God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 471

Chapter 471- Triple Attribute Evolver!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Yue Zhong came in front of the purple jade-like fruit and took a glance, before lightly plucking it and placing it in his ring.

He then pulled out a small tool and carefully dug up the small purple jade-like plant up from the ground, placing it into a pot, before transferring into his storage ring.

He had a feeling that this plant was extraordinary and he naturally did not want to leave it behind.

After all of this, he turned around to look at the area once more, before leaving the place.

Not long after, a number of soldiers came into the area and began transporting the corpses of the Type 3 Mutant Beasts into their vehicles before leaving. Yue Zhong brought his spoils of war back towards Daluo Mountain.

By now, more caverns had been excavated in the Daluo Mountains. With Yue Zhong’s guidance, those Enhancers that had the abilities to manipulate the landscape were utilized to carve out more holes, accommodating more resources and people.

The moment he returned to the Daluo Mountains, after leaving White Bones and Lightning to act as his guards, he retreated to a secret cave and swallowed the Type 3 Ferocious Ape’s blood essence.

Upon consuming the blood essence, it turned into warm flows of energy that enhanced Yue Zhong’s body continuously. After a day, where he had fully ingested the benefits of the Type 3 Blood Essence, he had gained +3 in all attributes, and his Strength was further increased by 4.

This was the 2nd Type 3 blood essence that he had taken, and although the Type 3 Ferocious Ape was much stronger than the Type 3 Green Jiao-Snake, its effectiveness had been diminished.

After digesting the blood essence of the Ferocious Ape, he went on to consume the blood essence of the Type 3 Flower-Poison Spider. This time, he completely absorbed the energy in a single hour, gaining +1 in all attributes, and a further 2 points in Agility.

After absorbing that Type 3 Mutant Spider’s blood essence, he knew his body had developed a resistance against the Type 3 Blood Essences. He hesitated a while, but in the end, he still swallowed the Type 3 Shadow-Grey Mouse’s blood essence.

This time, in just 10 minutes, he had completely absorbed the blood essence, gaining him +1 in Agility. By now, any further Type 3 Blood Essences would be of no use to him, unless it was an apex leader, which would at most help boost certain attributes.

After consuming all 3 Type 3 blood essences, he moved on to pop the purple jade-like fruit into his mouth.

The moment the fruit entered Yue Zhong’s body, it transformed into wisps of purple energy as it circulated within Yue Zhong’s body, rushing into every single part, transforming him from inside out.

With that ravaging energy going berserk within him, Yue Zhong felt intense pain racking from the inside. Every single pore oozed out black blood that had impurities, causing him to feel as though there were thousands of needles piercing his body.

That tyrannical energy circulated within Yue Zhong for an entire day, torturing him incessantly, before coming to an abrupt halt.

“Congratulations, evolution was successful! You have become a Vitality, Endurance and Spirit Triple-Attribute Evolver. Evolution had enhanced all your attributes by 5, and a further 80 in your Vitality.”

This purple jade-like fruit was a precious item equivalent to a matured Snake Birth Fruit, and because of its potential, it had attracted those Type 3 Mutant Beasts seeking to evolve in a free-for-all fight.

Although Yue Zhong had an ordinary body constitution, with the help of the purple jade-like fruit, he broke his limits to become a Triple-Attribute Evolver, gaining a huge increase in strength.

After gaining a Vitality-based evolution, his Vitality now reached 269 points, almost 27 times that of a normal person. If a person required an entire month to recuperate, he could do so in a day. Also, his high Vitality ensured that his Level 4 Regeneration skill became more potent, increasing the rate of which his body could regenerate itself.

Yue Zhong rose from the stone bed and took a look at his filthy body, frowning slightly before heading to the washroom to clean himself up.

“Leader! Mr. Anreit is waiting for you outside!!” Yue Zhong had just exited the washroom when one of the soldiers came reporting.

His brows creasing, Yue Zhong asked: “What does he want?”

The soldier replied: “He said that there was something important to be discussed with you personally!”

Yue Zhong considered for a moment, before heading to the hall.

In the hall, Anreit was sitting on a couch, and the moment he saw Yue Zhong, his eyes lit up, and he stood up to greet him warmly: “Mr. Yue Zhong! I’ve finally managed to reach you!!”

Yue Zhong came to the opposite side of the couch and sat down before smiling slightly: “Mr. Anreit! What can do I do for you?”

