God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 461

Chapter 461- Killing The Four Pillars

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Right at this time, Yue Zhong’s face remained stoic in the face of such an attack. With a single thought, a nether portal opened up in mid-air, and a sharp bone spike shot out from within, aiming for Zhang Man Xu’s head.

“Damn it!”

Zhang Man Xu was after all an Agility-based Evolver, and his reaction was nimble. He lifted the spear, and directly parried the incoming bone spike.

Yue Zhong’s pupils narrowed and he cast the [Art of Fear] on Zhang Man Xu, and a terrifying Spirit attack assaulted Zhang Man Xu’s mind.

Right as the Spirit attack enveloped Zhang Man Xu, a beam of white light shone from his body, and he laughed at Yue Zhong coldly: “Spirit attack!?! All Spirit attacks are ineffective on me!! Chinese dog, today’s your death day!!”

In the middle of his laugh, he suddenly felt a surge of danger rising in his heart, and he forcefully rolled to one side.

Alas, a strong gust of wind brushed past his body, as an incredibly sharp claw tore open the Type 3 Mutant Beast hide on his body, tearing a huge chunk of meat from his waist.

Zhang Man Xu felt a sharp stab of pain as he cast a look at the source of wind, and his eyes flashed with fear and shock: “A Type 3 Mutant Beast!! How is that possible? Can they possibly be tamed??”

While he was still stunned, Yue Zhong shot forwards like an arrow and slashed viciously towards Zhang Man Xu’s head.

Zhang Man Xu’s eyes flashed coldly, and he summoned all his energy and pushed his Spirit to the brim, even with his injuries, he forcefully used his spear to parry the attack from Yue Zhong.

However, from the right of Yue Zhong’s strike, a sharp bone spike shot out like a meteor and pierced Zhang Man Xu’s armor, went in one ear and out the other, nailing him onto a nearby tree!

Zhang Man Xu spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, his eyes opened wide as the light dimmed. The look in his eyes were of disbelief and unwillingness, before his body went limp and he died. Although he did possess a frightening amount of combat strength, under the combined attacks of Yue Zhong, White Bones and Lightning, he was still defeated.

Against Zhang Man Xu’s strength, the entire Chinese Sky Association was helpless. Even Chen Yao, who was an Evolver herself, would be dealt with almost immediately if it had come to a close confrontation. It was because of his tyrannical strength that they had daringly brought only 30 members of the Wolf Fang Battalion and 200 elite members of the army to deal with Chen Yao. It was precisely because they had assumed it would be more than enough to deal with Chen Yao and the rest.

“Man Xu!!” The remaining Ling Luo of the 4 Pillars witnessed Zhang Man Xu being impaled by White Bones attack, and screamed out in sorrow and anger.

The 30 members of the Wolf Fang Battalion immediately charged for Yue Zhong, as many of them activated their abilities in a bid to crush Yue Zhong, White Bones and Lightning.

Yue Zhong’s body flashed, and directly leapt towards the blazing forest.

White Bones evaded those threatening abilities, at the same time, charging towards the 30 members of the Wolf Fang Battalion itself.

Lightning immediately exhibited its mach-1 speed, and in a flash, all the abilities targeting it lost their aim.

In just that second, Lightning managed to land in the midst of the 30 Wolf Fang Battalion members. 3 of the Strength-based Evolvers had their heads removed near instantaneously from their bodies as they fell to the ground, fresh blood flowing.

2 summoners who were in the midst of their summoning suddenly had slashes on their chests, reaching all the way to their lower half of their bodies. Blood and organs began to drop out onto the ground with sickening plops, as they screamed in agony.

4 Enhancers who were concealed and preparing to cast curses also did not escape, as their heads were also separated from their bodies in a single swipe, and the entire casting array disappeared.

Lightning ravaged about within the midst of those Wolf Fang Battalion members with incredible speed, leaving the unfortunate soldiers with no chance to react before being killed. The only ones who managed to barely see Lightning’s movements were Agility-based Enhancers that had activated their abilities, but even then, they could only catch sight of it’s shadow, and were powerless to stop Lightning’s attacks.

The entire group of Wolf Fang Battalion soldiers was wiped out completely.

On the other side, White Bones had directly leapt into the midst of the ordinary Vietnamese army, and began unleashing carnage and hell on those soldiers. Everywhere it passed, its bone spikes would shoot out and the Vietnamese whose hands were filled with Chinese blood were all nailed to nearby burning trees.

White Bones, Lightning and Yue Zhong had attracted the entire attention of the Vietnamese Army, and seizing this opportunity, Gan Tao and Pan Jin Yong led the elite members of the Chinese Sky Association to charge in and slaughter the Vietnamese soldiers.

Under the joint attacks of so many parties, the morale and fighting spirit of the Vietnamese soldiers were beginning to crumble, as they started to escape towards various directions. These were the elite members of the army no doubt, but even they would be afraid of death. When they saw that the chances for a victory were slim, they would likewise seek to retreat and live to see another day.

