God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 445

Chapter 445 – The Powerful War Phoenix Squad!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

“It’s time!! Everyone, kill! It’s our chance to take down Yue Zhong!!”

“Eradicate Yue Zhong!”


When Yue Zhong embarked on his cleansing of the triads and gangs, many of them had collapsed, but a few experts had managed to hide within the safety of their families and friends.

There were even a few who switched to the conducting of legitimate businesses, however, they missed the days of past where they could walk around brazenly and oppress anyone as they liked. The moment someone gave the signal, many of them leapt at the chance and banded together.

When Murong He had released the signal, all sorts of characters unleashed their inner suppressed dissatisfaction and anger, wrecking anything that they laid their eyes on.

“Hahahaha!! Burn!! Burn!! I’ll raze you all!” A number of young coolies of about 15-16 years old with their hair dyed blond were running through the streets with torches, setting fire to every shop they saw. Anyone who rushed to protect their own shops would be beaten up till they could not get up.

“No!! You animals!!” One shopkeeper saw his blood and sweat being set ablaze by those hooligans, and his eyes shone with a gaze full of agony and fury. He had bought the shop after painstakingly saving his ration tickets. He was prepared to live a better life, now that his shop was burnt to the ground by those coolies, and his heart was full of pain.

Right at this time, 20 armed policemen equipped with assault rifles charged over, eyeing those coolies with an icy glare, and instantly fired wildly.

‘Tatata’ Gunshots rang out, a number of coolies were instantly shot full of holes as they slumped to the ground.

“Ah!! Don’t kill me!! I’m still 14!! I’m only …..” One coolie saw his comrades falling in pools of their own blood, and he screamed out in terror. Even the rascals of today’s society knew to use their age to their advantage, to escape punishment. However, in the apocalypse, as long as one was a terrorist, regardless of age, race or background, the special forces would execute without prejudice.

In fact, whenever the fabric of society was threatened, and in any chaotic situation, there would be terrorists or extremists with agendas that made their presence known and felt. Against these terrorists, the People’s Republic of China had always chosen to execute them. However, as the control of the media had always been tight, there would be no chance for any such cases to make any headlines. And only such firm, iron-like treatment could scare and deter any potential troublemakers. Otherwise, they would spread their ideologies and threaten society itself. It must be known that a single jewellry shop could be worth a few hundred thousands, if there were such people around, there would be no end to the robberies and acts of self-interest.

That young coolie had barely screamed out for 3 seconds when bullets riddled his body full of holes, and he slumped to the floor dead.

Those special forces did not so much as spare more than a few glances at the dead bodies, before they continued towards other areas to suppress the threatening insurgencies.

“Hahahaha!” 6 Enhancers who were at least Level 30 and above were wielding their knives and marching brazenly on the streets. Their task was to incite more chaos and trouble within the town centre of Guilin City, attracting the attention of the army under Yue Zhong.


“They’re murdering people!”

As the 6 of them went around and wantonly engaged in slaughter, the masses were plunged into chaos.


All of a sudden, the leader who had just killed a number of people, was suddenly shot, a new bullet hole appearing in his head. His entire body slumped to the floor.

“Sniper?” The faces of the remaining 5 immediately fell, as they made their way hastily towards an alley.

Right at this time, a flash of a black shadow went by, accompanied by the swishing of a blade, and one of the Enhancers was immediately chopped in two at the waist.

Before the remaining 4 had the chance to react, the black shadow flitted about and slaughtered another 2.

2 silent blades made out of air was conjured, and chopped the remaining 2 apart as well.

After making short work of those 6 Enhancers, a special forces unit came coming out of an alley and asked the black figure: “Friend! Who are you?”

The figure was wearing a black cape, his entire body dressed in black, and his looks handsome. The youth looked towards the leader of the special forces, Zhang Heng, and replied solemnly: “I do not care for these brutes that caused such wanton slaughter! Please don’t mind me!”

The corner of Zhang Heng’s mouth lifted, as he looked at the youthful male in black and led his men towards another direction, as he replied: “Let’s go!”

In this world, there were all sorts of figures who became Enhancers. There were some students, some farmers, officials, even army personnel and villagers could become Enhancers. And amongst these people, there were bound to be one or two eccentric characters. In this apocalyptic world, having one or two caped vigilantes wasn’t necessarily a bad thing as well.

