God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 459

Chapter 459 – The Cruel Vietnamese Army!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Being forced to live in the mountain region was not as pleasant as some might have thought. Instead, it was incredibly tough. There was a lack of resources everywhere, and there was no way of obtaining any necessary supplies that could otherwise be found in populated places.

If Yue Zhong had not come to the Daluo Mountain, Chen Yao and her troops might have been forced to attack the various towns under the Vietnamese Army rule to get salt and other necessities.

As Yue Zhong passed the salt to Chen Yao, the dissatisfaction and unrest as a result of his forceful takeover began to settle down. Also, he had Chen Yao to support him. Although her position was not as firm and iron-clad as compared to Yue Zhong in Guilin City, she still had some form of authority and charm. With her aid, the rest of the troops slowly began to accept that Yue Zhong was their leader. In any case, being able to live on in the current world was already a blessing.

In fact, if it wasn’t for Wuyan Hong’s vile and hateful oppression of any race other than the Vietnamese, with just an order, Yue Zhong could send away at least ⅔ of the people by Chen Yao’s side.

After things had settled down, Yue Zhong began training the survivors in Daluo Mountain. All the soldiers, regardless of gender or age, were all treated like soldiers as he made them undergo strict training.

In Vietnam, it was incredibly hard for Yue Zhong to just deploy troops as and when he liked. He could take down a single faction on his own and proceed to do so for the rest, but he would be hard-pressed to gather more trustworthy members.

The fact that Chen Yao had been forced to the Daluo Mountains was because they were betrayed a few times by the Vietnamese under their care, revealing their tracks and locations, allowing the experts to chase up, and deal them devastating blows.

After 4 days, the weather had turned clear, and not a single cloud could be seen in the skies. Rays of sunshine shone on the snow-covered ground, and the reflection made everything seem brighter.

A troop of 200 soldiers that were armed to the teeth were currently escorting a group of 500 survivors. The frail survivors seemed to be susceptible to any sudden gust of wind, each of them wearing tattered layers of cloth, and their faces pale-white with fear as they entered the Daluo Mountains.

Zhang Man Xu was riding a non-mutated horse as he stepped forward and hollered: “Chen Yao!! I know you’re in there! I am Zhang Man Xu from the Vietnamese Army!! I want to see you!! If you’re not out in 10 minutes, I’ll begin killing! A life will be taken for every 10 minutes with no sign of you, until you come out!”

Beside Zhang Man Xu, an Enhancer with the same [Soundwave Transmission] skill amplified his voice and sent it resounding throughout the mountains.

10 minutes passed.

Zhang Man Xu looked at the quiet and serene Daluo Mountains and chuckled coldly, waving his hands. A 12-13 year old girl with simple clothes, and a pair of eyes that shone with fear was brought in front of him.

Zhang Man Xu pulled out a gun, pointing the trigger at the girl’s head. He laughed cruelly before pulling the trigger.

The gunshot resounded throughout the entire mountain region.

There was an additional bullet hole in the head of the girl, her eyes that were filled with hope and faith in life dimmed, as she crumpled to the floor.

After shooting the Chinese girl dead, a twisted, excited smile broke out on Zhang Man Xu’s face as he laughed: “Chen Yao! Because you failed to appear, A girl has died because of you!! Are you that cowardly? Will you watch 500 of your comrades die because of you?!”

Zhang Man Xu saw that his words had not achieved the intended effect and his eyes flashed with a cold gaze as he pointed at the Chinese: “All of you! Shout!!”

With that order, the Vietnamese soldiers immediately whipped out belts and lashed out at the Chinese, causing them scream out: “Miss Chen Yao!! Save us!!”

“Please!! Miss Chen Yao!! Appear and save us!!”

“Ah! It hurts!! It hurts!!”

“Please don’t hit us anymore!! Please stop!!”

From the midst of the Chinese survivors, painful shrieks and screams began to ring out, as the Vietnamese Enhancer amplified the sounds throughout the mountain region.

The Vietnamese soldiers just laughed cruelly as they continued torturing the Chinese survivors. In war, many soldiers lost their humanity easily, and became cruel butchers.

Even America, known as the world police, during the Vietnam war, had slaughtered countless villages of innocent Vietnamese. These Vietnamese ordinary soldiers were likewise not entirely decent, and their behaviour were vicious.

