God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 475

Chapter 475 – Battle at Lang Son!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

A distance away from Daluo Mountains, 600 soldiers were braving the cold and snow as they lugged huge bags of resources towards a certain direction.

Every single one of them, even children of 11 or 12 were carrying guns or some bags of dozen jins. If it was a scene from prior to the apocalypse, there would be people who would stand out to curse at Yue Zhong for mistreating women and children. However, in this new world, whoever dared to snatch those guns from those kids, those little rascals would definitely fight.

Guns were a symbol of strength, and in this new world, only those with strength could lead better lives.

“Master! If we just walk away like that, would it be fine?” Xin Jia Rou, who was decked in a military uniform and looked extremely valiant and charming, walked up to Yue Zhong and asked.

Yue Zhong had initially agreed to help the Kingdom of God to deal with the Wuyan Hong problem. However, Yue Zhong had instead taken his people to escape from Daluo Mountains, and it caused Xin Jia Rou to be uncertain.

Yue Zhong glanced at Xin Jia Rou and replied mildly: “I only promise to attack and cause Wuyan Hong some problems, not engaging in a full frontal assault against his elite!”

The Kingdom of God had intended to make use of Yue Zhong to deal with Wuyan Hong harshly. Yue Zhong had his own intentions as well. With his current strength now, even if he could defeat those elites of Wuyan Hong, it would be a devastating loss to his side as well. To engage the 2,000-strong army, he would definitely have to pay a price. He was not willing to do something so foolish.

Even so, Yue Zhong would be considered to have offended the Kingdom of God. However, he did not care, because he had always intended to go against this mega-empire that intended to take control of the whole globe. Furthermore, in the future, if he wanted to bring the Chinese to new heights, he definitely would come to clashes with the Kingdom of God.

Hearing his words, Xin Jia Rou became silent as she fell back behind Yue Zhong and they continued on their journey.

Outside Lang Son City, a number of well-equipped soldiers were engaged in attacking the city, firing heavy artillery at the inner parts of the city, destroying structures and buildings.

“Fucking bastard!! Chen Sheng Yong dared to attack at this time!” At Lang Son City, on top a secret vantage point, Wuyan Hong overlooked the city that was being bombarded, as his soldiers and bases were being taken down one by one. His expression was extremely ugly.

Eagle King Chen Sheng Yong was a small-time leader hailing from the direction of Thái Nguyên*, and his faction could not compare to Wuyan Hong, with only 80,000 survivors. However, Chen Sheng Yong prioritized the advancement of his army, and had a 10,000 strong army. The ratio of his military to his faction was 1:8. While the army seemed huge, in truth, only 2,000 of them had guns. The rest of the 8,000 relied on melee weapons to fight.

Even so, Eagle King Chen Sheng Yong had built a name for himself in the Northern Vietnam area, and Wuyan Hong had never intended to provoke him.

Wuyan Hong had a truly large faction, but to deal with Eagle King Chen Sheng Yong, it would be at a cost as well. Although there were zombies in between the 2 factions, they both knew about each other, and had remained impassive towards each other. Wuyan Hong had never thought that Chen Sheng Yong would take this opportunity to stab him in the back. Furthermore, his timing was impeccable, as Wuyan Hong had actually deployed a majority of his troops to deal with Yue


Right now, in Lang Son City, Wuyan Hong had 6 battalions stationed, roughly 2,500 soldiers on standby. However, Zhao Yuan Shuang was currently holding the 6 most elite infantry battalions. Although they were both 6 battalions, in terms of combat strength, the troops on Zhao Yuan Shuang’s hands were at least twice that of those remaining with Wuyan Hong.

With the dense barrage of artillery fire, Eagle King Chen Sheng Yong and his troops began to overcome post after post.

He looked at the various camps that he conquered in Lang Son and his face revealed a look of excitement: “Wuyan Hong!! This time, you’re going to fall at my hands!”

Being first in the charge was the elite battalion under Chen Sheng Yong, and they charged in after each volley of heavy fire, storming through with their secondary attacks as they advanced.

One of the intelligence officer came up to bootlick: “Congratulations Eagle King!! After this, there will be no one that can compare to you in the whole of North Vietnam!”

Another intelligence officer also laughed slightly: “Eagle King truly is a man of miracles! You managed to breach Wuyan Hong’s defences in such a short while. This Wuyan Hong truly is old-fashioned, he dares to call himself Emperor. We’re already in which century? Come on.”

When Wuyan Hong established his Great Vietnam Empire, he had declared himself as the first Emperor. Because of his sole command and leadership, no one expressed any dissatisfaction. Those that did were already dead. However, in other factions, there were those who were unhappy with his oppressive and tyrannical rule. It was not like in ancient times, now society was more civil and cultured. Even those insufferable officials of high positions and despotic sons of leaders in countries or corporates did not dare call themselves Emperor.

