God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 449

Chapter 449 – Terrifying Level 70 Devourer!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

A glint flashed in Yue Zhong’s eyes, and instead of waiting for the Devourers to reach him, he took the initiative to charge forwards and slice another of the remaining Devourers in two.

After consecutively killing 3 Devourers, the remaining Devourers reached his side and attacked.

Yue Zhong correspondingly released the Gravity Manipulation skill, and a force immediately began pressing down on the Devourers, causing their bodies to shudder, and their movements were finally slowed.

The Devil Flame Sword in Yue Zhong’s hands slashed out, leaving shadows in its wake. That single movement aimed at the Devourers who suddenly came to a stop, and the remaining Devourers found their bodies sliced apart, blood spraying everywhere.

“Congratulations on reaching Level 61, and gaining 2 points of attributes to be allocated.”

Yue Zhong heaved a sigh of relief, and allocated those points to his Agility.

Killing 50 Devourers in that short but intense battle proved to be rewarding, as he gained 3 dropped Skill Books as well as 2 Green Treasure Boxes and 8 White Treasure Boxes.

Yue Zhong swiftly stored them all in his ring, and turned around to retreat, not looking back.

The number of zombies here were simply too many, and Yue Zhong was not confident he could get out safely if he was to be surrounded.

The ordinary zombies swarmed around Yue Zhong, but were easily dispatched by him and White Bones, as they slaughtered their way out.

Yue Zhong and White Bones had just hacked their way out of the horde, when he saw the summoned Type 2 Green Jiao-Python assisting him being bombarded by countless fire projectiles, causing its body to slowly shatter, before it disintegrated, and disappeared.

When he witnessed this, a chill came down his spine: “Even a Type 2 Mutant Beast cannot withstand that attack!! Did the zombies evolve again?”

The Type 2 Mutant Beasts were like invincible existences to ordinary zombies, now that the Type 2 Green Jiao-Python was actually defeated by those unknown fire projectiles, it was obvious that within the sea of zombies, there was an evolved zombie which had the ability to deal with Type 2 Mutant Beasts.

Yue Zhong’s body flitted about the battlefield, and soon, he caught up with the retreating troops that had reached the 2nd defensive point.

The huge sea of zombies continued to shamble forwards with no increase nor decrease in speed, and pretty soon, the battle resumed. After another 30 minutes, Yue Zhong had no choice but to get his troops to retreat yet again, abandoning the 2nd post.

The constant intense battling and retreat continued for almost a day, and Yue Zhong was forced to abandon 8 lines of defence. The soldiers under Ying Kai Shan and Chai Zi Cang were pushed to exhaustion, nearing their limits and we’re switched out to take a break. The [Raven] combat uniform was extremely useful, with its +3 to all attributes, and its defensive nature had protected many of the soldiers, allowing them to maintain the defence for an entire day.

As Ying Kai Shan and Chai Zi Cang brought their battalions back, they counted a loss of 150+ soldiers. However, with the aid of the traps and heavy firepower, they had managed to annihilate over 300,000 zombies.

Wang He’s and Chen Sheng Gang’s troops were then deployed to the frontline, and they started to engage the zombies in battle. The number of experts in their battalions were high, and were extremely ferocious in their fighting. However, against the sea of zombies which continued to advance, they were forced to retreat as they fought. Alongside Yue Zhong they fought as they were forced to abandon post after post, making use of space and tactics to eliminate the zombies.

In the afternoon, right as the sun was about to set, Yue Zhong then gave the order for one of his trump cards to be deployed – the armored division.

“Charge!! Armored Division, onwards!!”

The armored division was the one of the cards in Yue Zhong’s hands, but he did not think that he could make use of the division to totally wipe out the zombie horde. Hence, he had saved them for a critical juncture, which was to launch an assault before evening fell. After all, battling in the night was disadvantageous to the humans.

20 Type 96 tanks, 30 IFVs, 20 heavy vehicles, 10 road rollers, and 30 machine gun-mounted cars formed the armored division. At the order they came crashing out towards the zombie horde.

Wang He commanded the soldiers of the 6th Battalion and followed behind, ordering the charge towards the zombie horde.

The Type 96 tanks in the front were truly all-conquering, they dove right into the heart of battle, and made use of their weight and armor to crush any zombies in the way.

Be it the L2s, L1s, S2s or S1s, any zombie that got caught in the assault would be thoroughly trampled and minced into paste.

The soldiers of the 6th Battalion were in charge of cleaning up any leftover zombies that had escaped the crushing.

Just as the armored division were concentrating on clearing the way of any zombies, the horde suddenly parted, as a 1000 H1s appeared, lined up neatly.