At this time, Ming Jia Jia walked by, looking extremely valiant in her military uniform. She caught sight of Yue Zhong and her expression brightened up, immediately heading to prepare two cups of tea before serving them and sitting by Yue Zhong’s side.

“Mr. Yue Zhong!! We haven’t met for a few days and you look even more vibrant!” Anreit observed Yue Zhong carefully as he laughed lightly, before regaining a serious expression and handed a document over to Yue Zhong: “Mr. Yue Zhong, you might not know this!! Wuyan Hong has already deployed forces to launch an assault on Daluo Mountain! This is the route that they have planned, this time, they had actually activated 5 battalions, a total of 2,000 men! They are the elites under Wuyan Hong, and possess heavy artillery, tanks and even armed armored vehicles!”

“Oh!!” Yue Zhong exclaimed as he picked up the document to scrutinize carefully. The document listed down the routes and detailed information of the equipment and movements of the troops, at the same time, showing proof with a satellite photo.

“They have a satellite!! Their technologies are ahead of us. As of now, the distance between our sides are too wide.” Yue Zhong placed the document down as he glanced at Anreit, his joy and elation from evolving being dimmed slightly.

Controlling a satellite was as big an advantage a faction could get. Using it, it could allow for free communications over the entire globe, at the same time, they can utilize them to spy on the other factions. As long as the satellite could focus on a particular area, everything within that area, from troops to movements to equipments, would all be captured by the satellite.

While Yue Zhong was still thinking about how to get started on the assembly of the Nucleus Energy Converter, other people were already playing around with satellites, and this caused his spirits to be dampened.

Yue Zhong sighed inwardly: If only we could go to the main capital or Mo Du to get some skilled workers and equipment.

If Yue Zhong could construct the Nucleus Energy Converter, his faction would be closer to Europe’s level of advancement in technology. After all, the Nucleus Energy Converter would be eons ahead of current technology for energy, and it was a new source of energy.

With the converter, Yue Zhong’s side would not have to worry about energy, furthermore, with the new energy source, they could advance extremely quickly.

Yue Zhong smiled and replied: “I got it! Mr. Anreit, thanks for your concern.”

Anreit’s Kingdom of God wanted to use Yue Zhong as a knife, to deal with Wuyan Hong. Yue Zhong knew this well. However, Yue Zhong and Wuyan Hong had an irreconcilable grudge between the both of them, and as long as he could utilize anything, he would do so.

On the road towards Daluo Mountains, a number of elite troops were making their way onwards without stopping.

All of the soldiers were decked in green military wear and had rifles and hand grenades, as they marched on with resolute expressions towards the direction of Daluo Mountains.

On the way, tanks, armored vehicles, and other self-propelling rocket launchers all formed a line of metal as they continued to push forwards.

Although Wuyan Hong was a racist and supremacist, he treated his own survivors extremely well, and had accepted a number of the border troops. Because of his absorbing of these veterans, he had managed to build up a skilled armored force of his own.

These 5 battalions of 2,000 soldiers were all men of countless battles against zombies and other humans, even against the Mutant Beasts as well. They could be considered the elites of the elites. Their combined fighting experience could even surpass the experience of troops prior to the apocalypse.

If there were any weakness of this Vietnam Army, it would be that their logistics support was lacking compared to before the apocalypse. However, it wasn’t a problem for their support to fight their own skirmishes.

These elite and valiant soldiers were almost undefeatable within the Cao Bằng and Lang Son Provinces, and no factions were their match.

Inside an armored jeep, the general of this army, Wu Tong Xiong had a savage look on his face as he spat out: “This time, Yue Zhong and those Chinese beasts are all dead for sure!! I must capture that Yue Zhong alive, break his bones one by one, and fuck his women in front of him!!”

Although Wu Tong Xiong could be considered the leader of the 13 generals of the Vietnam Army, prior to the apocalypse, he had just been a pig butcher, and his character wasn’t much, being quick-tempered and lustful. How he could become one of the generals was due to a stroke of luck.

Zhao Wu Shuang sat beside Wu Tong Xiong with his brows creased, hesitating before he spoke up: “I’ve a bad feeling. Yue Zhong and the rest had always been so careful, why would they suddenly be so stupid as to reveal their positions? Could this be a trap?”

Wu Tong Xiong brushed it off and said: “Wu Shuang, you’re too cautious. We already have the photographic proof, you have also seen them, can they be faked?”

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