God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 467

Chapter 467- Mutant Flower-Poison Spider!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Within a Vietnam army base, there was a large number of zombies decked in military uniform quietly standing still. The entire place was eerily quiet. If there wasn’t a summon from any Z-Type monsters, these zombies would stay there like this until they evolved or gained a scent of a living being.

Out of the blue, a number of loud sounds and movements from a vehicle fleet came resounding, and with the noise, the zombie group started to shamble towards the source of the noise.

Outside the camp, there was a fleet of vehicles that had come to a stop, as hundreds of soldiers alighted from their respective vehicles and assembled in front of a person. She was Chen Yao.

“Kill!!” Chen Yao took a look at the zombies within the camp, and her eyes flashed, before she ordered coldly.

“Brothers, let’s charge!!” With Chen Yao’s orders, Gan Tao bellowed with fury and he raised his Replica Tang Sword as he charged towards the zombies.

Humans were after all intelligent, and because of that, they could dominate the entire planet even as a frail species. After the appearances of the Mutant Beasts, many intelligent humans already thought of using their tough hides as armor. Yue Zhong had brought a number of men to kill so many Vietnamese soldiers, and had obtained many low-level armors. While these armor and protective hides could not withstand bullets, blocking the claws and scratches of the zombies was no problem.

After equipping the hides, the casualties suffered by the troops would then plunge. Many of them scrambled to get a good equipment, as it was the stepping stone to enhancement and becoming strong.

This camp had about 800 zombies within, and they were soon wiped out by Gan Tao and his troops.

After clearing the place of the zombies, with Yue Zhong’s orders, the soldiers began to gather the corpses orderly and burnt them.

Ever since coming across the Devourers, Yue Zhong had a strong impression of their abilities to even destroy a tank after evolving to the maximum.

Of course, in an area of effect, the Devourers could not compare to tanks, but Yue Zhong was still uneasy, and would not risk leaving behind corpses for Devourers to swallow. Every one less freak of nature would still be beneficial to him.

“Our spoils this time is not too bad!!” When Yue Zhong stepped into the base, he saw the 20 tanks laid out neatly and rejoiced in his heart.

The document that the Kingdom of God had given Yue Zhong provided detailed information on various Vietnamese army camps and weapons storage facilities. However, the majority of them were situated at Cao Bang City*, Lang Son City. Of the various camps in these locations, most of them had been opened and wiped clean by Li Guang Yi or Wuyan Hong, bolstering their own forces.

Yue Zhong had then used the map to locate another weapon storage facility and another 3 army bases. Those 3 bases happened to be ordinary border patrol camps, and only this one that they found had actually contained tanks. After opening this place and obtaining the 20 tanks, Yue Zhong could be considered to have struck lottery.

However, just as he got excited, he immediately frowned in the next moment.

Gan Tao came up to Yue Zhong excitedly and exclaimed: “Leader, we’ve struck it rich!! This is an armory!! We have tanks now!!”

Tanks were considered the kings of the battlefield, and with this camp of tanks, even a 100,000-zombie horde would not pose a problem to Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong gazed at Gan Tao and spoke indifferently: “Who amongst you know how to operate them?”

Gan Tao immediately frowned, operating tanks was a specialty skill, and not anyone could just go in and get used to the controls.

No matter how advanced the weaponry, if there was no suitable operator, then they weren’t worth anything. And it was precisely because of this, Yue Zhong was currently frowning. These 20 tanks were truly a treasure, but for them to exhibit their might, he lacked the necessary manpower.



All of a sudden, there were gunshots and screams from the soldiers coming from the other side of the base.

Yue Zhong’s face fell and he immediately activated his [Shadow Steps] and charged towards the source of the disturbance.

In his heart, every single soldier that fought for him was an invaluable resource, and he would not give up easily on any single one of his subordinates.

4 seconds, in a mere 4 seconds, Yue Zhong had reached the source of gunshots.

Only to see that in the area, there was a swarm of countless black spiders the size of 2 palms currently pouring towards the soldiers.

“Level 14 Strange Beast: Mutant Flower-Poison Spider. It is a mutated variant with a potent venom.”

Yue Zhong’s troops were firing like mad at the Mutant Flower-Poison Spiders.

The rain of bullets caused countless spiders to be ripped to shreds, and as each Mutant Flower-Poison Spider burst open, the venom splattered out and caused the ground to sizzle, revealing countless little holes.

