God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 451

Chapter 451 – Defeating the Zombie Horde!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Yue Zhong eyed the swift S2s and his brows furrowed: “Damn it! Those Z-Types have learned how to launch a night assault?!”

Battling at night was the toughest for humans. In the night, their vision was limited and could not exhibit 100% of their combat prowess.

The 10,000 S2s attacking at night was even more terrifying than 200,000 ordinary zombies. The moment the S2s got close, it would be devastating for the normal soldiers. Furthermore, Yue Zhong was unwilling to utilize the little heavy artillery he had against those S2s.

Yue Zhong eyed those S2s and mulled for a moment, before he unleashed a howl towards the skies.

Hearing that howl, Lightning and its brothers, which were enjoying munching on the zombie corpses, released a howl in reply, and charged out from the jungle, pouncing towards the S2s.

During the battle in the day, of the 400 ordinary Mutant Leopard Cats that Lightning led, 100 had perished at the hands of the zombies, as even the L2s and S2s had the capabilities to hurt the ordinary Mutant Leopard Cats.

“Release the flare!! Relay my order! Get Wang He and his troops to defend the post!” Yue Zhong shouted orders to an officer beside him, before he brought White Bones along with him and charged towards the horde of S2s.

By now, Yue Zhong’s strength was tyrannical, any S2 that got near him would be instantly sliced apart.

White Bones ran alongside Yue Zhong, and released 10 sharp bone blades from its body, that seemed to possess lives of their own as they pierced the heads of the S2s without stop. The speed at which White Bones was wiping out the S2s was even faster than Yue Zhong.

On the other side, Lightning led its brothers and unleashed carnage upon those S2s.

However, the numbers of the S2s were truly too many, and just the efforts of Yue Zhong, White Bones and the Mutant Beast horde led by Lightning was not enough to truly withstand the assault.

Many of the S2s leapt past the defensive line of Yue Zhong and his party, making their way towards the humans defence post.

Right at this time, all around the human encampment, the multiple traps laid displayed their effectiveness.

One S2 was in the middle of a frenzied charge when it was caught in the razor wire perimeter, and its legs were sliced off cleanly.

Another S2 was also charging madly when an icy platform appeared in front of it, causing it to lose balance and fall, while the 10 other S2s behind it got entangled and fell as well.

Outside the defence post, there were many sharp steel beams facing outwards. Any evolved zombies that were unfortunate enough to ram into the defence would be impaled on those sharp stakes.

As for the defence post itself, a thousand Enhancers leapt out, and they wielded different types of weapons as they charged at the S2s.

Hampered by the various traps, the S2s had no way of displaying their full strength, and as they keep getting caught and falling, their threat level fell. The humans charged forwards and slaughtered those incapacitated S2s.

Ice picks!! Fireballs! Air blades!! Blade beams! Blade Qi!! Ground spikes!! Sniper bullets! Vine Manipulation!! Ground Manipulation!! Gravity Manipulation! All sorts of techniques and skills were repeatedly cast on the S2s, constantly grinding them down.

The intense battle continued for an entire half hour, and the human army lost 24 of their Enhancers before they finally wiped out the 10,000-strong horde of S2s. Of which, White Bones alone slaughtered 500 S2s, Yue Zhong himself killed 300, and had reached Level 63. After disposing of the S2 army, many of the Enhancers just fell asleep at the frontlines, exhausted beyond measure.

Yue Zhong left White Bones to defend the frontlines, he himself also laid on an army cot at the frontlines and fell into deep slumber.

At noon the next day, the skies were still snowing, and the huge zombie horde finally appeared in front of Guilin City.

The sea of zombies had managed to close the distance that was created the day before by the armored division, Mutant Beast horde and efforts of the experts.

“Move out!!” Yue Zhong sat in an assault helicopter and gave the command to the pilot.

The pilot nodded in response, and flew the helicopter towards the skies.

Yue Zhong felt his body trembling together with the vibrating of the helicopter, and as it flew higher, the scene on the ground gradually became smaller.

The assault helicopter flew above the horde and Yue Zhong looked down, only to see a vast gathering of zombies, even after clearing over 700,000 thousand of them yesterday.

Other than this assault helicopter carrying Yue Zhong, there were 13 others and these were all the assault helicopters belonging to Guilin City.

They were the only aerial forms of attack that Yue Zhong possessed, one of his trump cards.

