, on the road leading from Guilin City to Bin Qi City, Murong He had a look of worry as he looked at the sky, his emotions riled up: “Shit! Why did it start snowing!! This sort of weather is really going to be a bother.”

Standing beside Murong He, Zhang Xue Wang smiled gently: “Relax, Murong!! Although the snow is a little heavy, it’s not a snowstorm yet. As long as they can get past it, they would be able to reach here.”

Murong He shook off the snow on his shoes, before sighing heavily. He chuckled bitterly: “I’m worried that the longer it takes, the more likely that person is going to find out. That would be dangerous.”

Zhang Xue Wang was unsure what to think, and kept silent.

At this time, in the distance, in the midst of the snowstorm, a signal was fired into the sky, lighting up the skies.

Murong He saw the signal and became excited: “They’re here!! They’re here!!”

Murong He had been waiting bitterly for this moment, and the moment he saw the signal, he became excited.

Right at this time, an intelligence officer came to Murong He’s side and saluted before saying: “Commander!! Leader Yue Zhong had sent someone to seek an audience! Do you want to grant an audience?”

A look of wariness immediately flashed past Murong He’s eyes: “Who’s that?”

Yue Zhong had countless experts under him, and just as things were going to happen, Murong He wasn’t willing to allow an expert to stand guard beside him.

The officer replied: “That person is Dan Hong!”

Murong He mulled for a while before saying: “Bring him to me!”

Soon after, Dan Hong came in front of Murong He and said: “Commander Murong!! Leader has an assignment for you! Please head over to the army by yourself.”

Murong He became sullen, as his eyes narrowed: “Now? Can’t it wait?”

Dan Hong’s expression fell, as he handed a document over: “Commander Murong, please don’t make things difficult for me! This is a document from Leader! If you don’t go, I have the authority to detain you!”

Murong He held up the document and looked at it once before laughing coldly, and tore it apart forcefully, right in Dan Hong’s face: “Yue Zhong! What an arrogant attitude, just because he wants to remove me, it will happen as he wish?”

Dan Hong’s expression changed for the worst, as he rebuked: “Murong He!! Are you thinking of rebelling?”

Murong He laughed coldly, and ordered: “That’s just my intention!! I’m rebelling against that tyrant Yue Zhong! Apprehend him! Release the signal!”

2 soldiers came forward, and grabbed Dan Hong, while another immediately released a signal towards the skies.

The moment the signal flare rose to the clouds, within Guilin City itself, another flare was fired!

“You dare to rebel!!” Dan Hong was dumbstruck as he looked at Murong He, his expression turning ugly, his body trembling uncontrollably as well.

A strange glint flashed across Murong He’s eyes, as he spoke in a ringing voice: “So what if I do!! Yue Zhong is cruel and merciless, for the sake of the country and the people, I’m cleansing this place of him!!”

“It’s time!! It’s time!! Kill Yue Zhong!! Kill Yue Zhong!!”

“For the sake of the country, kill Yue Zhong!”

Those trusted aides and officers beside Murong He were hollering with passion. Under their instigation, the rest who had no prior intention to rebel could only shout along helplessly. In such circumstances, those who had a contrary view would most likely face death, and they didn’t want to die yet. Furthermore, they have not followed Yue Zhong for long, and weren’t particularly loyal to him.

Just when the scene was turning chaotic, Yue Zhong strolled out silently from the shadows, looking at Murong He and the other rebelling commanders, as his cold and aloof voice rang out: “Oh!! Is this a rebellion, a treachery to our country?”

The moment Murong He caught sight of Yue Zhong, he sucked in a breath of cold air, and retreated a few steps. The 8 experts beside him immediately came in front of him to stand between Yue Zhong and him.

Within Guilin City, almost everyone knew how crazily strong Yue Zhong was, and other than those mythical and legendary figures that have been training non-stop within the mountain range, not a single person dared to say they were a match for Yue Zhong.

As he hid behind those experts, Murong He regained his bravado as he stared at Yue Zhong and laughed grimly: “Yue Zhong!! Your timing was just nice! Today will be your funeral!!”

