God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 453

Chapter 453 – Li Shi Min!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Out on the snow-covered fields, Yue Zhong and his party sat in a fleet led by a hummer, followed by a fuel truck, disguising as a survivor party as they travelled on the roads.

Mu Xiang Ling sat in the hummer, looking out at the fields and hills covered with snow as she complained: “So this is Vietnam! It’s all snow. So boring!!”

Ming Jia Jia shot Mu Xiang Ling a look with undisguised envy as she spoke coldly: “We’re here on a mission! Not to play! If you wanted to play, you should have stayed back at home!”

Ming Jia Jia was jealous of Mu Xiang Ling’s looks. While she was pretty in her own right, she could not help but admit that Mu Xiang Ling was definitely many times better looking. When she thought of Mu Xiang Ling vying with her for Yue Zhong’s attention, she could not contain her anger.

Mu Xiang Ling shot back a look at Ming Jia Jia, and it seemed as though there were fireworks that emitted in their exchange of gazes.

Mu Xiang Ling then chuckled, before she leapt into Yue Zhong’s arms, looking pitiful, and shook his arms, before pleading like an injured rabbit: “Big Brother!! She’s bullying me!! Jia Jia is bullying me!”

“Get out of there!!” Ming Jia Jia became infuriated when she witnessed that, and she grabbed Mu Xiang Ling’s arms in rage and pulled her out from Yue Zhong’s arms. When she was around, that was her position! It definitely could not belong to anyone else!

Although Ming Jia Jia had matured earlier than most, and possessed the experience of commanding an entire District, she was still a young girl after all, and was likewise emotional. She was territorial and would attack any invaders of her territory.

“I’m not moving!!” Mu Xiang Ling grabbed onto Yue Zhong tightly like a koala bear and stuck her tongue out at Ming Jia Jia.

“That’s enough!” Yue Zhong grabbed the both of them, and sat them on either of his legs.

Both lolis glared at each other, their eyes shooting sparks.

Right at this moment, a bright light shot out, landing in front of the vehicle fleet, causing an explosion and blowing a hole in the middle of the snow-covered ground. A 1.7m-tall burly man stepped out from afar, his hands wielding a bronze bow.

That man stared at Yue Zhong’s vehicle fleet, his eyes flashing with a fierce wolf-like gaze. At the same time, he pulled out a white bone arrow, nocking it with the bow, aiming at Yue Zhong’s fleet: “Stop!! The arrow earlier was a warning!! This next one, I’ll not show mercy!”

The man wielding the bronze bow was speaking in Vietnamese, and Ming Jia Jia proceeded to translate for Yue Zhong.

“Stop the vehicles!” Yue Zhong gave the order, before he got out of the hummer.

The blow from the bow-wielding man could instantly destroy the hummer, that was why Yue Zhong gave the order to get out of the vehicles.

24 experts groomed by Yue Zhong stepped out of their vehicles, their levels above 40, every single one of them wielding a weapon of sorts, including sniper rifles, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, 12.7mm heavy machine guns, etc, as they all aimed at the archer.

Facing such fearsome modern weapons of war, even a Type 2 Mutant Beast would be turned into mush if it came charging.

Seeing this, the bow-wielding man’s expression turned frigid, as a bitter expression broke out, a chill running down his spine. He had thought that the passengers were just normal people. He had never expected them to be experts, furthermore, he could sense dangerous gazes, and he got the feeling that the moment he made a wrong move, he would be immediately executed. He was strong, but he could not possibly contend against 24 experts who all seemed to be more dangerous than him.

Yue Zhong eyed the poor sod and coldly barked out: “Throw down your bow! Surrender unconditionally! Otherwise, today will be the day you die!”

When the man heard Yue Zhong’s Chinese, his eyes flashed with a strange glint, as he threw his bronze bow on the floor, and used fluent Chinese to speak passionately: “You’re Chinese!! Me too, comrade, my name is Li Shi Min. We’re countrymen, so please, don’t shoot. I’m surrendering.”

Facing such terrifying weapons, Li Shi Min immediately became obedient. He could fight well, but the moment he was hit by a blast from any of those weapons, he would be sent to heaven.

