God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 477

Chapter 477 – Co-operation!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Zito’s words were a blatant threat. If Chen Sheng Yong wasn’t willing to submit, then their 1st and 2nd Battalion will immediately launch a simultaneous assault to rip the Eagle King’s forces out by the roots.

Chen Sheng Yong had kept 3 battalions back at his establishments, but of those 3, only one could be considered an elite force. The rest were new recruits, and held melee weapons. They were simply not a match for the soldiers from the Kingdom of God, who were well-equipped.

Chen Sheng Yong’s face turned ashen, as he clenched his fists tightly. The fury in his heart was surging, and he badly wanted to pummel the guy in front of him right now. If he joined the Kingdom of God, his establishment would still be swallowed up by them anyway. These foreigners were not trustworthy people.

Chen Sheng Yong mulled for a long while, before replying softly: “Fine, I’ll do it!”

Zito’s face revealed a strange smile, as he opened up a box and handed to Chen Sheng Yong: “Congratulations on making the right choice. This is a Divine Pill that we manufactured. As long as you consume it, you can become a core member of ours.”

Chen Sheng Yong’s face fell as he stared at Zito, spitting out: “You don’t trust me?”

He was naturally clear about what the so-called ‘Divine Pill’ was. In truth, it was something that the Kingdom of God had processed using the mutant plant life and some strange mutant beasts as research. This was one of the measures used by the Kingdom of God to control any foreign powers. ‘Those who aren’t our kin are sure to be of a different heart’ this sentence, the Europeans were extremely familiar as well.

The Kingdom of God would use such methods to force the control of the leader of any forces outside of their people. If there wasn’t an antidote given each month, the leader would die of the effects of poisoning.

Zito maintained that respectful ‘smile’, saying: “Oh no! We trust the Eagle King. However, with this Divine Pill, our cooperation would be even more smooth-sailing!”

Chen Sheng Yong’s face drained of colour as he fell silent. The moment he consumed this pill, his life was basically doomed to be in the hands of the Kingdom of God, there would be no way to escape their clutches again.

Right at this time, a military officer came bursting into the room in high spirits, reporting: “Eagle King!! Your Majesty!! Wuyan Hong’s forces from afar had returned!! They’re currently engaging the 1st Battalion of the Kingdom of God’s Vietnam Branch in an intense battle!”

“What! Haha! That’s great!! Hearing the news, Chen Sheng Yong’s face regained some colour, as he chuckled at Zito: “Your Excellency! Did you hear that? Now Wuyan Hong’s forces are fighting it out with your 1st Battalion, if I were to join forces with him now, what do you think?”

Zito’s face that had always been polite now looked positively ugly, although he still smiled and said: “Your Majesty! You wouldn’t do that! We are your friends! I hope that you can work with our forces to eliminate Wuyan Hong’s troops! After that, we can split Lang Son City equally!”

Now that the situation was not favourable to the Kingdom of God, Zito immediately changed his tune and threw his earlier threats out the window, opting for another tactic.

Cheng Sheng Yong eyed Zito coolly and ordered: “Mr Zito!! I will take your proposal into consideration! For now, please leave! Send him out!”


of the soldiers immediately escorted Zito out.

One of the intelligence officers immediately asked Chen Sheng Yong: “What do we do now, Eagle King?”

Chen Sheng Yong had a steely expression as he ordered: “Convey my command, all troops are to pull out of Lang Son City, and construct defense fortifications!”

As he gave the order, he wept internally. It was just that one step, he almost had Lang Son City in his hands. Now, his best options were to gather his troops to defend his location, and await the development of the situation.

“Damn it!! Yue Zhong that fucking yellow monkey! As expected, all those Chinese monkeys are not trustworthy!!” The moment Zito left Chen Sheng Yong’s place, his face was contorted with fury. He was not stupid, and had immediately come to the conclusion that Yue Zhong had not seen the plan through, allowing Zhao Yuan Shuang’s forces to make it back in the nick of time.

Of course, Zito and the rest would not think that what they were about to do to Chen Sheng Yong was the same, totally cutting any form of retreat for him.

On the frontlines, Zhao Yuan Shuang’s voice rang out, motivating the soldiers: “Charge!! Kill all those foreign pigs!! They are invaders that had caused much misery for our race and ancestors! Once they get into Lang Son City, our wives, sons and daughters would become their slaves!! Kill the invaders!!”

