God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 462

Chapter 462- Human Firepower

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

The Vietnamese soldiers saw Yue Zhong directly executing their friend, and they instantly became enraged as they fired at him.

With a thought, Yue Zhong summoned his 10m long Type 2 Green Jiao-Snake and it appeared out of thin air. As soon as it did it opened its huge jaws and spat out a thick fog of poison gas.

When the green poisonous gas traveled through the camp, 8 of the Vietnamese soldiers who came into contact with it began dissolving rapidly, turning into a puddle of flesh and blood on the ground, but not before shrieking out with hair-raising screams.

Countless bullets turned to fire at the Green Jiao-Snake, but we’re deflected off. Ordinary rifle bullets had no means of harming any Type 2 Mutant Beast with a strong defence.

Ming Jia Jia pointed at the Vietnamese soldiers, as 5 Type 2 Shadow Wolves pounced out from the shadows and lunged at them, ripping their throats out.

White Bones braved the onslaught of bullets as it breached the crowd of humans in 3 seconds, its bone blades dancing about, piercing numerous Vietnamese soldiers through their heads.

Yue Zhong wielded a grenade launcher with one hand, and a .05 type submachine gun in the other as he followed behind the Green Jiao-Snake, and they headed further into the camp.

Any Vietnamese soldier that stepped out to face the Green Jiao-Snake would be corroded almost instantly, or met with a bone spike through their head. No one had any means to stand against the assault from Yue Zhong’s team.

An elite sniper scrambled to get atop a construction site, as he pulled out a Bartlett sniper and aimed at Yue Zhong. He was one of the top 10 snipers under Wuyan Hong, and was frequently concealed to deal with any experts that came meddling. He had even dealt with Enhancers above Level 40 before.

In this post-apocalyptic world, snipers were terrifying experts. There were many experts that could possess higher enhancement levels than snipers, but they would still be at the mercy of a single shot from any sniper.

The sniper forcefully suppressed his killing intent, as he aimed at Yue Zhong, steadied his breathing, and pulled the trigger.

A single armor-piercing round from the Enhancer-hunting expert came streaming through the air towards Yue Zhong’s head.

Just as Yue Zhong’s head was about to shot, the Bronze Spiritual Bell floated out, and released the layer of green barrier, defending against that attack.

Yue Zhong swiftly turned and locked on to the sniper on top of the construction site, and he immediately raised his right hand and fired at the location.

Following the sound of the gunshot, the sniper’s head was blasted apart.

“Chinese dog!! You deserve to die!!” Right at this time, following some angry roars, the earth split, as a number of sharp spikes rose from the ground towards Yue Zhong and Ming Jia Jia.

Yue Zhong grabbed Ming Jia Jia up and dodged to one side, with the help of his Danger Perception. Countless sharp spikes brushed past his body, but did not actually harm him.

Suddenly, the glass windows of a house nearby shattered, and 2 Agility-type Enhancers charged out, possessing the speed of S2s, wielding daggers as they made for Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong’s eyes narrowed, his right hand moving in a blur as he opened fire at the Enhancer on the right, before moving on to the left Enhancer within milliseconds.

Following the almost consecutive gunshots, the 2 Enhancers found themselves blasted apart, fresh blood flowing everywhere.

This was Yue Zhong’s current speed, 18 times that of a normal human, and if he were to unleash the full extent of it, he could easily do many things in a single second.

2 other Enhancers from the Vietnamese army ran towards 2 structures, but before they could even act, Yue Zhong had fired another 2 shots, ending their lives prematurely.

4 other soldiers who were hiding within a small alley wanted to leap out to attack Yue Zhong, when they suddenly came under the attack of 4 Type 2 Shadow Wolves, their throats bitten off.

Elsewhere, White Bones flashed about, as the spikes shooting out from its body continued to nail many of the soldiers to walls. It waved its huge axe about, slicing any unfortunate soldier that came in its path into two.

