God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 479

Chapter 479 – Tragic Battle!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

On this night, the Vietnamese Army had organized 8 sneak raids, and managed to kill 60 of the Kingdom of God soldiers. However, their own side suffered a loss of 100 soldiers, and 21 Enhancers above level 20.

With the harassment of the Vietnamese Army, the Kingdom of God didn’t get a good night’s rest.

Early the next morning, the Kingdom of God resumed its relentless assault on Lang Son City.

With the continuous volley of artillery fire, the metal fleet of the Kingdom of God begun to push further into Lang Son City.

Although Wuyan Hong and Chen Sheng Yong had been backed into a corner, they were still putting up a strong resistance, as a huge number of Vietnamese youths were activated, and drafted into the frontline troops, acting as cannon fodder.

With the incitement of the 2 leaders, the Vietnamese youths came to see the Kingdom of God as invaders and were full of hostility, although they had weak combat capabilities, they charged on bravely against the Kingdom of God.

However, the harsh reality of life was displayed everywhere, that in battle, just pure courage would not win battles. The hot-blooded youths found themselves laying in their own blood not long after charging onto the battlefield.

At the same time, not all the Vietnamese were unafraid of death. With the constant rain of fire blasting down on the city, a number of the Vietnamese survivors were frightened out of their wits, and tried to escape from the heat of the battlefield.

Under the pressure of the Kingdom of God’s advance, the casualties of Wuyan Hong and Chen Sheng Yong’s troops were rising. Of course, their utmost efforts still gave a whole lot of trouble for Alex.

In just another day, the elite forces of the Kingdom of God had lost another 300 people, at the same time, 6 tanks and 5 assault helicopters were destroyed. As for the Vietnamese Army, they had lost 5,000 people. Most of the deaths were the Vietnamese youths that had just been drafted in. They did not possess much in the way of fighting capabilities. However, they were great cannon fodder, and attracted the firepower from the Kingdom of God.

Upon receiving the report of the battle, Alex became agitated: “Damn it! This Vietnamese monkeys are truly persistent. They do have some small ability after all.”

In these 2 whole days of battle, Alex had decimated close to 10,000 Vietnamese people, but he still had not conquered Lang Son City. The casualties on his side were numbering 700, close to half of his original troops. He began to harbor the thought of retreating, after all, he was left with only 1,300 troops.

An intense battle that had lasted 2 days, with his losses reaching 30%, this caused the morale of the soldiers of the Kingdom of God to drop as well. They were human after all, and offence always took more of a toll as compared to defence.

However, it was hard for Alex to get off the proverbial tiger by now, if he didn’t manage to eliminate Wuyan Hong and Chen Sheng Yong, then after they recover their strength, the Kingdom of God would have an additional headache.

The Kingdom of God had a reach that spanned the entire globe, with the best soldiers, the most advanced technology as well as intelligence. However, they had their shortcomings as well. Their most important establishment was in Europe, and hence, the bulk of their power was consolidated there. In this apocalyptic world, at this point, it would be too much to send more reinforcements to the other areas of the world.

Furthermore, since they’re mainly overseas, to build up a force that was trustworthy took time. This time, they had activated their 1st Battalion of the Vietnam branch to act. If they were to fail, then the situation would spiral out of control, which may even mean losing their hold over this part of the world.

Vice-versa, if the Kingdom of God could take over Lang Son as well as Thái Nguyên, then it was equivalent to them having established a stable foothold in this area. From here, they could keep watch over Guang Xi, at the same time, slowly swallow up the whole of Vietnam.

Alex eyed Lang Son City from where he was, his eyes flashing with a resolute gaze: “We must hang on for one more day! They should be at the end of their ropes already. I cannot afford to retreat, there can only be victory! Victory!!”

In Lang Son City, Chen Sheng Yong eyed Wuyan Hong beside him and asked solemnly: “How is it? Old Wu, are you able to hang on?”

Wuyan Hong was currently riddled with many new scars and as well as many new injuries. His entire demeanor looked sluggish. In the earlier battle, he had single-handedly decimated 80 soldiers of the Kingdom of God, destroyed 3 tanks, and his measures were ruthless and decisive. However, he had suffered the brunt of a few explosives, and a huge cannon had actually landed near him. If it wasn’t for his metal armor protecting him, he would have become a corpse.

Wuyan Hong’s eyes flashed with a savage light as he replied: “Yeah!! Those white pigs want my life?! Not so easy!!”

Chen Sheng Yong directly continued: “Old Wu! How many more troops can you send out? My troops are about to be exterminated!”

