God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 455

Chapter 455: Kill Them All!

After suffering losses a number of times, the Vietnamese had begun their own preparations. It was especially so as to protect against the raids from the Plant Demoness Chen Yao. Ruan Wen Yi had even designated certain heavy defences. Although Yue Zhong had gotten Ming Jia Jia to dispose of the soldiers soundlessly at the gate, it was still enough to alert the entire town.

Ruan Wen Yi had then appeared, looking down at Yue Zhong’s group from a vantage point, smiling coldly with a smug expression.

“We’ve fallen into a trap!!” Li Shi Min saw the sudden appearance of Ruan Wen Yi and he was instantly taken aback.

“Kill him!” Yue Zhong eyed Ruan Wen Yi as he gave the order coldly,

Ruan Wen Yi glanced at Yue Zhong and smirked: “Haha!! You want to kill me? Stop dreaming! In another 5 minutes, you’ll be entirely surrounded by the troops and our Wolf Fang Battalion soldiers that are on their way here. Surrender now, become our slaves, and you might still have a chance at life.”

At the next instant, a silhouette that was hard to discern with the naked eye appeared beside Ruan Wen Yi and flashed past his body, leaving a headless corpse.

When that silhouette finally stopped on the roof, it revealed Lightning’s terrifying figure, carrying Ruan Wen Yi’s detached head, still beaming with a smug expression, in its mouth. Lightning then chomped down viciously, instantly crushing the head into a bloody mess, before swallowing it into its stomach.

When Li Shi Min saw that, his entire body trembled in fright, as he thought to himself: “What fearsome speed!! How can anyone defend against that?”

“Kill every single enemy that resists!” Yue Zhong barked out coldly, before charging further into town.

Beside him, White Bones followed closely behind, along with 4 Shadow Wolves.

The 20 experts following Yue Zhong were split into 2 teams, each team heading off towards different directions.

Since the enemy required time to gather their troops, Yue Zhong and his team had to make use of this time to cause as much chaos as possible, as well as kill the maximum number of enemies they could.

Otherwise, when the enemy had gathered their full strength, it would be harder to deal with them by then.

Yue Zhong rushed towards the place where Ruan Wen Yi appeared, and in 3 seconds, he saw 20 experts of the Wolf Fang Battalion.

These 20 experts were in the midst of rushing over, and when they saw Yue Zhong appearing, they were all stunned. They had never expected Yue Zhong to break past the defences of their Company Leader Ruan Wen Yi in such a short time.

Right at the moment when the 20 soldiers stopped, White Bones instantly shot out 10 sharp bone spikes. 6 of the experts were pierced through the head, while the 4 were nailed to the ground through their bodies.

Lightning was like a tornado, as it immediately pounced into their midst, and in a flash, swiping out and causing 10 heads to roll on the ground, leaving 10 headless corpses still swaying where they stood.

“Strong!! A Type 3 Mutant Beast is truly strong!!” Yue Zhong watched Lightning and his eyes flashed with content. If he had to personally act against those 10 experts, it would have expended some energy. However, Lightning had only taken 1 second to completely wipe them out, leaving them with not even a single second to react.

In the martial arts world, speed was not easy to break, and since Lightning’s speed had reached the apex, unless it was a person with 15 times the speed of a normal person, there would be no way to react to Lightning before being killed. The Type 3 Lightning was one of the strongest trump cards in Yue Zhong’s arsenal, and it’s killing potential had long since surpassed Yue Zhong himself. This was the result of Yue Zhong painstakingly feeding Lightning with numerous high-quality nuclei.

After easily disposing of the Wolf Fang Battalion in the town, Yue Zhong continued running further in, with White Bones and Lightning beside him.

Upon activating his [Shadow Steps], Yue Zhong’s speed would reach up to 18 times that of a normal person, almost reach the sound barrier. In 2 short seconds, he had already reached the army camp within the town.

At that point in time, the soldiers were still busy getting ready. When they caught sight of Yue Zhong’s sudden appearance, everyone was shocked.

All of a sudden, 5 Type 2 Shadow Wolves charged out and bit through the necks of 5 Vietnamese soldiers, before pouncing on another 5 next to them.

At the same time, White Bones had already shot out 10 bone blades, slicing off the heads of 10 other Vietnamese soldiers, sending them flying. Yue Zhong himself pulled out his 12.7mm heavy machine gun and sprayed at the gathering soldiers.

Under the barrage of bullets, many of the Vietnamese soldiers were instantly shredded, suffering varying degrees of injuries, some even had their brains blown out. It was truly a cruel scene.

With that sudden assault, the neatly organized army was instantly thrown into chaos, many suffering injuries while others dead. However, these soldiers were still considered elite soldiers in their own right, even when faced with such a preemptive attack, they dove for various cover in different directions, before raising their guns in a bid to return fire at Yue Zhong.

