God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Whipping

After finished speaking, Lu Wen also took a look at Guo Yu.

Lu Wen was also a beauty, her figure was fuller than girls her age. However, compared to Guo Yu, she was still a bit lacking. Guo Yu’s skin is white and youthful, her bosom very full, and had a lovely baby face. Truly an example of a youthful virgin. Seeing Guo Yu, it put a lof of pressure on Lu Wen.

Wang Lan was ignored by Lu Wen, she intuitively felt Wang Lan was not her rival, and so was not a threat to her at all.

Sensing that Lu Wen was looking at her, Guo Yu lowered her head. In these last dozens of days of experiences had made her mature. In the past, she would definitely glared back at Lu Wen, and give Lu Wen a good look. Now she can only lower her head to avoid aggravating Lu Wen. Currently, she is no longer the Mayor’s daughter, but a woman with a fate where she can’t even control her own body. She was now a pitiful woman just like some commodity that can given away.

Yue patted Lu Wen on the back, comforting her and said: “Good! They will listen to you.”

Lu Wen finally stopped crying, smiling toward the Yue, and like a spoiled child, said: “I want to sleep in here tonight.”

Yue was hold Lu Wen, smiled and said: “Okay!”

Lu Wen was contented sleeping next to Yue, while Guo Yu slept on Yue’s right side. Wang Lan was curled up at the corner of the big bed.

The next day, Yue and his party went to the dining hall.

Breakfast was boxed milk, hot white steamed buns, and pork sausages.

Chen Yao and the girls only got the gruels with wild vegetables. Looking at the gruels, all the girls were nauseous. Even though they were hungry all night, they still didn’t want to eat that disgusting gruel.

At the table, Tiger Wang looked at Yue, laughed and said: “Little brother Yue, last night was fun right! HA HA!”

Yue said with smile: “Thanks to Boss Tiger’s generosity yesterday, I did sleep well.”

Last night, even though Yue did not do anything with the three women, but holding Lu Wen and Guo Yu while sleeping all night, it was not bad.

While eating, Zhang Xiang looked at Yue with poisonous eyes, then lowered his head to eat the steamed buns and pork sausages.

Lei Chen looked at Yue with jealousy and hate, he wanted to enjoy Guo Yu for a long time, but had not succeeded. Now that Yue had enjoyed it first, he was filled jealousy and hate for Yue.

Chen Yan carefully looked at Yue, eyes flashing, with his thoughts unknown.

Yue looked at Tiger Wang, and said: “Boss Tiger, are we going to the arsenal today?”

Seeing Yue so energetic, Tiger Wang couldn’t help but pause a moment before saying: “No rush! Our brothers had just went out and performed the tasks, they are too tired, and need to rest for two days. Two days after, we will set off to the arsenal. These two days, you should take your time and relax here.”

After the militants go out to performed a task, they will relax for two days, this is a rule that was set in Always Bright Village. In the outside world, there is constant danger of dying. Tiger Wang’s men have the Type 81 rifle and Type 79 submachine guns to deal with ordinary zombies. Ordinary zombiers are not a problem, but if it was S1 zombies, they would be killed. Under the tremendous pressure of dying any time, if they are not allowed to relax, those militants would revolt.

In fact, among the survivors that Tiger Wang gathered, many had committed suicide because of the bleak future.

Yue nodded, then stood up and went outside.

Seing that Yue stood up, Tiger Wang said: “Little brother Yue, since you don’t want to join us. Starting from today, you must used your own supplies for food and drink. We cannot treat you like today.”

Every bit of supplies in this post apocalyptic world is hard to come by. Yue’s group has more than 10 people, even just eating the gruels, they would eat a lot. Tiger Wang naturally was reluctant to let Yue freeload off of him.

“I understand Boss Tiger!”

Yue after finishing the sentence, along with Chi Yang and Wang Shuang, left the dining hall. He had a Dongfeng truck full of supplies, if provisioned carefully, it was not a problem for more than a dozen people to eat over half a month.

After leaving the dining hall, Yue saw the women around the big pot of gruel, none of them were eating it. Guo Yu and Wang Lan as Tiger Wang’s women did not have to worry about food and clothing. Even they could not eat that rancid gruel.

Zhang Xin walked toward Yue with a bitter face and said: “Yue, we should leave immediately! This place is not a place for people to stay.”

Wang Fang also looked at Yue anxiously, and asked “Yes! Yue, how long do we have to stay here?”

The environment here was suffocating the women. More than 10 women crowded into a small room, and their food was worse than dog food before the end of the world. Chen Yao’s previously had a pet dog, the dog food that her dog ate was better than the rancid gruel.

Yue in a deep voice, said: “Three days, we would have to stay here for at least 3 days!”

Yue was able to get many firearms from searching the police station, but he did not have a lot of ammunitions. He carefully hoarded up ammunitions, and did not want to use it so casually. If he was able to find an arsenal, he could have enough bullets to improve his shooting skills. If he was able to master more combat skills, it would be easier to survive in this post apocalyptic world.

Zhang Xin’s complexion changed greatly, and said: “Three days, you can’t get us out of here right now? I don’t want to stay in this damn place even a minute more.”

The other women also looked at Yue, they wanted to get out of this place.

Yue frowned, looking over at Guo Yu and Wang Lan on one side. He didn’t think that Zhang Xin would be so stupid as to ask these questions in front of unknown people.

Zhang Xin did not truly experienced the end of the world, and was rather naive. Subtlety was not her forte. So she wasn’t guarded against Guo Yu and Wang Lan.

“We can! I can take you out of here.”

Yue’s words made the girls happy, and then his next words crushed their hopes: “However, beside me, Chi Yang, Ji Qing Wu, Chen Yao, and Lu Wen, even half of you surviving is amazing.”

At this moment, a pleading voice came from the gate: “Don’t beat me! Don’t beat me, I’m pleading you, don’t beat me!”

Attracted by the sound, Yue and his party walked out.

Outside, Chen Si was holding a whip. He was whipping a woman that was curled up into a ball holding her face while on the ground.

Surrounding Chen Si was six or seven militants, and seven or eight hungry looking men.

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