Yue Zhong chuckled coldly in response, as he waved his hands, and 2 soldiers came out with a 17, 18 year old youth as well as a 36-37 year old lady in tow.

Murong He had just finished his words and his face fell, eyes turning bloodshot as he almost lost his composure and screamed: “Xiao Jian! Ah Yi! Yue Zhong!! You bastard! Xiao Jian!! Why is Xiao Jian in your hands?”

The 17-18 year old youth was called Murong Jian, and was Murong He’s precious son. The lady was his wife.

Murong Jian’s eyes were filled with tears as he screed wretchedly: “Dad!! Save me!! Daddy, please save me!!”

There was a gun placed at his temple, and the moment Yue Zhong gave the order, the gun would immediately claim Murong Jian’s life, blasting a hole in his head.

Following which, numerous youths were brought out like captives, with guns pointed at their heads from behind.

“Little Bao!!”

“Xiao Man!!

“Jin Xi!!”

When the various commanders of Murong He saw their children being brought out, they turned clammy. These were their offspring, and had been rounded up and brought here. Seeing their loved ones as captives, their hearts were filled with unprecedented fear.

Yue Zhong spoke out coldly: “Since you guys have chosen to revolt, you must have been prepared for this! I’m giving you 15 seconds to consider! Those who surrender get the hell over here! I can spare your family, and even leave you with your dog life! Otherwise, I’ll first kill your family, then it will be your turn! My patience has its limits! From now, 15….”

Seeing their family members in the hands of Yue Zhong, all the rebelling personnel immediately turned pale, and their hearts started to waver.

“Don’t kill my son!! I surrender!!” One of the commanders was ashen by now, and he leapt out, running towards Yue Zhong.

Murong He’s eyes flashed with a fierce light, and wanted to shoot that commander dead on the spot, however, as he watched his own son being held captive, he hesitated.

Yue Zhong eyed those officers seemingly unsure of what to do and laughed coldly: “Ah right!! I forgot to mention! The signal earlier, was under my orders! The Greater China Alliance that you’ve been waiting for won’t be coming. They have already been buried in the snowstorm by me.”

The moment this news came out, it instantly caused many of the hesitating officers to suck in a cold breath, and knew that it had all been a trap. Yue Zhong had made use of the Greater China Alliance to clean up all those who were disloyal.

If Murong He and his men had been lying quietly in wait all these while, Yue Zhong would have no means to deal with them. After all, he had just gained control, and could not touch these old-timers without a valid reason, lest he face a backlash from the other commanders.

However, the moment Murong He and the rest started a revolt, then things would be different. No one would tolerate the idea of a rebel, and Yue Zhong would then be able to cleanse his army from all these viruses. Even the other commanders would have nothing to say, otherwise Yue Zhong could make use of the chance to apprehend them as well.

“I surrender!! Don’t harm my wife and daughter!”

“I surrender!! Don’t kill my son!!”

With no hope of victory, many of the officers looked defeated and devastated, and began to surrender, kneeling on the ground.

Each time there was an officer that came and surrender, their families would be released.

After 15 seconds, there were only 6 experts and 7 other pale-faced commanders left beside Murong He.

Murong He had a stricken look as he shrieked: “Wait!! Yue Zhong, I surrender!! Please relase my son Xiao Jian and my wife!!”

“Kill!” Yue Zhong ordered coldly.

Peng! Peng!

A stream of gunshot sounds rang out, and the families of the 7 commanders were all shot dead, as 20 young men and women slumped lifelessly in pools of their own blood.

Seeing this, all those who had surrendered had expressions of shock, as they shuddered. If they were just the slightest bit slower, their families would have been gunned down like that in cold blood. This young man in front of them had a heart of steel, and was not merciful towards any obstructions to him.

“Yue Zhong!! I want your family dead!!”

“Yue Zhong!! I won’t forgive you!!”

The commanders beside Murong He instantly roared in madness, their eyes filled with deep hatred and sorrow, as they made to charge at him.

