God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 476

Chapter 476 – The Oriole Behind (From the idiom: The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind: meaning to pursue a narrow gain, neglecting the greater danger)

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Wuyan Hong’s body flashed, at the same time, he activated his skill [Metal Manipulation], as he slapped a car beside him. The vehicle immediately twisted unto itself, transforming into a layer of battle armour covering his body. With that layer of metal protecting him, even a 12.7mm round would not be able to break past his defence.

Wuyan Hong leapt forward, and he was followed by 50 of his Wolf Fang Battalion members, each of them being over Level 30 in enhancement.

The current commander, Wu Da Hui and vice-commander Li Yuan Da stuck close to Wuyan Hong. They were the strongest in the Wolf Fang Battalion, and even members of the Sky Wolf Battalion were not necessarily a match against them.

The 4th Battalion of the Eagle King’s troops quickly came to clash with the Wolf Fang Battalion, and the soldiers of the Eagle King’s troops already launched their attacks from afar, as a barrage of rain fell upon the Wolf Fang Battalion.

Under the dense rain of bullets, 4 of the experts were immediately taken out with shots to the head, while the rest activated their skills in a bid to evade the bullets.

Wuyan Hong did not care about the onslaught of bullets, he was after all a Spirit and Strength dual-attribute Evolver, and those normal bullets could not harm him, nor slow him down. Even a large calibre bullet would at most cause him to be knocked back, with no injury.

Wuyan Hong was like a tank as he charged straight at the Eagle King’s 4th Battalion, waving his hand, and activating his Second Order Metal Manipulation skill. A number of sharp steel beams came exploding out suddenly from their various constructions, piercing the bodies of the 4th Battalion soldiers. In a flash, 8 of the soldiers in his line of sight were directly decimated.

After killing 8 of the 4th Battalion soldiers, he was suddenly besieged by 2 soldiers on either of his sides, both of them spraying their weapons at him.

Countless bullets rained down on Wuyan Hong’s body, causing his metal armor to be battered and destroyed bit by bit.

Wuyan Hong eyed the two 4th Battalion soldiers and waved a finger at them, as two structures beside the soldiers crumbled upon themselves, and the steel beams within shot out explosively, penetrating their bodies, impaling them onto another wall.

Wu Da Hui immediately transformed into a werewolf as he darted around the field like a spectre, jumping out from structures from time to time, twisting the necks of unsuspecting soldiers.

Li Yuan Da was an Agility-based Evolver, and his speed was astonishingly fast, many a times, the soldiers of the 4th Battalion would just feel a breeze blowing past them, before their heads came off unknowingly.

With Wuyan Hong’s lead, the Wolf Fang Battalion tore into the unfortunate 4th Battalion like an enraged tiger, slaughtering them while keeping their own casualties low. Other than the 4 who lost their heads at the start of the battle, another 4 were blasted to death by grenades.

One of the commanders came up to Chen Sheng Yong and reported anxiously: “Eagle King!! The 4th Battalion is requesting for back up!! There are many high level Enhancers among the enemy!! There are even a few Evolvers!!”

Chen Sheng Yong laughed coldly as he stared at the commander: “So the Wolf Fang Battalion has made their move eh? Heh! Wuyan Hong, seems like you can’t take this anymore? Convey my orders!! Immediately fire a volley of artillery fire at the position of the 4th Battali

on!! This is an order!!”

“Yes!! Eagle King!” The commander’s heart turned cold as he scurried away.

Hong!! Hong!!

With 2 large flashes, all of a sudden, the entire area where the 4th Battalion and the Wolf Fang Battalion was engaged in battle was suddenly bombarded by heavy artillery, causing buildings to be decimated, debris shooting everywhere. The resulting shockwave travelled outwards forcefully, as a number of holes from the impact revealed themselves.

The terrifying artillery attack rained down a few times on the area, causing destruction. Not a single structure above 3m remained.

“The Wolf Fang Battalion is just so-so. Regardless of how powerful their individual capabilities are, there’s no way they could withstand the heavy fire.” Chen Sheng Yong looked at the region that was decimated and flattened as he laughed coldly: “5th Battalion!! Launch your assault!!”

If it wasn’t for the fact that Chen Sheng Yong had limited ammunition for his artillery, he would have long blasted the entire place, totalling it entirely.

Exchanging a battalion of his elite soldiers for Wuyan Hong’s elite Wolf Fang Battalion, to Chen Sheng Yong, it was an exchange that was worth it.

The 5th Battalion had low morale after witnessing Chen Sheng Yong’s cruel method that did not differentiate between friend or foe, however, they still charged onwards into Lang Son City.

6 of them carefully treaded their way into Lang Son City.

All of a sudden, from the wreckage and debris, 6 sharp steel beams shot out explosively, piercing their bodies, nailing them to the ground.

From within the debris, a 3m-tall man that was covered entirely in steel, looking like a robot jumped out. He did not even turn to look as he retreated back towards the inner parts of Lang Son City.

