God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 466

Chapter 466- Destined To Cooperate!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

“Damn it! They’re too cruel! Those Vietnamese monkeys!!”

“Sadistic, rude AND barbaric! Those Vietnamese monkeys!! They’re not listening at all! Are we really going to co-operate with a bunch of monkeys that just won’t listen?”

“Our envoy was locked in a pig’s pen by them!! This is an outrage to our Kingdom of God! Those damnable Vietnamese monkeys didn’t just stop at humiliating our fellow people! This is too much!!”

After Felix was captured and locked in the pig’s pen, the news quickly traveled to the Vietnam branch of the Kingdom of God.

Upon hearing this news, the entire Vietnam branch of the Kingdom of God went into an uproar. Everyone within the centre was European, and they always thought themselves to be higher than others. After the apocalypse, when the Kingdom of God was established, they assumed that their reach over the entire world was even more strengthened. Hence, when they heard that their envoy was being humiliated and ill-treated, it was like a slap to their face.

“Silence!!” At this time, a blond-hair Caucasian spoke out slowly. He had an eagle-like gaze and hooked nose, and was dressed in a neat suit.

This Caucasian was the director of the Vietnam branch, and his name was Entiendo.

Another good-looking Caucasian with a sword-like gaze and a few deep scars on his face saluted towards Entiendo: “Director!! We will definitely not let Wuyan Hong get away with this! He has gone overboard!! We must seek revenge!! Please allow me to lead the Army to deal with this Wuyan Hong, and let him taste the consequences of offending the Kingdom of God!”

This good-looking Caucasian with his blond hair reaching his shoulders was called Alex, and he was the commander of the Army under the Vietnam branch’s control. He was an Agility and Endurance-based dual-attribute Evolver. At the same time, he had received special forces and assassination training. In the past, he had single-handedly wiped out a fully armed company of elite Vietnam soldiers. Along with having a brilliant record, this all showed how terrifying he could be.

Entiendo’s eyes flashed with a light of wisdom as he spoke slowly: “No, Alex! Wuyan Hong is not some trash. Although he’s proud, cruel, overbearing and arrogant, his troops are truly not to be underestimated. He himself is a strong expert. If we want to make use of the Army to deal with him, we would be able to annihilate him, but the cost we have to bear would be equally devastating. This is not in line with our Kingdom of God’s way of handling matters.

We need to control the whole of Vietnam. If we expend too much force to deal with him, then it would not be beneficial to dealing with the rest of Vietnam. In this period of time, the higher-ups are still concerned with the rest of Europe, Africa and the Middle East! We won’t be able to request for additional aid.”

While the Kingdom of God had embarked on its mission to conquer the whole world, their main focus of interest was still their own territory, Europe. After they had gained some breathing room from clearing the zombies and Mutant Beasts, they still had to slowly take control of all of Europe. They had stationed many troops in different parts of the world, but their elite troops were still gathered in Europe itself.

Alex’s eyes flashed with a fierce light as he pressed: “Wuyan Hong dared stepped on our Kingdom of God’s face, this is not a matter we can let him off so easily with. I need to carry out punishment! Director! I’m willing to lead only a battalion to exterminate him! We’ll show him the strength of the Kingdom of God!”

Alex was confident in his own elite troops, as they were loyal, steadfast, and exceptionally brave. He had the confidence in their abilities to be able to overcome Wuyan Hong. In his eyes, Wuyan Hong and the Great Vietnam Empire was nothing more than a bag of jokes.

Entiendo’s eyes flashed coldly as he barked: “No!! Alex! I’ll not allow you to move out selfishly, this is an order!!”

Alex stared back with a strange look, before he slowly sat down: “Yes! Director!!”

Another subordinate asked: “Then Director! Are we just going to sit by and let those Vietnamese monkeys treat our envoy like this?”

Entiendo revealed a self-confident smile: “No, I will get Wuyan Hong to pay the price for his pride and arrogance. We don’t have to act, there will naturally be someone to do it for us.”

In the Daluo Mountains.

Anreit, a middle-aged man with blond hair and blue eyes, was currently walking towards the general location of Yue Zhong and his people in the cave.

“Raise your hands! Otherwise, we’ll shoot!” All of a sudden, 2 rifles appeared within the forests, aimed at Anreit.

Anreit raised his hands and spoke casually: “I don’t have any ill intentions! I’m an envoy from the Kingdom of God, my name is Anreit. I have some matters I would like to discuss with your leader Yue Zhong! I know he’s here, please grant me an audience with him!”

The current situation was that society was incredibly unstable, and Anreit had no safeguards nor measures to ensure his safety. If he was shot to death just like that, it would truly be a meaningless death. There was no government to protect any envoys or ambassadors after all.

