God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Steamed Bun

Tiger had guns, but not much ammo. The gunmen he selected were all able-bodied men that dared to fight zombies. Among the survivors, there were also some men who didn’t dare fight. They were only good for digging up wild vegetables and grass to eat. They were of the lowest social status.

Yue Zhong saw a woman on the ground who had been whipped. He wrinkled his brows and asked:

“What’s the matter?”

“Ah, Yue Zhang!” Chen Si gave her a whipping. He laughed and said to Yue Zhang as he walked up: “It’s no big deal. This dirty whore, her hands have been dirtied. She stole a steamed bun to eat. She was caught red-handed and dragged out to receive punishment. Let these guys see what happens.”

At that time the girl curled up on the floor receiving the whip was endlessly begging on the floor with an extremely piercing sound.

The women at Yue Zhong’s side couldn’t bear it.

Guo Yu and Wang Lan looked at the girl curled up on the ground, dread flashed in their eyes. They didn’t want to become that type of pitiful person.

Zhang Xin standing by Yue Zhong’s side couldn’t help but blurt out: “It was only a steam bun, do you have to go this far?”

Chen Si’s eyebrow raised up. He irately said to Zhang Xin: “Us men are speaking, You women dare interrupt? Looking to get whipped?”

Chen Si had a heavy murderous aura. Zhang Xin was frightened by him, retreating back a couple of steps, not daring to say anything else.

Chen Si looked at Yue Zhong and imparted some teaching on women: “Yue Zhong, You have amazing skill, but you are still lacking skill in the training women. Right now what are the ways of the world? Women, need to be beaten to make them honest and docile. We are on the outside fighting to death seeking food to raise them, they fret about at home all worried. Among daddy’s women, there is one who was a venture capitalist. She was unwilling with daddy at the time, always complaining, and being insolent. After getting beaten several times, she is like a trained dog, licking daddy’s feet.”

[TL: Yes, Chen Si actually refers to himself in the third person. Guys who think they are BA in china refer to themselves as “老子” which literally means father/daddy, but they use it arrogantly to mean something like “I’m the man.”]

Listening to Chen Si’s advice on women to Yue Zhong, in addition to the women standing at his side, Ji Qingwu, Chen Yao, and Lu Wen’s faces all became extremely ugly.

Among this team, Yue Zhong’s military force was superior. Chi Yang was also Yue Zhong’s diehard follower. He really wanted to change Chen Si’s appearance (TL: for the worse). Hardly any women were able to resist his violation. In the final age of this crumbling worlds order, they really didn’t know how Yue Zhong would react.

These women continuously received Yue Zhongs support at the end of this world. Although they all knew the the world changed requiring strong people providing safety. But they never thought the outside world would become this dreadful. The deep darkness hiding in some men’s hearts unexpectedly exploded forth with the end of the world’s arrival.

Ji Qingwu and Chen Yao had only fought alongside Yue Zhongs side. They never expected beforehand they would run across these mad thugs on the way to Lei Jiang City. They knew several people’s minds started to warp into madness in some parts of the world.

Yue Zhong’s silence didn’t interrupt Chen Si’s interests.

“Carry her into the Henhouse!”

[TL: Henhouse, AKA brothel]

“Right, send her to the Henhouse!”

The gunman was tired of beating her, finally stopping his hand. The gunman to the side gathered her.

The women In Always Bright Village were split into five types. The first type were the most young and beautiful women. They were divided up among the four chiefs strictly for their personal enjoyment. The second type were the women shared among all of the gunmen. Tiger also awarded women to gunmen for great service. These women were those gunmen’s private property. Not even the head boss could use them. The third type were the women in always bright village who searched for vegetables, caught fish, raised chickens, and raised pigs. These women were able to receive moldy food to stay alive. The gunmen weren’t able to lightly handle these women. The fourth type were the wives of the Always Bright villagers. Tiger also didn’t let the gunmen mess with these women as they pleased. But Always Bright villagers also had to contribute to the daily vegetables and grass tax. The fifth type were the Henhouse women. All of the gunmen were able to do as they pleased with them, and their status was the lowest.

At this time, an approximately 30+ year old man rushed into the group. He knelt before the gunmen, unceasingly bowing his head before the crowd: “Please no!! Please no! Uncles, I’m begging your approval! I don’t want to send my wife to the Henhouse!! I’m kneeling and begging before you! She really is starving! I’m begging you all please release my wife!”

Chen Si’s eyes flashed a light. He walked into the crowd. He kicked the 30+ year old vegetable picker onto the ground, coldly saying: “For thieves, women get sent to the Henhouse! Men get their hands cut off and thrown outside the village. This is the rule big brother Tiger established. There aren’t any exceptions to the rules. Da Gou, even if you bow your head, there’s no use.”

[TN: he is called Da Gou which also means big dog. It think it is his name and not a title, but calling a person a dog in China is also an insult.]

Da gou crawled on his knees repeatedly bowing his head before Chen Si until his head started to leak blood. He painfully implored: “Brother Si, Grandpa Si, I’m begging you, give your approval! Don’t send my wife to the Henhouse! I guarantee, she didn’t dare, she wouldn’t dare again. I’m begging you!”

Chen Si immediately took his 81 rifle and put it to Da Gou’s head. He evilly said: “Scram! or Die!”

The woman curled up on the ground weakly spoke: “Gou…… quickly leave!”

All of the gunmen in Always Bright village were malicious. Not only did they dare to fight zombies, but they also didn’t hesitate to kill people. All of the “thorns in the side” of Always Bright village were shot on the spot by the Gunmen.

Da Gou kneeled on the ground, wailing: “Ah Ying…… I’m sorry! Ah Ying……!

Chen Si coldly said: “Drag her away!”

Two gunmen soon after obscenely smiled towards the crumpled up woman on the ground and walked over.

This cold sight made the brought forth chilliness and sympathy from the women’s hearts. They were fools like flowers in a greenhouse experiencing for the first time this world’s cruelty and terror.

Ji Qingwu’s face changed color, a cold light flashed. Her fists tightened, she couldn’t help but to take a step forward.

Yue Zhong also took a step forward. Stopped Ji Qingwu’s body and opened his mouth: “Slowly!”

Chen Si turned his eye upon Yue Zhong: “Yue Zhong, this is a Always Bright village interior matter. You want to interfere?”

The seven gunmen surrounding Chen Si all placed their hand on their guns. They glared at him like a tiger watching its prey.

Six gunmen also gathered at the rear of Yue Zhong. They took a couple steps back and looked upon Yue Zhong like a big enemy.

Yue Zhong’s bravery had already been spread around. These gunmen were all afraid of Yue Zhong. However they still maintained self control and didn’t point their guns at Yue Zhong.

The women at Yue Zhongs side were all extremely scared. If both sides clashed, they were afraid few people would survive.

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