God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 472

Chapter 472 – Snipe! Sky Wolf Battalion

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Zhao Yuan Shuang became silent, he had personally seen those photographs as well. The visuals and photographs were definitely real, and clearly showed the location of Yue Zhong and his people.

Because of those visuals, they had embarked on this major operation, in order to annihilate Yue Zhong and the rest totally.

Yue Zhong’s team had become a thorn in Wuyan Hong’s side, and could threaten his plans and establishments.

In a bid to counter the threat, Wuyan Hong had summoned the troops stationed in the surrounding villages back to Lang Son City. The city could accommodate 140,000 survivors easily. However, without the support of the surrounding towns, the survivors within Lang Son City had to adjust their living conditions.

Hong!! Hong!

All of a sudden, a huge explosion occurred in front of the troops, as 5 unfortunate soldiers were directly blasted into pieces by the landmines buried within the ground.

“Watch out!! There are landmines!!” One of the commanders in front hollered out hurriedly.

The entire force stopped in their tracks.

50 soldiers with bomb disposal equipment began a sweep of the entire area. During the civil war, there were countless landmines buried as well. After the war, the soldiers had to expend a lot of energy and manpower to deal with the situation. Hence, the number of soldiers with the technical know-how was not small.

At this moment, there was a sudden loud roar of a motorbike, and a sleek and powerful Swift Shadow Motorbike shot out from one side with lightning speed.

Yue Zhong, who was riding the motorbike, pulled out a .05 and fired wildly at the 50 members of the bomb defusal squad, causing dozens of them to fall to the ground in their own blood.

After suddenly bursting onto the scene and killing those soldiers, Yue Zhong turned the Swift Shadow Motorbike around, charging straight for a small hill before disappearing

Yue Zhong was not overly arrogant in thinking that he could handle an army of 2,000 elites, but he had launched a preemptive strike to test out the enemy, as well as killing a few of his oppositions forces.

“Attack!!” With Yue Zhong’s appearance, everyone became nervous, and after the order was given, the soldiers began to get on formation, getting behind cover and scanning with caution for signs of the enemy.

These soldiers were truly the elite. Molded by Wuyan Hong, and after being trained, the moment they got in formation, they were like a beast curled up with spikes, as each of the soldiers held their guns ready to fire in any direction. Anyone who sought to attack the beast would be immediately torn apart by the resulting fire.

Although Yue Zhong was strong, he was not so foolish as to think that he could take on 2,000 elite soldiers. He rode the Swift Shadow Motorbike to about 2km away, where he climbed atop a tree, and pulled out his Falcon Sniper, aiming at that Vietnamese army.

After locking onto an armored vehicle, Yue Zhong pulled the trigger once.

A single armor-piercing round penetrated the hull, before a resulting explosion blasted apart the entire vehicle.

The Falcon Sniper could automatically generate a round every day, and there were 3 types of rounds: armor-piercing, explosive and incendiary.

The armor-piercing round was the strongest in penetrative power. The explosive round had the most destructive ability, and the moment the incendiary round met its target, it could create a 100 sqm area of fire.

“Sniper!! Sniper!!” Seeing the armored vehicle suddenly exploding, one of the officer’s face fell as he shouted out.

With that order, all the vehicles swiftly travelled towards a patch of trees, engaging in covered movement.

After destroying one of them, Yue Zhong had no means of taking down another.

He looked at the responsive Vietnamese Army, and quickly packed his sniper rifle, activating his [Shadow Steps], fleeing through the forests towards the distance like a ghost.

Hong!! Hong!!

After 2 minutes, the entire area which Yue Zhong was previously in came under heavy artillery fire, as round after round blasted the entire forest into oblivion. Trees were destroyed, stones were crushed into dust, and it was truly a devastating scene.

Even for Yue Zhong, if he had been caught in that dense bombardment, he would have suffered greatly.

“An elite troop is really different!” Yue Zhong had charged out of that area and rushed down another small hill, before using his Swift Shadow Motorbike to ride for another few kilometres. He couldn’t help looking back at the scene of destruction and his eyes flashed strangely.

Yue Zhong pulled out a walkie-talkie and spoke into it: “It’s up to you now!”

“Yes, Leader!” The person on the other end was Li Shi Min, whose face was grimy, and had an exhausted expression, but his eyes were filled with a resolute glint, hugging his Bronze Bow closely.

