God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 447

Chapter 447 – The Zombie Horde Attacks!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Within an office in Guilin City, Yue Zhong and Hu Yi sat opposite each other.

Ning Yu Xin prepared 2 cups of clear tea and served them both before leaving the office.

Hu Yi had an ashamed expression as he spoke: “Big Brother! I’m sorry, I didn’t even manage to hold on for a day, and lost 30 of our brothers!”

With 200 experts that were above Level 30 that had went on the expedition, losing 30 was no small loss.

Yue Zhong had a grave look as he questioned: “What happened? How were you guys defeated so quickly?”

Hu Yi and the 200 Enhancers were all strong, and could handle a group of more than 10,000 zombies on their own. As long as they made use of the terrain, even 3 million zombies would be impeded by them for at least a day or two. However, they had actually returned within a day, there must have been a reason.

Hu Yi’s face was crestfallen as he replied: “Big Bro!! Within the horde, there’s a new evolved type. It’s called the Devourer, and they can consume other zombie corpses to evolve. Ordinary attacks cannot do much to them. They’re agile, and can spit out poison goo. The moment the goo touches someone, the person would immediately become a zombie. We were defeated because of that! 30 of our brothers had turned into zombies because of that attack from those Devourers!”

Hu Yi felt deep regret, if he had called for a retreat the moment they discovered the Devourer, he wouldn’t have lost so many of his subordinates.

Those experts that were above Level 30 had killed many Mutant Beasts and zombies to reach where they were. To retrain another group of them would be extremely difficult.

Yue Zhong consoled him: “Don’t put the blame on yourself, no one would expect a new Evolved to appear amongst the horde.”

The humans were evolving, with the flow of time, the zombies were also evolving. Yue Zhong had guessed that a new fearsome existence would appear, he hadn’t expected the process to be so fast, for a new terrifying form to emerge from the ranks.

According to Hu Yi’s estimate, even a 14.5mm bullet would be unable to penetrate the skin of the Devourers. Only the cannons from the 122 self-propelled missiles or other projectiles might work.

However, because of the constant war led by Du Shan Xiong against the horde, most of the heavy ammunition in the armory had dwindled down. This caused a problem for Yue Zhong, who pondered silently before asking: “It’s snowing now! Did the snow affect the speed of the horde?”

Hu Yi thought back carefully before replying: “A little! In this snowstorm, the advance of the zombie horde had decreased a little. However, it’s not affected a whole lot. My guess is that they would arrive in another 6 days.”

There was only a distance of 100 km between Guilin City and Nanning City. With that sort of distance, it would take motorcycles at most 4 hours to cross. However, the zombies were advancing without stop regardless of time. Their speed was slow though, thus they would need more days to reach Guilin City.

Yue Zhong mulled for a while more before saying: “6 days? Alright, I’ve got it!! Go and take a good rest!”

“En! Big Bro!” Hu Yi replied gratefully, before dismissing himself. He had led his subordinates out of the zombie horde, and braved the snowstorm to reach back Guilin City, and he was indeed exhausted.

The moment Hu Yi left, Yue Zhong shut his eyes, his brows furrowed together due to the many problems surfacing.

The numbers of the 3-million strong zombie horde were simply too much. Even slaughtering 3 million pigs would cause a group of 10,000 people to be exhausted. Not to mention that these zombies were capable of retaliation, in addition, they had evolved types amongst them.

With the current military strength of Yue Zhong, exterminating a horde of 100,000 was easy enough but anything above a million would be tiresome. With the numbers reaching 3 million, Yue Zhong’s heart felt like it was being pressured by a huge stone.

The remaining ammunition in the armory was too little!! If they had enough, then the 3 million zombie horde would be a joke. The rounds from the 122 self-propelled missiles could level half a football field. Just a single round could decimate over hundreds of densely packed zombies. Because of these rounds, Du Shan Xiong had been able to use a regiment against a few million ordinary zombies. Without it, his regiment would have been swallowed up long ago.

