God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 463

Chapter 463: Killing Wu Chen Yi!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition


Yue Zhong eyed the Vietnamese soldiers hiding behind cover, and the heavy machine gun in his hands disappeared, before he pulled out two .05 submachine guns and charged forwards.

In just 5 seconds, Yue Zhong had ignored the various Vietnamese experts hidden behind cover, as he charged out of the area and made his way towards the command post.

“Damn it!! He’s intending to destroy our command post!!” Wu Chen Yi’s heart turned cold, and immediately shouted out: “That Chinese dog wants to destroy our command centre! Stop him!!”

If the Vietnamese command post was destroyed, the entire town would be without a leader, and to this small town, it was equivalent to its destruction.

Under Wu Chen Yi’s orders, the Vietnamese experts had no choice but to extract themselves from cover, and charge towards Yue Zhong. Amongst them, there were many who were well-versed in the usage of daggers and blades, and compared to guns, they placed their faith in their weapons of choice.

There were some others who still raised their guns and fired continuously at Yue Zhong, however, it was ineffective as the bullets just bounced off the green aura of protection surrounding Yue Zhong.

The defences of the Bronze Spiritual Bell was effective against normal bullets, if one wanted to break past the defence, it would take at least a 100,000 rounds.

Yue Zhong saw the soldiers coming out from their covers and turned around, the 2 .05 submachine guns in his hands firing spitting fire.

Under the rain of bullets, the soldiers were all struck down and started to groan in pain.

High-level Mutant Beast hides were valuable possessions in Vietnam, and only the elite troops under Wuyan Hong could get to equip them. Other than that, only those commanders or soldiers who had contributed heavily to the cause and racked up merits would get the chance to don on such hides.

“Shit!! Damn Chinese dog!!” Wu Chen Yi watched as Yue Zhong easily annihilated his troops, and he could not tolerate it anymore as his eyes turned bloodshot, and he activated his ability [Electromagnetic Manipulation], as a bolt of electricity flashed in his right hand, and he flung it towards Yue Zhong like a bomb, together with a handful of ball bearings

Wu Chen Yi’s [Electromagnetic Manipulation] ability had been raised to Level 3, and under the strong effects, ball bearings could exhibit a terrifying power similar to cannons. A single ball bearing could destroy even an armored vehicle.

When Wu Chen Yi had just appeared, Yue Zhong had felt a sense of threat from him, and in a flash, he disappeared behind cover like a spectre.

Those ball bearings that were charged by the [Electromagnetic Manipulation] exploded upon impact on the wall behind Yue Zhong, causing multiple fist-sized holes.

Right at this time, a Shadow Wolf came leaping out from behind Wu Chen Yi, lunging to take a bite out of his neck.

“Pei! Such petty tricks are useless against me!!” Wu Chen Yi snorted coldly, as a cold glint flashed past his eyes, and his body seemed to be charged by electricity, enveloping himself. The Shadow Wolf that was near his body was instantly electrocuted by the high voltage, as it started to smoke, before disappearing from the world.

The Type 2 Shadow Wolf was extremely sneaky in its movements, and was hard to defend against. Without ample protection, Wu Chen Yi might have already met his maker. However, since he already knew of the dangers earlier after witnessing it, he had prepared himself, and now, the Type 2 Shadow Wolves could pose no threat to him.

Wu Chen Yi looked towards the direction where Yue Zhong hid himself and urged: “Chinese dog!! You’ll still have a chance if you surrender now!! As long as you surrender, we will not pursue the past! Furthermore, I will seek for Wuyan Hong to pardon you, and allow you to join our Vietnamese Army, becoming an honoured member of our race. At that time, gold, women, and power, whatever you want, you will get them! This is Vietnam, just you alone would not cause any huge waves here. Even if you try to hold out till the end, there’s only death that awaits. Join us, and become part of our Vietnam, only then, will you get a chance at life!”

Wu Chen Yi could smell danger from Yue Zhong. This was the same type of danger that he could sense from Wuyan Hong.

Wuyan Hong had personally given rise to the Great Vietnam Empire, after countless battles, any enemy who had gone against him were reduced to bones. His entire body radiated an extremely cold and heavy killing intent. Initially, when Wu Chen Yi had exchanged a few blows with Wuyan Hong for practice, he had almost been killed for real. Hence, Wu Chen Yi became like a lapdog, and only sought to fight for the glory of Vietnam.

This time, Wu Chen Yi had felt the same type of danger emitted from a person other than Wuyan Hong.

“My answer is… To kill you all!!” Yue Zhong laughed coldly and pulled out his heavy machine gun, leaping out from behind cover and intending to spray at Wu Chen Yi.

