God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 450

Chapter 450 – Tank Destroyed!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

The Devourer had just struck the 3 bone spikes away, when an unexpected Devil Flame Spear came whistling in from the back, and instantly pierced its head, causing it to explode into foul, smoking chunks!

“Congratulations on achieving Level 62, you have gained 2 attribute points to be allocated.”

The moment Yue Zhong killed the Level 70 Devourer, a huge orb of experience had floated into his body, instantly pushing him to reach another level.

Yue Zhong swiftly allocated the points to his Agility, before a huge sense of crisis welled up in him, and he instantly shot backwards in retreat.

Only to discover, that within the horde of zombies, a number of Level 70 Devourers were galloping towards his direction.

These Level 70 Devourers, with the protection of the ordinary zombies, possessed the power to destroy a tank. While they had no way of actually demolishing the entire armor of the tank, they could tear apart the roof of the tanks, and assault the soldiers within.

Seeing so many suddenly leaping out, all the tank soldiers were gripped by fear. These freaks could actually threaten the soldiers within the safety of the tanks, and it left them with little sense of security. It must be known that tanks were widely assumed to be invincible on the battlefield, even without their cannons, no zombies could withstand the crushing of the tanks.

The 23 IFVs following behind the tanks opened fire, and their 25mm machine guns fired rapidly into the horde, aiming for those Level 70 Devourers.

Under the rain of bullets, a large number of the zombies who moved to intercept, were instantly ripped to shreds. Many of the Level 70 Devourers were also felled by the sudden rapid fire.

However, a terrifying scene presented itself. Those Level 70 Devourers that were struck down by the 25mm machine guns instantly got up after they fell, and continued to charge towards their direction. It was obvious that the machine guns had little to no effect on these monsters.

“Fire the cannons! Fire the cannons!!”

The remaining 19 tanks swivelled their cannons towards the Devourers and opened fire. One of the Devourer was hit by one particular round, and it was blasted into pieces.

However, the movement speed of those Devourers were truly too fast, as after just taking down 2 of the Devourers, the rest had already reached this side.

In an instant, 20 of these Level 70 Devourers had crossed the defensive barrier, and were charging at the tanks.

As long as the remaining 19 tanks were destroyed, then the armored division of Yue Zhong would be crippled by half.

Yue Zhong saw the incoming 20 Devourers and his eyes widened as he shouted: “Shit! Ying Kai Shan, come and assist me!”

Ying Kai Shan had followed Yue Zhong through the life-and-death battle at the small town, and his enhancement level had reached Level 49, coupled with his combat experience, he proved a mighty fighting force.

Hearing Yue Zhong’s command, Ying Kai Shan instantly rushed over, eyeing those 20 Devourers in the distance, and gave orders to his subordinates: “Everyone is to use the [Gravity Manipulation]!! Those who can use the [Airlock] and other control skills utilize them as well!”

Among those experts led by Ying Kai Shan, many of them had control abilities and they immediately casted them on those incoming Devourers.

A flurry of control-type abilities were launched at the 20 Devourers.

Under the combined efforts of those experts, the speed of the 20 Devourers that could match a Type 2 Lightning began to slow.

Yue Zhong sucked in a breath, as he wielded his Devil Flame Sword, and rushed towards the 20 Level 70 Devourers.

In a flash, Yue Zhong appeared beside a tank, his 4m-long Devil Flame Sword swinging towards a Devourer that had just leapt onto the tank. At the same time, he activated the [Gravity Manipulation] and a huge force weighed down on the Devourer.

The Devourer was already under twice the gravity due to the supporting troops, when adding on Yue Zhong’s ability, it had to support itself under thrice the pressure. Its speed was slowed down considerably, and was not as threatening as it was before. Yue Zhong’s swing directly sliced it in half, causing black blood to splatter and cover the outer covering of the tank.

If it was just Yue Zhong himself, taking down this single Devourer would have required him to expend all his energy, but with the support of Ying Kai Shan and his subordinates, he managed to easily take it down.

