God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 452

Chapter 452 – xxx

Translated by: Kun

Chapter 452: Chen Yao Seeks Help!

The first youth who sighed was startled and he replied: “Zhang Yan! Are you crazy? You dare to curse that person! If someone heard you, you’ll be in trouble!”

Zhang Yan smirked coldly: “So what? That tyrant, don’t tell me he wants to capture me? I, Zhang Yan, am right here, let him come and execute me then.”

The middle aged man looked at Zhang Yan and sighed, but he did not say anything. This Zhang Yan was the son of a triad leader, and his temperament was vastly different from his father. Zhang Yan was extremely direct, and righteous, however, when his father was locked up and sentenced to the Scum Battalion, Zhang Yan harbored hatred against Yue Zhong.

Right at this time, a soldier riding a motorcycle came roaring through town as he announced at the top of his voice: “Victory!! Leader Yue Zhong had brought the troops to vanquish the zombie horde! We have won!!”

“Long live Yue Zhong!!”

“That’s great news!!”

“Long live Yue Zhong!!”

The moment the people heard the news, the entire city went into a celebratory mood, and countless survivors sang praises of Yue Zhong, and many even shed tears of joy.

With this successful victory, it meant that he had protected the entire Guilin City, all 800,000+ lives and their property.

Within the city, there were many people who had established some form of livelihood already. Had Yue Zhong been defeated, these businessmen would have to flee, and abandon their hard work in Guilin City. Now that Yue Zhong had won, they could continue living in stability and flourish.

Amidst the celebrations, a middle-aged man walked over to Zhang Yan and spoke coldly: “I’m sorry, but mister, please leave! You are not welcome here!”

Zhang Yan’s face fell, and immediately pulled out a bunch of ration tickets and declared: “How are you running your business? I have tickets!”

“I’m the boss! If I say I don’t want your business, I don’t want it! Please leave!” The middle-aged man stared coldly at Zhang Yan, before continuing: “Mister! If you can run your mouth off, why don’t you throw your weight at the frontlines? You only know how to speak behind others’ backs, if you have the capabilities, go to the frontlines and kill some zombies. While Yue Zhong may be lacking as a leader, he has always been on the frontlines fighting, and never retreated before anybody else. All you people only know how to criticize and malign him, what have you done yourself? Seeing your behaviour disgusts me, please do not appear in my shop ever again.”

Zhang Yan grew red from the rebuke as he retorted: “I speak however I want to! That’s my right!”

The boss eyed Zhang Yan coldly and pointed to the door: “Get the hell out! That’s also my right as the owner!”

“Good! Good!” Zhang Yan was so flushed red from anger, and before he could say anymore, he was pulled away by the middle-aged man by his side.

“Zhang Yan! Save it!!” After which, the middle-aged man pulled Zhang Yan as they headed out.

The boss of the teahouse looked at the leaving figures of Zhang Yan and his companion and spat: “Peh!! What gives? Can’t even do anything of your own! Trash that only knows how to plot behind others! Irksome!”

His words travelled to Zhang Yan’s ears, causing him to clench his fists tightly, and he gritted his teeth.

The middle-aged man looked at Zhang Yan’s vexed expression and said: “Zhang Yan, you’re not a kid anymore! You need to grow up!! After this battle, Yue Zhong has consolidated his footing here in Guilin City. Don’t go starting trouble anymore, if he really wants to snuff you out, it would be like killing an ant to him!”

Zhang Yan spoke with a resolute voice: “Uncle Lei!! The heavens have eyes, I don’t believe that Guilin City has no place that is reasonable anymore. That Yue Zhong just drags people into the Scum Battalion for no reason as cannon fodder, such behaviour is unlawful and inhumane! I just won’t believe that he can pull the wool over everyone’s eyes, there has to be someone who hasn’t lost their mind in Guilin City yet.”

Zhang Yan’s father was a triad member, however, Zhang Yan had received an exemplary modern education, and was dissatisfied with his dad’s way of doing things. However, with his dad’s protection, he had been living like a protected flower that believed in an idealistic world where logic and righteousness prevailed.

The middle-aged man, Lei Yi, looked at Zhang Lei, sighing lightly and did not say anything else.

In this battle, Yue Zhong had stopped the impending invasion of 3 million zombies, and had won the hearts of the people. Most of the survivors in Guilin City had already acknowledged and accepted his leadership. The soldiers that had fought at his shoulders had also accepted his command, seeing that he had been placing himself at the forefront of the battle, and leading them to victory. Since his position had been fortified, no small-time crooks could seek to upend his rule any longer.

As for Yue Zhong, he had returned to his own villa, and was inspecting his loot.

After killing so many high-level zombies on the field, his returns had been decent. He opened up 2 magic gems that could upgrade weapons, as well as other treasures.

“Level 4 Treasure: 8-Sided sword! A type of Han (Chinese) Sword, its body is wide, and it has 8 sides that were grinded. It is extremely compatible with Sword Qi, and it is incredibly sharp.”

