God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 478

Chapter 478 – Might of The Forces of Kingdom Of God

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

After 2 assault helicopters were shot down, the remaining 22 helicopters became more cautious, increasing their altitude. They continued to fire down incendiary rounds and explosives, turning the forest into a sea of fire.

Although Zhao Yuan Shuang had intended to bring his troops to escape into the forest, they were still wiped out by the 22 assault helicopters.

Chen Shen Yong watched the Kingdom of God’s forces easily annihilating Zhao Yuan Shuang’s forces from afar, and he was filled with shock: “So strong!! They’re too terrifying!! The forces of the Kingdom of God is seriously too overbearing!!”

After all, the amount of resources that the Kingdom of God had access to was something not even Chen Sheng Yong nor Wuyan Hong could hope to touch. The Kingdom of God had the latest technology in all of Europe, and had already started to consolidate their influence and control over the entire globe. Even the branch in Vietnam was already terrifying. They were a modern army, backed with the support of satellites and top-of-the-range logistics, and not some random bunch of people wielding melee weapons that didn’t even know the basics of warfare.

Even though it was blunt and ugly to the ears, Yue Zhong was also just a strong bumpkin, the amount of resources he had could not compare against the Kingdom of God.

Chen Sheng Yong watched as the 1st Battalion of the Kingdom of God slaughtered the Vietnamese soldiers with ease, and the unease in his heart grew. His troops were not weak, but they were slightly inferior to Zhao Yuan Shuang’s forces. If he were in Zhao Yuan Shuang’s shoes, they would have likely been forced to the woods as well.

Just as his expression continued to turn paler by the second, a military officer came up to him and said: “Eagle King!! Wuyan Hong had sent an envoy to seek an audience!”

Chen Sheng Yong’s eyes flashed with surprise: “Let him in.”

One of the soldiers escorted the person to Chen Sheng Yong.

“Wuyan Hong!!” Upon seeing the man, Chen Sheng Yong blurted out and drew back a few steps.

The 3 Evolvers and 2 Enhancers who were above Level 40 that were Chen Sheng Yong’s personal guards immediately stepped in front of Chen Sheng Yong and eyed the man in front of them dangerously.

The man who had established the Great Vietnam Empire and had referred to himself as Emperor, a nationalistic supremacist and a warlord, Wuyan Hong.

Wuyan Hong smirked at Chen Sheng Yong: “It’s me. I’m here to discuss cooperating!”

Chen Sheng Yong recovered from his shock, taking another two steps back before asking Wuyan Hong indifferently: “You’re able to let it go?”

This time, Chen Sheng Yong had really stabbed Wuyan Hong, the Wolf Fang Battalion destroyed, and Wuyan Hong himself almost lost his life. Such a grievance, it was hard for Chen Sheng Yong to believe that Wuyan Hong could put it down.

Wuyan Hong replied directly: “I can’t let it go!!”

His pupils narrowed as he looked at Chen Sheng Yong and continued: “However, even if I can’t let it go, I have to do so today! If we continue to clash! The white pigs will be the ones to benefit! I will definitely not allow our Vietnam to fall into the hands of those white pigs. Chen Sheng Yong, this time, please join forces with me! No! Take it that I’m begging you, let’s kill those white pigs together!”

Wuyan Hong’s eyes flashed with a ferocious light as he promised: “As long as you cooperate with me! After

this battle, I’m willing to share a battalion’s worth of equipment and 40,000 people with you!! I’d rather you become the overlord of our Vietnam, than seeing those shameless white pigs taking control here!”

Chen Sheng Yong heard the sincerity in Wuyan Hong’s words, his eyes flashing with a strange gaze, and he mulled silently a while, before replying: “Fine!! Wuyan Hong, you’re a true hero. I’m willing to join forces with you, and eradicate those invaders.”

Wuyan Hong revealed a smile: “Thank you!!”

Everybody had many sides to them. Wuyan Hong was a sadistic and cruel racist, and was lustful to boot, viewing the Chinese with contempt and hatred, but he was without a doubt a nationalistic man and he was extremely charming to his people.

After coming to terms, both sides sent their armies to attack the Kingdom of God from the back.

On one corner of the battlefield, 4,000 Chinese survivors with tattered clothings, soulless eyes, and bodies full of scars gathered together.

The Chinese survivors in Lang Son City did not number many, and these 4,000 survivors were basically captured from Wuyan Hong’s conquests around the region. He had wanted his Vietnamese people to become the top of the food chain, and hence he had intended for the Chinese to become slaves to serve his people.

Wuyan Hong glared at the 4,000 Chinese survivors and ordered coldly: “I’m Wuyan Hong! I’m ordering you guys to charge ahead! Kill those white pigs! For each white pig killed, I’ll grant that person his freedom. If you don’t charge, I’ll kill your wives, children, and parents! Issue them their weapons!”