In the Great Vietnam Empire’s Army, every base would have an elite team of experts made up of Enhancers. These Enhancers were all of better constitution and physique than ordinary soldiers, and with the strictest of training, they would become top-notch special forces or assault forces.

Within this Luo Cun Town, there was a commander leading the team of Enhancer elites called Wu Chen Yi, and as he witnessed Yue Zhong slaughtering his subordinates like chickens and dogs, his entire body was trembling with fury as he cursed: “Fucking Chinese dog!! Damn beast!!”

Wu Chen Yi’s vice-commander Yang Zhi Qing had an anxious expression as he asked: “What do we do captain?! Our brothers are being slaughtered by that person!!”

Wu Chen Yi spat coldly: “Are the brothers gathered?”

Yang Zhi Qing replied: “They’ve assembled!! Awaiting your orders.”

Wu Chen Yi’s eyes flashed with a resolute gaze as he said: “Then follow me!! For the Great Vietnam Empire! Regardless of the price we pay, we have to kill that Chinese dog!! This will all be for the glory of the Vietnam Empire!!”

Yang Zhi Qing’s eyes were also ablaze with a heated gaze as he saluted Wu Chen Yi: “Everything will be for the Great Vietnam Empire!!”

Wuyan Hong led the Great Vietnam Empire’s Army for the sake of the glory of Vietnam, and to become the strongest country in the world. With that lofty ambition, countless passionate and hot-blooded Vietnamese were willing to bend over backwards and spill blood to achieve that goal.

Everyone had their strengths and weaknesses. Wuyan Hong was a racist towards the Chinese, and wanted to enslave all of them, treating them as the stepping stone towards greatness. To the Chinese, he’s a slaughterer, a devil! However, to the Vietnamese, Wuyan Hong was their hero. It was just like the Japanese war criminals in the Yasukuni Shrine. To the Chinese, those war criminals were butchers who had committed horrific acts, however, to the Japanese, they were people who had given their lives in service to their country.

With Wu Chen Yi’s resolute decision made, 40 Enhancers that were above Level 20 followed closely behind him, as they made their way towards Yue Zhong and his team.

While most of the Enhancers that were above level 30 were drafted into the Wolf Fang Battalion, there was a huge majority of experts that were above Level 20 as well. These were assigned to the various camps.

“It’s time!!” Yue Zhong casually shot another soldier at point blank range, before pulling out his flare gun to fire into the sky.

“It’s the signal!! Brothers, let us charge!!” Gan Tao, who was hiding with his men surrounding Luo Cun Town, began to shout, his eyes flashing with a bloodthirsty gaze!

After speaking, Gao Tao immediately leapt forward and charged towards the direction of Luo Cun Town.

Following closely behind were 500 Chinese Sky Association members wielding rifles, their eyes filled with hatred and fury as they charged towards Luo Cun Town. There were many women and children amongst this huge group, but every single one of them had the same look in their eyes.

In this foreign land, Yue Zhong’s troops had been lacking, hence regardless of age or gender, he had grouped them up together to train, in order to push them more. In the event of deployment, even if they were to die, they would go down with their enemies.

These Chinese survivors were largely formed from people rescued by Chen Yao and Yue Zhong from the hands of the Vietnamese. They had suffered plenty under the treatment of the Vietnamese, and by now, regardless of their gender or age, they had been trained to follow orders without question. In this new world, without power, the weak would only get bullied.

Under Gan Tao’s lead, 500 Chinese Sky Association members killed their way into Luo Cun Town. Because of Yue Zhong’s advance charge, the soldiers of the Chinese Sky Association didn’t meet much resistance as they charged in.

Inside Luo Cun Town, although they had come under sudden attack, the brave Vietnamese began to rally and rise to clash against Gan Tao and his troops with whatever weapons they could lay their hands on. Many women and children took up arms as well to engage Gan Tao and his men.

Inside Luo Cun Town, all the Vietnamese knew they were already at odds against the Chinese, and both sides would not rest till the other was dead, and hence, almost everyone started to get embroiled in the fighting.

