God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 460

Chapter 460 – xxx

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Chapter 460: The 4 Pillars of the Vietnamese Army!

When the Shadow wolves attacked, there were 3 following gunshot sounds and bullet holes appeared in 3 of the Vietnamese soldiers’ heads, as they slumped directly to the ground.

Chen Yao had a few sharpshooters under her as well, just not that many. Other than the 3 top-notch snipers, the rest would not be able to get a clean headshot from a distance.

At the same time, from the forest, a number of rifles sounded, as countless bullets threatened to rain down on the Vietnamese soldiers.

At this point, Yuan He of the 4 Pillars bellowed in rage, and a bright light flashed on his right hand, as a huge Spirit barrier appeared in the air, defending the 200 Vietnamese soldiers. Countless bullets hit the barrier only to deflect off it.

The Vietnamese soldiers that were following the 4 Pillars made off towards the forests.

When Zhang Man Xu and the rest brought the Chinese captives here, they had already considered the possibility of an ambush. Hence, they chose a position which allowed for a quick retreat.

Yue Zhong glanced at Yuan He who had activated the Spirit Barrier to protect over 200 soldiers, and he conjured a Devil Flame Spear in his right hand. He then flung it with all his strength, sending it shooting through the air with lightning-speed.

The terrifying Devil Flame Spear exploded onto the Spirit Barrier, causing it to instantly disintegrate, and the backlash from the skill caused Yuan He to spit out a mouthful of fresh blood.

He had just thrown up the mouthful of fresh blood, when a sniper bullet found its way in his forehead at the next instant, blasting a new hole in his head.

“Yuan He!!” Zhang Man Xu was making his way for the forests, and he saw his fellow Pillar member being killed with a single shot, and roared out in sorrow and fury.

The young 4 Pillars were the most talented geniuses that had been trained up by Wuyan Hong, and they had all sworn to dedicate their lives and strength to the cause of glorifying Vietnam. They were the best of friends, and seeing his comrade dead, it caused Zhang Man Xu to be swallowed up in an endless fury.

Zhang Man Xu’s eyes were filled with sorrow as he ordered loudly: “Damn Chinese dogs! You will pay for your actions! Kill all those Chinese dogs!!”

With that command, the Vietnamese soldiers immediately turned their guns on the helpless Chinese survivors still chained up and fired.


Following the sounds of spraying, countless bullets rained down on the Chinese survivors, causing a bloodbath, as a huge number of the Chinese fell in their own blood, screaming and groaning in agony.

Many of the survivors had tried to escape in the other directions, but were shot dead by the Vietnamese, causing red blood stains to splatter all around on the snow-covered ground.

Zhang Man Xu looked at those fallen Chinese survivors and his eyes flashed with a hint of madness as he laughed: “Haha!! Haha!! Chinese dogs must all die!! You all can go and accompany Yuan He in his death!!”

When the Chinese Sky Association saw their fellow countrymen being shot down, their eyes flashed with an incredible rage: “Bastards!! Damn fucking Vietnamese!!”

Yue Zhong looked at the wretched Chinese survivors, and a frosty look came over his face. White Bones, which was beside him, immediately charged towards Zhang Man Xu’s position.

In comparing the shooting efficiency and effectiveness, the Chinese Sky Association was severely lacking against the Vietnamese, as Zhang Man Xu had at least 10 snipers beside him. In the crossfire, members of the Chinese Sky Association would be shot down with their heads blasted.

White Bones charged out from the forests, and immediately attracted all the gunfire. It dashed through the snow, evading all the bullets, while making its way closer towards the Vietnamese.

When White Bones had charged out, Yue Zhong had activated his [Shadow Steps] at the same time, and made for the Vietnamese Army from another direction.

With the cover of the trees and various other terrain, using sniper rifles to attack the enemy would be too difficult. Killing them up close would be a whole lot quicker, and hence, Yue Zhong had not hesitated to charge towards the enemy side.

“So he’s finally here? So fast! Chen Yao actually had such an expert under her?” Zhang Man Xu looked at White Bones rushing over, and his pupils narrowed. In the reports back at base, there had never been any details of such an expert.

In just a matter of 7 seconds, White Bones had already breached the Vietnamese side, and it exploded out with 7 sharp bone spikes, piercing the heads of 7 Vietnamese soldiers accurately and instantly killing them.


Just as White Bones had killed those 7 Vietnamese soldiers, a large piercing round from a sniper rifle slammed into White Bones’ left shoulder, sending it flying back about 6-7 metres.

Zhang Man Xu looked at White Bones and laughed out coldly: “Heh! Fool! You think you can stand against the might of an elite troop all by yourself? What an idiot!”

