God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 483

Chapter 483 – Cleaning Up

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Yue Zhong eyed Chen Sheng Yong coolly and said: “You can be the Commander of the 3rd Battalion here in Lang Son for now.”

Only then, did the nervous Chen Sheng Yong heaved a sigh of relief. He was like a lamb awaiting slaughter, afraid that Yue Zhong would go back on his words. If Yue Zhong wanted to execute him, he wouldn’t even have the chance to hear Yue Zhong giving any dogshit position, much less resist.

Yue Zhong kept his stare on Chen Sheng Yong, handing him a bomb on a platter: “I want the names of all those who had participated in slaughtering and humiliating the Chinese here in Lang Son. You’d better get this matter done properly.”

Under Yue Zhong’s command, the number of people who understood Vietnamese were not little, however, Yue Zhong had given such a dirty task to Chen Sheng Yong. The moment he did this, he would offend too many Vietnamese. This would allow Yue Zhong to utilize him with less worry.

Chen Sheng Yong’s face turned ashen, but he maintained a resolute expression as he replied: “Leader, rest assured, I’ll definitely carry this out to the best of my abilities, and not betray your expectations.”

“That’s good!” Yue Zhong directly replied, “I’ll arrange for Gan Tao to cooperate with you.”

Chen Sheng Yong did not falter: “Yes!”

Yue Zhong saw that this man had agreed so readily, and he could not help but frown, as a sense of unease rose in his heart.

This Chen Sheng Yong was too accepting of his orders, not giving Yue Zhong a bone to bite on. With regards to this Vietnamese that had just surrendered, Yue Zhong could not trust him at all, but without a suitable excuse, he could not use anything against this man nor his troops.

Under Yue Zhong’s orders, Chen Sheng Yong and Gan Tao then began to scour the entire city, commencing the operation.

In a small and simple house.

A woman was looking at her man with fear on her face: “Those Chinese are investigating the events that day. What do we do? Ah Yun!”

The tanned and short man had an irritation: “What’re you afraid of? It’s not like it’s just us.”

At this time, the door to the house was suddenly slammed down, as 4 Vietnamese barged in, their faces without expressions, as they aimed their guns at the short man and spoke: “Zhang Zi Yun. Li Qing. Come with us. Otherwise, we’re authorized to execute you on the spot.”

Seeing those 4 men, Zhang Zi Yun and Li Qing’s faces turned extremely pale.

Threatened by those 4 Vietnamese, the 2 of them were brought out of the house.

Under the combined efforts of Chen Sheng Yong and Gan Tao, over 3,600 Vietnamese that had participated in the slaughter of Chinese were captured, on top of that, another 4,000+ Vietnamese that had engaged in actions that humiliated the Chinese were rounded up. These people did not kill, but had raped, hit and humiliated the Chinese, excessively at that.

After capturing a total of more than 7,000 people, the entire Lang Son City was plunged in fear and uncertainty. Not long after, a Lei Jing Jie directly came to look for Yue Zhong.

Lei Jing Jie was the founder of the association that helped the Chinese. He couldn’t stand Wuyan Hong’s actions, and he was a moral man who sympathized with the Chinese. However, he was still a Vietnamese. The moment he saw Yue Zhong rounding up 7,000+ Vietnamese, he couldn’t sit quietly by, and directly went to look for him. In the living room of a lavish villa, Yue Zhong welcomed Lei Jing Jie.

Beside Lei Jing Jie, there was a 16-17 year old girl, with a head full of lush thick hair, skin as fair as snow, and a voluptuous figure. In addition, her looks were extremely exquisite.

Lei Jing Jie observed Yue Zhong carefully for a while, before smiling gently and said: “How do you do, Leader Yue Zhong. I’m Lei Jing Jie. It’s my honour and privilege, that you have taken time out of your busy schedule to meet me. This is Lao Shuang, the daughter of an old friend of mine, Lao De Li. She has always admired your heroics and valiant actions.”

Yue Zhong, a hero? This was pure bullshit. The number of Vietnamese that had died at Yue Zhong’s hands numbered above 7,000. To any Vietnamese, Yue Zhong was a devil amongst devils. However, even so, Lei Jing Jie could only put on a false front, and not dare to provoke him.

After all, Yue Zhong was infamous, if he were to be provoked, in his fury, the entire Lang Son City population might be razed to the ground.

Even the Vietnamese survivors over at Thái Nguyên might not be spared.

