God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 473

Chapter 473 – Wu Tong Xiong!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

At the same time, a bone arrow shot through the air with a green trail, exploding on Li Shi Min’s body, sending him flying about 6 – 7m.

If it wasn’t for the protection of the Type 3 Mutant Beast hide, his body might have been pierced. Even so, the impact from that bone arrow shocked his entire system, causing some broken bones and a disruption to his internal blood and energy flow. He coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Li Shi Min was after all, a Level 42 Agility-based Evolver. He wasn’t afraid of contending against any one expert from the Sky Wolf Battalion. However, if he was up against 2 or more people working together, he definitely would be at a disadvantage. With the combined efforts of 16 Sky Wolf Battalion members, he had no choice but to forcefully navigate and survive.

Li Shi Min knew that it was a critical juncture, and he hastily rolled to one side, dodging into a patch of wild grass, making use of the cover to evade other incoming attacks.

“Pei!! Damn Chinese dog!!” One of the experts from the Sky Wolf Battalion spat out, before making a grabbing motion in mid-air, as a huge gravitational force enveloped the entire region Li Shi Min was in, causing him to be pressured by 4 times the usual gravity.

Weighed down by that pressure, Li Shi Min felt as though he had suddenly put on a whole lug of meat, his heartbeat becoming irregular, and his spectre-like speed slowing down a whole lot as well.

[Gravity Manipulation] was considered to be the bane for all Agility-based Evolvers. Unless it was an expert that had received huge enhancements in their Strength and Agility, it was hard for most people to ignore the restraining effects of the added gravity.

Wu Tong Xiong laughed savagely, shooting towards Li Shi Min like a cannonball: “Chinese dog!! I will take my time to slaughter you, you swine!!”

“Go to hell!” At a distance, Yue Zhong was atop a tree, and his eyes flashed coldly before pressing a button.

Hong! Hong! Hong!!

All of a sudden, there were numerous explosions, as a number of remote explosives hidden in the forest detonated, enveloping all 16 members of the Sky Wolf Battalion in seconds.

Shrapnel flew everywhere, as trees were twisted till they broke, caused by the resulting force from the explosion travelling outwards.

Li Shi Min was also sent flying backwards from the force, landing about 7-8m away.

Those members of the Sky Wolf Battalion were after all not simple people, each being of Level 40 and higher. That explosion might not necessarily be able to kill them instantly. Hence, for his own sake, Li Shi Min quickly scrambled to his feet and rushed towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong was currently leading over 20 of his own elite experts, all of them likewise above Level 40. He had set this trap with Li Shi Min as bait, as a means of taking down as many experts under Wuyan Hong as he could.

A Level 40 Enhancer was not easily groomed. Each one that they took down meant one less expert on Wuyan Hong’s side.

As the dust settled, the devastating scene was revealed, as 8 corpses laid strewn on the ground. While the experts of the Sky Wolf Battalion were strong, they were still after all, of flesh and blood. They had lost 8 of their members as a result of that explosion.

There were still 8 who had survived, including Wu Tong Xiong.

“Fuck!! You bunch of Chinese dogs must die!!”

Wu Tong Xiong had sensed the danger at the first instant and evaded the heart of the explosion. However, a piece of shrapnel had penetrated his left eye, blinding him on that side. It caused him to be filled with rage. He grabbed his Level 4 Green Tooth Spear and charged towards Yue Zhong and his men!!

Since their lead had charged forwards so ferociously, the remaining 7 members also followed closely behind, brandishing their weapons.

Wu Tong Xiong was one of the strongest killers of the Great Vietnamese Empire, having killed over hundreds of people by himself, and he had even counted 3 other Evolvers as his victims. That was why he was so confident of facing Yue Zhong and the rest.

Yue Zhong saw that Wu Tong Xiong and his men was rushing at him, and immediately pulled out his Stinger, firing 6 shots at 2 of the Sky Wolf Battalion members behind.

Of the 2, one was an Agility-based Evolver, and the moment Yue Zhong had aimed at him, he had dodged to a side, hiding behind a huge tree.

The other immediately transformed into a 3m-tall were-bear, with thick and coarse skin. As the 3 Stinger bullets landed on his body, they caused 3 bloody wounds, but not enough to deeply penetrate nor heavily harm his body.

“Experts! These fellows aren’t weak!” Yue Zhong frowned when he saw that.

These men were truly experts, but as long as they could be taken down, Wuyan Hong will suffer a huge loss.

Wu Tong Xiong snarled at Yue Zhong with a twisted expression: “Damn Chinese dog, I will tear you into shreds, and cook your brains as tea!”

“Retard!! I’ll slice you apart first!!” Following a cold laugh, Bai Xiao Sheng appeared, slashing towards Wu Tong Xiong with a Dark Magic Blade in his hands.