“Shameless beasts!!” Pan Jin Yong was currently hidden in a tree, and as he watched the cruel treatment of the Chinese at the hands of these Vietnamese soldiers, his hands gripped the tree trunk tightly, as he gritted his teeth and cursed under his breath.

Pan Jin Yong was a recon soldier, and lived at the very forefront of battle. He had the [Forest Ranger Transformation] skill, and when he transformed, even if he could not defeat the enemy, he could escape with ease.

At that time, when Pan Jin Yong was captured by the Vietnamese, he was likewise subjected to inhumane treatment at the hands of the Vietnamese. When he saw the plight of these fellow Chinese, the fury in his heart reached a terrifying degree.

He cast a deep look at those Chinese being humiliated and tortured, as he gritted his teeth before turning towards the Daluo mountains and rushed towards the inner parts.

When Chen Yao heard Pan Jin Yong’s report, her expression turned pale as she sent a furious slap towards a table beside her: “Beasts!!”

Although Chen Yao had been molded by her environment and circumstances into a decent and capable leader, her inner heart was still that same kind and gentle girl, and when she heard the plight of her fellow countrymen, her emotions were thrown into disarray as she felt her anger surge.

A burly looking Enhancer who looked as built as a huge bear roared in rage: “Fuck! Those animals!! Holy Maiden Empress, let’s go and fight it out with them!!”

The single-eyed Gan Tao immediately rebuked: “Xu Zu! Quieten down! Listen to what Boss Yue has to say!!”

Xu Zu immediately kept quiet, however he stared at Yue Zhong with animosity. He had no favourable impression of this Boss Yue that just killed his way in. In his opinion, the Chinese Sky Association should be run by Gan Tao and Chen Yao together.

Xu Zu was a Chinese survivor that Gan Tao saved. He was also one of the 3 Evolvers within the entire Chinese Sky Association. In his mind, he only acknowledged his saviour, and benefactor who allowed him to become strong. Chen Yao had always been in charge of the Chinese Sky Association, and had sacrificed much for the greater good. Hence, he was willing to listen to Chen Yao as well.

The moment Gan Tao spoke, everyone within the cave swivelled to look at Yue Zhong. They wanted to know how this leader would handle this matter. Other than Gan Tao, Pan Jin Yong, Fan Tong Xuan and those who had been rescued by Yue Zhong before, no one knew exactly what measures Yue Zhong would employ.

A cold glint flashed in Yue Zhong’s eyes as he gave the order: “Assemble the troops!”*

Following the sound of a gunshot, another Chinese man was shot point-blank in the head, as he slumped to the ground, dead.

Zhang Man Xu looked at the dead corpse and his expression was one of perverse delight as he spoke slowly: “What cowards!! The Chinese are all a bunch of death-fearing trash! They don’t even dare to show their faces!”

Yuan He responded with equal arrogance: “Of course! The only strength they have is their numbers. How can they compare with our race? We Vietnamese were the 3rd most armed country in the past, and we have a record of winning against even America! How can the Chinese compare?”

Obtaining a victory over the Americans was the pride of any nationalistic Vietnamese. After World War 2, America was regarded as the strongest country around, and the whole world knew that. However, America had suffered losses during the Vietnam War. During the Korean War, China had at most come to a draw against America. This was the sole point of pride amongst the Vietnamese.

Of course, the Vietnamese would never acknowledge that during the Vietnam War, it was China that had provided a lot of help during then. They would just assume that it was their own fight, and own victory.

Zhang Man Xu replied with excitement: “That’s right! After today, our Vietnam will become the strongest country in the world. The entire world will bow at our feet!!”

With the ushering of a new era, there was the birth of wild ambition in many hearts. With Wuyan Hong leading the Vietnamese Army, many believed that it would pave the way for Vietnam to shine.

Ling Luo laughed lightly: “These despicable Chinese would then become our slaves! They will slog for us!! Being the slaves of our grand Vietnam, they should be honoured and proud!”

Zhang Man Xu and the other youths exchanged looks and roared out with triumphant laughter.

They did in fact want to see Vietnam overtaking the other countries in becoming the strongest. In order to do that, they had to step on their neighbour China to climb up. This was also one of the reasons why there was such an antagonistic view towards the Chinese.

