God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 456

Chapter 456 – Infuriated Vietnamese!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

In the small town, there were a total of 465 Vietnamese. They were all brought to the entrance of the town and executed on the spot, before their heads were decapitated and stuck all around the town. It was reminiscent of practices of ancient civilizations.

Li Shi Min watched all these, and could not help but exclaimed: “Yue Zhong! This is too cruel!! They are just ordinary citizens after all!!”

Yue Zhong shot Li Shi Min an icy look as he retorted: “Li Shi Min! When they killed our fellow Chinese men, did they think like that? Under Wuyan Hong’s rule, the Chinese are living like pigs and dogs, how is that not cruel? Every single Vietnamese here is Wuyan Hong’s subordinates, and his power, with every person left alive, to us, it’s an additional threat! This is war! In war, if you’re merciful to your enemies, you’re vicious to yourself!”

Yue Zhong eyed Li Shi Min and coldly declared: “I hereby order you to bring me the heads of 100 Vietnamese within a month. I don’t care who you kill, as long as you kill a hundred! Otherwise, your little lover Zhang Cai Zhi will face death! Go!”

Upon hearing that, Li Shi Min was momentarily speechless, with his eyes wide open. However, thinking to how Yue Zhong had slaughtered 465 Vietnamese cruelly without blinking his eyes, he felt a chill run down his spine, and gritted his teeth as he replied: “Yes, Leader!!”

After which, Li Shi Min took up his Bronze Bow and ran off into the snow.

Bai Xiao Sheng came up to Yue Zhong, as he glanced at Li Shi Min’s leaving figure and spat a mouthful of saliva, saying: “What a fool! This is a war zone between 2 races! Either they die or we perish. Under such circumstances, he still wants to exercise mercy, what a dumbass.”

Yue Zhong looked at Li Shi Min’s figure and muttered: “He’s a good guy!! Just not suitable for this sort of world.”

Li Shi Min had the strength, but even amongst the survivors he was protecting, his position was the lowest, precisely because he was too gullible and was toyed by Luo Wen Shu.

Yue Zhong turned to ask Bai Xiao Sheng: “How many Chinese people did we rescue?”

Bai Xiao Sheng’s eyes flashed with a dark look: “63! All of them women. 13 had been tormented to the point of insanity. The remaining 50 are weak in body and spirit as well.”

Yue Zhong fell silent, since those Chinese women had been brought here in such weather, it would not have bode well. He was already mentally prepared, but hearing it, he still felt unwell.

Yue Zhong replied softly: “Take them back to the cave! If possible, get them trained to become soldiers. Before I’m back, no one is to leave the cave. Otherwise, execute them!”

In these foreign lands, Yue Zhong had no stable place of operations, and since the cave could not have sustained more than 400 people, it was one of the reasons for Yue Zhong’s decision to execute those Vietnamese.

Bai Xiao Sheng was slightly shocked as he directly asked: “Leader! Are you going to Daluo Mountain alone?”

Yue Zhong replied: “No. Ming Jia Jia, Chen Luo, Wang Xian, and Liu Han.These people will follow me!”

The 4 that Yue Zhong mentioned had the abilities to seek people, and they were more valuable than any others on the current search mission.

Bai Xiao Sheng insisted: “Do you want to bring more with you?”

After knowing each other for so long, Bai Xiao Sheng was extremely confident about Yue Zhong, but he didn’t want something untoward to happen to him in Vietnam as well.

Yue Zhong rejected: “No need!”

Not long after, a truck bearing various items set off from the small town, making its way towards the cave in the mountains. All that was left of the town was the aftermath of the battle, and the depiction of hell with all the corpses and heads being hung.

Yue Zhong had not established any base in Vietnam, and to avoid the retaliation from Wuyan Hong’s troops, they could only hide within the cave.

Within a luxurious villa in Langson, Vietnam.

A 36-37 year old male, who was decked in military uniform, and had an imposing stature, had an extremely grim look on his scar-ridden face. He slammed down on the table and cursed loudly: “Damn bastard! Who was it? Who dared to kill 768 of our Vietnamese people?! And dared to chop their heads off and stick them on the wooden fences?! Bunch of monsters!”

This middle-aged man was called Wu Zhi, he was one of the 13 generals of the Vietnam Army, and was a huge racist as well. The number of Chinese that had died at his hands numbered over a hundred.

