God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 468

Chapter 468- Huge Battle of Type 3 Mutant Beasts!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Yue Zhong backtracked the paths of the spiders and kept on charging, forwards. After running for about a kilometre, he finally came to a dense forest area.

The moment he stepped into the forest, he was suddenly besieged on either sides by 2 large Mutant Flower-Poison Spiders. They were the size of 2 persons’ faces side by side, and their jaws were wide open, as 2 white globs of spit shot out at Yue Zhong.

“Level 60 Strange Beast: Type 2 Mutant Flower-Poison Spider!”

The moment those Type 2 appeared, a strong sense of danger had welled up in Yue Zhong’s mind, and he leapt backwards with lightning speed. At the same time, his [Eye of Perception] had already provided him with the information on those 2 huge Mutant Spiders.

The 2 globs of spit landed at Yue Zhong’s original position, just an instant after Yue Zhong had retreated. The sticky spit was an innate ability of those Type 2 Mutant Flower-Poison Spiders, and they were quite dangerous for an attack. The moment the spit touched the prey, the sticky silk would start to constrict, binding the prey tightly, at the same time, releasing a paralyzing agent, causing the prey to lose all sense of resistance.

Even the Type 3 Lightning would find itself in a bind if it were to be caught in those silks, and would only be consumed. Of course, Lightning’s speed could break the sound barrier, and naturally would not be caught so easily.

After dodging those spit attacks, Yue Zhong immediately pulled out his Stinger and fired 6 consecutive shots at the 2 Type 2 Mutant Spiders.

Peng! Peng!

Assaulted by the shots, one of the Type 2 Mutant Spiders instantly burst open, and the insides splattered out, corroding a hole in the tree it was perched upon.

The Type 2 Mutant Flower-Poison Spider was a high-offence but weak-defence type of Mutant Beast. Its damage could cause even a Type 3 to be threatened. However, its body could not withstand even the shot of a normal rifle bullet, not to mention the might of the Stinger.

As for the other Type 2 Mutant Spider, after suffering a hit, a hole appeared in its body, and it endured the pain as it hurried over to another tree.

Yue Zhong waved his right hand and a huge ball of Devil Flames immediately shot towards the tree like a cannon, instantly engulfing the tree and burning the Type 2 Mutant Spider with it.

With the death of those 2 Type 2 Mutant Spiders, a green box and a Level 3 Skill Book popped out.

“Level 3 Skill Book: Strengthen Bullets, using energy to collect in ammunition, causing resulting rounds to have extra lethality. Active skill. With each usage, expends a minimum of 10 Spirit and 5 Stamina. Level of threat depends on bullet, skill enhancement and level, as well as amount of Spirit and Stamina used.”

The Green Treasure Box also revealed a small Level 3 defensive wear.

By this time, defence drops were the lowest of the different occurrences, and even after killing so many enemies, Yue Zhong had only come across Level 2 armors, as for a Level 3, he had only 1. This was the 2nd time he obtained a Level 3 armor. With such rate, it was equivalent to a Level 4 Treasure.

“This skill should be left for those who focus on guns.” Yue Zhong eyed the Level 3 Skill Book, before keeping it in his storage ring.

After all, Yue Zhong still had countless skills that lacked the points to be enhanced, and he did naturally did not have any intentions to learn another Level 3 Skill.

After taking care of those 2 Type 2 Mutant Flower-Poison Spiders, the remaining Mutant Spiders did not scramble away nor collapse, instead becoming more aggressive as they leapt towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong watched the constant stream of Mutant Flower-Poison Spiders attacking him and he thought: “Even the Type 2s are dead! They are still not dispersing! Don’t tell me that there’s a Type 3 nearby?”

Yue Zhong quietly assessed the situation as he fended off the attacks from the ordinary Mutant Spiders with ease: “From the attack style of the Type 2s earlier, the Mutant Spiders are strong in offence but weak in defence! Their speed is fast, but defence is incredibly low. If it’s such a Type 3 Mutant Beast, I have the chance to defeat it!!”

Yue Zhong turned to face Chen Yao and Pan Jin Yong as he spoke solemnly: “Chen Yao!! Pan Jin Yong!! You guys head back first. I’m going further in for a look!”

A Type 3 Mutant Beast was truly terrifying, and Yue Zhong did not possess the confidence for an absolute victory. Being alone, there would still be a chance for him to escape, but if Chen Yao and Pan Jin Yong were to be brought along, they might end up losing their lives in here.