If it was before the apocalypse, with his foreigner status, even the Vietnamese police would not dare touch Felix, not to mention throwing him into a pig’s pen.

“Hold on!” One of the soldiers responded to Anreit, before swiftly retreating into the woods.

“An envoy from the Kingdom of God? They truly have their tricks, to be able to locate us here!!” When Yue Zhong heard the report from his soldier, his eyes flashed with a strange glint.

When Yue Zhong had entered Daluo Mountains, he had taken extra care to erase his tracks. However, he had never expected that he was still tracked down after all.

Truthfully, it was a matter of fate and luck as well, when Yue Zhong had led such a big group to hide out within the Daluo Mountains, the huge group of people had been picked up by the satellites controlled by the Kingdom of God, and hence they were discovered.

“Bring him in.” Yue Zhong mulled over silently before giving the order to the soldier.

Soon, Anreit was brought before Yue Zhong.

Anreit carefully assessed this well-known ‘tyrant’ in front of him, who had slaughtered over 4,000 Vietnamese in a fit of anger, and smiled respectfully as he greeted: “Mr Zhong! I’m Anreit, an envoy from the Kingdom of God! It is an honour and pleasure to meet you!!”

No matter how Anreit viewed Yue Zhong in his heart, he would not show it on his face. Hence, he didn’t say much.

Yue Zhong glanced at him and got straight to the point: “Anreit, what brings you here?”

At this time, Chen Yao brought out 2 cups of tea in front of Anreit and Yue Zhong, before she sat by Yue Zhong’s side, quietly looking at Anreit.

“Thank you!” Anreit looked at Chen Yao, noting her elegant and valiant aura, coupled with her beautiful looks, and his eyes flashed with a strange glint, before he turned to face Yue Zhong and smiled, pulling out a piece of document: “Mr. Yue Zhong!! Our Kingdom of God would like to cooperate with you in bringing down Wuyan Hong, who’s a truly despicable and evil existence. This is the distribution of Wuyan Hong’s current power right now, and we hope that it would be of use to you.”

Yue Zhong received the document and assessed it, only to discover that it was an extremely detailed map of Vietnam, and on it, there were indications of where Wuyan Hong’s establishments were, his current troops’ strength, the number of people in each place, and other detailed information.

The value of this document alone already outweighed the equipment of a battalion. The intelligence was obtained after the Kingdom of God had expended numerous pieces and resources to obtain. There were even information on some secretive factions that Yue Zhong did not know about.

Yue Zhong looked at it before throwing it back to the table and stared at Anreit and declared coldly: “It’s not enough!! If this is all you have to offer, it’s not enough!! You want me to be the knife, you must at least help to sharpen the knife. With our people and equipment here, with just the map, we can at most harass them. I need weapons, a huge number of weapons! I will only deploy my troops if we have sufficient firepower! Otherwise, I can only relocate my troops away from here.”

Anreit felt disgruntled, but he still wore that perfect smile, and pulled out another piece of document and pushed it in front of Yue Zhong: “Mr. Yue Zhong! Please look at this then, I believe that this document should satisfy your needs.”

Yue Zhong received the new document and looked, and immediately felt waves of shock coursing through his mind. In this document, there was clear and detailed information on all the armories and storage facilities located in Vietnam. With this document, Yue Zhong would be able to easily locate them and once he had dealt with the zombies, he could gain a large number of weapons and equipment.

The Kingdom of God could expand quickly in all parts of the world because of many of their multinational corporations were secretly spies for them. Many of the ordinary army camps had already come under their control.

As for those bases that were situated deep in forests or underground, it was impossible for them to discover, but as to any bases situated near cities, they were extremely clear on the locations and details.

It was precisely because of their powerful intelligence, that the Kingdom of God could move out so quickly and decisively.

Yue Zhong looked at the document once through carefully, and asked coolly: “What’re your requests?”

Anreit wore a sincere expression and said: “We don’t have a single request!! We’re truly sincere in working together with you. We just hope that after you have dealt with Wuyan Hong, you can help rescue our comrades that have been suffering at his hands!! And that we can still continue operating as per usual in the places you have conquered!”

In truth, Anreit was not interested in the captives that Wuyan Hong was tormenting. However, without asking for it, he was afraid Yue Zhong would suspect their motives.

Yue Zhong thought silently before replying: “I can return your comrades to you. However, the continued operations, I’ll have to think about it!”

Anreit pretended to hesitate for awhile, before nodding: “Ok!”

Yue Zhong reached out and smiled: “Here’s to a happy partnership.”

Anreit also smiled warmly and gripped Yue Zhong’s outstretched hand: “To our cooperation.”

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