God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 482

Chapter 482 – In-fighting!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

With the cruel conditions of war, slaughtering ordinary civilians was still common in modern times, often, there would be news of civilians suffering as a result of war. In the most recent history of China, there was the Nanking Massacre, or “Rape of Nanking” as more commonly known.

Chen Sheng Yong was worried that in his anger, Yue Zhong might just massacre the entire city. Although Chen Sheng Yong wasn’t any saint himself, he could not bear to watch over a hundred thousand of his countrymen being slaughtered.

Yue Zhong pondered silently before replying: “All those scum whose hands have been covered in the blood of the Chinese, I will definitely not spare! Those who didn’t participate, fine, I can leave them with their lives. This is my bottom line. Go back and tell Chen Sheng Yong. Also, if he serves me wholeheartedly, I can grant him a commander position. Go back!”

If Chen Sheng Yong truly submitted to Yue Zhong, he would gain the opportunity to lead the hundred thousands of Vietnamese survivors alongside Yue Zhong. Granting him a position wasn’t difficult. An army could be big or small, it could consist of 900 or over a 1,000. They could be granted with melee weapons, or state of the art modern equipment.

As long as Chen Sheng Yong joined Yue Zhong, Yue Zhong had his means to control him.

Li Ming Zong replied with respect: “Yes!!”

Just as Li Ming Zong was about to leave the room, Yue Zhong’s cold voice came from behind: “One more thing. I want Wuyan Hong’s head as proof of Chen Sheng Yong’s surrender. If he can’t do it, his capabilities are too weak. Then I would only give him a weaker position. I’m giving him a day’s time to consider, if he doesn’t bring his troops, then don’t blame me for not being nice.”

Li Ming Zong replied: “Understood!”

Dan Dong frowned and asked: “Leader! Do you still need me to lead the troops over to that district?”

Yue Zhong replied calmly: “Go make your preparations. Await my orders.”

Chen Sheng Yong’s words were still not trustworthy. Yue Zhong had already set his plans in place, the moment any issues occurred on Chen Sheng Yong’s side, he would then use force to wipe out every single last one of the Vietnamese Army.

Within a basement in Lin Yang District.

Chen Sheng Yong was frowning as he asked Li Ming Zong: “He really said that?”

“Yes! Eagle King!” Li Ming Zong responded.

Inside the basement, there were only the 2 of them.

Chen Sheng Yong heard Li Ming Zong’s words, and his brows furrowed even deeper, as he shut his eyes.

Li Ming Zong saw that and suggested: “Eagle King! Why don’t we just bring our men and join Yue Zhong. Becoming a vice-commander is already not too bad.”

Wuyan Hong might be seen as a beast and scum to foreigners, but to a large number of the Vietnamese survivors in Lang Son City, he was their spiritual leader and hero.

Li Ming Zong could instantly tell that Chen Sheng Yong was reluctant to kill Wuyan Hong. Because the moment he did that, he would be branded as a traitor and cursed for it.

Chen Sheng Yong mulled for a long while, before opening his eyes and eyed Li Ming Zong, saying: “Go get Wuyan Hong to come over.”

“Yes!” Li Ming Zong became alarmed, but he still saluted respectfully.

“No!! I think, I should go and see him!” Chen Sheng Yong hesitated before standing up and walking out with huge strides.

Chen Sheng Yong brought two soldiers as they came to the room that Wuyan Hong was residing in.

At this time, Wuyan Hong was lying in bed, while there were 4 Level 30 Enhancers standing quietly, guarding him.

Wuyan Hong’s ribcage had shattered, but he had taken a number of blood essences before, and his Vitality wasn’t too weak, and had managed to hang on with his constitution.

Wuyan Hong saw Chen Sheng Yong walking over and his brows arched, eyeing the soldiers behind Chen Sheng Yong and asked: “Old Chen, what’s the situation?”

“Stand down!” Chen Sheng Yong gave the order to his guards.

The 2 soldiers immediately left the room.

Chen Sheng Yong eyed Wuyan Hong, before looking at the 4 experts beside his bed.

Wuyan Hong turned his gaze towards his guarsd and gave an order indifferently: “You guys stand down as well!”

With that, the other 4 guards also immediately left.

Chen Sheng Yong came over to Wuyan Hong’s side, his face full of concern and worry: “How’s your body? Can you hold on?”

These past 3 days, Wuyan Hong and Chen Sheng Yong had fought hard side by side, and both had grown to respect and care for each other. Wuyan Hong was thus not at odds with Chen Sheng Yong coming too close.

Wuyan Hong’s face fell as he replied slowly: “My condition isn’t too good!! I’m afraid that I won’t be able to participate in any intense fighting for the next 2 months.”

Chen Sheng Yong hesitated a while before saying: “Old Wu!! I have something I would like to say.”

Wuyan Hong replied: “I know you have something on your mind! What is it?”