“Level 4 Treasure: Green Ghost Mask! Upon equipping, Endurance +10, Spirit +7.”

“Level 3 Skill: Stealth, can silence breathing, greatly weakens perception of user. However, no movements otherwise form is revealed. Activating the skill expends 10 Stamina and 20 Spirit.”

“Level 3 Skill: Firestorm, calls down a fiery disaster, burning any creature without discrimination within a 20X20m radius. Expends 40 Spirit. No restriction of class, but each individual can only cast it once in 24 hours.”

“Level 3 Skill: Corpse Ghost Transformation! Upon casting this skill, user becomes like a corpse ghost, gaining huge increases in the 6 attributes, and resistant to viral infections. When transformed, user is more susceptible to light-based attacks.”

The rest of the skill books and equipment that were dropped were things that Yue Zhong had already owned.

Yue Zhong looked over these skills and equipment once over, before he gave the 8-Sided Sword and Stealth skill to Mu Xiang Ling.

With the [Stealth] ability, Mu Xiang Ling’s ability to survive on the battlefield would increase a whole lot more, and with the sharp 8-Sided Sword, she could kill Mutant Beasts easily.

After another day, the snowstorm came to a gradual stop, and Yue Zhong brought Duan Zi Ke and the rest of the ex-members of the Greater China Alliance over, joining his ranks. His overall fighting strength increased yet again, with Duan Zi Ke and his subordinates forming the 10th Battalion.

“Yue Zhong!! Save me!!”

10 days after stopping the invasion, Yue Zhong had been immersed in training, when he suddenly received Chen Yao’s transmitted call for help. Within the villa, he clutched the report in his hands tightly, his face looking unsightly.

From the report that Chen Yao transmitted, there were details of what happened after Yue Zhong left.

Yue Zhong had intended to lure the attention of Wuyan Hong’s troops, and thus, attacked a few towns under his control, and absorbed a small team from the Vietnamese Freemasons.

However, as Wuyan Hong chased him down, Yue Zhong was forced to move towards the northeast, escaping into Guangxi’s region, and he slowly fought and gained power, before finally obtaining Guilin City.

As for Chen Yao, her journey had not been as smooth, and although she had also brought her troops to leave in a different direction to evade Wuyan Hong’s troops, a number of the Vietnamese survivors within her control managed to escape, seeking refuge with Wuyan Hong, and giving him the information of Chen Yao’s whereabouts.

Wuyan Hong had immediately deployed some troops to surround Chen Yao and her troops, and she was simply not a match against Wuyan Hong, and was forced to leave the town. She was now on the run and was in the forests.

If it wasn’t for Vietnam’s weather that had turned strange as well, and they were blanketed by snow, Chen Yao and her troops might already be wiped out by Wuyan Hong.

Chen Yao’s establishment had grown to a size of 4,000 survivors, with 500 warriors. However, as the events unfolded, she was left with a 100 warriors and only 800 survivors. Everyday, there would be casualties from the cold weather.

Chen Yao had risked it all to obtain a broadcast station to relay the distress signal to Yue Zhong.

If the Chinese wanted to expand in foreign land, it was incredibly difficult. Each and every place had their reservations, the fact that Yue Zhong had expanded so fast in Guang Xi was because he had the identity of a Chinese, which brought him numerous advantages.

At that time, when Guilin City’s Freemasons was under the control of foreign power, they could not simply just push the Chinese out and take over the reins of leadership as well.

A cold look flashed past in Yue Zhong’s eyes, as he spoke: “Seems like I need to make a trip… Wuyan Hong! This time around, it’ll be your death!”

When Yue Zhong made the decision, he immediately assigned Ming Jia Jia, Wei Ning Guo and a number of his trusted aides to Guilin City, installing them in various key positions.

After he had settled the necessary preparations, his control over Guilin City rose another level.

By now, Guilin City had replaced Long Teng District and Tian Xin District as the most important base of operations for Yue Zhong in the Guang Xi region, as there were nearly 900,000 survivors here. Where there were people, there was a place of precious resources. It would become Yue Zhong’s strongest fort in the future as well. Therefore, Yue Zhong was not willing to allow any mishaps to happen here.

Yue Zhong arranged for countless measures to be in place to cement his control and leadership, before arranging for 500 Enhancers above Level 30 to move out, forming an elite battalion dressed in the Nano Combat Suit, as they made their way towards Vietnam.

The mini army made their way by backtracking Yue Zhong’s path, entering Vietnam from Tian Xin District. By doing it that way, there was less problems to worry about, and it was relatively safer.

Arriving at Tian Xin District, Yue Zhong called for the elite battalion to rest and wait for orders, while he brought 20 experts and entered Vietnam.

He had no way of ascertaining Chen Yao’s location, and in the current weather, even if everyone was an expert, expecting them to move about with a huge area to cover, and the pressure of an enemy would weigh down on them.

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