The huge horde kept shuffling forward, and soon, an intense battle broke out at the frontlines between the troops and zombies.

With the resistance of the troops, as well as the constant advance of the horde, the scene soon became a mess.

“Execute the plan!” Yue Zhong surveyed the horde below before ordering through the walkie-talkie.

“Fire your cannons at the given location!!” In the command centre, Zhang Xue Wang immediately relayed the order.

When the command reached the artillery, a number of the self-propelled rocket launchers began firing multiple fearsome rounds into the skies.

In an instant, the round landed right at the back of the horde, causing devastation.

When those rounds exploded on impact, huge patches of zombies were instantly blasted into pieces.

After a volley of heavy fire, those zombies, which would not budge even under fire, began to experience changes.

The entire body of corpses seemed to stop for a moment, before they started to split into various groups of smaller zombie hordes. The larger ones consisted of a few tens of thousands while the smaller ones numbered in the thousands, as they made their way to different directions.

“The commander has been taken out!!” Yue Zhong eyed the collapsing structure of the horde and his heart was overcome with elation.

It was as Yue Zhong had guessed, the Z2 commanding the entire horde had been blanketed by the volleys of artillery fire, and was blasted into smithereens. Hence, the horde had fallen apart.

Yue Zhong had thought back to his previous encounters with the Z-Types and knew they were cowardly existences, and had liked to hide at the back of the hordes. Hence, he had decided to use the cannons to force the Z-Types out, before he would chase them down and slaughter them personally. He never thought that his luck would be good, and that the single volley of fire had instantly caused the commander to perish, saving him the trouble.

Yue Zhong pulled out the walkie-talkie and gave an urgent order: “Heed my command! The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Battalions are to immediately launch an assault on the enemy!!”

After losing their commander, the sea of zombies became like scattered sand.

Under Yue Zhong’s orders, the armored division that had been resting the entire day immediately charged out, making their way for the zombie horde and crushing them.

The other 5 battalions also rushed out to engage the zombies in combat.

By now, the zombie horde had lost all signs of advancing, and were mostly turning around to escape from being crushed by the armored division. Those unfortunate to be caught in the path would be turned into meat paste, while Wang He’s battalion following behind the armored division also hunted down any scattered zombies.

In the skies, Yue Zhong watched the collapsing order of the horde and heaved a sigh of relief. Based on his current force, wiping out the entire horde would be incredibly tough. Having this chance now was already a blessing in disguise.

In time, there would be another Z2 that evolved to take command of this zombie horde, and the pity was that, even though Yue Zhong knew that it was a fact bound to happen, he had no means of wiping the horde out entirely.

“Set me down!” Yue Zhong commanded the pilot.

“Yes! Leader!” The pilot then navigated downwards to hover about 15m from the ground.

“You guys head back first!”

Yue Zhong then leapt out the assault helicopter into the midst of the zombie horde, and let out a howl.

Hearing the howl, Lightning led its little brothers out from the forest, and pounced for the zombie hordes, massacring the zombies in an endless slaughter.

If the 2-million strong zombie horde was to counter attack now, it would be enough to devastate Yue Zhong’s troops. However, since the Z-Types were occupied with self-preservation, and had led their own smaller teams to escape in other directions, before the next Z2 could evolve to take control of the other Z-Types, none of them were willing to engage Yue Zhong nor his troops.

After relentlessly giving chase and slaughtering over 600,000 zombies, Yue Zhong gave the command to retreat. It was not that he didn’t want to wipe them out, but his troops had exhausted themselves after an entire day of intense battle as well. Furthermore, it was still in the midst of winter, pushing them too much would be detrimental.

In Guilin City, there was bustling activity everywhere, however, compared to the boom of economic activity, everywhere, the expressions of people were clouded. The impending assault of the 3 million strong horde was on everyone’s minds, and Guilin City only had a 100,000-strong army. They were extremely worried about the aftermath.

“I wonder what the situation at the front line is like now?” A youth sat inside a teahouse, his face full of worry as he muttered slowly.

Another youth beside him had the same expression as he lamented: “If only Regiment Commander Du was still here! If he was, our Guilin City would definitely be safe and secure.”

One youth cursed out in anger: “It’s all because of Yue Zhong!! If he wasn’t here!! Regiment Commander Du would not have died!! If he didn’t die, those zombies wouldn’t be worth shit! It’s all because of that Yue Zhong!!”

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