Although Yue Zhong had come up with numerous preparations, he had no confidence of an assured victory against the 3 million-strong zombie horde.

Ning Yu Xin came into the room, sitting beside Yue Zhong with her unique scent, as she asked in worry: “Is everything ok? What’s on your mind?”

After joining Yue Zhong in body, Ning Yu Xin had slowly come to accept her position and fate.

“Nothing much!! I’m just a little tired!” Yue Zhong then slumped, and laid directly in Ning Yu Xin’s lap, breathing in her scent, and feeling the stress and knots in his heart slowly loosening.

Yue Zhong knew deep in his heart, should he fail, the more than 800,000 survivors would face imminent doom, and the security and stability that he had painstakingly established would collapse once more. A majority of the survivors would also lose faith in him.

By now, Yue Zhong had gathered countless factions under him, and they became willing followers, because he had been undefeated. He was hence the only suitable candidate to lead. If he failed, then his position amongst his subordinates would fall, and the troops would most certainly disintegrate. Of course, if Yue Zhong were to come out on top of this, his position in Guilin City would be further cemented, and in the short term future, no one would be able to rock his position.

“En!” Ning Yu Xin watched as Yue Zhong closed his eyes, and felt her heart skip a beat. She finally saw a vulnerable side of this cold-hearted man who seemed to weather it all and carry the world’s burdens on his shoulders. She felt as though the distance between this man and her was not so far after all.

With the inner turmoil, as well as the imminent threat of the zombie horde, Yue Zhong had been under a lot of duress, but he had never spoken about it to anyone. He just quietly shouldered it all, and hence the pressure and stress had accumulated. Laying on the soft and tender legs of Ning Yu Xin, he unknowingly fell asleep.

After sleeping for goodness knows how long, Yue Zhong stirred awake, and saw Ning Yu Xin staring at him.

Yue Zhong became clear-headed and immediately got off Ning Yu Xin’s leg. He looked at her, his eyes filled with an apologetic look: “Sorry! I fell asleep.”

Yue Zhong knew that after laying so long on her legs, they would definitely become numb.

The corners of Ning Yu Xin’s mouth curled, as she narrowed her eyes in an enchanting way as she smiled and say: “Aren’t I already your woman, if you’re still going to stand on ceremony, I’ll be angry.”

“Haha!!” Yue Zhong chuckled and embraced this pretty lady in his arms.

5 days passed by in a blink, and countless rotting corpses came shambling towards Guilin City, with tattered clothes draping over their bodies as the horde appeared in the horizon.

The bitter cold could freeze a normal person to death, and cause the morale and fighting spirit of soldiers to plunge. If the troops had been marching in the snow, they would incur a huge loss. However, the intense cold seemed to have almost no effect on the zombies, only serving to make their movements more rigid.

“They’re finally here!!” Yue Zhong stood quietly at the frontlines, looking at the sea of zombies, pressure building in his heart.

If it came down to commanding a huge army to battle, Yue Zhong could not compare to actual military generals, hence in the command post, he had Zhang Xue Wang, Zheng Ming He, Chen Yu and other proper military personnel, while he himself went to the frontlines.

When those soldiers at the frontlines saw Yue Zhong, the highest commanding person in Guilin City, standing beside them on the battlefield, their morale reached a high never seen before.

Leading was the basic principle of a commander, not being protected like a general. Yue Zhong knew that about himself, and after countless battles, he was an incredible fighter with tremendous strength, and would not be able to exhibit his qualities through commanding. Instead, it was on the battlefield.

The seemingly endless zombies came shambling towards the defensive location, and while their speed was slow, they were closing the distance.

“Open fire!!” Yue Zhong shouted as he eyed the incoming horde.

Following Yue Zhong’s orders, the various weapons all unleashed their prowess, raining destruction and carnage upon the horde of zombies, causing large patches of them to be felled.