The Bronze Spiritual Bell floated out from Yue Zhong’s chest and floated above his head, releasing an impregnable shield around him. The bullets just bounced off the shield emitted by the bell, not injuring Yue Zhong in the slightest.

From the other side, Lightning shot forwards, weaving about the soldiers, and everywhere it touched, there would be a mangled corpse and fresh blood spraying all around.

“Devil!! He’s the devil!!”

“Shit!!! He’s untouchable!! What do we do?! We can’t kill him!!”

“I surrender!! Don’t kill me!”

Many of the soldiers were dying by the tens at the hands of White Bones, Yue Zhong, those 5 Type 2 Shadow Wolves and Lightning. No matter how organized the Vietnamese soldiers were, or how many advanced weapons they had, there was simply no time to mount any sort of defence or resistance. They could only die helplessly. After just a short bout of resisting, even the toughest soldier had surrendered and abandoned his weapon.

From behind, Bai Xiao Sheng had quickly led his men as they went on a killing spree on other Vietnamese soldiers, before reaching Yue Zhong’s location.

When Li Shi Min came to the army camp, and saw the hundreds of corpses, his eyes widened with shock: “What the hell!! Was this done all by himself?”

Li Shi Min had never expected that a single person would be able to annihilate 2 companies of men alone, forcing the remaining troops to surrender as well.

Li Shi Min knew he was considered an expert, if given enough time, handling 30 expert soldiers would not be an issue. However, to take on 2 companies of soldiers at once, his best bet would be to kill 3 then retreat, otherwise the moment he was surrounded, he would be dead.

As for Bai Xiao Sheng and the rest, who had seen the truly terrifying extent of Yue Zhong’s strength, they were used to the fact that their Leader could actually terrorize the entire town on his own. They had discussed in private before, believing that while Yue Zhong would not be able to deal with a battalion that had advanced weapons, wiping out one without modern weapons would be no issue.

In this post apocalyptic world, strength was everything, but even the strongest enhancer would at most be able to contend with a small proper army.

Bai Xiao Sheng glanced at all the soldiers that had surrendered, before asking Yue Zhong: “What do we do with all these Vietnamese prisoners?”

Yue Zhong passed the order: “Find some officers for me, I have things to ask them.”

Bai Xiao Sheng was extremely efficient, and very soon, the remaining commanding officer, his two vice-commanders and 4 platoon commanders were brought in front of Yue Zhong,

Yue Zhong glanced at the 7 officers, and pointed to a platoon commander before asking: “I want to know, who here knows anything about the Plant Demoness Chen Yao? You first!”

The platoon commander’s face twisted in hatred as he stared at Yue Zhong and cursed: “Peh!! Damn Chinese dog!!”

Yue Zhong casually placed a gun at the head of that platoon commander, and fired a shot, blowing his brains to bits, dyeing the ground with red and white matter.

“Vicious!!” Li Shi Min jumped when he saw that, his back breaking out in cold sweat. After witnessing Yue Zhong’s decisiveness, he swore to not entertain any thoughts of escaping, instead serving to complete whatever task Yue Zhong had for him.

“Your turn!!” After killing one of the platoon commanders, Yue Zhong did not rush to aim the Stinger at another platoon commander, speaking in a cold drawl.

The platoon commander immediately knelt in front of Yue Zhong and pleaded: “I don’t know!! Sir!! I don’t know!! I really don’t know!!”


Following the sound of a gun, the skull of that platoon commander was likewise blown apart like a watermelon.

Yue Zhong swung to point at another platoon commander as he spoke coldly: “My patience has its limits! If you’re not willing to speak, I’ll just kill every single Vietnamese here! You shall accompany my dead countrymen 6 feet under!! Your turn!”

The platoon commander knelt and pleaded: “I’ll speak!! I’ll speak!! Please spare my life!”

The commanding officer immediately cursed out in rage: “Wang Zhen Qi!! Are you still a Vietnamese soldier? How can you be so spineless, and kneel to this Chinese dog!!”

He was immediately killed with a shot to his head after admonishing his subordinate.

Seeing that, the remaining officers all turned pale with fright. They had just discovered, that while many of the Chinese captives they tortured were easy to bully, and could tolerate a lot, and were kind, there was the opposite to them as well, in the form of this Yue Zhong would did not seem to care about captives nor see them as people.

The platoon commander continued while kowtowing: “The Plant Demoness Chen Yao and her troops had been defeated by us at the Daluo Mountain. They had already retreated further in. Their exact location, we do not know either. The one who had been in charge of encircling and suppressing Chen Yao was Ruan Wen Yi. We were just obeying orders. Please spare my life!!”

“Fine! I’ll spare you!!” Yue Zhong obtained a satisfactory answer, and waved his hands for this soldier to be brought away.

Bai Xiao Sheng then came to Yue Zhong’s side and asked: “What do we do with the Vietnamese in the town?”

Yue Zhong’s pupils retracted as he spoke softly, but coldly: “Kill them all!! Let them accompany our countrymen in death!”

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