God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 458

Chapter 458 – salt

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Right at this moment, Gan Tao stood up and used his remaining eye to glare at the people who had responded and barked: “Shut the hell up, all of you!!”

Gan Tao surveyed the people in front of him: “At that time, for the sake of drawing Wuyan Hong’s attention away from us, allowing us a moment of reprieve, Leader set off all on his own. He had done so much for us!! I’ve long since supported Leader! Whoever that has an issue with it, is equal to going against I, Gan Tao!”

Gan Tao possessed the strongest troops amongst Chen Yao’s forces, and between him and Pan Jin Yong, they commanded a total of 70 Evolvers. Those Evolvers were above Level 20, and hence, he and Pan Jin Yong possessed the strongest authority within the faction, next to Chen Yao.

Lu Zhi Xiang’s eyes flashed with a strange glint as he retorted loudly: “Gan Tao!! Do you think that just because the others fear you, I’m the same? Even if Yue Zhong was the benefactor in the past, the matters after that had been the efforts of our brothers under the Holy Maiden Empress! You want to just give it away, I, Lu Zhi Xiang, am not willing! The brothers are the same!!”

Lu Zhi Xiang was in command of the secondary troop in Chen Yao’s faction, and he had been attracted to her charm, and given his all to support Chen Yao. In his mind, Chen Yao was the Holy Maiden of his heart. Furthermore, if he could marry her, the enter faction would become his to control. Hence, he had expended energy and time to get in her good books, killing enemies with all his heart for her.

“I’m not willing!”

“We’re not willing!”

Led by Lu Zhi Xiang’s rallying calls, the rest of the upper echelons responded with a resounding voice. As the saying goes, every sovereign had his own courtiers, they would definitely not allow Yue Zhong to come in to lord over them, and disrupt the current power play.

Chen Yao watched many of her own subordinates jump out to defy Yue Zhong, and frowned immediately, speaking icily to Lu Zhi Xiang: “Lu Zhi Xiang, are you defying my orders?”

Lu Zhi Xiang looked at Chen Yao with a fiery passionate gaze, and spoke: “Holy Maiden Empress!! I will listen to all of your orders. Except this one, because this concerns everyone else!! The Chinese Sky Association is not just your own!!”

Members of the Chinese Sky Association then shuffled towards Lu Zhi Xiang’s back, in a show of support as they looked at Chen Yao and the rest.

Chen Yao looked at her subordinates of the Chinese Sky Association and turned pale, she had never expected that the Chinese Sky Association that she set up with Yue Zhong in the past would be out of her control.

“Are you guys thinking of rebelling?” Yue Zhong eyed Lu Zhi Xiang and the rest, taking a step forwards, his tone becoming extremely cold.

Lu Zhi Xiang eyed Yue Zhong contemptuously and said: “Get the hell out!! Yue Zhong, You’re not welcome here!! The Chinese Sky Association has survived with our own efforts. No one will take it from our hands! Not even you!!”

“Alright, I got it. Since it’s like this, you can all go to hell!” Yue Zhong’s gaze retracted as he pulled out his Stinger swiftly with his right hand, causing 6 fast shadows to trail behind.

Peng! Peng!

In just a instant, 6 gunshots rang out, as Lu Zhi Xiang and 5 of his fellow committee members had their heads blasted apart. Their lifeless bodies slumped to the floor, with red and brain matter splatter all over.

White Bones, which had been beside Yue Zhong the whole time, acted as well, with 10 sharp bone spikes shooting out, piercing the heads of 10 other members, nailing them to the wall.

Ming Jia Jia had activated her skill the same moment as the 2, causing 5 Type 2 Shadow Wolves to appear from the shadows of the remaining 3 members, chomping down on their throats swiftly.

Not even 10 seconds had passed, and the revolting members gathered around Lu Zhi Xiang had been entirely annihilated by Yue Zhong and his team. A strong bloody scent permeated the area.

Witnessing this, Gan Tao, Pan Jin Yong and Fang Tong Xuan turned pale, their gazes towards Yue Zhong filled with a new degree of fear and respect.

Chen Yao was shocked and her bodied trembled, only recovering after a while, her eyes flashing with anger as she scolded Yue Zhong: “Yue Zhong! Don’t you think that was overboard?! They were my subordinates, how can you just kill them like that?!”

Yue Zhong gazed at Chen Yao and his forehead creased: “I’ve said this before. No matter who it is, as long as they become my enemies, I’ll not show mercy. Since they dared to rebel, they had to shoulder the consequences. Chen Yao, you’re still so naive. Because of that, they had already banded against you. Can’t you see? The person truly in charge here wasn’t you, but that Lu Zhi Xiang!”

Hearing his words, Chen Yao’s already pale expression turned even whiter, as she gritted her teeth and stared at Yue Zhong with a complicated gaze.

Yue Zhong glanced at Gan Tao standing one side and ordered: “Gan Tao! Go take their corpses away to be buried!”