Yue Zhong knew that with his speed nearing 18 times that of a normal human, even when facing the Type 3 Lightning with a Mach-1 speed, he could still react and hold his own. That was why he was confident in his survival. Otherwise, he would not go provoke those Type 3 Mutant Beasts for no reason.

“Be careful!!” Chen Yao had matured a lot, as she called out in worry, and turned around with Pan Jin Yong to exit the forest.

The moment Chen Yao stepped out, the surrounding plants and flora around here became sharp blades, acting as though they had a mind of their own as they sliced the Mutant Spiders all around her and Pan Jin Yong. In the dense forest, her power could be exhibited at 120%.

After ensuring that Chen Yao and Pan Jin Yong had left, Yue Zhong immediately activated his [Bone Encompassing Armor], forming a carapace of White Bones. Using the bone spikes to propel himself upwards onto a tree, he then proceeded to follow the trail of spiders.

After running in the dense forest for another 2km, Yue Zhong finally heard an earth-shaking roar.

He landed quietly on a branch of a huge tree, and looked towards the direction of the sound.

He discovered that there was a huge patch of purple flowers, looking like a sea of purple. In the middle, there was a tree that seemed to be carved out of purple jade, with 7 purple branches, and an extremely small sized fruit that gave off an incredibly strange aroma.

About 100m away from the purple fruit, there was a huge ape that was 4m-tall, covered entirely with red fur and ripped muscles, its claws slashing as it had an ugly expression being trapped by white spider silk.

On the other side of that spider web, there was a 2m-tall, black spider that had legs larger than the size of human legs.

“Level 85 Mutant Beast: Type 3 Ferocious Ape!”

“Level 76 Mutant Beast: Type 3 Mutant Flower-Poison Spider!”

“2 Type 3 Mutant Beasts!!” When Yue Zhong saw them, his heart immediately turned cold, before he swiveled to look at the strange fruit with that aroma. Even at a distance of more than a thousand metres, he could smell the scent of that purple fruit, and it was capable of driving him crazy.

Each blow from the fist of the Type 3 Ferocious Ape could instantly pummel a tank, and its speed was faster than Lightning,* while it could withstand the damage from even a 37mm round. Its innate ability was its insane strength. Even amongst the Type 3 Mutant Beasts, it was an incredibly terrifying existence, tearing apart other beasts with ease. If it were to unleash a punch at Yue Zhong, even if he could block it, he would be sent flying dozens of metres, and his injury would not be light.

This fearsome Type 3 Ferocious Ape was entangled within the white spider web, and it was struggling in frenzy, tearing through the many layers of silk.

As for the Type 3 Mutant Flower-Poison Spider, it continued to shoot out spit after spit without hurry or haste, every shot landing on the Ferocious Ape and adding to its misery.

The Type 3 Ferocious Ape roared twice in succession, before the web sealed its head, cutting off its breath for about 2 seconds, before it slumped to the ground, having been affected by the neutralizing toxin from the web.

Right at this time, a grey shadow shot out from a corner, aiming for the Type 3 Mutant Spider.

“Level 73 Mutant Beast: Type 3 Shadow-Grey Mouse!”

Yue Zhong stared fixedly at the Type 3 Shadow-Grey Mouse, noting that it was about 2.7m tall, its body covered entirely in a grey armor, and sharp claws on all 4 limbs. Its defence seemed stronger than even Lightning, although its speed was slower than Lightning’s.

Even so, the speed of the Type 3 Shadow-Grey Mouse was nearing the sound barrier, every movement as swift as the wind. It crossed a distance of more than a hundred metres in a second, as it pounced viciously on the Mutant Flower-Poison Spider.

As the Type 3 Mutant Spider seemed to be at the mercy of the Type 3 Shadow-Grey Mouse, the mouse was suddenly stopped in mid-air; it had been caught in an indiscernible web of silk.

This transparent spider web was a trap laid by the Type 3 Mutant Spider, it knew its combat abilities were weak, just a single punch from the Ferocious Ape could flatten it. However, it was an expert hunter and excelled in the usage of traps, as long as any prey entered its domain, even a Mutant Beast with a higher level would be at its mercy.

The Type 3 Shadow-Grey Mouse struggled frantically, slashing out with its sharp claws, tearing apart that transparent silk that can withstand even bullets, and it dropped down from the trap.

Just as it landed, the Type 3 Mutant Spider had already spat out a glob of white sticky silk at it, causing the Type 3 Shadow-Grey Mouse to be instantly enveloped and wrapped into a ball.

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