However, melee weapons and bows could not compare to rifles and guns, and those Vietnamese who were rushing to engage were instantly gunned down. Groups of Vietnamese laid in their own blood as they groaned and moaned.

In the ensuing gunfire, over 400 Vietnamese fell, and shrieked in pain. The bravado and courage that propelled them to die with their comrades began to ebb away together with their lives.

The majority of the Vietnamese began to lose their fighting will and spirit, and tried to make their escape.

“Attack!! Destroy the Vietnam army, victory is ours!!” Gan Tao gunned down a Vietnamese woman who was running towards him as he hollered loudly.

While this group of Vietnamese survivors had the courage, their combat prowess was simply lacking. Facing Gan Tao and the rest would only mean death. Only the battalion of soldiers would be considered a threat, and if Gan Tao and the rest could deal with that battalion, there would be no one in Luo Cun Town that could threaten them.




The warriors from the Chinese Sky Associations were all overcome with bloodlust as they shouted and followed Gan Tao towards the camp.

In the direction of the camp, Yue Zhong had killed another group of Vietnamese soldiers, when Wu Chen Yi appeared in front of him together with the remaining 40-plus members of the experts troop.

“For the glory of the Vietnam Empire!! Everyone, charge!!! Kill him!!” Wu Chen Yi eyed Yue Zhong and bellowed.

The 40 experts of Level 20 and above unleashed their abilities all at once, firing them at Yue Zhong from all directions.

Amongst those Enhancers, 90% of them were Strength-type or Agility-type, while the other 10% of the people possessed special Level 3 Skills. The 30 of them who were strength or agility-based were stronger than most ordinary people, and they all wielded some weapons as they charged towards Yue Zhong.

“A bunch of fools!” Yue Zhong looked on as the 40 experts came charging at him, and he laughed coldly, flipping his hands, and a 12.7mm heavy machine gun appeared in his hands.

Yue Zhong held the heavy machine gun and fired wildly at the 40 Enhancers.

The 12.7mm bullets rained down on those 40 Enhancers like a torrential pour.

An Agility-based Enhancer was immediately punched with a 12.7mm, and his entire body was torn apart at the waist.

A Strength-based Enhancer had just shot forward, when one of the rounds pierced his neck, and his head was separated from his body.

A Spirit-based Enhancer managed to conjure up a [Psychic Barrier] that deflected a number of rounds, when his face began to contort, the barrier disintegrated, and he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, before his body was riddled with more rounds.

Yue Zhong had Strength 7 times that of a normal person, and the recoil from the gun was negligent to him. It was able to exhibit its terrifying might, as it threatened to swallow up the lives of those 40 Enhancers. In just the blink of an eye, 15 Enhancers were ravaged by the line of fire.

The remaining Enhancers who managed to react faster dove for cover, not daring to reveal their positions. 15 of their comrades had been wiped out instantly by Yue Zhong, causing them to be filled with a fear of him.

Wu Chen Yi’s eyes were bloodshot as he cursed out loud: “Fucking shit! How is he so good at gun wielding?!”

Most high-levelled Enhancers would focus on casting their own abilities, and not place such importance on the usage of modern weapons. However, Yue Zhong was different, not only did he emphasize training of his gun control, he did not neglect the research into modern and advanced weaponry.

After all, the various skills were means of killing as well. The might of a fireball would not be able to compare against the destructive might of a rocket. Furthermore, the usage of skills expended Stamina and Spirit, on the battlefield, it was a downside of abilities.

The remaining 25 Enhancers hid behind their covers, when suddenly 5 Shadow Wolves pounced out from the shadows and found their targets, ripping their throats out.

On the other side, White Bones suddenly appeared from nowhere, twirling with its bone blades, piercing the head of an Enhancer.

“These fellows are truly troublesome!!” Yue Zhong eyed those Vietnamese Enhancers as he frowned. If these soldiers were to engage him in a face-to-face battle, he had the confidence to deal with them quickly. However, if they continued to hide behind cover, it was extremely frustrating to have to deal with them. If these fellows were not dealt with cleanly, destroying the command would be harder as well.

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