After that, Yue Zhong quickly rode his motorbike and disappeared into the distance.


After firing a volley of artillery, and not discovering any further movements, the commander of the Vietnamese army gave the order to continue. They did not want to be impeded by a single person, it was too shameful for their elite group.

A number of bomb defusal soldiers came forward, their equipment sourcing for landmines.

Just as these soldiers were carefully inspecting the ground, a bone arrow suddenly shot out from a forest, towards 2 of the soldiers without warning, piercing one of their hearts and blasting the other into pieces.

Such a miserable end immediately caused the rest to be shocked, as they hurriedly dodged for cover.

Wu Tong Xiong’s eyes flashed as his expression turned savage, jumping down from a jeep and roaring: “Damn Chinese dog! You want to use these petty tricks to delay our huge empire? Sky Wolf Battalion! Come with me!”

The Sky Wolf Battalion were an elite force even more formidable than the Wolf Fang Battalion. Within it, every single member had to be at least above Level 40. Each soldier had been forged through countless battles and possessed incredible combat prowess.

The Sky Wolf Battalion was the strongest blade in Wuyan Hong’s arsenal, and he had given Wu Tong Xiong command.

Wu Tong Xiong bellowed with rage, and immediately 16 Sky Wolf experts gathered by his side.

“Commander!! He’s headed that way!!” A scrawny shifty-eyed member of the Sky Wolf Battalion pointed to the direction Li Shi Min ran.

This particular member had a powerful vision ability, and he had enhanced it a number of times, being able to scan and see clearly the location of enemies within a radius of 1.5km. With such an ability, he was adept at tracking, detection as well as anti-reconnaissance.

“Kill him!!” Wu Tong Xiong’s expression was hideous as he propelled forward like a cannonball towards the direction.

The experts of the Sky Wolf Battalion followed closely behind, all giving chase.

On the other side, the majority of the army continued with their landmine removal as they slowly advanced.

Clearing of landmines had 3 main methods, machine, detonation as well as manual removal. The Vietnamese army lacked the advanced technology to remove by means of machine, and they could not afford to waste ammunition or firepower through detonation. Therefore, they relied on the simplest but slowest method of manual removal. Their advance thus slowed down.

Back to Li Shi Min, he was charging through a thick forest like a defeated dog, having to run for his life after just firing one arrow. The powerful killing intent was chasing him without stop, and the moment he turned back, he knew he would be dead.

Li Shi Min was an Agility-based Evolver, but even someone like him would die when facing with 16 other powerful experts. Even the leader, Wu Tong Xiong, could easily take care of Li Shi Min.

“You can really run!! Must be an Agility-based Evolver? Even if you are, today, you’ll die by my hands!” Wu Tong Xiong looked at Li Shi Min who was not so far ahead, causing the leaves and twigs around him to scatter. Wu Tong Xiong laughed coldly, and activated all his strength, shooting forwards even faster.

Wu Tong Xiong was the strongest fighter under Wuyan Hong’s command, his level being 56. Furthermore, he was a Strength and Agility-based dual attribute Evolver, and his combat strength was truly terrifying. It was just slightly inferior to Wuyan Hong and those others who hole themselves up in the forest to train non-stop. Currently, with him exerting all his might, he managed to draw even closer to Li Shi Min.

“Damn it!! What an insane speed!!” Li Shi Min took a glance at the closing Wu Tong Xiong, and gritted his teeth, turning around with a quick draw, shooting an explosive arrow towards Wu Tong Xiong.

“Cheap tricks!!” Wu Tong Xiong faced the terrifying explosive arrow and laughed coldly, his face twisting slightly, dodging the life-taking arrow by a hair’s breadth.

The arrows passed by Wu Tong Xiong and exploded on an expert of the Sky Wolf Battalion, causing the head of that expert to be sent flying.

That expert was decked in Type 3 Mutant Beast hide with its obscene defence, which could withstand the bulk of the impact, but his head was unprotected, hence, decapitation.

“Damn bastard!!” Another Sky Wolf Battalion Spirit-based expert bellowed in rage, and immediately unleashed a Spirit attack at Li Shi Min.

Faced with that attack, Li Shi Min felt his head swim, his speed slowing down. He bit down on his lip viciously, shaking himself clear from the pain. However, a bullet had reached him by this time, and he gritted his teeth, barely twisting his body. Alas, the bullet pierced his left ear, ripping it apart, causing blood to splatter everywhere.

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