Yue Zhong had just taken down that Devourer, when 6 others immediately pounced at him.

These Devourers had no eyes, but they had evolved an acute sense of smell and hearing, and possessed an incredible sense of danger perception. They could feel that this human in front of them was a threat to them, and hence, made their way towards him.

Right as Yue Zhong was about to be surrounded by those 6 Devourers, Ying Kai Shan waved his hand, and sharp ice picks appeared in mid-air and bombarded the 6 Level 70 Devourers.

The Devourers did not dodge nor evade, and as the ice picks landed on their bodies, they shattered, evidently not enough to pierce the hide that could withstand even the damage from a 25mm round.

Ying Kai Shan’s pupils narrowed, as he continued to activate his skill, and each time the ice picks shattered on the bodies of those Devourers, they added to their body weight.

All of a sudden, a sharp bone spike exploded out from one side, shooting towards the 6 Devourers.

Facing those sharp bone spikes, the Devourers just slashed their claws, and caused the bone spikes to break off.

Seizing his chance, Yue Zhong’s body flashed, and appeared behind one the Devourers, activating his [Gravity Manipulation] and then directly using his Devil Flame Sword to slash downwards, slicing its body in two.

After quickly disposing of that Devourer, his left hand lit up, and a Devil Flame Spear was conjured, before he flung it towards another Devourer head, causing it to explode into flaming chunks.

At almost the same time, a shadow appeared from nowhere, breaking the sound barrier, and chomped down on the head of one of the Devourers, as it burst in it’s jaws. It was precisely the Type 3 Lightning.

Lightning relied on its incredible speed to pounce about the battlefield, assaulting the Devourers that caused even Yue Zhong to feel at a loss. Multiple bodies fell lifelessly with their heads removed.

From afar, Ying Kai Shan watched this and shuddered involuntarily: “So terrifying!”

With Lightning’s mach-1 speed, in only a single exchange, Ying Kai Shan would be immediately killed.

Within Guilin City, other than those Agility-type Evolvers, if the other Evolvers did not make any ample preparations, they would also likely be finished off by Lightning easily.

In a short matter of 10 seconds, the remaining 14 Devourers which were under the effects of the controlling skills were also killed swiftly by Lightning.

With the deaths of the 14 Devourers, the rest of the horde had no way of blocking the metal behemoths that could crush their numbers.

A large number of the ordinary zombies were then turned into meat paste under the continued assault of the remaining 19 tanks and the rest of the armored division.

With the armored division pushing forth, the huge sea of zombies was forced back about 15 km.

After ensuring that the huge horde had been pushed back, the armored division quickly retreated back towards the centre of Guilin City.

After a rough day, the armored division had to be refueled, and their ammo replenished. Even the operators within required rest.

At the same time, the troops under Ying Kai Shan had exhausted themselves after an entire day of battle, and desperately needed rest.

The 3 million-strong zombie horde was not a small number, and Yue Zhong did not think that he would be able to finish this in a day as well. He had made use of the tanks in the evening to buy time for his troops to rest as well. After all, fighting in the night was disadvantageous to the humans.

A distance of 15 km was going to take at least a few hours for the ordinary zombies, as based on their walking speed, they would cover about 1km or so every hour. However, that was the main bulk of the force, if there were no ordinary zombies that got in the way, Yue Zhong would have slaughtered any scattered pockets of zombies easily.

As night fell, piping hot dinner was served to the front lines. The dinner consisted of huge chunks of Type 2 Mutant Beast meat as well as rice. There were various other assorted dishes brought out by the appreciative vendors from Guilin City as well.

Everyone knew how important this battle was, the moment the troops lost, everyone would stand to lose everything, and the newly established order and security would collapse again.

