God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 470

Chapter 470- Type 3 Ferocious Ape

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition


Yue Zhong immediately pulled out a PF98 with a thought, and he couldn’t care further about system weapons at this time. If he didn’t take down the Type 3 Ferocious Ape now, the one to die will be him.

Yue Zhong had some confidence against the Type 3 Mutant Flower-Poison Spider, but against the Type 3 Ferocious Ape, he could only cause such a little injury, he knew he had no chance against this terrifying monster.

A rocket immediately shot towards the Type 3 Ferocious Ape.

It felt the danger, and quickly tensed its muscles, raising its huge claws to block the rocket.

With a huge explosion, the rocket exploded in the hands of the Type 3 Ferocious Ape, blasting apart 3 of the digits from its hand. At the same time, its right arm was torn up and bloody, but not totally destroyed.

“Is this a joke?” Even its flesh and blood can withstand a blow from a rocket!? What the hell!” Yue Zhong eyed that Type 3 Ferocious Ape that had just sacrificed its right arm to block the rocket, and his eyes widened with shock.

The Type 3 Ferocious Ape bellowed in rage, as it struggled with force, and the spider silk started to tear and rip, scattering all over the ground.

Without the Type 3 Mutant Flower-Poison Spider to continue releasing its innate ability, the white silk had no way of restraining that Ferocious Ape.

Yue Zhong’s heart turned cold, as he retreated backwards explosively, pulling out another PF98 and fired another rocket at the Type 3 Ferocious Ape.

The Type 3 Ferocious Ape immediately slashed at the incoming projectile with its right claw.

With a loud exploding sound, the remaining digits on the Type 3 Ferocious Ape’s right hand were blasted apart.

The beast became enraged and it leapt with force, prying itself from the remaining web and shaking it off, shooting towards Yue Zhong like a cannonball.

The Type 3 Ferocious Ape had a speed that exceeded Lightning when it was still a Type 2 Mutant Beast, and was just barely slower than the Type 3 Lightning by a few degrees. In just 2 seconds, it had appeared in front of Yue Zhong, and raising its undamaged left hand, it swung downwards viciously at Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong activated his [Gravity Manipulation] ability at the first instant, and immediately a huge amount of force pressed down on the Type 3 Ferocious Ape, causing its body to sink slightly.

However, at the next moment, it swung its fist towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong did not skip a beat and pulled out yet another PF98 from his ring. At the same time, the Bronze Spiritual Bell rose from his chest to release a green barrier in front of him.

The fist of the Type 3 Ferocious Ape came swinging like Mount Tai, and the moment the fist landed on the barrier, the green barrier immediately disintegrated. The Bronze Spiritual Bell also dimmed in lustre, falling onto the ground.

The barrier of the Bronze Spiritual Bell that could even withstand 2 rockets had completed disintegrated under the blow from the Type 3 Ferocious Ape.

Although the green barrier was destroyed, it bought some valuable time for Yue Zhong, allowing him to pull the PF98 smoothly and fire a rocket at the head of the Type 3 Ferocious Ape.

The rocket blasted towards the right eye of the Type 3 Ferocious Ape viciously, exploding out with an intense force, causing the entire right eye area to be blasted apart, blood and meat splattering outwards.

At almost the same time, the Ferocious Ape swung its tail, striking Yue Zhong on his right side viciously.

The Bone Carapace on Yue Zhong’s right side instantly shattered, following that bone cracking sound, he was sent shooting through the air towards a huge tree, knocking into it and he coughed up blood.

In just one strike, Yue Zhong had been severely injured, his body suffering countless broken ribs, his inner organs suffering from the knockback, and as he coughed, there was blood and pieces of flesh that came up with it.

“Terrifying!! As expected, based on my current strength, if I want to overcome an apex Type 3 Mutant Beast, it’s still out of my reach.” Yue Zhong watched the blinded Type 3 Ferocious Ape thrashing about its surroundings in its rage, as he pulled out his Falcon Sniper.

Yue Zhong adjusted his aim, suppressing his killing intent, and aimed at the eye sockets of the Type 3 Ferocious Ape, before pulling the trigger.

An armor piercing round immediately penetrated the wound in the Type 3 Ferocious Ape’s eye, before blasting apart, causing more meat and blood to splatter outwards.

The Type 3 Ferocious Ape was truly enraged and it turned around, its face a horrifying mask of blood and gore. It started charging viciously towards the direction from where the shot came from.