Currently, under Yue Zhong’s command, Bai Xiao Sheng had the fastest speed, only Xin Jia Rou could surpass him, and only under the condition that she activated her 2nd Order Skill Divine Speed, and it would only be a short while.

“Scram!!” Wu Tong Xiong’s eyes turned bloodshot, as he growled like a beast, using his 16 times Strength to strike with his spear, parrying Bai Xiao Sheng’s blow.

Bai Xiao Sheng’s Strength was only 3 times that of a normal person, and with that huge disparity in Strength, he was instantly sent flying 6-7m, while the Dark Magic Blade in his hands also got sent flying.

As a Strength and Agility-based dual attribute Evolver, Wu Tong Xiong possessed a huge advantage in battle. If Bai Xiao Sheng wasn’t an Agility-based Evolver, he could have easily pierced Bai Xiao Sheng with that single spear strike.

Wu Tong Xiong sent Bai Xiao Sheng flying, and immediately shot forwards like an arrow, a fierce glint appearing in his eyes, as he thrust viciously with his spear.

White Bones’ fiery eyes flashed dangerously, as it raised its hands, shooting 6 bone spikes out at Wu Tong Xiong. If Wu Tong Xiong insisted on killing Bai Xiao Sheng, he would be pierced by those sharp bones spikes.

Wu Tong Xiong did not intend to exchange his own life for Bai Xiao Sheng’s, and he swiftly turned around, the Green Tooth Spear quickly parrying those Bone Spikes.

Bai Xiao Sheng seized the opportunity to evade to one side, his face pale. He had always thought it would be hard to find someone that can win over him other than Yue Zhong, but today, he found out that Wu Tong Xiong had crushed his confidence easily, filling him with unwillingness and rage. However, he was clear that he was not Wu Tong Xiong’s match, and if he continued, he would be throwing away his life.

On the other side, the 20 Level 40 experts came to blows with the 7 remaining experts of the Sky Wolf Battalion.

Both sides exhibited their abilities, and in that exchange, Yue Zhong’s side lost an expert. The other side suffered a death and a heavily injured casualty.

Under the combined blows from everyone, the heavily injured Sky Wolf Battalion member was killed the next moment, as the remaining 5 members were suppressed and forced to retreat into the forest.

Yue Zhong looked at the scene and frowned, before letting out a loud howl.

Lightning, who had been lying in wait, immediately leapt out, biting off the head of one of the Sky Wolf experts.

“Beast! Damn Chinese dogs!! You guys are forcing me!!” Wu Tong Xiong watched as members of the Sky Wolf Battalion fell one after another, and his eyes became red, finally releasing his trump card: his Second Order Forest Ranger Transformation.

In an instant, Wu Tong Xiong’s body sprouted a layer of green runes that covered his entire body. His size didn’t change, however, he seemed to become one with the environment, giving off an aura of invincibility.

After transforming into a Second Order Forest Ranger, Wu Tong Xiong looked coldly at Yue Zhong, his body flashing and he reached White Bones with a speed that surpassed Type 2 Lightning.

In response, White Bones shot out bone spikes one after another at Wu Tong Xiong.

Wu Tong Xiong gripped his Green Tooth Spear and easily swatted the bone spikes away, before thrusting forwards, piercing the skeleton that could withstand even the impact from a 12.7mm round. Immediately he swung with all his might, sending White Bones soaring through the air, landing 20m away.

“What a strong fellow!!” Yue Zhong saw how easily Wu Tong Xiong sent White Bones flying, and his pupils narrowed. If it had been a normal person, that single strike could have easily caused the heart of the victim to be destroyed almost instantly.

Yue Zhong could see that Wu Tong Xiong was a close-combat specialist, and he immediately activated his Gravity Manipulation, causing a two-fold gravitational force to press down on Wu Tong Xiong.

Wu Tong Xiong laughed savagely at Yue Zhong, shooting towards him like a cannonball: “It’s no use!! Unless you can control the gravity to be more than 5 times! Otherwise, with just this, it’s useless!!”

Yue Zhong’s face remained impassive, as he retreated explosively, pulling out his .05 gun and spraying wildly at Wu Tong Xiong.

“Guns are useless too!! Today, you are going to die!!’ Wu Tong Xiong laughed maniacally, charging through the barrage of bullets, even with Yue Zhong’s marksmanship and Agility, he could not hit him even once.

“This rabid dog! He truly has some ability!’ Yue Zhong watched Wu Tong Xiong charging at him wildly, before activating his [Art of Fear], and a terrifying Spirit attack enveloped Wu Tong Xiong.

The moment the skill landed on Wu Tong Xiong’s body, a green light radiated outwards, and dispelled the Spirit attack. Yue Zhong knew at once that there was a treasure on his body that defended against Spirit attacks!

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