Those Mutant Flower-Poison Spiders had low defences, but their speeds were above even the S1s, and they quickly reached the soldiers.

As one soldier was firing at dozens of the Mutant Spiders, causing them to burst open, he was immediately swarmed by 8 others, leaping towards his head.

“Go to hell!! Go to hell!!” That soldier became frantic and tried to swat the spiders off, as one of his palms actually crushed one of the Mutant Flower-Poison Spiders.

“Ah!!!” When the soldier crushed the Flower-Poison Spider, its body was squashed, and the poisonous mucus started to corrode his right hand and armor. A huge hole appeared in his right hand, causing his face to contort in agony.

The remaining 7 Mutant Spiders leapt onto his head and bit down viciously on his neck, as the potent venom entered his system, and he collapsed numbly.

Numerous other Mutant Flower-Poison Spiders pounced and climbed all over him, enveloping him within seconds.

When Yue Zhong got there, 8 of his soldiers had been consumed by those Mutant Spiders.

“Everyone retreat!!” Yue Zhong immediately gave the order, as he waved his right hand, and causing the Devil Flame to be conjured, before casting it at the spiders like a blazing tornado, enveloping them.

Within that intense flames, groups of the Flower-Poison Spiders were incinerated.

Chen Yao came to Yue Zhong’s side only to see her smacking the ground, and 30 huge vines burst out from the ground. The vines danced in the air, aiming to swat down on the spiders, with each slap a huge patch of spiders would be crushed.

Chen Yao led the Chinese Sky Association members and tried to take on all sides, and she exhibited all of her might. She, who had been shying away from battles in the initial part of the apocalypse, had by now become an Evolver of Level 39 and countless battles and experience under her belt. Her combat prowess was truly overwhelming as well.

If humans were forced into a corner, they would either wait for death or explode out with incredible strength. Initially, if Yue Zhong had not been forced himself, he might not have dared to pick up the wooden staff to crush the first zombie’s head.

Pan Jin Yong and Gan Tao both held their own assault rifles and fired wildly at the swarms of Mutant Spiders.

White Bones was like a fireman, rushing everywhere to kill any that escaped.

With Yue Zhong’s terrifying Devil Flames, after a single fiery tornado blew past, an entire patch had been incinerated, He was like a fiery demon that controlled the flames to envelop any Mutant Spider that tried to attack.

However, even with their efforts, there were a few that managed to get away, making their way towards the lower-levelled Enhancers.

“Get out of the base!! Back to the main road!! Gan Tao, go organize a resistance!” Yue Zhong gave the order solemnly as he observed the Mutant Spiders.

In the camp, the terrain was complicated, and there were all sorts of constructions. With the cover of those buildings, the assault from the Mutant Flower-Poison Spiders were hard to defend against.

However, the moment they managed to get to an open area, the spiders would be easier to deal with. After all, Yue Zhong and his men had decent firepower, he had even brought 8 gun-mounted vehicles with 12.7mm heavy machine guns.

“Retreat!” Gan Tao nodded and immediately brought his men away from the camp!

“Follow me!! I want to see where their nest is!” Yue Zhong eyed the never-ending swarm of spiders and charged towards the direction from where they came. He wanted to nip the problem at its bud.

Most of the time, when there was such a large swarm of Mutant Beasts, there would usually be a Type 2 or Type 3 that commanded them as the head. Once that was taken care of, the rest would immediately break from order and scramble away.

Chen Yao and Pan Jin Yong followed Yue Zhong closely.

On the way, Yue Zhong enveloped himself with a layer of Devil Flame, causing any Spiders that pounce on him to instantly combust and burn up.

As though feeling the threat, those spiders which were intending to rush towards the outside immediately retreated, trying to pounce on Yue Zhong in a bid to attack him. However, their attempts were in vain, as they were instantly burnt up by the Devil Flame cover.

White Bones followed closely behind, its bone blades dancing and slicing up many Mutant Flower-Poison Spiders. However, when the bodies of the spiders were sliced apart, the splattering venom landed on White Bones’ blade, corroding small holes and causing wisps of green smoke.

White Bones’ body was impervious to bullets and physical weapons, even a 12.7mm round would not be able to penetrate its bones. However, this corrosive venom was its perfect counter. After killing a certain number, it could not afford to slice any more, and it just followed closely behind.

White Bones’ speed had exceeded 10 times that of a normal person, and was even faster than most low-levelled Agility-based Evolvers. Those Mutant Flower-Poison Spiders were simply no match for it, much less jumping on its body.

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