Many people had experienced the dark times where society lacked stability and control, and inner human depravity was rampant. For the sake of a small meal, lives could be lost. To protect their current paradise now, everyone was activated, and every youth would help to fortify the city, while the women and kids helped to deliver food to the soldiers. The good thing about being in battle was that the soldiers had no need to eat from cans.

Zheng Ming He brought a bunch of documents as he came to report to Yue Zhong: “Today’s battle, we lost 327 men, expended 900,000 rounds of bullets, and 600 artillery rounds. Our current supplies, including the refilled bullets, only number around 1.3 million rounds, and there are about 500 rounds for the 122mm rocket launchers.”

Hearing the report, Yue Zhong’s face turned downcast, he had expended all his energy, and deployed multiple trump cards, and managed to kill over 700,000 zombies. However, his ammunition consumption was too high.

Even if the remaining 1.3 million rounds were to take down a zombie each, they could at most kill another 1.3 million zombies. However, that was just impossible.

Logistics and supplies were the lifeline of a modern military. With enough ammunition, a few Red Arrows could easily unleash hell upon those zombies.

The main contributing factor for the elimination of 700,000 zombies were the cannons and the armored division. The expenditure of the 900,000 rounds would have at most killed 60,000 zombies.

Yue Zhong waved his hands to signal for Zheng Ming He to be dismissed, as he looked to the distance and frowned, thinking silently: “I guess it’s up to the trap.”

“Wait a minute!” All of a sudden, Yue Zhong had some sort of inspiration, as though he caught a thought, but that sudden flash of insight left him, and he frowned as he tried to focus.

It was just that no matter how much Yue Zhong racked his brains, the insight had disappeared, and it caused him to be vexed.

“Big Brother, time to eat!” At this time, Mu Xiang Ling came skipping into the room and pulled his hands towards the dining table.

“En!” Yue Zhong was dragged to the table, and he began to stuff the Type 3 Mutant Beast meat into his mouth.

After undergoing skilled preparations by chefs, the meat melted in Yue Zhong’s mouth, turning into warm sources of energy that replenished his Stamina and Spirit. It was truly a powerful nourishment.

Ning Yu Xin looked at Yue Zhong who was absent-minded, and asked: “What’s the matter?”

“It must be problems arising from hunting the zombies!” Mu Xiang Ling eyed Yue Zhong and said: “Big Brother, those zombies are controlled by the Z-Types right? Isn’t it easier to just dispose of the Z-Types then?”

Yue Zhong shook his head when he heard that: “It’s not that simple!! The zombie horde is too vast, if you were to look out, they’re all zombies. Since those Z-Types possess intelligence, how would it be easy to pinpoint their location? Furthermore, they had always liked to stay in safe and secure places.”

“Wait!! A safe place?” Yue Zhong suddenly recalled his inspiration as he spoke up to this point. He became excited and hugged Mu Xiang Ling, kissing her cheeks: “Thank you!! Little Xiang Ling!! Haha!!”

Mu Xiang Ling was caught off-guard, and after she was kissed on the cheeks, she began to struggle, with her face flushed red and using only a small voice to protest: “Lolicon!! Pervert, release me!! If you don’t, I’m going to scream!!”

“Haha!!” Yue Zhong roared with laughter, his mood becoming better as he let Mu Xiang Ling down.

“Leader!! The zombies have launched a night assault!!” Just as Yue Zhong released Mu Xiang Ling, an intelligence officer came running and reporting in an urgent manner.

“What?! I’m going!” Yue Zhong’s face fell, and immediately grabbed a piece of Type 3 Mutant beast meat and shoved it into his mouth before rushing off.

Ning Yu Xin and Xin Jia Rou exchanged looks, before hurriedly finishing the meat on their plates and followed suit.

Yue Zhong came to the frontlines, only to discover under the cover of the night, 10,000 S2s were charging towards Yue Zhong’s location like spectres.

Since the huge zombie horde had been chased back for dozens of kilometres, the ordinary zombies would not be that fast with their speed. It was only possible for the evolved types to reach the defenses so quickly.

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