The body makeup of the Type 3 Ferocious Ape was truly top of the food chain, far surpassing any Enhancers or Evolvers like Yue Zhong, and even though its sight was taken away, it could still hear, smell and its danger perception and other senses were all still acute. It was still likewise terrifying.

Yue Zhong watched the incoming Type 3 Ferocious Ape and his eyes narrowed coldly, pulling out a PF98 and firing once at the beast.

The Type 3 Ferocious Ape shot forwards, moving like a spectre for about 6-7 metres, and the rocket brushed past its body before exploding on the ground behind it.

At that time, Yue Zhong had managed to hit the Type 3 Ferocious Ape was because it was trapped by the spider web, and the 2nd time had been a point-blank shot. The moment the distance was pulled apart, the beast could easily make use of its Danger Perception to dodge the incoming projectile.

Yue Zhong watched the enraged Type 3 Ferocious Ape not slowing in its charge and once more, conjured a Devil Flame Spear in his hands.

Just as the Type 3 Ferocious Ape was about to hit Yue Zhong, its body shuddered violently, and it fell to the ground. Although it had shaken off the web, the numbing toxin had not been neutralized yet. Furthermore, it was too gravely injured and its body could not withstand the effects of the toxin, and thus it slumped to the ground.

Yue Zhong immediately seized the chance and threw the Devil Flame Spear with all his strength, causing it to shoot towards the head of the Ferocious Ape like a meteor.

The Devil Flame Spear exploded upon impact, causing yet another major wound for the Type 3 Ferocious Ape.

Yue Zhong then pulled out his Stinger and fired 6 consecutive shots at the exposed skull, blasting the brain into pieces of matter and blood.

Right as Yue Zhong fired, he shot out 6 sharp bone blades from his bone carapace into the brain of the Type 3 Ferocious Ape and started grinding it.

With the combined assaults, the brain of the Ferocious Ape was pierced through, its insides turning into mush, and it slumped to the floor lifelessly.

A huge orb of experience floated into Yue Zhong’s body, at the same time, a Blue Treasure Box and 500 survivor coins exploded out.

“Congratulations on reaching Level 65, and gaining 2 points of attributes to be allocated!”

“Congratulations on reaching Level 66, and gaining 2 points of attributes to be allocated!”

With that huge amount of experience, Yue Zhong had gained 2 levels at once.

The strength of the Type 3 Ferocious Ape had been no joke, and furthermore, adding on Yue Zhong’s previous 2 kills, it helped to propel his enhancement.

“A Blue Treasure Box! I wonder what’s inside?” Yue Zhong saw the blue treasure box and his eyes lit up, proceeding to open it.

“Level 6 Treasure: Nucleus Energy Converter Diagram. An item that can create a machine to draw energy from nuclei. Whoever has this diagram would understand how to create a machine to utilize that energy.”

As he held the blueprints, the knowledge of methods for constructing, materials, and how to utilize the machine began to enter his brain, giving him the necessary information within seconds.

“This is good stuff!” Yue Zhong held the blueprints as his heart was filled with excitement.

If he could assemble the machine, the lowest degree of nucleus would add 00 degrees of power generation. A Type 2 nucleus could power 500 degrees of power per day. A Type 3 nucleus would power 2500 degrees of power per day. Furthermore, there was no limit to the conversion, as long as the nucleus and machine was not destroyed, it could always power that amount. It was practically like solar energy, clean and efficient.

Furthermore, once the machine is assembled, it could be used in all sorts of places. Yue Zhong’s Swift Shadow Motorbike could be charged with it, and it could become a source of ammunition for energy-based weapons. Of course, those energy-based weapons would need the necessary blueprints and diagrams to be utilized as well.

Regardless, with this Nucleus Energy Converter Diagram, once he had assembled the actual machine, he would gain an incredible advantage in energy.

“What a pity!! I don’t have the plant nor manpower for instruments of processing or precision, if we were in Mo Du* or Jiang Nan, it would have been better.” After calming himself down, he looked at the blueprints in his hands and sighed.

Gui Ning City had no processing factories, although the number of skilled workers from Nan Ning were decent. However, to locate those factories required for the materials and assembly parts, the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, Mo Du, Xi Jing, Tian Jing areas had more likelihood.

Guang Xi was slightly backwards in regards to technology as compared to the rest of China, and could not compare to those developed coastal areas.

Yue Zhong kept the precious diagram into his storage ring, digging out the Type 3 Blood Essences from those three beasts, before walking over to the purple jade-like fruit.

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