When Wu Zhi and the rest killed the Chinese, they had treated it like slaughtering animals, and did not feel any sense of guilt nor sin. However, the moment their own people were killed, they were filled with an immense fury like a rabid dog.

A handsome young man of about 1.7m with a slightly convexed cheekbone stepped forwards, his body radiating a heavy bloody aura, as he said: “General, it must be the Chinese! From what we inspected, all our countrymen have been killed, but the shitty Chinese have been rescued!”

The young man was one amongst 4 geniuses honed by Wuyan Hong. The 4 were Evolvers that were exceptional in their own right, and this particular young man was known as the Blood Butcher Zhang Man Xu.

Zhang Man Xu was one of 5 dual-attribute Evolvers in the whole of the Vietnam Army, which consisted of over 150,000 people. His combat strength was considered the top of the 4 Pillars of the younger generation. He had overcome many Chinese factions and his hands were stained deep in Chinese blood. He was also considered to be one of the most extreme members of the Vietnam Army.

After the events when Yue Zhong had managed to escape from Vietnam, Wuyan Hong had swallowed up numerous other Vietnamese factions, and conquered Langson City, achieving huge expansions. His military might had soared as a result.

Another young man with tanned skin and an eyepatch over his left eye chuckled grimly, his demeanor silent but sturdy: “It’s not like it’s a bad thing! Once we announce this, Lei Jing Jie and his bunch of cronies would shut up and stop covering for the Chinese dogs.”

The young man with the eyepatch was called Ling Luo, and he was also one of the 4 Pillars of the younger generation. While his combat abilities were not as tyrannical as Zhang Man Xu, he was extremely intelligent.

Regardless of factions, there would be differing opinions. Even amongst Wuyan Hong’s racist Vietnam Army, there would be decent people that would speak up for the Chinese. Lei Jing Jie was the representative for the Chinese. Of course, his faction and voice was considered weak amongst the rest of Wuyan Hong’s troops, and they did not dare to openly go against Wuyan Hong. Hence, would only do things within their means to help the Chinese as much as they could.

In any establishments, there would be decent and horrible people. Even under Yue Zhong’s command, certain people who escaped his notice might have even more perverse tendencies than the Vietnamese people.

One young man with contorted features, yellow teeth and protruding lips frowned and chimed in: “Just who was the one who did it? Don’t tell me it was the Plant Demoness Chen Yao?”

This man with yellow teeth and protruding lips was also one of the members of the 4 Pillars. His name was Yuan He. He had an ugly disposition, and he was extremely bitter that people mocked him for his looks. When his temper flared, he would employ vicious tactics to kill his enemies.

Ling Luo thought for a while, before shaking his head: “Nope! It’s definitely not Chen Yao! Her methods are not so vicious! Furthermore, she has just been forced to retreat by us, she would definitely not have the strength to do this.”

Zhang Man Xu laughed confidently, his eyes flashing with a powerful flame as he looked at Wu Zhi and said: “Regardless! Since he dared to act against our Vietnamese Army, his outcome is only death! General, please allow me to bring some men to wipe them out!”

Wu Zhi’s eyes gleamed and he smiled: “Good! Zhang Man Xu, I shall send you to go eradicate this bunch of rebels. How many people do you need?”

Zhang Man Xu licked his lips, and his eyes revealed a bloody light: “30 members of the Wolf Fang Battalion should be enough!”

Wu Zhi directly agreed: “Good!”

As one of Wuyan Hong’s trusted generals, Wu Zhi had no means to activate the entire Wolf Fang Battalion, but deploying 30 of them would not be an issue.

Following his expansion of power, the experts under Wuyan Hong had grown by leaps and bounds as well. The number of experts in the Wolf Fang Battalion now numbered in the 300s, and had become a truly powerful and renowned expert battalion.

“Thank you General!” Zhang Man Xu’s face revealed a savage grin, and he could almost taste the joy and pleasure of slaughtering his enemies. He liked to be in control of someone else’s life. In fact, seeing his enemies suffer under his blades was his favourite experience. The stimulation was indescribable.

In a secret location of Langson City, a bunch of Vietnamese were sitting within.

One of the middle-aged man had a look of resentment as he said: “Jing Jie!! This time, those Chinese were too much! They killed 700 of our countrymen!! We can’t continue helping them like this! I’m sorry, but I want out!”