“Bullets are useless against me!!” Wu Chen Yi saw the dense barrage of bullets and laughed coldly, waving his hands, as a strange barrier made of electricity appeared in front of him. Facing that layer of electricity, even a cannon would be blocked, or deflected, as long as it hadn’t explode.

The countless bullets were stopped by the shield, before flying back towards Yue Zhong in the next moment.

Those very same bullets shot towards Yue Zhong before being deflected by Yue Zhong’s own green barrier made by the Bronze Spiritual Bell.

Wu Chen Yi had a smug look, but at the next moment, a feeling of danger rose in his heart, as he hurriedly rolled towards the right.

A sharp bone spike pierced the spot that Wu Chen Yi had just been on an instant before, as 2 other sharp bone spikes continued to shoot towards the dodging body of Wu Chen Yi, nailing him to the ground.

White Bones followed up with a vicious swing on its huge axe as it leapt out the window like a demon, swinging down on Wu Chen Yi’s head, cleaving it in two.

“Captain!!!” Yang Zi Qing let out an anguished howl, as both of his hands slapped the ground, and a number of vines extended rapidly towards White Bones.

The eyes of White Bones flashed, as it pointed towards Yang Zhi Qing, and a sharp bone spike shot out swiftly from its finger. The bone pierced one of the vines, and penetrated Yang Zhi Qing’s head.

Yang Zhi Qing spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, his eyes dimming, before becoming a lifeless corpse.

The vines began to disappear.

After White Bones had dealt with the commander of the elite battalion, it continued to make its way for the other experts, slaughtering them one by one.


“Save me!!”

Wu Chen Yi and Yang Zhi Qing had died, and the rest of the expert battalion began to loose their fighting morale, as they tried to escape in various directions. White Bones chased after them doggedly, like a death god that would not stop reaping their lives.

Yue Zhong himself carried Ming Jia Jia as he made his way to the command centre.

Hong!! Hong!!

Following the sounds of some rockets, the Green Jiao-Python was finally blasted to pieces by the Vietnamese Army that it was entangled with, before it slowly dissolved into light.

“Is the Green Jiao-Python finally killed? As expected, the strength of an army is truly terrifying! I must quickly destroy their command centre!” Yue Zhong saw the Green Jiao-Python disappearing and thought quietly.

The defences of those huge Mutant Beasts were truly terrifying, but their movement was relatively slow. As long as enough firepower could be utilized, a Type 2 Mutant Beast could be taken down by a decent sized army.

Even if it was a Type 3 Mutant Beast, with enough modern weaponry and time, they could be destroyed as well.

“Kill him!!”

Yue Zhong had just run for 5 seconds when a company of soldiers appeared in front of him to stop him, as they began firing immediately.

The command centre officer of Luo Cun Town was intelligent as well, the moment he knew there was an expert that had infiltrated, he immediately deployed a company of soldiers to ensure his own safety.

Yue Zhong’s body shot forwards like a beam of light and breached the line of defence. Waving both his hands, 2 terrifying tornadoes of Devil Flame began forming, threatening to envelop everything as they moved towards the soldiers.



Within the blazes of those 2 fiery tornadoes, all the grenades and rockets instantly caught fire and exploded, and the resulting blast consumed the lives of all the 30+ soldiers present.

With the cover of the fiery tornadoes, Yue Zhong continued his advance. In a matter of seconds, he arrived in front of the command centre.

Yue Zhong then proceeded to yank the door open, and instantly his expression turned before he shot backwards hastily.


Following an intense earth-shaking explosion, the entire command centre was enveloped by a huge blaze, with the terrifying flames travelling outwards in all directions.

The Vietnamese soldiers had set a trap in a bid to take down Yue Zhong.

“Foolish Chinese dog! Just a brute!! In this world, only those with intelligence are the ones truly in power!!” The commander of Luo Cun Town, Wu Ji looked on from afar as the fires consumed Yue Zhong, laughing coldly.

One of the intelligence officers immediately stepped forwards to bootlick: “This was all possible due to Commander’s amazing plan. Of the entire Great Vietnamese Empire, other than Wuyan Hong, you are the smartest!”

Wu Ji laughed smugly: “The Emperor is a man of both intelligence and skills, he is beyond us mortals! I’m naturally not worthy! But yes, other people are worth shit to me.”

Right as the 2 of them were continuing their banter, the dust dispersed and a green silhouette shot towards them.

“Commander! He’s not dead!”

“He’s still alive!!”

Seeing the green silhouette lunging towards them from the dust that had yet to settle, a number of the soldiers beside Wu Ji immediately turned pale, and tried to escape in various directions. They had even forsaken their commander.

Wu Ji’s face fell as he turned and tried to run away as well.

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