“Li Shi Min?” When Yue Zhong heard this name, he involuntarily revealed a bewildered expression. This was the personal name of the Tang Dynasty’s Emperor Taizong, and someone in modern times had actually dared to use his name. He felt it truly interesting.

Li Shi Min chuckled bitterly: “This is the name of the Emperor Taizong. That year when my dad named me, he wanted me to have an awe-inspiring name, hence this.”

To be given such an infamous name, Li Shi Min had been the subject of ridicule during his primary and secondary school days.

Yue Zhong eyed Li Shi Min and asked curiously: “I’m Yue Zhong! Li Shi Min, your strength is decent, why have you taken up robbing to get by?”

That single arrow from Li Shi Min that could blast an armored vehicle showed that he did possess the strength. Such an Enhancer had no need to worry about food. They could easily pass through villages with zombies to search for food and rations, or they could hunt in forests with their capabilities.

There were many strong individuals wandering about in this apocalyptic world. Yue Zhong had heard that within Guilin City, there were a few geniuses who had been holed up in the mountain range hunting Mutant Beasts day in and day out.

Li Shi Min turned silent as he brooded.

Yue Zhong eyed Li Shi Min and spoke out indifferently: “Forget it! If you don’t want to say it, I won’t force you! Since we’re countrymen, I’ll spare you! Come with me! After killing 100 enemies, I’ll grant you your freedom.”

Since Li Shi Min had jumped out in a bid to rob him, Yue Zhong could not release him so easily, however, he didn’t want to force Li Shi Min to subjugate entirely, hence he gave him a way to regain his freedom. Like this, for his own freedom, Li Shi Min would become a sword for Yue Zhong.

Li Shi Min’s face immediately fell as he spoke slowly: “Brother Yue! Can we discuss this? If you release me now, I’ll definitely repay you in the future!”

Bai Xiao Sheng, standing beside Yue Zhong, was losing his patience, and he flashed forward like a spectre, placing a Dark Magic Blade at Li Shi Min’s neck, threatening him: “Shit! You’re spouting too much bullshit!! Don’t waste our time!! If you don’t agree, I’ll chop your head off!”

Bai Xiao Sheng had originally intended to enjoy himself with the beautiful ladies in Guilin City, and lead a relaxing lifestyle. However, he was almost immediately deployed out with Yue Zhong, and had felt stifled with rage. Since he could not direct this anger at Yue Zhong, he could only unleash it against enemies. Bai Xiao Sheng was truly powerful, and he wasn’t ambitious, seeking only to lead a promiscuous lifestyle with beauties.

“So fast!!” When Li Shi Min felt that cold metal on his neck, he was startled. Based on Bai Xiao Sheng’s speed, the moment he entered a radius of 20m, Li Shi Min wouldn’t be a match for him.

Li Shi Min chuckled bitterly: “Brother Yue, I promise you. But I really do have something I need to discuss with you.”

Li Shi Min could feel the overpowering killing intent from Bai Xiao Sheng, and knew that the moment he spoke out of line, he would lose his head. In such a society where human rights and laws were out of the window, and deaths were aplenty, not to mention in the wild, he had to be careful.

Yue Zhong was not unreasonable after all, and he said: “Speak!”

Li Shi Min then began to narrate his story.

Li Shi Min had been a Year 4 university student, and had come to Vietnam for a holiday with his classmates during their term break. However, the apocalypse suddenly happened, and numerous people became zombies. Li Shi Min had been training regularly prior to the apocalypse, and his body constitution was exemplary. When he was forced to a corner, he used the wooden stick he gained from the system to kill his way out, becoming an Enhancer, and saving many people.

After that, he had been protecting this group of people as they sought to survive in this new world. If it was just him alone, with his strength, he definitely could live freely. However, for the sake of the people under his protection, he could only rush about everywhere, hunting and scavenging like mad to search for rations.

This place was within the territory of Wuyan Hong’s influence and reach, and since Li Shi Min was Chinese, he was also the target of the Vietnamese. Many experts had tried to rout him to dispose of him. There were instances where Li Shi Min had really close shaves with death, but he managed to escape by a hair’s breadth each time.

