God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 446

Chapter 446 – Fearsome Weapons of War!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

After saying her piece, Ding Mei’s eyes flashed with a cold glint, and she shot towards the villa of Yue Zhong like an arrow.

The 10 members of the War Phoenix followed closely behind.

Under the lead of the War Phoenix, 70 other members of the original Scarlet Phoenix Triad also grabbed their weapons and spread out in a skirmish line, launching assaults on the villa.

These women led tough and pitiful lives at the start of the apocalypse. After being absorbed into the ranks of the Scarlet Phoenix Triad, and undergoing the intense training, every one of them possessed a strong fighting will, and would not lose to the soldiers under Yue Zhong.

Right at this time, within the villa, gunfire broke out, as a huge rain of metal bullets buffeted the female warriors of the Scarlet Phoenix Triad. When the machine gun started spraying, those female warriors were suppressed, some even being punched full of holes as they fell to the ground. The ones still alive and only wounded, released blood curdling screams of pain.

Other than the machine guns, there were various mortar teams that went all out, launching explosives onto the members of the Scarlet Phoenix Triad.

Under the assault of such heavy fire, many members of the Scarlet Phoenix Triad were blasted into pieces.

The battlefield was a cruel and merciless place. Here, be it women, the elderly, or even the children, would not be spared from any firearms, as the guns had no eyes, nor moral codes, only serving to kill enemies.

Facing that sort of firepower, regardless of how strong-willed the women were, they would still be injured. The area was filled with moaning and shrieking women.

As for the War Phoenix, who were led by Ding Mei, they fended off the bullets and charged towards the villa in a mad rush, using their skills and abilities to resist the attacks.

One of them, an agility-based Evolver flitted about in the rain of bullets like a spectre, as long as the bullets weren’t hitting her head, they were being deflected off by the Mutant Beast hide. Although she had received a number of bullets, she wasn’t injured, and wasn’t dead.

Another Enhancer with the [Telekinesis] ability activated a Psychic Barrier, and as the bullets hit the barrier, they bounced off harmlessly.

There was even an Enhancer who could manipulate metal, as she activated an entire thick steel carapace around her, and as the bullets landed on the metal defence, they bounced off it, not damaging it in the slightest.

A summoning type in their ranks summoned a 3m-tall polar bear, and the polar bear relied on its massive size to block the bullets.

Ding Mei’s eyes flashed, and as she ran through the rain of bullets, she eyed the distance, and waved her hands. In that instant, 3 flying daggers shot out like lightning, piercing the necks of 3 soldiers, killing them immediately.

Wang Yu eyed the soldiers afar, and slapped out with a single hand in attack. A number of ice shards appeared out of thin air, and shot towards the soldiers of Yue Zhong.

Barraged by those ice shards, 2 of the soldiers were immediately killed, and another 3 heavily injured, their bodies seemingly frozen solid.

The prowess of the War Phoenix was truly tyrannical, as they relied on just their abilities to resist the firepower from Yue Zhong’s subordinates.

Just as Ding Mei had killed 7 of the soldiers and was preparing to charge into the villa, when she felt a strong chill at the back of her spine.

She discovered that in the villa, there were 4 IFVs hidden amongst the grass with their cannons aimed at the gate, waiting to fire.

Other than those 4 IFVs, there were even 8 other 14.5mm machine gun-mounted vehicles aimed at the gate as well.

The next moment, the IFVs and machine gun-mounted vehicles unleashed a wild barrage of bullets at Ding Mei as well as the members of the War Phoenix.

The Barrier-user was instantly assaulted by a torrential rain of bullets, and after withholding for 3 seconds, the Psychic Barrier disintegrated, as she spat out a mouthful of blood. A stray 14.5mm round then struck her body, tearing her body in two.

The 3m-tall polar bear was also punched full of holes the moment it faced the heavy firepower, and one of the cannons pierced directly through it and punched a massive hole in the body of the summoner right behind it.

Even the female who was surrounded by a layer of steel was not spared. The thick 3cm layer of steel that covered her was punctured at numerous places, and her body riddled with holes as a result.

The Agility-based Evolver who had a speed that could match Bai Xiao Sheng managed to dodge all the normal bullets, but unfortunately, she did not dodge one 14.5mm round. In an instant, she was sent flying back a few metres, landing crumpled on the floor, her bones mangled in many areas. She spat out a mouthful of blood, before dying.

The Type 2 Mutant Beast hide could resist a 14.5mm bullet, but those rapid machine guns carried an immense force, and unless they had an Endurance like Yue Zhong that was 15 times that of a normal person, they would almost definitely be pierced through.

