God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 457

Chapter 457 – Seeing Chen Yao Again!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Li Shi Min fired that single arrow which killed 7 Vietnamese, before he retreated backwards in a flurry, at the same time, cocking his bow, and firing thrice more into the crowd of people.

The 3 Exploding Arrows pierced a dozen of the Vietnamese who were gloating at the fate of the Chinese, before exploding and causing a misty spray of blood.

When the nice people are pushed to breaking point, they’re the most terrifying, as they could switch to the other extreme.

Li Shi Min originally belonged to the type of men who were courageous and honest, but his honest nature was in fact a weak point as well, and hence, he had allowed Luo Wen Shu to climb over him. Currently, he had totally changed into a wild beast, allowing his true prowess to be unleashed without any shackles.

A total of over 20 Vietnamese instantly died at his hands, and the initially celebratory mood of those Vietnamese who were killing and humiliated the Chinese turned into one of chaos, as everyone panicked, running in different directions, trampling over one another.

After he had killed those 20-plus Vietnamese, he pulled out a molotov from his back, and threw it into a house nearby with flammable items.

At this point of the apocalypse, most places had regained the usage of firewood and matchsticks to light fire, and the moment the molotov shattered on the pile of firewood, it began blazing furiously, causing a huge fire.

Li Shi Min set fire to a few places, before he vanished into the smog. Langson City was after all Wuyan Hong’s territory, and there were countless experts here. He did not think that he would be able to take on the entire city. However, as Langson City was huge, it was not a problem for him to find a place and hide.

Very quickly, blazing flames consumed parts of Langson City, and even the policemen were activated. Many experts were deployed in a bid to search for the arsonist, but nothing turned up.

Daluo mountain was in fact a small mountain rage, and the terrain was treacherous. There were forests, grasslands, swamps and mountains. Within these areas, there were all sorts of Mutant Beasts.

At this current moment, snow was falling everywhere, and the entire Daluo mountain range seemed to be covered with a layer of white.

Amidst the white landscape, a few black dots were travelling with difficulty, and that was precisely Yue Zhong and his team.

“How is it? Any sign of Chen Yao or other people?” Yue Zhong asked Ming Jia Jia beside him, who was currently wrapped up like a dumpling.

The noses of the Shadow Wolves were extremely sensitive, and even more perceptive than the strongest police search hounds by at least 10 times. This was one of the main ways Yue Zhong had to conduct searches.

Ming Jia Jia eyed the Shadow Wolf in front as she assessed the situation: “No good!! Too much time has passed! Furthermore, it’s been snowing, and their scent have been covered by the snow! If they were careful as well, they would hide their tracks. Otherwise they would have died long ago!”

Wuyan Hong’s Wolf Fang Battalion was also filled with numerous experts, with all sorts of abilities. Had Chen Yao and her troops been easy to locate, they would have been wiped out by Wuyan Hong and his troops long ago.

“Seems like I’ll have to do this the old-fashioned way!!” Yue Zhong mulled a while before he looked at the mountain range.

“Chen Yao!! It’s me, Yue Zhong!! I’m here!!” Yue Zhong cleared his throat before hollering loudly.

Chen Luo, one of the experts beside Yue Zhong, activated his Soundwave Transmission.

The [Soundwave Transmission] was a tasteless Level 3 skill, which could help amplify a target’s voice outwards. The higher the enhancement, the larger the radius. Although Chen Luo did not enhance the ability, it was enough to help transmit Yue Zhong’s voice over a 5km radius.

“Chen Yao!! It’s me, Yue Zhong!! I’m here!!”

The amplified sound waves under Chen Luo’s ability resounded throughout the mountain range.

After a few minutes, the ground started to tremble, and a large number of huge Mutant Black-Scaled Ferocious Boars rushed out. Their beady eyes caught sight of Yue Zhong and his team, and started to charge.

“I’ll handle them!” Ming Jia Jia looked at the herd of Mutant Black-Scaled Ferocious Boars, and her eyes flashed with a glint, before looking at Yue Zhong for permission.

These Black-scaled Boars were Level 40 and had not reached the level of a Type 2 Mutant Beast, so they happened to be Ming Jia Jia’s favourite prey.

Yue Zhong eyed those Mutant Black-Scaled Boars and nodded. They weren’t anything in his eyes.

With delight, Ming Jia Jia pointed at those Black-scaled Mutant Boars, and 5 Type 2 Shadow Wolves charged towards them like lightning.

The speed of those Type 2 Shadow Wolves were extremely quick, moving like fleeting shadows, and in just a few moments, they pounced onto the heads of those boars. With their sharp claws digging deep into those scales, they opened their jaws wide and took a monstrous bite, tearing off pieces of flesh.

