God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 474

Chapter 474 – Pouncing on Thin Air!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

“Go to hell you Chinese dog!!” Wu Tong Xiong had reached Yue Zhong in a mere 3 seconds, as a spear thrust came slicing through the air like a meteor, aiming for Yue Zhong’s head. His speed had thoroughly surpassed that of a Type 2 Lightning.

The Second Order Forest Ranger Transformation had given him a huge boost to his body constitution, at the same time, within the forest, his movement speed and battle senses were enhanced. This spear strike was infinitely more overbearing and oppressive than the one he had unleashed on Bai Xiao Sheng.

Yue Zhong had no way of evading, and his eye’s flashed with a chilly light, pulling out his Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade, forcefully attempting to parry the Green Tooth Spear.

It was Yue Zhong’s 9 times Strength against Wu Tong Xiong’s 20-times that of a normal person after his Second Order skill, and instantly, Yue Zhong was sent flying backwards by the disparity in strength, his hands numb, and the Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade in his arms almost flew from his grip.

A cold glint flashed in Wu Tong Xiong’s eyes, as he shot forwards, and once more, thrusted forwards with a vicious spear strike towards Yue Zhong’s heart.

Right at this time, a huge hole appeared in mid air, and from the hole, 10 bone spikes shot out like shooting stars at Wu Tong Xiong.

Wu Tong Xiong immediately withdrew his weapon, causing it to blur with speed, before striking at the 10 bone spikes, shattering them into pieces.

At that instant, Yue Zhong pulled out his 12.7mm heavy machine gun and sprayed at Wu Tong Xiong.

“Fool!! If you can’t hit me, your machine gun is just trash!!” Wu Tong Xiong laughed out coldly, his body dodging all the bullets, maneuvering towards Yue Zhong and once more thrusted out with his spear.

“ You are the true Fool!!” Yue Zhong laughed coldly himself, as the Bronze Spiritual Bell rose up from his chest, forming a green barrier in front of him.

As the insane strength behind Wu Tong Xiong’s spear strike slammed into the shield, the shield shuddered a while, as traces of ripples spread out all over the shield.

Yue Zhong’s pupils narrowed, as he immediately activated his Devil Flame, causing a huge pillar of fire to engulf the area around him, including Wu Tong Xiong that had given his all in that earlier strike.

Wu Tong Xiong’s body responded with a white glow, as a bright light of energy enveloped him, blocking that pillar of Devil Flame.

As the top expert under Wuyan Hong, Wu Tong Xiong had a number of fortunate encounters, and he had even killed a heavily-injured Type 3 Mutant Beast before. This white light shield was a treasure he obtained from that Type 3 Mutant Beast.

Right at this time, a sniper bullet blasted on Wu Tong Xiong’s body, further whittling down the energy of the white shield.

A number of gravitational shackles flew onto his body, causing him to be pressured by 6 times the normal gravity.

“Damn it! Are they all defeated?” Wu Tong Xiong felt the abnormal changes, as his expression turned ashen and he whipped around to look, only to discover that the other side had been defeated and rounded up by the experts under Yue Zhong.

“Chinese dog!! I will remember today’s debt. You won’t have to wait long, I’ll definitely be back to kill you myself!!” Wu Tong Xiong eyed Yue Zhong coldly, before turning around swiftly to retreat. Although he was brutish and violent, he wasn’t an idiot. If he continued to fight on, he definitely would fall here.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly, activating his [Shadow Steps], and using his speed that can match a Type 2 Lightning, he chased after Wu Tong Xiong: “Where do you think you’re going? You will be buried here today!!”

Wu Tong Xiong was faster than a Type 2 Lightning in his Second Order Forest Ranger form. However, with the 6-times gravitational force weighing on him, his speed had plunged by quite a lot.

In just barely 3 breaths, Yue Zhong had chased up, and was slashing viciously towards him.

“Fuck! I, Your father, am definitely killing you today!!” Wu Tong Xiong’s eyes flashed fiercely as he twisted his body abruptly, thrusting out with his spear like an enraged dragon.

10 sharp bone spikes suddenly exploded out from behind Yue Zhong, aiming for Wu Tong Xiong.

Yue Zhong did not hide nor evade, his eyes flashing coldly, and his right hand conjured out a long Devil Flame Spear, before he threw it forcefully towards the white shield protecting Wu Tong Xiong.

Wu Tong Xiong’s spear thrust landed on the green barrier covering Yue Zhong, and the explosive strength tore apart the shield, causing it to disintegrate.

The Devil Flame Spear also came in contact with the white shield on Wu Tong Xiong, and the resulting force from the explosive nature of the Devil Flame immediately blasted the shield apart, so much so that even Wu Tong Xiong’s hair was singed from the heat.

The 10 bone spikes continued to assault Wu Tong Xiong.

That tyrannical spear strike from Wu Tong Xiong had destroyed Yue Zhong’s green barrier, however, he had no time to withdraw his spear for another strike, and he could only twist his body to roll to one side.

