God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 448

Chapter 448 – xxx

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Chapter 448: Executing the Devourer!

With an explosive fist that decapitated the criminal, the L2 continued to ravage amongst the group of soldiers of the Scum Battalion, charging at one particular guy behind a shield. The L2’s attack sent him flying back for a few metres, before he threw up a mouthful of blood.

The ferocity of the attacks from the L2 did not lesson, as it shot towards another person of the Scum Battalion. It reached out with its claws as though it was catching a chicken, and took a chomp of the throat, causing fresh blood to spurt everywhere, killing the soldier immediately.

Seeing the ruthlessness of the L2 and its terrifying attacks, the soldiers, who were originally feeling pumped with bravado, immediately lost their composure and abandoned their weapons in a bid to retreat backwards.

“All those who retreat will be executed!”

Following that cold, domineering shout, a volley of gunfire rang out, and those Scum Battalion soldiers that had retreated were immediately shot dead.

Seeing this, all the criminals felt their hearts turn cold, as they were caught between 2 extremes, and they could only grit their teeth and charged onwards.

The L2 continued to stride towards the Scum Battalion in huge steps.

“Shit!!” Wang Jian saw the incoming L2, his eyes flashing with a trace of fear. He gripped his weapon tightly. If he was still a military personnel, he could make use of the explosives and grenade launchers to wipe this L2 out. However, all he had on him now was the huge steel blade, and he watched helplessly as the L2 got closer. Death awaited, regardless of which direction he went to.


Just as the L2 was a few steps away, a sniper bullet penetrated its forehead, causing it to fall lifelessly to the ground. It did not get up again. While the L2 was impervious to different types of ammo, it could not withstand the penetrative power of the average sniper round.

Wang Jian looked at the corpse in front of him, his heart in a jumbled mess. He clenched his fist as he swore silently: “I must definitely regain my freedom!! I will become a proper military soldier this time!”

Only within the ranks of the military, did Wang Jian truly feel secure. After being banished to the Scum Battalion, there was not a day that went by without him thinking about the army. Even being a normal soldier would have satisfied him, and he definitely did not want to lose his life pathetically as a grunt of the Scum Battalion.

“Kill!!” Wang Jian resolved himself, bellowing in rage, and immediately charged forwards to slash at the ordinary zombies.

Under the intense killing spree of the soldiers of the Scum Battalion, as well as the efforts of the experts of the remaining 2 battalions, the scattered zombie horde was being wiped out efficiently.

“Scum Battalion, fall back!!” Yue Zhong surveyed the scene in front of him, and gave the order.

With that order, those soldiers from the Scum Battalion who had exhausted themselves, quickly retreated back in an orderly manner.

When those criminals had been sentenced to the Scum Battalion, they had received all sorts of training, following orders and they had been drilled to maintain order and disciple. As long as there was any chaos or disobedience, there would be consequences. Hence, under those harsh conditions, discipline was slowly ingrained in them.

80,000 zombies dead at their hands was a sizeable number, but it could not compare to the 3 million zombies.

Not long after, the sea of zombies filled up the pockets of holes caused by the death of the 80,000 zombies and slowly inched closer.

The soldiers of the 2 battalions had earned an hour of rest, before they had no choice but to reenter the fray to engage the incoming zombies.

Facing that never ending sea of zombies, even in winter, the guns fired till they became hot, before cooling down and shattering. Barrels had to be changed often, while grenades, mortars and other explosives were all utilized to their maximum efficiency.

Patches of zombies would be incinerated by the combined firepower, but regardless of how much they did, there seemed to be no end to the numbers. The outcome was bleak.

From time to time, there would be unfortunate soldiers that got bitten as the zombies got too close, becoming infected and turning themselves. Some of the experts would also be killed as they were surrounded by those evolved zombies, before being done in.

White Bones had joined in the fray by now, as it activated its bone blades and charged right in, dancing with its blades, killing countless evolved zombies.

Ying Kai Shan channeled his ability constantly, changing the geography, creating tunnels and allowing his subordinates to kill the zombies with more ease.

Yue Zhong was also slashing with his Black Tooth Blade constantly, slaughtering the zombies. As the Black Tooth Blade was about 2m-long, with each swing, he could easily slice through 5 to 6 zombies, and he had killed over a few hundred in a matter of minutes. However, a few hundred compared to the multi-million strong horde was like losing a single hair from the backs of nine oxen, and was not much comparatively.

“Retreat to the secondary line of defence!” After an intense battle of 30 minutes, Yue Zhong finally called out the order.

As the zombies were advancing forwards without stop, the current location was piling up with corpses, and was becoming unsuitable to maintain their defence there.