With the order given, the Vietnamese soldiers came over, and issued a wooden bat to each Chinese survivor.

Wuyan Hong did not trust the Chinese survivors and hence, he wouldn’t give them any decent weapons. Not even a single hacking knife.

“Charge!! Those who don’t will die!!” Wuyan Hong then hollered at those Chinese survivors.

Under the threat of those black guns, the Chinese survivors could only launch their assault towards the base camp of the Kingdom of God helplessly.

The Kingdom of God had incredible firepower, and the moment the 4,000 survivors charge forwards, they were met with a rain of bullets, causing them to be torn apart.

Many of those in front were instantly felled or injured, and the battlefield was strewn with corpses and fresh blood. The courage of the rest were dashed, as they begun to retreat in horror and fear.

“Charge!! Those who retreat will be shot dead!!” One Vietnamese officer shouted.

From the Vietnamese site, likewise, a rain of bullets were fired upon the Chinese survivors, killing a number of them.

On the battlefield, regardless of which side, the Chinese survivors were caught in the crossfire, becoming corpses. Be it the Vietnamese army or the Kingdom of God, they could not trust the Chinese survivors, nor were they willing to accept their surrender.

“Bunch of bastards!” From afar, Yue Zhong observed the battlefield through the scope of his Falcon Sniper quietly, although his fury was growing.

Yue Zhong watched his countrymen falling one by one in their own blood, and kept his Falcon Sniper. He closed his eyes as he slumped against a tree, not bearing to watch on.

It was not time yet for Yue Zhong to make his move, and he could only watch helplessly as the 4,000 Chinese survivors were slaughtered by the crossfire.

“Even for the bigger picture, this 4,000 figure is still a huge number!” Yue Zhong laid under the tree as he muttered bitterly.

“Damn Vietnamese monkeys!! They can’t be trusted!!” Alex was betrayed by the cooperation of Wuyan Hong and Chen Sheng Yong, and was enraged at this point.

The Kingdom of God’s troops was a mechanized force, and they were about to establish a form of defence line, but with the actions of Wuyan Hong and Chen Sheng Yong, they still lost a number of men.

Alex quickly adjusted his tactics, recalling the 40 tanks, this time concentrating the assault towards Lang Song city. The fearsome artillery was also aimed towards that direction.

This time, Wuyan Hong and Chen Sheng Yong had a thorough understanding of the terrifying might of the forces from the Kingdom of God, and they quickly pulled their troops back to Lang Son City.

On the other side, Zhao Yuan Shuang continued to organize little skirmishes against the troops of the Kingdom of God.

Alex had no choice but to deploy some of the experts to take on the forces of Zhao Yuan Shuang, both sides suffering great losses.

Having adjusted their strategy, Alex deployed the armored forces and launched an assault on Lang Son City.

Amidst that dense volley of fire, parts of Lang Son City were slowly taken.

Still, the Vietnamese soldiers were incredibly tenacious, in order to defend against the invaders, even women and children joined in the battle.

At the same time, Wuyan Hong and Chen Sheng Yong racked their brains to send in their combined forces and experts, slowly whittling the strength of the Kingdom of God.

Tanks were well suited in wide open areas, but in narrow spaces, they would face a disadvantage. Because of that, Wuyan Hong and Chen Sheng Yong had shrewdly abandoned fighting out in the open, instead bringing the fight to their home grounds, where the terrain was cruel to the tanks.

The intense battled continued on all the way till night, before both sides took a breather.

Both parties had suffered great losses, the Vietnamese Army having lost about 2,000 people, while the casualities of the survivors numbered in the 10,000s. The Kingdom of God likewise had a casualties count of 300 people, 6 assault helicopters, 7 tanks, 10 IFVs, and 20 machine gun mounted vehicles.

“These Vietnamese monkeys do have some fight in them!!” Alex was outraged at the result, because the deaths of the men on their side had been from their elite soldiers. In the whole of Vietnam, the Kingdom of God only had 3,000 members from the elite force. In this battle, he had activated 2,000 of them to decimate 11,000 people, (of which 4,000 were the Chinese survivors) killing 6,000 enemies at the cost of his own 300 soldiers was a huge loss.

“Raid!! Raid!!” All of a sudden, there were alarms blaring all over the base camp of the Kingdom of God, as a number of Vietnamese experts came under the cover of the night to launch a sneak attack.

Hong!! Hong!!

The dozens of Vietnamese experts had just crossed the steel fence, when a number of pressure-triggered mines exploded, directly claiming the lives of 3 of the Vietnamese experts.

A flare shot into the sky, illuminating the entire area. Countless firepower began raining down on the area, killing 7 other Vietnamese experts instantly.

The remaining experts tried to retreat swiftly, unfortunately, there were another 2 who lost their lives.

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