As countless ordinary zombies were shot down, from within the horde, more than 500 L2s came charging out from all directions of the horde, making for Guilin City. At the same time, there were countless other L1s and ordinary zombies following closely behind.

At the frontlines, 2 battalions, the 3rd Battalion led by Ying Kai Shan and 5th Battalion led by Chai Zi Cang, were stationed. The soldiers were all experienced veterans that had fought against zombies, and the moment they saw the L2s, they immediately used their grenade launchers against them.

As the grenades landed on the L2s, the resulting explosion blasted their bodies into pieces. An L2 might be impervious to ordinary bullets, but it could not withstand the impact and force of those grenades.

In front of those 2 battalions, there were countless barbed wires and as the ordinary zombies shambled forwards, they were ripped and shredded by the blades, before being flattened underneath the zombies pushing from behind.

On top of that, there were countless uneven picks made of ice, which were made by using hot water in the midst of construction. It was simple, but effective, and as those zombies hit those steps, they were stopped by those picks, directly squashed from behind, and never getting up again.

These were all simple traps, but enough to cause over a thousand of the zombies to fall, before being crushed by their own.

The horde was simply too large, as countless zombies continued to pour towards the city, and with the advance of the L2, even those barbed wires were torn apart. As for those defences made of ice, they were stomped to pieces by the L2s as well.

Led by the L2s, more zombies managed to break past and got closer to the defensive posts.

This time, the experts from the 3rd and 5th Battalions rushed forth to engage the zombies in slaughter.

The moment the battle switched to melee, slowly but surely, casualties were appearing in the 2 battalions.

Thousands of S2s caught wind of the scent of blood, and dodged the rain of bullets to charge at the defence. Many of them were gunned down, but the moment those S2s breached the defence, it was hell on earth to those soldiers.

At this point, those barbed wires and uneven grounds with ice picks were most effective, causing the speedy S2s to be helpless against the traps, as they fell and were trampled upon by their ordinary zombies from behind. After all, the S2s had none of the strength the L2s possessed.

“Fire the cannons!!”

As the dense horde got closer and closer, the mortar and artillery team that were silent throughout finally bared their fangs.

Rounds after rounds of missiles landed on the horde, blasting an entire area apart, causing numerous zombies to be obliterated, turning into ash.

A single volley of heavy artillery was enough to cause a huge patch of the horde be wiped out.

“Scum Battalion, forwards!!” Yue Zhong eyed the sea of zombies and ordered coolly.

Amidst the Scum Battalion, one of the commanding officers, Wang Jian, who had chosen to betray Yue Zhong together with Murong He, bellowed furiously as he wielded a steel blade and charged at the horde: “Everybody charge!! We have only this shot at life left!! If we don’t kill them, we’ll be the ones to die!!”


The criminals from the Scum Battalion charged out with bloodshot eyes at the horde that had just suffered a round of heavy artillery attacks.

Behind those criminals, 2 IFVs as well as 10 machine gun-mounted vehicles and 100 soldiers followed behind, eyeing them coldly. If there were any strange movements from the Scum Battalion, they would execute them immediately.

These criminals had been trained to the point of exhaustion after being sentenced by Yue Zhong, undergoing even more gruelling sessions compared to the Special Forces. They became so numb, and now, when faced with the threat of their lives being endangered, they looked back and realized how precious life was. Seeing those zombies, they unleashed their pent-up feelings, fighting to survive.

Only by killing enough zombies, then these criminals would regain a chance at freedom, and gaining proper meals.

These cannon fodder charged through the ordinary zombies, carving out a bloody path, however, they soon came across an obstacle.

An L2 appeared, and as 4 of the criminals slashed with all their might, they only managed to create a few scars on the skin.

The L2 raised its huge fist and pummeled one of the criminals, causing his brain to be instantly pulverized.

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