“I would like to be Emperor myself!!” Chen Sheng Yong glanced at his intelligence officers, his face wearing a grin, but he sighed lightly in his heart.

The position of an Emperor, whose words was law, just a single sentence could decide the fate of an entire heritage. Who wouldn’t want that sort of authority and power? However, Chen Sheng Yong looked at his subordinates who did not support the idea of an emperor rule, and hence, he did not voice out that inner desire to establish a Vietnam empire in his own name as well. After all, he still relied on his men to help him conquer and expand, if he just consoled himself with a single leader rule, it would be enough. Being an emperor was pushing it, no one would support him.

In truth, there were many experts who did not agree with Wuyan Hong’s self-proclamation as Emperor, and had thrown their lots in with Chen Sheng Yong, which proved that the hearts of the people played a part in strength as well.

The defences within Lang Son City was incredibly stubborn, and every single soldier of the Great Vietnam Empire fought back valiantly against the assault of Chen Sheng Yong’s troops.

After Chen Sheng Yong launched his assault on Lang Son, with every step of the way, there was a price of blood to pay. Both sides suffered casualties in the resulting slaughter for each defence post.

The 6 battalions of infantry soldiers stationed within Lang Son City were definitely not a match for Chen Yong Sheng’s forces, but in the clashes, they exhibited a strong fighting will and spirit to defend their posts, fighting it out with their lives on the line. Hence, the Eagle King’s army suffered greatly with each advance in position.

Lang Son City had seemingly turned into a meat grinder, swallowing the lives of both Wuyan Hong’s and Chen Yong Sheng’s forces.

Both sides had gone all out right from the get go, and the casualties were increasing. However, both sides had no choice, and could only grit their teeth to continue.

This battle would determine who would become the boss of this entire region. Regardless if it was Wuyan Hong swallowing Chen Sheng Yong’s forces, or the other way round, one of them would definitely become the overlord after the battle.

With a faction that had over 200,000 survivors, it was more than enough to be recognized as the presiding faction in this area.

It was precisely due to the lure of becoming the overlord of the entire region that Chen Sheng Yong had decided to risk it all and engage Wuyan Hong’s forces.

A military officer came up to Chen Yong Sheng with a pale expression as he asked: “Eagle King!! The 3rd Battalion had fallen!! What do we do now??”

The 3rd Battalion had just charged into the base in Lang Son City, and engaged in an intense crossfire for about an hour. Their losses had by then exceeded half their original numbers, and this kind of results would cause anxiety to a commander.

Chen Sheng Yong ordered with a steely expression: “Command the 2nd Mortar Battalion to immediately fire another round at Lang Son City!!”

After clashing for about 3 hours, 3 of the infantry battalions had been severely decimated, and although the enemy had suffered more, such a result was unacceptable to Chen Sheng Yong. Those soldiers that were decimated were his elites, and training up another new batch of soldiers to be like those would not be easy.

The commander was shocked as he stammered: “Eagle King!! There are many of our comrades in Lang Son City!!”

As the soldiers were extremely strong in their camaraderie, the mortar and artillery troops did not fire any rounds when their comrades had charged in. Furthermore, there were many ordinary citizens within the city. If they acted, many of the ordinary survivors would definitely suffer.

Chen Sheng Yong’s eyes were filled with a chilly light: “This is an order!!”

“Yes!!” The soldier’s heart turned cold as he quickly dismissed himself.

Hong!! Hong!!

Immediately, a volley of rounds blasted on to Lang Son City, causing various structures and buildings to be destroyed, as numerous survivors were injured or killed in the resulting blasts or falling debris.

Under that terrifying artillery attack, the entire Lang Son City was plunged into chaos, as countless survivors rushed out of their own houses and tried to escape towards another direction.

Rioters took the chance to start committing arson, robbery and rape. The whole of Lang Son City became like a scene out of hell.

Wuyan Hong saw the growing mayhem with bloodshot eyes as he bellowed out: “Chen Sheng Yong you bastard!! You dare to fire on our own countrymen!! I will tear you into pieces!! There will be nothing left of your body!!”

Wuyan Hong had never expected Chen Sheng Yong to be so ruthless, to actually fire onto the innocent survivors, causing mayhem and chaos.

As the volleys of artillery fire continued raining down on the various structures and buildings, soldiers and survivors alike were either blasted to death or buried alive.

After a few rounds of heavy fire, the 4th Battalion of Chen Sheng Yong charged in, launching an assault on the battered and broken people of Lang Son City.

Due to the heavy fire, many of the elite soldiers and experts of Wuyan Hong were killed, and the ordinary soldiers had long since lost their courage and escaped.

“Wolf Fang Battalion!! Charge!!” Wuyan Hong saw the entrance of the troops under Chen Sheng Yong, his face turning extremely unsightly, as he made his way towards them.

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