Zhang Heng had seen many things, as long as the youth was not his enemy, he didn’t want to make an enemy out of him either. After all, while the youth did truly come off as pretentious, he was not weak at all.

The youth dressed in black watched Zhang Heng and the rest leaving towards another direction and hastily called out: “My name is called Li Tie! Blazing Wind Li Tie!”

Reporting his name after doing a good deed, that was Li Tie’s habit. Otherwise, with all his efforts to do good, no one would know of him. Zhang Heng chuckled silently, and continued to proceed with haste.

Under the combined efforts of the 3 police forces, all those troublemakers who took the chance to wreak havoc were suppressed. There were even civilian experts who lent a hand as well, subduing any offenders. Yue Zhong had not done anything spectacular, but his cleaning up of the streets, as well as the sentencing of any bad eggs to the Scum Battalion had earned the respect and admiration of the commoners, as the whole of Guilin City had become a lot safer.

After all, without the oppression of those gangsters and hoodlums, those small time businessmen didn’t have to deal with the extra layer of cost. Their lives also became alot better.

Just as the police force were engaged with handling the city, at a villa that belonged to Yue Zhong, a group of women were wielding weapons and launching an assault on the building. These women were the ex-members of the Scarlet Phoenix Triad.

“How come it’s still not done?!” Ding Mei’s eyes were icy cold as she glared at her trusted aide Wang Yu and questioned sternly.

Wang Yu was an ordinary looking woman with a face full of pimples. Her long hair reached her shoulders and her stature was burly and tall, reaching a height of 1.7m. She was the top expert under Ding Mei, and her enhancement level was 45, and her combat ability truly astonishing.

In this world, it was not that only beauties were experts. In fact, most current female experts had builts like Wang Yu and were ordinary looking as well. Other than Ji Qing Wu and Yao Yao on Yue Zhong’s side, the rest of the beauties had been groomed by him after spending a large amount of resources.

With enough resources, a normal person could also become an expert. However, if such an expert were to clash against an expert like Yue Zhong who had battled his way upwards, the combat ability would definitely be vastly different as well.

By now, Wang Yu’s body was shuddering just a little as she broke out in cold sweat under that fearsome gaze of Ding Mei, and she replied carefully: “Chief, their firepower is too fierce! If we want to force our way in, the sisters would suffer a lot more!”

Ding Mei’s expression frosted over as she stood straight up: “Regardless, we have to take this place down! Yue Zhong’s not a simple character, the moment he makes his way here, we will all suffer a fate worse than death. Before he reacts, we need to subdue the villa and take his women and family hostage! Only then we can hold the cards to attack and retreat whenever!! This is our only chance! If we fail, we won’t have a next time!! Forget it, I’ll do it myself!!”

Ding Mei had wanted to preserve her energy, to handle the fights to come later on. However, Wang Yu had no way of breaching the defences in a short time, and Ding Mei was becoming restless.

Wang Yu was shocked, and tried to coax her: “Chief!! Give me one more chance. This time I will definitely do my best to assault the villa.”

Ding Mei’s eyes flashed with a gaze that would cause people to flinch: “No! I need to quickly end this. Go get the War Phoenix team ready!”

“Yes!” Wang Yu replied respectfully.

The War Phoenix team was the core battle strength of the Scarlet Phoenix Triad, and was made up of the 10 strongest females in the triad. Everyone inside was above Level 40, and they had enhanced their level 3 skills three times. Furthermore, they had 2 naturally awakened Evolvers which was incredibly hard to find. This was their true trump card. Wang Yu was also a member of the team.

Initially, Ding Mei had offered up all weapons, most of her force, as well as rations to Yue Zhong. However, the core War Phoenix team had been hidden by her.

Hiding a large force was not easy, but a small team of 10 was easy to bury in a huge city of people.

10 women came marching while donning Type 2 Mutant Beast hides, their gazes sharp, hands wielding maces as well as Dark Magic Blades and they stood quietly beside Ding Mei. Just by standing there, they exuded a strong cold killing intent. They were not weak women who stood behind men, but were warriors that held their own against zombies and Mutant Beasts, baptized by a sea of blood. Every single one of them was an elite not necessarily losing out to any of Yue Zhong’s subordinates.

Ding Mei was wearing a set of fiery-red tight clothes, causing her explosive figure to be accentuated. She gazed at the members of the War Phoenix and coldly declared: “The targets are Yue Zhong’s women and his parents. Everyone else? Slaughter them all!”

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