“Do it!” At this time, Zhang Xue Wang, who had been standing beside Murong He ordered coldly.

The 7 personal guards of Zhang Xue Wang immediately opened fire, spraying at the officers beside Murong He. Under the blanket of bullets, those officers had not the time to defend, and were instantly punched full of holes, as they fell to the ground dead.

Sharp bone spikes came out from a soldier that was inconspicuous beside Zhang Xue Wang, directly nailing the heads of the 6 experts guarding Murong He to the ground. They had all been on guard against Yue Zhong, and had not expected a strike from their ‘friend’ Zhang Xue Wang.

Murong He was flabbergasted as he gritted his teeth and looked at Zhang Xue Wang accusingly: “It’s you!! Old Zhang, you actually betrayed us?!”

Zhang Xue Wang looked at Murong He and said slowly: “That’s right! Murong, it was I who betrayed you guys! Yes, Yue Zhong might not be the perfect leader! However, of all the things that you guys should not have done, the worst thing you guys did was to revolt in the face of an assault by 3 million zombies! Have you ever thought that in such weather, how would the 900,000 survivors escape to anywhere?! Even if they did successfully escape to the next city or district, how many will die in the process? For the sake of the citizens, you guys have to pay!”

Zhang Xue Wang was in fact unhappy and dissatisfied with Yue Zhong’s treatment of himself. However, he was a man of principles and looked at things from a larger perspective. He was extremely clear that in such weather conditions, the moment they had to evacuate the 900,000 survivors, many would not be able to live past a few days. Hence, the moment the Greater China Alliance tried to entice him into joining them, he had immediately went to report to Yue Zhong.

“Haha!! Haha!! Yue Zhong, this is all on me! Please look favourably upon my family, I will definitely give you a proper account!!” Murong He smiled sadly, and pulled out a gun from his pocket, closing his eyes shut, and pulling the trigger.

With a peng, the brains of Murong He were blasted out and splattered onto the ground, as his lifeless body slumped down.

The moment Murong He died, the rest of the officers immediately knelt to surrender, and those who were going with the flow immediately put down their weapons, their hands hugging their heads. There was a tension in the air as they awaited their judgement.

Yue Zhong eyed those kneeling officers and coldly ordered: “Take these rebels and their families and throw them in the Scum Battalion! Place them on the frontlines. Such trash, even at such a critical juncture, they want to cause problems!!”

Although there were many officers amongst them that were experienced, Yue Zhong would not use them, and directly throw them into the Scum Battalion, treating them as cannon fodder.

While these men had talents, they harbored ill intents. If Yue Zhong did not punish them sufficiently, they would start to think that it was alright to continue to rebel.

Numerous soldiers came forward, and apprehended those officers, leading them away.

Zhang Xue Wang came in front of Yue Zhong and saluted: “Leader!”

Yue Zhong grinned at Zhang Xue Wang, before pointing to a 26-27 year old young man whose entire being radiated a sturdy aura as he said: “Well done!! Zhang Xue Wang, from now on, you’re in charge of Murong He’s 7th Battalion. This is Li Zhao! He will be your vice-commander, and will assist you in whipping the 7th Battalion into shape.”

Zhang Xue Wang was clear that this was Yue Zhong’s way of cleaning up the 7th Battalion, at the same time, not giving him all the power. However, he was extremely comfortable with that, as he replied: “Yes! Leader! I will definitely work well with Li Zhao to clean up and whip the 7th Battalion into shape!”

Yue Zhong saw how Zhang Xue Wang was so forthright and nodded. Such a person could become the top general to Du Shan Xiong was definitely capable. It was just that in the past, Yue Zhong was still hesitant to utilize him, after all he was forced to submit to Yue Zhong. After this matter, Zhang Xue Wang had readily offered him information on the Greater China Alliance, and it was still under the enticement of their side. Hence, from some perspectives, Zhang Xue Wang was still reliable.

“I guess that the other places must be coming under control as well!” Yue Zhong had cleaned up the scene of Murong He, and he turned to look towards the city center, thinking quietly to himself.

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