God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Bath

After Yue left, Lei Chen started to expressed his dissatisfaction, and said: “Boss Tiger, why did you give Guo Yu to him? You know that I like Guo Yu . Is this not helping an outsider?”

Tiger Wang looked at Lei Chen, frowned, disappointingly said: “Lei, why did you not understand? Beside having fun with women, what other use do they have? What we are lacking are firearms! As long as we have the firearms, what women can we not get out hands on? Besides, what about all your other women? You have seven women, yet you still aren’t tired of playing around?”

“Guo Yu is different! Those big butts of her, soft skin, and she is only 13 years old. I haven’t enjoyed such high quality girls yet!” Lei Chen continued to complain.

Tiger Wang frowned, and shouted: “Enough, do not say anymore!”

Lei Chen suddenly lowered his head, seething in anger, no longer speaking.

Tiger Wang also loves women, and loves to to enjoy them. But in his eyes, firearms was has a greater value than women. He only wanted to expand his own powers, and increasing his territory. Lei Chen is a trusted underling of Tiger Wang. Although a little lustful, but he can fight, and is faithful. It’s just that he was not very intelligent.

Chen Yan’s eyes blinked and asked: “Big brother Tiger, do you really intend to give 20% of the firearms to him?”

Tiger Wang asked in reverse: “What do you think?”

Chen Yan with a face of flattery, said: “I think we should make back-up plans! If he is unscathed after getting rid of the four mutated dogs. We will agreed to give him 20% of the firearms, and let him go. If he is dead, heh heh! So much the better, we can take all his people and firearms. Ah, big brother Tiger, so that is what you had planned! You’re brilliant, to come up with such a move, this little brother really admire you! Amazing!”

Tiger Wang revealed a satisfied smile. Chen Yan was his adviser, not only was he good at flattering, his analytical capacity was also good. Tiger Wang thought highly of him.

Liu Shui led Yue, Guo Yu, and Wang Lan to a room on the 2nd floor of the building.

While Wang Shuang and Chi yang were in a room next to them. The other members of the team were crammed into three rooms on the ground floors.

In the eyes of Tiger Wang, woman are only an outlet to satiate his lust, and to entice powerful fighters. Besides that, they have no other values, consuming even more food . As for gender equality, Tiger Wang does not believe in prioritizing the women.

In the room that Yue was staying in, there was a big jacuzzi. The jacuzzi was filled with steaming hot water. Obviously in the past, the owner of this home was definitely a rich man.

Yue took off his clothes, marching into the jacuzzi. As the steaming hot water surrounded his body, it gave him a soothing feeling.

After Yue recovered from his injuries, he had been tense from being combat ready and fleeing. After escaping Lei Jiang City, he has not been able to relax or taken a bath for 3 days.

Lei Jiang City was about 400km from Long Hai City. This distance, if it was in the past world, would take a day to get there. But in this post apocalyptic world, many routes to the Long Hai City were blocked by many vehicles. Yue drove for three days, but was only able to make it half way.

At the time when Yue was in a rare state of relaxation, the bathroom door opened, and two girls wrapped in a towel came in.

The youthful face, Guo Yu went towards Yue, and said: “Master! We are here to attend to your bathing.”

Yue frowned, and wanted to say no. But after glancing at Guo Yue, somehow he could not say those words.

Guo Yu was wrapped in a white bath towel, in the steamy fog, her youthful face blushing red, with her snow white skin.In addition with those rising peaks, it was too seductive to a man. This was a woman with a pure and enchanting body.

As Yue sat in silence, the two women; Guo Yu and Wang Lan, entered the jacuzzi. One behind was behind him and the other in front.

Wang Lan sat behind Yue, hugging him with her ample bosom. She’s awared that she cannot match Guo Yu, so she used her boy to please Yue.

Guo Yu was sitting in front of Yue, her face bright red feeling full of shame. She was a gift that Tiger Wang used to woo an expert fighter. She has not been touched by a man, asking her to take the initiative to please a man was not something she could normally do.

Hesitating for a moment, Guo Yu trembling hand reached towards Yue beneath the water.

Yue seeing Guo Yu’s appearance, couldn’t help but shouted: “Wait a minute!”

Guo Yu was startled, turning paled. She then rush to captured Yue’s *****, and fearfully said: “Master! This slave will make you happy! Will satisfied you. Please don’t kick me out! Don’t push me away!!”

Tiger Wang methods are cruel, with his strict rules. Guo Yu has already seen the miserable fate of those women, she did not want to become a part of those female zombies.

“I’m not kicking you out!” Yue reached out, capturing Guo Yu hand, pushing it to the side, and said aloud: “I have something to ask you.”

Guo Yu let out a sigh of relief and said: “Master, please ask.”

In this moment, Guo Yu felt waves of sorrow. Before the end of the world, she was like a star; a little princess surrounded by myriad pet set collections. But now because of a man’s word, she had felt delighted and fear.

Yue suddenly asked: “What kind of past does Tiger Wang have, do you know?”

Guo Yu thought for a while, organized her thought, and said: “Boss Tiger … …”

From the lips of Guo Yu, Yue learned about Tiger Wang’s history.

In the past, Tiger Wang was one of the leaders of a gang in Lei Jiang City. After the end of the world, he then fled Lei Jiang City in a vehicle with several of his brothers.

In the process of fleeing Le Jiang City, Tiger Wang met the armed police force that was escorting the leaders of Lei Jiang City.

Tiger Wang mixed in with these survivors, seeing his chance, he led his brothers to seize the firearms from those armed police force. Amidst the fighting between the police force and zombies, he took the opportunity to kill the police force. Taking the survivors and fleeing to Always Bright Village.

After entering Always Bright Village, Tiger Wang aggressively searched for survivors. The men that trusted him was included in the armed force. The beautiful women were picked by him and brothers for pleasure. Those that displease Tiger Wang were thrown into the henhouse for the other militants to enjoyed.

If those militants accomplished great merits, Tiger Wang would give them a beautiful woman as private property. The militant’s meals were also the best, so the armed forces were composed of Tiger Wang’s most loyal militants.

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