This time, Li Shi Min had stepped forwards to target Yue Zhong and his troops because he had not been able to find any rations nearby, and did not dare sneak into Wuyan Hong’s territory guarded by his men to steal. Hence, he had no choice.

Yue Zhong eyed Li Shi Min and sighed, before speaking slowly: “Let’s go!! Take me to them!”

“Yes!!” Li Shi Min did not dare disobey with a weapon at his neck, and could only pray in his heart that Yue Zhong was a decent person.

Led by Li Shi Min, the entire group soon came to a mountain range sealed by snow, and there was a huge cavern in the mountain that was covered by a layer of grass, blending in with the mountain. Without anyone pointing it out, nobody would be able to find this place easily.

“Brother Li, you’re back!!” Li Shi Min had just pulled the cover open, when a little girl, covered in a few layers of Mutant Beast hide, came running up to welcome him.

“Who are these people?” The cute little girl saw Yue Zhong’s group and was frightened, her eyes flashing with a wary look.

At this moment, 10 males and 15 youthful females came walking out from the deeper parts of the cave.

One of the males was surrounded by 5 others, he had good looks, and his body was more muscular than the rest, as he began asking Li Shi Min loudly: “Li Shi Min you’re back! Did you find anything to eat?”

Li Shi Min frowned and replied: “No!”

The handsome and muscular male looked at Li Shi Min, before looking at Yue Zhong’s group in wariness and asked: “No?! Then why the hell are you back? Who are these people?”

Yue Zhong glanced at the handsome yet arrogant man and frowned as he asked Li Shi Min: “Who’s this? Why is he so arrogant?”

Li Shi Min chuckled bitterly: “He’s the president of the student union in our University, Luo Wen Shu. His father is the mayor of Qing Yang City. He’s a pretty famous figure in our school.”

Yue Zhong continued asking: “Did he ever search for food?”

Li Shi Min slowly replied: “No!! Finding food has always been my job.”

“How do you guys distribute the food?”

“Equally!! The ladies get a portion more.”

Yue Zhong stared at Li Shi Min, speechless. This guy was formidable, and had the character to boot, but he was literally rubbish in every other aspect. Not only did he handle everything about the food, he was still treated like a dog when he came back. No wonder he had no standing amongst these survivors.

Luo Wen Shu glared at Yue Zhong and rebuked coldly: “Get the hell out! You’re not welcome here!”

One of the ladies, who had a thick head of hair, and a voluptuous body, covered by 2 layers of Mutant Leopard Cat’s hide, spoke slowly: “Forget it! These people were brought back by Li Shi Min! We’re all Chinese, everyone should stick together, and get through this tough period.”

Luo Wen Shu glanced at the beautiful lady who just spoke as he rebutted: “Zhou Xue Yan, we don’t have much food left!! If they join us, what do we eat then? Don’t tell me you’re going to give them from your portion?”

In this apocalyptic world, nothing was more important than rations. Luo Wen Shu and the rest had tasted the bitterness of not having enough to eat, and hence were not willing to risk going hungry just to share with people they do not know. At this time, food was more important than even ladies.

The young girl who had come running to welcome Li Shi Min shouted back at Luo Wen Shu: “Luo Wen Shu! Our food was brought back by Brother Li, it’s also not from your efforts, on what grounds are you chasing his friends away for?”

Luo Wen Shu glanced at Li Shi Min and chuckled coldly, as he raised his hands: “That is his duty!! Didn’t you hear him? The more strength one has, the more responsibilities one has to bear! Since he has the capability to hunt for food, finding food IS his responsibility! As to how the food should be distributed, it’s dependent on all our decision. The minority has to follow the majority, this is democracy! I reckon, that we should chase these unknown people away! Those who agree raise your hands!”

Within the cave, many hands shot in the air, only the youthful young girl and Zhou Xue Yan did not raise their hands.

This Zhou Xue Yan is not to be confused with another Zhou Yan Xue from Yue Zhong’s harem, the celebrity mentioned in Chapter 251 – 257.

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