The 1000 H1s opened their mouth, and a thousand fireballs came hurtling towards the armored division.

Hong!! Hong!!

With the rain of fireballs, 7 IFVs were instantly caught in the impact and blast, as they exploded. 6 other machine gun-mounted vehicles caught fire and exploded in a ball of flames. 4 of the huge trucks were pulverized and became unusable. 5 of the road rollers were also instantly destroyed. Of the 20 tanks, 1 had been blasted apart, while the 2 of the remaining tanks had their mounted guns destroyed, but otherwise everything else was fine.

The tanks were truly the toughest existence on the battlefield, and could withstand even the hits from rockets. While those fireballs had not harmed the armor of the tanks, they had destroyed a large part of the armored division, and even 30 soldiers from Wang He’s battalion were lost. This single move from the zombie horde caused a huge loss for Yue Zhong’s troops.

Seeing those neatly placed H1s, the remaining 23 IFVs turned their 25mm machine guns and fired wildly at the H1s.

Facing that hail of bullets, many of the H1s were pummeled by bullets, their bodies covered with bullet holes.

The tanks, which were termed as the kings of the battlefield, also unleashed their cannons and blasted numerous H1s into pieces.

At this time, a huge number of S2s and L2s swarmed over, making their way towards the armored division.

Led by the 20 tanks, the armored division charged forwards without hesitation, causing those zombies to be knocked away, before being crushed beneath the tracks of the armored vehicles.

Facing the tyrannical tanks, any zombies that got in the way would be instantly turned into meat paste. However, with every second, there would be other zombies to fill the gaps and blocked the movements of the armored vehicles with their own flesh and bodies. It was as futile as a mantis trying to block a car.

With the 20 tanks crushing and proceeding forward, forcefully creating a bloody path of about 1km, suddenly, a Level 70 Devourer leapt out from within the midst of the horde, and jumped onto one of the tanks.

The Devourer had insanely sharp claws, and it slashed viciously at the roof of the tank, instantly piercing that proud, thick plate armor. It then swung out with force, tearing the entire roof away from the tank, and shot a black poison dart into the tank.

When the Devourer evolved to reach Level 70, it had over 30 times the strength of a human, which was equivalent to a few tonnes of strength, and could somewhat easily rip the covering of the tank off.

Immediately, the interior of the tank was engulfed in a black fog, and the soldiers struggled in agony for a short while, before their eyes lost focus and became a group of zombies.

Losing control, the tank stopped within the horde.

“Damned bastard!” Yue Zhong joined in the fray, seeing how the Level 70 Devourer had stopped one of his tanks, his heart was filled with rage.

A tank was stopped, that proved that the rest of the horde had the means to disable the entire fleet as well.

The tank was one of the trump cards in Yue Zhong’s hands, and he would not allow more of the tanks to be destroyed.

Yue Zhong immediately let out a howl towards the skies, and his hands flashed, before a Devil Flame Sword conjured in them. He activated his [Shadow Steps] and shot towards the Level 70 Devourer like a spectre.

Hearing that howl, the other trump card in Yue Zhong’s hands, the eyes of the Type 3 Lightning flashed, as it led its 400 brothers and they came speeding out from the forest, and charged in at the zombies.

On the other side, the Level 70 Devourer felt the threat from Yue Zhong and it turned to face him, unleashing a speed that was comparable to the Type 2 Lightning. It charged at Yue Zhong and in a flash, it managed to reach the left side of Yue Zhong, swiping out viciously.

If Yue Zhong was like the time where he had just appeared in Vietnam, it would be impossible for him to dodge or defend against this strike from the Level 70 Devourer. However, Yue Zhong was now a Level 61 Enhancer, and his Agility was constantly enhanced. While it could not overcome the Level 70 Devourer, it was not too much lower and it was thus possible for him to exchange blows with it.

His body lightly twisted, and the Devil Flame Sword in his hands slashed towards the Level 70 Devourer.

The Devourer responded by extending a leg to tap the ground, forcefully altering its course midair, and dodged the slash of Yue Zhong, at the same time, it unleashed a forceful kick towards Yue Zhong’s body.

“What a fearsome Devourer.” Yue Zhong felt as though he was struck by some immense force, his body sent flying back a few metres. His chest seemed to cave in a little, as he spat out a mouthful of blood, his heart thoroughly shocked at the strength.

Just as the Devourer had just kicked Yue Zhong away, from the midst of the horde, 3 sharp spikes suddenly shot towards the Devourer.

The Devourer turned to face the 3 sharp bone spikes, its claws slashing out, leaving a trail of shadows behind, as it forcefully chopped the incoming bone spikes off.

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