“Drag her here!!” Zhang Man Xu swept a look across the captives, before pointing to a woman and ordered.

A soldier immediately pulled the lady up towards Zhang Man Xu.

“Don’t kill me!! Please!! I’ll do anything you want!! Please, don’t kill me!! It hasn’t reached 10 minutes yet!”

When the lady saw Zhang Man Xu, she immediately knelt and bawled, pleading for her life.

No one would want to die, and although the lady had been subjected to a lot of torture, she was still afraid of death.

Zhang Man Xu eyed the woman kneeling down, his eyes flashing with a hint of elation. He loved to see his enemies begging for their lives in front of him, after which, he would slaughter them without a care. Seeing the enemy having the slightest hope before he snatched it away and turning it into desolation, it would give him an immense sense of pleasure.

Zhang Man Xu laughed out cruelly, as he slowly raised the gun and aimed at the lady’s head: “If you want to blame someone, blame that Plant Demoness Chen Yao!! Because she hasn’t appeared, you’ll have to die!”

“Wa!!” Although Zhang Man Xu’s actions were extremely slow, the terrorizing effect was there, and the lady’s face was full of fear, as she began to wail, and pissed herself.

“Hold up!!” Right at this moment, Chen Yao came walking out from the trees alone, as she called out solemnly.

Zhang Man Xu turned to look, and saw the incredibly charming and beautiful Chen Yao, and his eyes flashed with delight: “So you’re Plant Demoness Chen Yao? Truly exquisite!!”

Chen Yao looked at Zhang Man Xu with fury in her eyes, spitting out her words in an enraged tone: “It is I! I have come out as per your demands! Release them!!”

Zhang Man Xu looked at Chen Yao with a strange look and laughed coldly: “You want me to release them?! Sure! As long as you become my pet, and crawl in front of me to lick the dirt off my shoes, I’ll release them!!”

Zhang Man Xu was not an idiot, and he wanted to agitate Chen Yao to act. By making Chen Yao and the rest lose their composure, it would be easy to deal with them, catching them all in one fell swoop. Of course, if it was possible, he would not mind catching Chen Yao to be his personal bitch.

Wuyan Hong had countless experts under him, and had instilled a great number of military rules. A simple elite battalion would be able to deal with Chen Yao and her faction that had not much military training. However, while defeating them is easy, annihilating them all would be difficult. Hence, Zhang Man Xu wanted to goad the rest into exchanging blows with him, then he had the confidence of wiping them all out.

Chen Yao gritted her teeth as she cursed: “You use the weak and old to threaten me? Don’t you feel ashamed?”

Zhang Man Xu appreciated that fury mask of Chen Yao and pointed his gun at the female Chinese survivor in front of him: “Nope!! Chen Yao, I’m ordering you to kneel right now! Otherwise, I’ll blow her head off r

“Save me!! Save me!! I don’t want to die!!” The female Chinese stared at Chen Yao, crying as she pleaded. She knew that the cruel Vietnamese would not bat an eye about killing her, and she had no choice but to beg her fellow countryman.

Right as Zhang Man Xu was gloating, a cold intent enveloped his mind. He was an expert of countless battles after all, and upon feeling that intent, he immediately activated his ability and shot backwards like an arrow.

With a single ‘bang’, a 14.5mm sniper bullet round pierced his left shoulder, sending him flying backwards a few metres, shattering his left shoulder bone. If it wasn’t for his reaction speed, that single shot would have taken his head and life.

Atop a tree, Yue Zhong put down his Falcon Sniper and thought: “He does have skills!! Seems like Vietnam has a number of terrifying experts as well!”

Yue Zhong’s [Sniper] skill had been trained and honed countless times, matching even the top snipers of the world. That single shot could kill most Level 40 Enhancers, however, that Zhang Man Xu had actually managed to evade a little, and he immediately knew that this young Vietnamese had a terrifying strength as an expert.

Just as the gunshot rang out, 5 Shadow Wolves burst out from the shadows of 5 Vietnam soldiers, immediately crushing their throats.

*So tempted to write: “Avengers, Assemble!”

-I went to read up a little bit on Vietnam War, in history, it’s recognized as a war between North and South Vietnam then, but in fact, most agree that it was a proxy war. Hence, the reference to the Vietnamese fighting against the Americans.

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