God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 480

Chapter 480: Lang Son City Falls!

One expert immediately casted his Second Order [Gravity Manipulation] from afar, and in that instant, Wuyan Hong’s body was instantly enveloped by a force that was 8-times that of the usual gravity. His speed became sluggish, and every step required a lot of his energy.

Fortunately, the layer of metal protecting him was under his own control, otherwise, he would have been crushed into meat paste by the weight and added gravity.

In order to deal with this ultimate expert from the Vietnam Army, Alex had deployed 6 Enhancers above level 40. He had even gotten 2 Level 50 experts to join forces with the rest to deal with Wuyan Hong.

Once they killed Wuyan Hong, the resistance in Lang Son City would weaken by at least 30%.

As the self-proclaimed Emperor of the Great Vietnamese Empire, Wuyan Hong was truly powerful, the total number of elites of the Kingdom of God that had died at his hands numbered in the 200s. This was a terrifying number. After all, the total strength of the 1st Battalion of the Kingdom of God was only 2,000 people. That was to say, Wuyan Hong alone had decimated 10% of their strength.

“Want to kill me?! You’ll have to pay a painful price!! White pigs!!” Wuyan Hong’s eyes flashed with a vicious glint.

The Spirit attack assaulted Wuyan Hong, bursting with a flash of white light.

The werewolf Enhancer charged towards Wuyan Hong, his claws stretched out aiming for his head. Although Wuyan Hong had metal protecting his head as well, the sharp claws of that werewolf could easily rip through the metal like paper.

“Go to hell!” Wuyan Hong’s eyes had a severe look, and he did not dodge nor evade, instead charging at the werewolf. The claws of the werewolf tore the metal off Wuyan Hong’s face, causing 5 deep gashes.

Wuyan Hong’s fist came swinging viciously on the chest of the werewolf, and a sharp metal blade tore through the werewolf. He then twisted the blade, before pulling it upwards, slicing the werewolf in two, splattering blood everywhere.

The were-leopard shot forwards like a spectre to Wuyan Hong’s side. However, Wuyan Hong’s fist swung towards the spot as though he foresaw the attack, and his single punch caused the Enhancer’s head to explode.

After killing that were-leopard, Wuyan Hong shot a look towards the Spirit-based Enhancer, waving his hands, as 20 pieces of compressed metal bearings each weighing over a 100kg shot towards the Enhancer. In an instant, the Enhancer was violently assaulted by those metal balls, mangling his body and killing him.

At this time, the RPG-wielding expert from the building pulled the trigger, as a rocket shot towards Wuyan Hong. That expert had the [Trajectory Manipulation] ability, and any round fired by him would find its target no matter what. Countless experts had died at his RPG.

Wuyan Hong’s eyes flashed with a strange light, controlling metal armor to fly away from his body, forming a shield right in front of him.

The rocket flew and blasted on the shield, causing a huge hole in the metal layer, but not harming Wuyan Hong in the slightest.

Wuyan Hong eyed the RPG-wielding expert, his gaze turning cold. He immediately activated his ability, and a steel beam from the building twisted out from its place, shooting towards the expert.

That RPG-wielding expert was also a veteran, and he had long since reacted by dodging to one side.


Just as Wuyan Hong was focused on controlling the sharp steel beam to kill the RPG expert, the sniper from afar with the [Bullet Strengthening] ability fired a round at Wuyan Hong.

Wuyan Hong was sent flying back about 7 to 8 metres, the ribcage bones on his chest entirely shattered to pieces. He spat out a mouthful of blood as he slumped to the floor.

Wuyan Hong was truly overbearing in his strength, but he had been through continuous, intense fights. His Stamina and Spirit had almost been expended fully, and thus, under the joint efforts of 6 experts, dealing with 3 was the maximum he could do before he was overwhelmed.

Seeing that Wuyan Hong was down, the expert with the [Gravity Manipulation] charged straight for him. He was a close combat specialist, but he lacked those skills specific for close combat.

With a thought, Wuyan Hong controlled another layer of metal to swiftly cover his body, and through his control, the suit of armor moved, bringing him away.

Without the werewolf or were-leopard harassing him, Wuyan Hong soon escaped from that area and retreated back within Lang Son City.

Currently, the Vietnamese Army within Lang Son City could be considered to be giving their 120%. With Wuyan Hong pulling out of the battle, the situation became even more dire.

Forced into a corner, Chen Sheng Yong had no choice but to deploy the elites in his command.