Yue Zhong had hidden a number of such weapons within the villa, and the moment they unleashed their ferocity, those exceptional female warriors of the War Phoenix instantly lost 7 of their members, while the remaining 3 and Ding Mei had to expend all their energy just to be able to escape.

Ding Mei hid behind a cover with a bewildered and stricken look: “How did it come to this? Don’t tell me… Yue Zhong already knew we were going to strike?”

In truth, Yue Zhong did know that there would be a rebellion, and hence deployed a number of the weapons to a few key locations. However, he did not know exactly who the Greater China Alliance had contacted. He had only information given to him by Zhang Xue Wang, which involved Murong He.

The Greater China Alliance had revealed a part of the plan when they thought that Zhang Xue Wang was on board, but had not revealed everything, purely because they were still cautious as well.

Xin Jia Rou was decked in military uniform as she spoke through a loudhailer: “Those people outside listen up! Everyone is to put down your weapons and surrender! Otherwise, we’ll kill without mercy!”

When Ding Mei heard Xin Jia Rou’s words, she clenched her fists tightly, and grinded her teeth. She was extremely unwilling, thinking: “Surrender?! Never!! I will never lower my head to anyone!!”

Right at this time, from afar, the sounds of propellers rang out, and 2 assault helicopters flew overhead. The moment they were in the sky, they unleashed a line of bullets as well as napalm fire at Ding Mei and the rest of the Scarlet Phoenix Triad who were hiding behind cover.

Hong! Hong!

The continuous explosions rang out crazily, as two of the remaining War Phoenix members got caught in the blast zone and were shredded into pieces.

A huge part of the land caught fire as the blazing flames seemed to reach the skies, and a number of the other Scarlet Phoenix members were instantly incinerated where they were.

There were many experts in the Scarlet Phoenix, and if they were to engage in a forceful assault, the subordinates awaiting in the villa would definitely suffer casualties. Many of the Scarlet Phoenix members held the upper hand in close combat after all.

However, in the face of those 2 assault helicopters, there was no chance whatsoever for the experts of the Scarlet Phoenix to retaliate. This was the true might of modern weapons of war.

Of course, there would be the constant evolution of the strong, especially someone like Yue Zhong, who could use his own Tanky body to withstand the might of modern weaponry. However, that was not to say that such weapons were trash, even ordinary Evolvers would find it hard to contend against the might of the military.

The appearance of the 2 assault helicopters dashed all hopes of a comeback for Ding Mei, as she bit her lips till they broke and bled, and ordered: “Retreat!! Everyone, escape out of Guilin City!!”

This time, since Ding Mei had resolved to rebel, she had not entertained the thought of surrendering to Yue Zhong. It was clear that they would receive his wrath. No one could tolerate any rebellion, especially when they had chosen such a crucial moment, where Yue Zhong is preoccupied with dealing with the impending zombie horde.

The female warriors of the Scarlet Phoenix exhibited astonishing will to fight, even under that rain of bullets and fire, they did not scatter. However, the appearance of the assault helicopters as well as Ding Mei’s orders caused them to collapse, and they fought to scramble in all directions.

Unfortunately, the 2 assault helicopters were not going to let it go, as they engaged their weapons again, firing at those female warriors.

“I surrender!! Don’t kill me!!”

“I surrender!!”

Seeing their comrades being ripped to pieces, the strongest of wills would also be battered, and many submitted to the troops of Yue Zhong.

On the other side, Ding Mei witnessed all these and gritted her teeth, grabbing the remaining Wang Yu as they made their way into the distance. She was incredibly stubborn, and even though the Scarlet Phoenix was truly finished, as long as she was alive, based on her power, she could assemble another team somewhere else again.

The moment Ding Mei ran, the remaining members of the Scarlet Phoenix were soon rounded up, and thrown into the Women Scum Battalion. Yue Zhong was never one to be merciful to his enemies, and regardless of gender, as long as they were enemies, he would not let them off. Hence, within the Scum Battalion, there was the Male division and Female division. Within the Women Division, it was filled with all the female enemies of him, as well as the female family members of any traitors or wrongdoers.

This time, the 3 main powers that the Greater China Alliance had tried to attract to their side were Murong He, Zhang Xue Wang as well as Ding Mei. With regards to the other high-ranking officials, they didn’t dare try to approach. With Murong He and Ding Mei out of the picture, and Zhang Xue Wang supporting Yue Zhong, Guilin City soon regained its peace.

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