God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 465

Chapter 465- xxx

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Chapter 465: Pen!!

“Animals!! Bunch of fucking animals that deserve to die!!” Within a manor in Lang Son City, Wuyan Hong was currently enraged, as he slammed down viciously on a glass table, causing it to shatter into countless shards on the ground.

The deaths of the 4,000+ Vietnamese survivors within Luo Cun Town had thoroughly infuriated Wuyan Hong. It was the first major setback that he had suffered.

In Vietnam, Wuyan Hong was often involved in clashes with the other various factions, but they were seldom cruel towards their own people. After all, humans were the most precious resource now, without sufficient people, a power would find it hard to expand.

Time and time again, this unknown assailant had single-handedly caused the deaths of numerous Vietnamese, counting the previous close to thousand survivors, over 5,000 survivors had fallen at this unknown assailant’s hands. Wuyan Hong’s faction had only 150,000 people, and it was like 3% of his total power. How could this not enrage him?

As to Wuyan Hong himself slaughtering over 2,000 Chinese and foreigners, he simply did not put them to heart. It was always the case for humans, one will only pay attention to the shortcomings of others, but will nearly forever be oblivious to oneself’s.

A civil-looking man with spectacles and a head of long hair as well as skin more tender than a woman’s, spoke up and consoled Wuyan Hong: “Emperor, please be appeased!! Those Chinese simply lack human nature!! Don’t anger yourself and agitate your body just because of them!”

This particular man was called Zhao Yuan Shuang, and he was the most trusted intelligence officer of Wuyan Hong, at the same time, he got on incredibly well with almost everyone. His responsibility as the Chief Intelligence Officer was huge, and his position high.

“Boss, let me take some men to exterminate those Chinese animals!!” A burly-looking man with knife scars all over his face, and even claw marks on his shoulders, spoke up. As he spoke, his right hand twisted the breasts of the Chinese beauty in his arms, his gaze carrying a fierce killing intent.

The Chinese beauty felt tears welling up in her eyes from the pain, but she did not dare to cry out, instead, giving a seductive smile. The lady previously in her position had enraged this man, and was directly chopped in two, and she would not forget that scene for eternity.

This burly man with scars all over him was called Wu Tong Xiong, and was an Enhancer that had followed Wuyan Hong through his multiple conquests. As Wuyan Hong’s vanguard, the number of enemies he killed reached over 200. He had even rescued Wuyan Hong from the jaws of death a few times, and was considered to be Wuyan Hong’s number one trusted aide. He was only him among the entire Great Vietnam Empire that dared call Wuyan Hong ‘Boss’ instead of ‘Emperor’.

Wuyan Hong was extremely proud and spiteful, and was particular about how others referred to him. After he established the new order of country, there was a subordinate that called him Boss out of habit, and was instantly slapped across the cheek, before being sentenced to be punished in a decommissioned unit and given an empty position. From then on, other than Wu Tong Xiong, no one else dared to call Wuyan Hong as boss.

Wuyan Hong eyed Wu Tong Xiong and gritted his teeth: “Kill! Kill! Kill! You only know how to go around killing!! Where they are right now, how many people, we don’t even know, much less their background. How can we just kill! How do we go about it?!”

Wuyan Hong truly hated this unknown assailant to the core, after establishing the country, and warring on all sides, he had swallowed up countless other factions, and had not really suffered any setbacks. However, this time round, he lost 5,000 people, and it enraged him to no end.

Wu Tong Xiong chuckled, and did not say anything further. Wuyan Hong was his boss, and being scolded by the boss wasn’t a big deal to him. If Wuyan Hong did not scold him, he would feel more uneasy.

Zhao Yuan Shuang spoke slowly: “Judging from their point of attack, this person should be related to the Plant Demoness Chen Yao. Based on other reports, the Plant Demoness has a subordinate called Yue Zhong. This Yue Zhong was the one that attacked our smaller towns, and removed Li Guang Yi, before escaping towards Guang Xi region. Chen Yao’s methods aren’t that vicious, and if I’m not wrong, it should be the return of Yue Zhong and his men!”

The Great Vietnam Empire had captured many of the Chinese factions and Chen Yao’s subordinates. Under torture and other methods, they had managed to obtain such intel.

Wu Tong Xiong’s eyes flashed fiercely as he licked his lips: “Yue Zhong!! So it’s that pathetic piece of shit that we chased away? He dared to return to Vietnam? He truly doesn’t fear death! This time, see how I’ll deal with him. Yuan Shuang, do you know what kind of place they are at now?”

Zhao Yuan Shuang spoke slowly to Wu Tong Xion: “If one wanted to hide in this region easily, and the only safest place to hide out would be the Daluo Mountains, that’s where they most likely are at.”

Wu Tong Xiong laughed grimly and stood up: “Great! I’ll bring some troops right now to Daluo Mountains to wipe the whole lot of them!!”