Receiving Yue Zhong’s orders, the experts covered the retreat of the soldiers as they all began to jump up from their various points of cover, retreating back towards the second line of fortifications.

The sea of zombies continued to slowly but steadily press forwards, forcing Yue Zhong and his men to abandon the first defence post and retreat.

Just as Yue Zhong was retreating, he noticed over 50 zombies appearing within the sea of shambling dead. As they came to the mountains of corpses, they proceeded to shove the bodies into their mouths without haste.

He saw this and his face fell: “Shit!! Are those the Devourers? They can’t be allowed to evolve successfully!! Otherwise, we’ll be in trouble!”

These 50 Devourers were obviously not the same bunch that Hu Yi had seen, that had evolved completely. If these 50 were allowed to complete their evolution, then Yue Zhong would have to face 50 Level 70 monsters.

Yue Zhong took a deep breath, his eyes gleaming with a cold glaze. He activated his [Shadow Steps], shooting towards the distant Devourers like lightning.

White Bones acted as the vanguard, its bone blades flashing about constantly, slicing up any incoming L2, S2 or ordinary zombies that got too close as it charged.

Yue Zhong followed closely behind White Bones, making his way for the 50 Devourers that were all above Level 50.

As though they sensed the threat, the 50 Devourers opened their jaws wide, and showcased the black poisonous spit that they could launch and turn anybody into a zombie with. The mass of deadly slime flew at Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong waved his hands, and the terrifying Devil Flame appeared out of thin air, directly burning those poisonous darts, the zombies blocking the way, and luckily, 7 of the closest Devourers, consuming them.

With the fearsome burning ability of the Devil Flame, those ordinary zombies were all incinerated instantly, including 2 of the Devourers while the remaining 5 under attack leapt out of the sea of flames, escaping the fate of the rest.

The horde of zombies split open, and 300 H1s that were hiding within the sea appeared! Ranks on ranks of these deadly ranged zombies opened their mouths, and fired 300 fireballs at Yue Zhong in concert.

Yue Zhong’s speed had reached 17 times that of a normal person by now, this was nearly reaching the speed of Lightning when it was still a Type 2 , and every action of his was lightning-quick. He simply sped up and dodged the incoming fiery projectiles.

Countless fireballs landed behind Yue Zhong, exploding upon impact, wiping out the nearby zombies and causing scorched obliteration in their wake.

However, even with Yue Zhong evading with the best of his abilities, 3 fireballs still found their target! Luckily Yue Zhong was wearing the Type 3 Mutant Beast hide which deflected them with minor ease.

The hide of the Type 3 Mutant Beast was truly resilient. Adding on to Yue Zhong’s own high Endurance that could withstand even bullets, the 3 fireballs didn’t cause much damage.

With a thought, the Green Jiao Cape on his back flashed, and a summoned Green Jiao-Python appeared out of thin air.

The moment the Green Jiao-Python appeared, it opened its huge mouth to exhale a thick poisonous fog across the vicinity. When the zombies came in contact with the poison, they were instantly melted into rotting, soupy, puddles

As the Green Jiao-Python was entangled with the other zombies, Yue Zhong brandished his Black Tooth Blade, and used all his strength to chop downwards at one of the Devourers.

With Yue Zhong’s Strength of more than 80 points exploding out, the 2m-long Black Tooth Blade slashed down on the body, causing a huge, deep gash and revealing the bones of the Devourer.

The Devourer did not seem to notice the pain, as it charged towards Yue Zhong like a cannon with 160 or so points of speed! It opened its mouth, and a putrid smell could be detected from its gaping maw.

“My Strength is still lacking, I can’t kill it in a single strike!” Yue Zhong came to an understanding, before a Devil Flame conjured in his right hand, and with the expenditure of 50 Spirit and 10 Stamina, condensed into a Devil Flame Sword that was 4m-long.

Yue Zhong held that Devil Flame Sword and slashed, and the intense heat caused the body of the Devourer to be sliced in two, as a dense, thick rotting smell came from the part where its entrails splattered out of the torso.

After finally finding a way to kill a Devourer with one slash, Yue Zhong wielded that same Devil Flame Sword and continued to unleash carnage upon the Devourers in front of him, slicing them in twain.

These Devourers were mostly about Level 50 – 60, and had not evolved to be at the apex of Level 70. They simply could not withstand those blows from Yue Zhong, and were felled one by one.

In the following short 30 seconds, 30 of the Devourers had been done in by Yue Zhong.

The remaining 20 Devourers seemed to be linked, as they abandoned swallowing the corpses, and dragged their long tails as they jointly pounced at Yue Zhong.

The moment the 20 Devourers engaged in a joint attack on Yue Zhong, the pressure on him intensified to an unimaginable degree!

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