“I want out too!! Those Chinese are too cruel!! I don’t want to help them anymore!”

A number of the Vietnamese came up to Lei Jing Jie and saluted him, before turning around to leave the room. These were Vietnamese who pitied the Chinese that had been suffering and humiliated under the treatment of their fellow Vietnamese, and hence decided to help them. However, upon hearing the news that there was a slaughter of 700+ Vietnamese people, they had become enraged and left this association to express their resentment.

Lei Jing Jie silently returned their salutes, and thanked them for their help, at the same time, his heart was filled with anguish: “Seems like, a devil has appeared from China.”

Lei Jing Jie was Pro-China and Vietnam, and he was extremely clear on the might and threat of his neighbouring country. There were numerous powerful warriors in China, and he had always sought to co-exist peacefully with Chinese, and treated the Chinese fairly.

Prior to the apocalypse, China had been stable and secure, and the Vietnamese would not easily seek trouble. But the moment the apocalypse set in, all social stability and order went out the window, and supremacists and nationalistic views were the easiest ways to gather people. Hence, Wuyan Hong had chosen an opportune time to put forth his ambitions of swallowing China, and thus proposed the idea of purging the lands of Chinese, gaining the support of racists and nationalists.

Under that sort of environment, Lei Jing Jie could only go with the flow helplessly, while doing all he could within his power to help those Chinese. When he heard the news of 760+ Vietnamese perishing at the hands of an unknown Chinese, his heart turned cold, and knew that finally, a fearsome demon had arrived to retaliate.

Lei Jing Jie was smart, and he knew exactly what entails the merciless slaughter of 700+ people. The very fact that the person had managed to breach the defences of the small town with its inhabitants spoke a lot about the might of the assailant.

Lei Jing Jie looked to the sky, and prayed in his heart: “I pray that the gods above will protect our Vietnam!! Let us get past this disaster!”

At the onset of the apocalypse, the voice that had called itself ‘God’ had filled the heads of everyone, and under those circumstances, many non-believers felt their beliefs crumbling, and many had even converted into disciples. That was the reason for the rise of various other unorthodox sects.

The Heaven Sect had been able to gather so many believers was largely due to the voice that had supported the existence of ‘God’.

“Kill the Chinese dogs!!”

“Make them pay!!”

Within Langson City, when the majority of the Vietnamese heard that 700+ fellow countrymen had been wiped out, they were infuriated, and anti-Chinese sentiments were at an all-time high. An angry mob soon formed as they marched the streets.

Many Chinese people that had been forced to become slaves were pulled out by their masters, and thrown to the angry mob to be beaten to death. Many were even caught and placed on top of a burning fire, as the surrounding Vietnamese watched and laughed in glee.

Li Shi Min had by now, snuck into Langson City. As he watched the Vietnamese beating and killing the Chinese, some being even burnt alive, his heart was set aflame by fury, as he cursed inwardly: “How is this alright?! These bastards!! These inhumane bastards!!”

“Save me!! Save me!!” A Chinese girl came running towards Li Shi Min’s direction with fear on her face. A number of Vietnamese kids of about 12 or 13 were laughing as they rushed towards her, using their daggers to attack her, driving the daggers into her body, drawing fresh blood.

Compared to adults, these kids were even more terrifying. Their perception of the world had not matured, and slaughtering other humans was comparable to killing ants, there was no difference.

As the Chinese girl was dismembered, her blood splattered everywhere before her head was chopped off. Countless Vietnamese watched on and laughed.

Watching the Chinese girl being cut up in front of him, her eyes that held an expression of unwillingness before she died, Li Shi Min’s brain was overcome by hatred and his originally kind and benevolent nature crumbled, giving rise to a surging intent to kill: “Fuck!! Fuck!! Fuck!!”

Li Shi Min swiftly drew his Bronze Bow from his back, aiming at the child who was playing with the head of the Chinese girl as though he had gained a toy.

As the drawstring released, a white bone arrow pierced through the space and penetrated the body of the child. Its speed was not reduced in the slightest, continuing in its trajectory, penetrating another 7 Vietnamese before exploding, dying the street with blood.

Explosive Arrow! This was the skill that Li Shi Min possessed, and he wasn’t just a powerful archer. He was an Agility-based Evolver that had reached Level 43, and after killing that Vietnamese kid, the kind and honest Li Shi Min had disappeared, giving rise to a deadly and vicious slaughterer.

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