Gan Tao shivered in his heart as he replied respectfully: “Yes, Boss Yue!!”

Gan Tao could feel that Yue Zhong had grown even more formidable than before, even himself being a level 43 Evolver, he could instinctively feel that he would not be able to last more than 5 moves from Yue Zhong. Furthermore, Yue Zhong’s ruthless and decisive nature, as well as lack of mercy towards his enemies, gave rise to a new level of fear in his heart. He would absolutely not want to become Yue Zhong’s enemy.

“Zhi Xiang!! How did you die!! Who did this?! Who killed Zhi Xiang!!” Right at this time, a troop of about 30 members came to the cave entrance. A middle-aged man who was the leader immediately began crying out in agony upon seeing Lu Zhi Xiang’s corpse.

The middle-aged man was Lu Zhi Xiang’s uncle Lu Xiong, and was a member of the Lu Clan, leading a team of 30 experts from the Lu Clan.

Yue Zhong glanced at him and replied coldly: “It was me!!”

Lu Zhi Xiang glared back with immense hatred in his eyes, asking: “Why did you do it?!”

Yue Zhong replied indifferently: “Because he instigated a revolt! He planned to obstruct my taking control of the Chinese Sky Association.”

Lu Xiong’s eyes frosted over, and pointed a finger at Yue Zhong, commanding loudly: “Good! Good! Good!! I want you to accompany him in death!! Everyone, attack! I want him dead!!”

Lu Xiong’s words had just landed when a sharp bone spike shot out from one side, instantly piercing his head, nailing him to the wall.

Seeing their own clan leader being pinned to the wall, the 30 Lu Clan experts all stopped momentarily and trembled, their hearts turning cold.

Yue Zhong eyed the 30 members and his voice rang out coldly: “I am Yue Zhong, Leader of the China Sky Association. Surrender now, and I can let this go! If you insist on rebelling, don’t blame me for being merciless!”

A female Evolver wielding daggers immediately called out: “Don’t listen to him!! He killed Master Lu Xiong, let’s all attack to avenge him!!”

Similarly, her words had just exited her mouth when Yue Zhong waved his gun, and immediately shot her head open. With his current speed, firing 6 bullets almost simultaneously was an easy feat, and he could easily catch the movements of any Agility-based Enhancers.

When the dagger-wielding female Evolver’s head had been blasted apart by Yue Zhong, the remaining experts hesitated.

Right at this moment, Chen Yao came up to Yue Zhong’s side, and berated the experts: “I’m Chen Yao! This is Yue Zhong! He’s the one who started the Chinese Sky Association, and is the leader, you guys still aren’t putting down your weapons?! Are you thinking of revolting as well?”

Although the remaining experts did not recognize Yue Zhong, they knew Chen Yao’s position as the Holy Maiden Empress. They began to throw down their weapons, and saluted Yue Zhong and Chen Yao.

Yue Zhong chuckled and commended Chen Yao: “Not bad!! Seems like your position as the Holy Maiden still has some authority after all.”

Chen Yao was expressionless as she stared at Yue Zhong: “I don’t deserve the praise! Yue Zhong! If I didn’t come in time, how would you have handled the situation?”

Yue Zhong replied mildly: “Like I said, I’ve never been one to show mercy to my enemies.”

Chen Yao glanced at Yue Zhong, and chuckled bitterly in her heart, this man in front of her was still as tyrannical and overbearing as ever. If she had not appeared, those who were not willing to submit might very well have been executed on the spot.

Yue Zhong walked back into the cave, and gained control of the entire association.

Since those problems had been nipped in the bud, Yue Zhong then proceeded to regain authority with the help of Chen Yao, Gan Tao, Pan Jin Yong and Fang Tong Xuan.

Chen Yao brought a document to Yue Zhong, with a hint of worry as she reported: “Our current faction has 632 people left, of which, 562 are Chinese, 20 Vietnamese, 50 are foreigners. We have 300 rifles left, ammunition about 20,000 rounds. The rations in the storage can last for another 6 days. Fortunately for you hunting those Black-scaled Ferocious boars, we can hold out for a while more. However, we currently lack salt, as our salt reserves have almost been depleted. Without salt, the human body would not be able to function.”

While salt was seemingly unimportant, it could not be missing from humans’ dietary habits. Without enough salt, the human body would become weak.

Since Chen Yao and the rest had been forced to live within the mountains, salt had since become a precious resource. Never in her dreams did Chen Yao think that what would threaten their survival was the lack of salt, instead of rations. Initially, when Chen Yao’s faction had been forced to be on the run from Wuyan Hong, many had grabbed huge amounts of food, but neglected to bring salt.

“I have a 100 jin of salt with me. Take it!!” Yue Zhong waved his hand, and immediately threw a bag of salt out.

Within his storage ring, there were weapons, rations, water and salt, all sorts of resources. However, this 100 jin of salt was one of the treasured items within his storage.

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