“Damn it!! Damn it!! How did it become like this!! Damn Chinese dogs!!” Ling Luo turned to run, as he mixed about with the rest of the soldiers and tried to escape. The only thing on his mind was to hurry and report to Wuyan Hong about the encounter they had today.

All the soldiers were running, and they knew that with their actions towards those Chinese, they would not expect mercy from the enemy.

Gan Tao hollered out with bloodshot eyes: “Kill these bastards!!”



The entire Chinese Sky Association roared out in unison and chased them down, hacking and slashing any escaping Vietnamese soldier.

There were a few brave souls amongst those retreating soldiers, upon seeing that there was no escape, they turned around in a bid to fight it out. However, the moment they turned, Yue Zhong would pick them off, shooting their heads off.

With that intense hunt, the remaining Vietnamese soldiers would be killed one by one.

“I won’t die!! I will definitely make it out alive!” Ling Luo was running like mad as he gritted his teeth, activated his [Forest Ranger Transformation] skill, and transformed into a Forest Ranger as he leapt towards a tree.


Ling Luo had just moved, when Yue Zhong raised his gun and fired a single shot at his skull instantly blowing it apart, and splattering his fresh brains on the tree ahead. Another member of the 4 Pillars of the Vietnamese Army was taken out just like that.

Gan Tao’s body was covered in perspiration, as he ran up to Yue Zhong while breathing heavily, and a look of utmost respect: “Boss!! Every single soldier has been taken care of! What’s our next move?”

By this time, all the upper echelon members had gathered around Yue Zhong’s side, and as they looked at him, their eyes were filled with respect as well. This battle could be said to have been single-handedly decided by this man and the expert beside him that had rushed into the enemy’s side and caused widespread collapse. Even more so, this man had a Type 3 Mutant Beast under his control.

Yue Zhong surveyed the scene filled with numerous Vietnamese corpses and spoke coldly: “Waiting for others to move has never been my style!! Gan Tao!! Gather the troops and follow me!!”

Gan Tao became extremely excited and replied: “Yes, Boss!!”

Luo Cun Town was a small town about 30km away from Lang Son City, and in this small town, there were 4,000 Vietnamese survivors as well as a battalion of soldiers stationed there.

The fact that Luo Cun Town had been assigned a battalion to be stationed was because it had an incredibly important resource – Coal! There were various coal mines of varying sizes here. In an apocalyptic world where fuel and oil was lacking, coal was the next best alternative. It could be used to provide warmth, and to power electricity. That Lang Son City could still be lit at night, showed that this Luo Cun Town had decent amount of coal.

Yue Zhong stood on high ground as he looked down coldly at Luo Cun Town: “I’ll kill my way in first! Wait for my signal, and you guys proceed!!”

The strength of the Chinese Sky Association was still weak, and Yue Zhong did not want to risk suffering casualties. Based on his current strength, if he were to suddenly unleash his power, taking out a battalion was not an issue.

“Yes!” The many experts of the Chinese Sky Association replied with respect. They had already seen the might of this man for themselves. Even without them, Yue Zhong and his team would have been enough to wipe out the 200 Vietnamese soldiers that Zhang Man Xu had brought. With such a powerful leader, it was a blessing and honour to them.

“Let’s go!” Yue Zhong then held Ming Jia Jia’s hands as they walked towards the direction of Luo Cun Town.

“Who are you people?” There were 8 Vietnamese soldiers on guard duty at the entrance, and upon seeing Yue Zhong and Ming Jia Jia approaching, 2 of the soldiers stepped up to question them.

With a thought, a nether hole appeared in mid air, and 7 sharp spike shot out explosively, piercing the heads of 7 of the Vietnamese soldiers, killing them immediately.

With a flip of Yue Zhong’s hand, the huge Black Tooth Blade appeared and was pressed against the neck of the Vietnamese soldier, as he spoke coldly: “Bring me to the army camp!”

Although the Chinese Sky Association had no way of contending against the Vietnamese Army and Wuyan Hong, it was not impossible to gain some intelligence. Hence, Yue Zhong knew that within the Luo Cun Town, there was a battalion stationed here.

“Alright!! I’ll bring you!! Don’t kill me!!” The Vietnamese soldier’s eyes flashed with a hint of fear as he spoke out.

Ming Jia Jia provided the translation to Yue Zhong.

“Go!’ Yue Zhong coldly barked, and the Black Tooth Blade in his hands disappeared.

However, White Bones had stepped out from the nether realm and stood behind the Vietnamese soldier, a sharp bone spike pressed against his heart.

Under the threat, the Vietnamese soldier led them along the roads of the town.

When the soldier came to the army camp, his eyes flashed with a strange glint, as he suddenly hollered: “There’s an emey!! Everybody!! The Chinese dog has killed his way in!!”

“What heroics!!” Yue Zhong exclaimed coldly.

White Bones extended his bone spike, immediately piercing the heart of the Vietnamese soldier.

The soldier revealed a satisfied grin, before slumping to the ground.

At this time, countless Vietnamese soldiers surrounded the place.

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