Those large piercing rounds were meant to deal with armored vehicles, if fired at a person, even with the protection of a Mutant Beast hide, the terrifying power would pierce the armor and cause heavy injuries to the person. If the Endurance of the body was not strong, then it was likely that the victim would be dead.

Zhang Man Xu was a dual-attribute Evolver, and his attributes were Agility and Endurance. That was how he had managed to evade the shot from Yue Zhong’s Falcon Sniper. If Zhang Man Xu wasn’t an Endurance-type, that single shot might have already caused his shoulder to be destroyed.

Just when everyone present thought that White Bones was sure to be dead, it leapt up from the ground, with a small hole in its left shoulder. The bone parts started to mend together visibly, before the hole disappeared.

After repairing that hole, White Bones flashed, and directly penetrated the defence line of the Vietnamese soldiers, its hands shooting out bone spikes, piercing the heads of 3 Vietnamese soldiers.

“Too strong!!” Witnessing this, all the Chinese Sky Association felt their heart turn cold, it was the first time that they saw a freak that could even survive an anti-armor round from a sniper rifle.

“What the hell!! Why is there such a monster!!” When those Vietnamese soldiers saw White Bones unleashing its carnage like a demon, their morale instantly plummeted.

On the other side, Yue Zhong had breached the location of the Vietnamese Army, and he wielded his huge Black Tooth Blade, instantly slicing a soldier in two at the waist, while his left hand sprayed with his .05 submachine gun, causing 2 Vietnamese soldiers who had unfortunately stuck their head out to be shot dead.

After easily dispatching those 3 Vietnamese soldiers, Yue Zhong shot forwards, before his face suddenly changed, and he leapt backwards rapidly.

Hong! Hong!!

Yue Zhong had just retreated, when the area he had just landed suddenly exploded with a huge bang, as countless shrapnel shot outwards.

The Vietnamese had actually planted a few landmines around, and because Yue Zhong had rushed in too quickly, he had set off the detonation by accident.

The Vietnamese who spent much of their time battling in the jungles were like fish in water, and knew how to make use of the terrain to set all sorts of traps.

As the dust cloud settled, the Bronze Spiritual Bell appeared on top of Yue Zhong, as he was enveloped by the green aura, completely shielding him from harm.

Seeing the uninjured Yue Zhong, the remaining Vietnamese soldiers in the forest began to fire at him.

Regardless of the type of defence, they would have a limit, as long as they could break the limit, they would be able to destroy the defence.

Yue Zhong eyed the countless trees and dense forest that concealed the 200 Vietnamese soldiers, and his eyes flashed coldly, before he raised his right hand, and activated his Devil Flame. A ball of fiery red flames shot out from his hand and began consuming the forest.

With the terrifying burning rate of the Devil Flame, the forest seemed to thaw itself from the snow almost instantaneously, and patches of trees began burning up. Yue Zhong continued to cover the forest with more Devil Flames.

In the middle of burning, the various traps meant to deal with experts began exploding, and the resulting blasts and shrapnel immediately caused the deaths of a few soldiers within the vicinity.

Yue Zhong’s Devil Flame had been enhanced to a +4 level, and with his high Spirit, the might of the Devil Flame was truly terrifying, that was the reason why the heat could cause the huge trees to be suddenly engulfed in flames.

“Damn it!! Why is there a fire!! Who’s that bastard, how come he has such a scary ability! We can’t let this go on!!” Zhang Man Xu saw Yue Zhong constantly setting things aflame, and his eyes began to show a hint of fear, as he brought out his Level 4 Treasure: Blood-Breaking Spear, and activated its ability, shooting towards Yue Zhong like a meteor.

Zhang Man Xu was an Agility and Endurance-based dual-attribute Evolver, and when he reached his maximum speed, it was beyond even that of Bai Xiao Sheng. In a span of a few breaths, he came charging at Yue Zhong, his spear aiming viciously at Yue Zhong’s heart.

Yue Zhong activated his [Shadow Steps], using all his strength to parry the blow from Zhang Man Xu.

A frightful strength came travelling from Zhang Man Xu’s Blood-Breaking Spear, and caused Yue Zhong to be sent flying back 3-4 metres.

Zhang Man Xu did not give Yue Zhong the slightest chance to rest, as he shot forwards like an arrow, and a number of shadows were formed behind the Blood-Breaking Spear, seemingly intent on harming Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong was no pushover himself, and the 2m-long Black Tooth Blade came blocking the blows on either of his sides, constantly parrying the spear.

Zhang Man Xu’s eyes grew fiercer, when all of a sudden, a bright light shone out of his right hand, and a sharp ice pick exploded on Yue Zhong’s right leg, causing it to be frozen instantly.

Making use of that chance, Zhang Man Xu laughed grimly, and he grabbed his Blood-Breaking Spear to thrust towards Yue Zhong’s head: “Go to hell! Damn Chinese dog!”

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