The 10 bone spikes suddenly shifted their trajectory and landed on Wu Tong Xiong’s body, sending him flying back about 4 or 5 metres, shaking his internal organs while he coughed up a mouthful of fresh blood.

Wu Tong Xiong’s body had been enhanced a few times by different blood essences, but he had no way of comparing against Yue Zhong. After receiving that blow from White Bones, his body had truly suffered a heavy injury.

Before he even landed, a gust of wind blew past, and his head disappeared, as a fountain blood sprayed from his headless corpse, dying the ground red.

As the wind settled, it revealed the Type 3 Lightning’s silhouette, and was precisely it that seized the opportunity to destroy this strong enemy of Yue Zhong when he was mortally wounded.

Confirming Wu Tong Xiong’s death, Yue Zhong heaved a sigh of relief and walked over to his corpse to strip it of the equipment.

This Wu Tong Xiong was after all the strongest general of Wuyan Hong, and he truly had a vast collection of items. From his body, Yue Zhong obtained both Strength and Agility-enhancing equipment. There were even 4 pieces of rare equipment. They were the Level 3 Defensive Armor, Bell of Clarity, Light Shield of Defence and the Level 4 Treasure Green Tooth Spear.

“Level 5 Treasure: Light Shield of Defence! Upon equipping, it can automatically defend its owner. When energy is depleted, it can be recharged, or automatically refilled after 24 hours.”

“Level 4 Treasure: Green Tooth Spear! It possesses a strong penetrative power, and can destroy any weapon of Level 3 and below.”

Yue Zhong valued the Level 5 Treasure Light Shield of Defence the most, with this, he gained another defensive mechanism. In this new world, defensive treasures were even more precious than offensive ones. Likewise, they were hard to obtain.

Other than Linghu Xiangru and Wu Tong Xiong, Yue Zhong had not yet met any other strong experts that had such powerful defensive artifacts.

Bai Xiao Sheng came up to Yue Zhong and reported: “Leader!! Everyone has been taken care of!”

Although the Sky Wolf Battalion was strong, with the enemy forces 5 times their size, they were still wiped out. Of course, Yue Zhong’s side paid the price of 2 heavy casualties as well.

“Disperse!” Yue Zhong ordered indifferently.

With his orders, everyone quickly made their way away from the area.

“What’s going on? How come Wu Tong Xiong is not back yet?” Back at the army, Zhao Yuan Shuang paced about anxiously.

Wu Tong Xiong was a terrifying killer who had killed an entire company of elites on his own, as well as over hundreds of militants. Zhao Yuan Shuang had utmost confidence in his abilities. However, Wu Tong Xiong was Wuyan Hong’s number one right-hand man, if anything untoward was to happen to him, Zhao Yuan Shuang knew he could not bear the responsibility either.

Zhao Yuan Shuang called for one of the commanders of the elite force: “Chen Gong Ming, go take a company of your troops to go provide reinforcements to General Wu.”

The elite force was made up of all experts who had undergone strict military training. They were well-versed in modern warfare as well, and in battle, they could exhibit a might that was stronger than just experts relying on their skills and abilities.

“Yes! Commander!”

Chen Gong Ming saluted, before quickly leading his men towards the forest.

After a long while, just as Zhao Yuan Shuang was becoming impatient, Chen Gong Ming came back, his expression ashen: “Commander! General Wu has been martyred!”

When Zhao Yuan Shuang heard this, his mind went blank, as he stammered out at a loss: “What??? General Wu has died!?”

Wu Tong Xiong was Wuyan Hong’s most trusted aide, and they could be considered as close as brothers. With Wu Tong Xiong’s death, as the vice-commander, Zhao Yuan Shuang was sure to be in trouble. He did not dare imagine the consequences of being the bearer of the news.

Zhao Yuan Shuang gritted his teeth as he hollered out: “Everyone advance with full speed!! We must reach Daluo Mountains as fast as we can! This time, we must annihilate Yue Zhong and his people!!”

With that command, everyone moved out. Over 200 bomb defusal soldiers came to the front lines to clear the mines quickly.

Yue Zhong had planted plenty of landmines along the way, including some traps, which slowed the advance of the Vietnamese troops. However, Zhao Yuan Shuang was insistent on making sure they reached Daluo Mountains.

Following the report, Zhao Yuan Shuang brought his troops to the inner parts of Daluo Mountains, however, to their dismay, they discovered that everyone had gone, leaving behind massive caves.

“Damn!! He escaped!!” Zhao Yuan Shuang looked at those countless caves and his face turned steely.

“Commander! The Emperor has something to say to you!” Right at this time, a soldier came running up with a transmitter to Zhao Yuan Shuang. He received it before carefully asking: “What instructions do you have for your subject, my liege?”

From the other end, Wuyan Hong’s steely voice came resounding, together with some explosions in the background: “Yuan Shuang! Bring the troops back immediately!! We have trouble!”

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