Wuyan Hong eyed Chen Sheng Yong coolly and replied: “I’ll get someone to send 2,000 men to you!”

Wuyan Hong knew that Chen Sheng Yong still had a battalion of elites that he would not send out no matter what. They were his core and final trump card. He would definitely not deploy them unless absolutely necessary.

As for the other troops of Chen Sheng Yong, they did put up an incredibly tough fight, hence Wuyan Hong was willing to hand over some troops.

There were still 130,000 survivors in Lang Son City. If Wuyan Hong were to disregard everything and deploy all he got, he could still pull out a huge 80,000-men army. However, this army would be a motley crew of people using melee weapons. With a huge establishment of manpower, Wuyan Hong was able to generously pass 2,000 soldiers over to Chen Sheng Yong.

Chen Sheng Yong had a look of hesitation, before he suggested: “Old Wu! Why not, we retreat first?”

The intense fighting over these past 2 days had really opened Chen Sheng Yong’s eyes to the might of the Kingdom of God. 6 of his elite battalions had fought hard, but they were already down to one battalion. Of course, this was also partly due to having lost 3 battalions to Wuyan Hong earlier.

Even with Chen Sheng Yong and Wuyan Hong joining forces against the Kingdom of God, they still suffered heavy casualties. Chen Sheng Yong was extremely clear that Wuyan Hong was left with only 1 elite battalion within lang Son. The rest were just new recruits without much experience.

If it wasn’t for the new recruits being brainwashed to be nationalistic heroes, and their fighting will to be that strong, Chen Sheng Yong and Wuyan Hong would have long been crushed.

Wuyan Hong’s eyes flashed as he replied loudly: “No way!! We have to defend here! Even if we have to risk it all and send every soldier to their doom, we will definitely not let them have Lang Son City. Our Vietnamese people would rather die than become their slaves!!”

Chen Sheng Yong’s eyes flashed with a strange light: “Ok! I’ll fight alongside you till the end!”

On this night, Wuyan Hong brought his men and launched a night raid once more, killing another 32 soldiers.

However, over 80 Vietnamese recruits and 15 Enhancers over Level 20 had been sacrificed to attract the firepower of the Kingdom of God.

Wuyan Hong’s nightly raids left Alex simmering with rage, and early the next morning, the Kingdom of God unleashed a terrifying onslaught on the city of Lang Son.

A barrage of heavy fire rained down on Lang Son city, and this time, the Kingdom of God did not care if the ordinary citizens got hurt or killed, wherever there were people, they would concentrate their fire there.

The assault helicopters in the air rained bullets down continuously, as a huge number of Vietnamese survivors would either be blasted or torn to shreds.

Those soldiers from the Kingdom of God launching their assault would also kill any living thing that crossed their path without mercy. Be it the men or women, elderly or children, as long as there were people, they would gun them down ruthlessly.

Alex was adamant on taking down Lang Son City this time, and his troops must occupy the city by the end of today.

Wuyan Hong and Chen Sheng Yong brought their men as they resisted with their utmost efforts, as many hot-blooded Vietnamese youths were sent to the battlefield, becoming cannon fodder and ultimately, a bunch of corpses.

At that part of the battlefield, Wuyan Hong was covered with a 10cm thick steel armor, charging through the battlefield like Iron Man. With each fist that he threw out, a soldier would lose his head.

4 soldiers surrounded him, their hands wielding assault rifles as they fired wildly at Wuyan Hong. A large number of the bullets just bounced off the armor.

Wuyan Hong eyed the 4 soldiers, and waved his hands. From behind them, sharp steel beams burst out of their places in the structure, penetrating their skulls and killing them instantly.

He panted slightly after killing these 4 soldiers at an instant, if he hadn’t expended his energy for his ability, the situation would have been tough to handle.

Just as he was panting for breath, a huge sense of crisis welled up, and he hurriedly dodged to the side.


Following the sound of a gunshot, Wuyan Hong found a large sniper bullet hitting him squarely on the shoulders, causing the metal armor to be blasted apart, at the same time, shattering his left shoulder bone.

“They’re finally making their move!!” Wuyan Hong’s face turned pale as he seemed to have come to an understanding.

After his shoulder was disabled, 2 Enhancers came charging at him, one having transformed into a werewolf, the other into a wereleopard.

On the other side, there was a Spirit-based expert that activated a Spirit attack towards Wuyan Hong.

From afar, inside a huge building, a blond-hair man eyed Wuyan Hong coldly as he took out an RPG and aimed.

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