This man was precisely Wuyan Hong. After that earlier volley of artillery, only he survived. If he hadn’t activate his Second Order Metal Manipulation skill earlier, and to control a huge sheet of steel to protect himself, forming thick layers of armor, he might have lost his life in that blast.

“Damn Chen Sheng Yong! He actually disregarded the lives of our fellow Vietnamese!! You’re ruthless!! Too vicious!!” As he ran, his heart was filled with intense rage and he cursed Chen Sheng Yong inwardly.

Chen Sheng Yong had relied on that crazy volley of artillery to wipe out his entire Wolf Fang Battalion. There were 6 Evolvers within the battalion, but before they could even unleash their abilities and prowess, they were blasted into nothing by that round of heavy fire, and it truly infuriated Wuyan Hong.

At the same time, that experience was the closest Wuyan Hong had come to death, and he became extremely cautious, not willing to charge out by himself to deal with Chen Sheng Yong or his troops.

With the Wolf Fang Battalion decimated, and Wuyan Hong fleeing, the rest of the soldiers saw their god-like figure actually running away pathetically, and their world seemed to crumble. The moment the 5th Battalion of the Eagle King’s forces charged in, the resistance was almost negligible.

If the leader charged forth as the vanguard, there were pros and cons. The pros were that it could raise the morale of the troop, but likewise, should anything happen, or the leader was forced back, the blow to the soldiers’ morale will be detrimental.

Wuyan Hong and the Wolf Fang Battalion had always charged into all battles in the past, seemingly undefeatable. They had become like legends amongst the ordinary soldiers. Now that they have fallen, the fighting will of the soldiers had almost disappeared, as many started to retreat.

“Lang Son City will soon be mine!!!” Chen Sheng Yong heard the good news and favourable reports, his heart leaping with joy.

Once he gained Lang Son City, his prestige would soar, and he would become the overlord of a huge faction of survivors.

Right at this time, a military officer came running in with a pale face, reporting: “Eagle King!! There’s an armed forces currently advancing towards us!!”

Chen Sheng Yong’s eyes flashed with shock, as he gritted his teeth and asked: “What? How many are there? Which faction is this?”

The military officer replied: “They’re from the Kingdom of God!!! They have about 2,000 soldiers, and their equipment are all top-notch. There are tanks, mortars and even assault helicopters!!”

Chen Sheng Yong’s expression immediately turned steely as he cursed out loud: “Fucking Kingdom of God!! Didn’t they go to the coastal side!! Why did they appear here!! What the hell were you guys up to!! How come you didn’t discover this sooner?!”

The information that Wuyan Hong’s base had lack of power was given by the Kingdom of God. On one hand, it helped fuel Chen Sheng Yong’s ambition, on the other, the Kingdom of God could focus their attention on the coastal factions.

In fact, there was a prior agreement between both parties, where one would control Lang Son, the other the coastal side, and both parties would support each other. Chen Sheng Yong had never thought that the Kingdom of God would choose this moment to stab a knife in his back, furthermore, at such a time where both Wuyan Hong and he had lost most of their forces, causing him to have no chance to retaliate at all.

The officer was pale faced: “What do we do? Eagle King!!”

Chen Sheng Yong’s face turn steely as he ordered: “What else can we do! Immediately retreat!! Convey my orders! Retreat now!!”

“Wait just a moment! You can’t retreat!!” At this moment, a voice rang from outside, as a blond hair, blue-eyed man stepped into the command centre.

“How are you, Your Majesty Eagle King? I’m your good friend, Zito! I’m pleased to meet you here.” Zito smiled warmly at Chen Sheng Yong.

Chen Sheng Yong had an ugly expression as he asked briskly: “Your Excellency Zito! What is the meaning of this? Wasn’t there an agreement between us, that Lang Son will be mine, and the coastal areas will be yours?”

The man in charge of the negotiations between the Kingdom of God and Chen Sheng Yong was precisely this guy called Zito. Chen Sheng Yong knew clearly the might of the Kingdom of God, and the fact was that, he relied on them for the firepower to blast Wuyan Hong’s faction so many times today.

Zito’s face broke into a crafty smile: “Your Majesty. We’re not going back on our word. Lang Son is truly yours. However, our Vietnamese Division of the Kingdom of God wishes for you to join us, becoming a part of us. That way, we can better support your activities here in Vietnam. Regarding the coastal sides, after we take down Lang Son City together, we can work together to bring those other factions down as well.”

Chen Sheng Yong mulled a while, before replying slowly: “What if I disagree?”

Zito’s smile turned grim as he mocked with a underlying threat: “Your Majesty, our 2nd Army is already at Thái Nguyên City awaiting orders, protecting your borders, in case some other factions have their eyes on you. However, if you’re not willing to join us, and become our friend! Then I’m afraid, some nasty things will happen!”

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