On the other side, Wuyan Hong also activated his last elite battalion, sending them into battle.

With the final 2 elite battalions of the Vietnamese Army joining the fray, the soldiers of the Kingdom of God found themselves in trouble again.

However, with the relentless onslaught of heavy artillery the final 2 elite battalions were wiped out after 2 hours.

With the final 2 elite battalions collapsing, the entire Lang Son City was thrown into chaos, as a huge number of Vietnamese survivors began to escape from the city, towards the forest.

Outside Lang Son City, there were all sorts of zombies and Mutant Beasts wandering around. The Vietnamese survivors knew this well. However, compared to those zombies and Mutant Beasts, the Vietnamese survivors feared the Kingdom of God.

After the intense battles these past 3 days, Wuyan Hong and Chen Sheng Yong were considered to be defeated by the Kingdom of God, their troops entirely wiped out. However, they did manage to deal a heavy blow to the Kingdom of God, whose own casualties numbered in the 1,100. Not only that, 23 tanks, 60 machine gun mounted vehicles, 30 IFVs and 10 assault helicopters were destroyed as well.

The soldiers of the Kingdom of God weren’t decent people, having charged into Lang Son City and seeing the fleeing survivors, their eyes turned red at the thought of their fallen comrades. They began to kill those Vietnamese survivors without discrimination, and a number of them even grabbed some of the prettier Vietnamese ladies, taking off their pants and raping them on the spot.

There wasn’t any major laws governing these branches of the Kingdom of God. Being in foreign countries, they didn’t have to bear any consequences of harming women. It must be known that even before the apocalypse, troops would also pillage and rape during wars. Even female troopers were not spared from some dodgy events going on in their own bases.

The whole Lang Son City turned into a scene from hell, with blood and fire everywhere. Vietnamese survivors were running everywhere, while the savage laughters of the Europeans rang out, mixed with the sobbing of the Vietnamese women.

The victor would always decide the fate of the loser. When Wuyan Hong was slaughtering the Chinese, the Chinese were crying, while the Vietnamese laughed. Now the Europeans had obtained victory, the ones crying were the Vietnamese.

Amidst the carnage, Alex sauntered into Lang Son under the protection of his troops.

One of the intelligence officer saw a soldier directly stripping a Vietnamese woman of her clothes and begin raping her. His eyebrows furrowed as he spoke: “Commander! Please give the order to round up those bastards! Their behaviour now is too atrocious!”

In war, not everyone would lose their basic humanity, some would maintain some form of conscience.

Alex glanced at that officer, smiling in a tolerant manner: “The guys have been through a tough few months. The stress they’ve endured is not small, they should relax abit. These are just a few yellow-skinned monkeys, being able to help our boys de-stress should be their honour.”

If those soldiers had laid hands on other Aryans, Alex would not have hesitated to execute them on the spot, carrying out martial law. However, since these were Vietnamese women, Alex didn’t care. To him, they were equivalent to monkeys, and he would not be enraged over the rape of a monkey.

The intelligence officer seemed to have more to say, but upon noticing the dirty looks the rest were sending him, he shut his mouth.

After conquering a city, most invaders would pillage and rape. During the 8-Nation Alliance response to the Boxer Rebellion, there were many such cases as well.

If the intelligence officer continued to shoot his mouth off, he might not live to see another day – he was after all not a pure Aryan.

“Move out!!” Yue Zhong had been hiding in a forest, and he gave the order to launch an assault after confirming that the Kingdom of God had sent a battalion to protect the artillery team towards Lang Son.

In an instant, 5 battalions shot forwards, a 2,500-strong army launched an attack on the soldiers of the Kingdom of God.

The commander of the artillery team, Dan Dong, was currently grumbling: “Damn it!! We set out too late!! Those good-looking Vietnamese women are bound to be taken by those assholes!!”

In this foreign country, where everything was prohibited in war, Dan Dong was looking forward to tasting having power over someone else’s life, not to mention that he hadn’t had a woman for nearly 3 weeks.

“Enemy raid!! Enemy raid!!”

All of a sudden, alarms went off, and Dan Dong’s face fell. He came to the frontlines and saw the troops of Yue Zhong swarming towards them.

Dan Dong looked at the huge troop of soldiers and his face became extremely pale as he cursed out: “Fuck!! Who are these people? How the hell is there an armed force here? What the fuck is the intelligence department doing? How come no one caught sight of such a huge movement???”

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