“Kill the invaders!!”

“Kill all those white-skinned pigs!! For the glory of our Vietnam!!”

“For the glory of our Vietnam!!”

With Zhao Yuan Shuang’s inflammatory words, those elite soldiers were riled up, and under the command of their officers, they begun to launch their assault, wave after wave.

Such a troop was not only the elites of Wuyan Hong, at the same time, they were fanatics that had been brainwashed. Their fighting spirit and will was indomitable, adding to their strict military training, together with their experience, they were truly a formidable force.

Under the cover of the self-propelled rockets, tanks rolled towards the location of the Kingdom of God’s forces. There were Vietnam soldiers wielding rifles without fear of deaths that marched on beside the tanks.

Within the camp of the Kingdom of God’s forces, the commander, Alex, watched the incoming wave of enemies and chuckled coldly: “What a bunch of morons! They actually dare to contend with us in terms of firepower?! They’re really stupid!! Blackhawk One, move out!”

With that order, 20 assault helicopters flew out from the camp, making their way towards the Vietnam army.

At the same time, from within the camp, 36 40-barrel rocket launchers began firing without stop at the battlefield.

24 other 122 self-propelled artillery also fire upon the area where the tanks were, blasting the entire region continuously.

In just a few seconds, the Vietnam troops found themselves blanketed by heavy fire.

With that fearsome display of might, of the 20 tanks that Zhao Yuan Shuang sent out, 12 were instantly decimated.

The remaining 8 tanks did not have the time to exhibit their prowess, when the 24 assault helicopters in the air locked on their targets, releasing a line of anti-tank bullets, destroying 6 of them and blasting them into pieces.

The last 2 tanks immediately tried to retreat, one of them unfortunately latched on by an anti-tank rocket that came blasting it. The other managed to successfully escape into the forest.

In just 20 short minutes, Zhao Yuan Shuang’s armored forces that had been invincible on the battlefield was thoroughly annihilated.

This was a one-sided battle, the might of the Kingdom of God was simply too overpowering, and these were the trump cards of Alex. Many talents congregated at the Kingdom of God, and they could casually summon 24 assault helicopters to decimate their enemies. Whereas for Wuyan Hong, he had at most 8 of them, and his manpower was only sufficient to operate only 2 of them. Without the manpower, even if they have the equipment, they could not operate it.

Just as Alex was smiling smugly, a bright flare occurred in the distance, as a 12.7mm huge sniper round shot down one of the helicopters, causing it to explode.

At that instant, it burst into a ball of flames, dropping to the ground.

Beside Zhao Yuan Shuang, one of the experts of the Sky Wolf Battalion glared at the remaining 23 assault helicopters hatefully, before retreating back within the forest. It was precisely him who had fired that shot, which caused an assault helicopter to explode. An ordinary round would not have been capable of doing such a thing.

After collapsing the advance of Zhao Yuan Shuang, 40 tanks came rolling out from the Kingdom of God’s base, forming a terrifying fleet of metal backed by elite soldiers charging beside them. The entire force made their way towards Zhao Yuan Shuang and his troops.

“Retreat into the forest!!” Zhao Yuan Shuang watched the incoming metal fleet, and called out in a solemn tone. They would not be able to control the flow of the battle through a full-on clash, and could only rely on guerilla warfare within the woods.

At that time during the Vietnam War, the Vietnamese were simply no match for the American troops. They had managed to win due to a few factors, namely the support of 2 huge countries, as well as the internal strife of the American troops. Furthermore, the Vietnamese had relied on their knowledge of the terrain to slowly wear down the American forces.

With his order, the troops immediately broke off into formation, transforming into 6 different sections, before escaping further into the woods. These parts of Vietnam was their homeground, where hills, and dense woods played a beneficial part to them.

As Zhao Yuan Shuang’s forces escaped into the woods, the tanks from the Kingdom of God would find it hard to display their might. However, the 23 assault helicopters flew over the forest, firing incendiary rounds.

As the rounds landed on the lush green forest, they exploded into flames, and started to consume the trees and everything in the vicinity. Even though it was in the middle of winter, there were still large patches of grass and trees that began burning. Many of the Vietnamese soldiers were instantly enveloped and burnt alive.

Another sniper-bullet that was amplified by the [Strengthen Bullets] skill landed on one of the assault helicopters, causing it to burst into a ball of flames, and drop from the skies.

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