“My apologies! I’ll borrow your head!” Chen Sheng Yong’s eyes flash with an apologetic look, as his right hand shot forwards with lightning speed, piercing Wuyan Hong’s neck.

Before Wuyan Hong could even react, his head was already sliced off from the sudden attack by Chen Sheng Yong.

Blood sprayed everywhere as his decapitated head rolled to the floor, his face still wearing a smile. He had never imagined, just a mere second ago, Chen Sheng Yong, who he had thought was a close friend, would kill him just like that.

He, who had rose to power, and lorded over Lang Son City, the ruler of over 150,000 survivors, was just killed.

Chen Sheng Yong bowed towards Wuyan Hong’s corpse with an aggrieved expression: “I’m sorry!! Old Wu, I need to give our Vietnamese people a way out. Although this was unfair to you, I have no choice.”

After which, Chen Sheng Yong then took off all of Wuyan Hong’s equipment, and kept them in a box.

After finishing this, Chen Sheng Yong took huge strides as he walked out.

The moment he went out, his blade went for one of the guards standing outside with lightning speed.

The guard had no way of reacting before his life was taken away.

The 2 experts who had followed Chen Sheng Yong earlier acted out at the same time. One of them suddenly grabbed the neck of one of Wuyan Hong’s subordinates, twisting it viciously. Another took out a sharp dagger and sliced the throat of another guard.

The remaining expert had no time to react, when Chen Sheng Yong already used his blade to slice off his head.

“Do it!!” After killing those 4 experts under Wuyan Hong, he pulled out a walkie-talkie and coldly barked out.

With Chen Sheng Yong’s orders, his men began launching a frenzied assault on Wuyan Hong’s remaining forces.

As they didn’t expect an attack from within, the troops of Wuyan Hong suffered greatly, as a number of the higher-ranking officials were taken out in a short time. Coupled with the fact that their leader Wuyan Hong had been killed, they were plunged into chaos.

Chen Sheng Yong knew that the remaining troops of Wuyan Hong were extreme nationalists as well, and the moment any of them were allowed to escape, it would be a source of threat to him. Hence, he hardened his heart and got his men to take care of all of them. He was truly deciding to cast his lot in with Yue Zhong.

News of the internal strife within Lin Yang District soon made it out.

“They’ve started to fight amongst themselves!!” Bai Xiao Sheng held up a pair of binoculars as he eyed the events unfolding in Lin Yang District, gloating over their misfortune.

“Dogs biting each other.” Gan Tao eyed the direction, before turning around to ask Yue Zhong in seriousness: “Leader! Are you really going to let Chen Sheng Yong join us?”

Gan Tao had lost many good brothers to the Vietnamese, and he was filled with hatred towards the Vietnamese. When he heard that Yue Zhong wanted to recruit Chen Sheng Yong, he could not hold it in.

Yue Zhong replied: “Of course! As long as he accomplishes what I’ve told him to.”

Gan Tao was not satisfied as he pressed on: “Leader! He’s Vietnamese! Our Chinese comrades have been killed by these Vietnamese here, don’t you want to wreak vengence?”

With these words, many of the officers looked towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong’s faction had been built on rescuing many Chinese survivors from the hands of the Vietnamese, and these survivors were his most loyal supporters. Many of the military officers had risen from the ranks of these rescued survivors.

Yue Zhong maintained a resolute position: “Of course! Those who had acted against our fellow Chinese people, I would not let a single one go.”

Hearing his promise, the waves of unrest in the hearts of these officers subsided. Yue Zhong had led them on successive victories, and they were filled with respect and veneration for this man. He had never reneged on his promises, and they trusted him wholeheartedly.

Pan Jin Yong came up to Yue Zhong and asked: “Leader, shall we go lend a hand?”

At this time, the 2 factions of the Vietnamese army were fighting it out, and even if Yue Zhong were to send his troops in without using artillery, he would be able to take it down easily.

Yue Zhong looked in the direction of Lin Yang District and spoke mildly: “No need!”

After Pan Jin Yong dismissed himself, he mulled over and understood that the crux was Yue Zhong hoping to see both sides suffering great losses.

Within Lin Yang District, after the intense battle continued for another few hours, in the end, it was Chen Sheng Yong that obtained victory since his side was prepared.

There were 2,600 Vietnamese soldiers at first, but now, there were only 1,300+ left.

Under Chen Sheng Yong’s lead, those soldiers immediately came up to Yue Zhong to surrender. In the end, all the Vietnamese equipment and weapons fell to Yue Zhong’s hands.

“Leader! This is Wuyan Hong’s head!” Chen Sheng Yong pulled out the box and presented it to Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong opened up the box and took a look, discovering that savage and ugly face of Wuyan Hong, still wearing a smile, after which he casually closed the box and said indifferently: “Well done!”

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