Wuyan Hong glared at Wu Tong Xuan and spoke coldly: “Sit down!!”

Hearing Wuyan Hong’s order, Wu Tong Xiong sat down quietly.

Wuyan Hong looked at Wu Tong Xuan with a little disappointment: “Daluo Mountain is so big! Do you know where they are exactly? The weather is so strange right now, if there was a sudden snowstorm during your operation, what will you do? How come you can’t think all these things through?”

Wu Tong Xiong was a capable man of countless battles, and was fiercely loyal to Wuyan Hong. He followed Wuyan Hong’s orders to the tee. However, his main weakness was that he was rash, and liked to use violence to solve problems, instead of using his brain.

However, Wuyan Hong did hold Wu Tong Xiong in high regard, because he had saved his lives countless times, and was a sharp blade that could be utilized. He was one that did not think for himself.

At this time, a person entered the room and reported: “My liege!! There’s someone who claims to be an envoy from the European Union and he seeks an audience!”

Wuyan Hong cursed out: “European Union envoy? At this time, what the shit is the European Union! Do they still think that it’s a white man’s world? Who the fuck is this envoy?”

The European Union, America and Russia were at the forefront of science and military might before the apocalypse. They formed the major powers of economic strength, and had always looked down on the rest of Asia.

Wuyan Hong already hated those European people and their attitude before the apocalypse. After the world-changing event, he had humiliated and tortured any foreigner that he could get his hands on.

The officer immediately replied: “The envoy is a white man!”

Wuyan Hong’s eyes flashed with hatred as he ordered: “Stuff him in the pig’s pen! Feed him with the same shit that those pigs eat!!”

The officer responded before dismissing himself: “Yes! Liege!!”

Zhao Yuan Shuang glanced at Wuyan Hong, slightly opening his mouth as to say something, but he quietened down. He was extremely clear of Wuyan Hong’s intense dislike and hatred for America and China. At the same time, the subordinates under him were as extreme as him.

Zhao Yuan Shuang was an utilitarian, and he knew that if he were to say anything to Wuyan Hong’s dislike, he would be banished.

“Go capture him!! Throw him into the pig pen!!” The officer immediately brought some men with him, as they entered a room where they had kept the envoy Felix that was sent by the Kingdom of God.

4 soldiers stepped forward and easily subdued Felix.

He immediately shouted: “Heavens! What are you guys doing? I’m an envoy from the European Union. I have some terms to discuss! You can’t apprehend me!! I’m an envoy!! I want to see your leader Wuyan Hong!! I have important matters to discuss with him!!”

The military officer looked at Felix with disgust and directly spat a glob of saliva on his face: “Pei! European Union! What kind of world do you think you’re in, that the European Union is still big? You think it’s still 2 years ago? Throw him into the pig pen with his people and feed them like pigs!!”

The 4 soldiers immediately dragged Felix towards the pig pen.

Felix continued to holler at the top of his voice: “No!! You can’t do this to me!! I’m the envoy from the Kingdom of God! I have something important to discuss with your emperor Wuyan Hong! You can’t treat me like this!!”

Initially, Felix had planned to make use of the European Union’s name to discuss with Wuyan Hong. However, he never thought that even before meeting Wuyan Hong, he would be dragged to the pig pen.

The officer stared at Felix hatefully, and turned around to leave: “These bunch of white-skinned pigs! You deserve to eat swine food!!”

The type of leader would determine the type of subordinates. When Hitler became the ruler of Germany, the whole of Germany had become almost as radical as he was.

After Wuyan Hong had become Emperor, the entire nation had been filled with a nationalistic pride and supremacist attitude. Other than Vietnamese, they felt other races to be beneath them.

Felix was under the custody of the 4 Vietnamese soldiers, and were dragged all the way to the pig pen. The moment he reached, he could smell the pigs, as well as the stench from other humans, excrement, sweat and other nauseating smells all mixed together. It was truly revolting.

Countless Europeans and pigs that were not infected were kept inside the pen. Be it men or women, they all huddled together for warmth.

The current weather was harsh and cold, and the dozens of Europeans were all huddled together, and trembling profusely from the cold, their bodies seemingly turning purple.

Cotton clothes were precious resources, and Wuyan Hong would naturally not give those to the people that he thought to be lowly.

The 4 soldiers stripped Felix of all his clothes, and kicked him harshly, sending him tumbling into the pen: “Get in!!”

When Felix fell in, he immediately landed in a pile of pigs’ faeces and human urine, and he immediately vomited.

“Animal!! Damnable animals!! You will pay for your arrogance and despicable acts!!” After vomiting, Felix screamed hoarsely.

“Bastard!! You’re disgusting!!” One burly European survivor immediately stepped forwards and punched Felix viciously, breaking his nose.

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