The flesh of those Blacked-scaled Ferocious Boars was truly thick, even after having a huge chunk of meat bitten out, they did not die. Instead, they began to twist and squirm furiously, trying to shake the Type 2 Shadow Wolves off, to no avail.

The 5 Type 2 Shadow Wolves bit a few times through the heads of the boars, before finally killing them.

At the same time, the remaining 11 Black-scaled Ferocious Boars had managed to get within a 20m distance of Yue Zhong.

Right at this point, White Bones exploded into action, shooting 10 sharp bone spikes, piercing the heads and subsequently, the brains of those charging Mutant Black-scaled Ferocious Boars.

The final boar charged at White Bones with bloodshot eyes, whereas White Bones responded by waving its iconic huge axe with its eyes blazing, instantly slicing the head of the boar off.

The drops from the 16 Mutant Boars amounted to 300 survivor coins and 2 white Treasure Boxes, and when Yue Zhong opened them, he obtained 2 Mountain-splitting Blades.

“Level 2 Treasure: Mountain-Splitting Blade! This sharp weapon is the best help in dealing with Mutant Beasts.”

Just as Yue Zhong was preparing to leave for another hill, an excited shout rang out suddenly: “Boss Yue!! Is that you?”

Yue Zhong turned to look, only to discover a familiar face in front of him. It was one of his trusted subordinates, Pan Jin Yong, who he had left with Chen Yao to aid her.

When Yue Zhong saw Pan Jin Yong, his eyes brightened and he stepped forward: “It’s me. Where’s Chen Yao? Lead me to her!!”

Pan Jin Yong grinned at Yue Zhong: “Boss Yue!! You’re finally back!! That’s great!! The Holy Maiden Empress would be happy to see you!!”

“Holy Maiden Empress?” When Yue Zhong heard this term, a strange feeling arose in his heart. It gave him the feel of those 3rd-rate unorthodox sects.

Under Pan Jin Yong’s lead, Yue Zhong’s team routed around Daluo Mountain a few times, finally arriving in front of an obviously man-made cave in the side of the mountain.

“Boss Yue is back!!” The moment Pan Jin Yong stepped into the cave, he called out loudly.

Soon, an extremely beautiful lady came out, exuding not just a charming aura, but a valiant spirit and strength in her eyes. She was followed by a number of males of different ages, it was obvious that these were the members of the upper echelon amongst the survivors.

Yue Zhong eyed the lady quietly, his eyes filled with a complicated and shocked look. The environment can really change a person. Initially, when Yue Zhong left, Chen Yao was still a stubborn but resolute girl with talent. However, the lady that stood in front of him, while her looks had not changed, her entire demeanor was different.

Not only was she no longer naive-looking, she had an intense valor and fortitude that she did not have in the past, and it added much to her already attractive charm.

Chen Yao saw Yue Zhong, and her feelings were likewise as complicated. This man in front of her had left alone in order to draw the attention of Wuyan Hong. However, he had already established major bases in the Guangxi region, and had over 900,000 survivors. At the same time, he had assembled an elite troop of over 10,000 people. Compared to the man in front of her, she had been defeated again and again in Vietnam, and was forced to the mountains where resources were scarce. This gave rise to a myriad of emotions.

Chen Yao had control over a town of more than 4,000 people. While she knew she could not compare to Yue Zhong, she thought that she had at least managed to close the distance between the 2 of them. However, reality was cruel. She discovered she was nowhere closer to Yue Zhong than she had been, and it was devastating.

As they were exchanging looks, a young, suave-looking 27-28 year-old man in clean and tidy clothes looked at Yue Zhong with animosity and asked: “Holy Maiden Empress, who’s this?”

Chen Yao frowned at the man and replied: “Lu Zhi Xiang! This is Leader Yue Zhong whom I’ve told you all about often!”

Yue Zhong looked towards the men behind Chen Yao, only seeing Gan Tao, Pan Jin Yong and Fan Tong Xuan who were familiar. He had no impressions of the rest of the men, and it was clear that they had joined after he left.

When Yue Zhong had left on his own to divert Wuyan Hong’s attention, the force he left to Chen Yao was not exactly formidable. Chen Yao had a hard time getting to where she was currently based only on her own powers and identity as a woman.

Lu Zhi Xiang eyed the men behind and spoke out: “Holy Maiden Empress, these were all fought for by us! This outsider had not contributed at all and he wants to take control over everything?! I’m not agreeable with that, nor are the rest of the brothers!! Do you guys agree?”

“I’m not willing!!”

“Same here!!”

Battling against Wuyan Hong for so long, Chen Yao’s strength had been slowly whittled away, and she had tried to bolster them by absorbing other Chinese factions. These upper echelon members that Yue Zhong did not recognize were experts that had joined Chen Yao much later, and were naturally antagonistic towards Yue Zhong who had come to assume control.

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