The fact that 4,000 corpses were used to display his ruthlessness told any Vietnamese that Yue Zhong was not a merciful ruler.

Lao Shuang had an innocent look as she asked Yue Zhong with revere, “How do you do! I’m Lao Shuang. Yue Zhong, I’ve heard about you. You’re really powerful, you must be a Second Order expert right?”

The so-called Second Order experts were people who possessed any Second Order skills. Under normal circumstances, only Enhancers above Level 50 would possess such skills. At the same time, not all Level 50 Enhancers would come to possess them. If there was a lack of the necessary prerequisite skill, even if they managed to reach Level 50, they could only enhance the skill, but not push it to the Second Order stage.

That was why the ‘Ou Ming Ver.1’ was so precious. It could allow any Level 30 Enhancer to instantly gain an upgrade in skill.

“En!” Yue Zhong glanced at that beautiful and alluring Lao Shuang, before turning his gaze towards Lei Jing Jie and spoke: “Mr Lei, what brings you here?”

Lei Jing Jie hesitated a while before chuckling bitterly: “Leader Yue Zhong! I hope that you will have mercy on those people, and let them have a chance to redeem themselves. They’re just a bunch of ignorant people who had been riled up by Wuyan Hong, please give them a second chance.”

When Yue Zhong heard that, his killing intent surged forth: “Impossible!! I will not let them off. You want me to give them a chance?! When they were slaughtering the Chinese, did they stop to consider that as well? They have to die!”

Yue Zhong was not unreasonable to the point that he rounded up all the innocent Vietnamese as well.

Regarding his moniker floating outside, he simply did not care. People termed him as a tyrant, precisely because he did things decisively and harshly.

Lei Jing Jie became silent, before trying to persuade him: “If it’s like this, the number of deaths would be too much. Leader Yue Zhong, in this apocalyptic world, humans are a great and important resource. If you kill so many, it would not be beneficial to your development.”

Yue Zhong replied with a cold tone that seem to signal the end of discussion: “They have to die! This will not change!”

Of course he knew that killing too many would not be benefit him, but he had to kill all those Vietnamese that had engaged in slaughter of the Chinese. This was his bottom line. Even if the development was to become tougher by ten times in the future, he would not waver in his decision. In fact, if things come to a bad point, he wasn’t closed off to killing the entire city and just relocating back home to develop. After all, this wasn’t his homeland.

Lei Jing Jie sighed, his heart full of bitterness. He could see that Yue Zhong was adamant on killing those racist murderers. This caused him to be filled with misery. No matter how much he could not stand those murderers, they were still his fellow countrymen.

Yue Zhong extended an olive branch after rejecting Lei Jing Jie: “Lei Jing Jie, I would like to invite you to become the vice-mayor of Lang Son City.”

Lei Jing Jie’s brows arched slightly, before he directly rejected: “Leader Yue Zhong, I appreciate your goodwill. Unfortunately, I have no intentions of becoming an official in the near future.”

Lei Jing Jie was extremely particular about his reputation. If he were to join Yue Zhong’s government at this time, he would be labelled as a traitor amongst the survivors.

Yue Zhong did not continue pressing when he was rejected, instead, both parties exchanged pleasantries before Lei Jing Jie stood up to leave.

The bewitching young woman Lao Shuang followed Lei Jing Jie obediently, although she shot a few furtive glances towards Yue Zhong as she was leaving.

The next day, the 3,600+ survivors that had participated in the killing of Chinese survivors were all brought to a huge area, and after Yue Zhong announced their crimes to the rest of Lang Son City who were watching, he began executing them batch by batch, dying the ground red with fresh blood.


“He’s too scary!! He definitely is the devil incarnate!!”

“He truly is a dictator!!”

Seeing the 3,600 survivors being executed in cold blood, the entire Lang Son City was shocked silly. From then on, the name of ‘Tyrant Yue Zhong’ could strike fear and cause even kids to stop crying.

As for the 4,000 others that had participated in other activities not amounting to murder, they were sentenced to the Scum Battalion, and they were immediately made to bury the bodies of their executed fellow countrymen. The scent of fresh blood could attract the attention of Mutant Beasts, and Yue Zhong did not wish to engage in consecutive battles.

After taking care of those 3,600 Vietnamese murderers, Yue Zhong then deployed the troops to move towards Thái Nguyên.

There were 3 battalions of Chen Sheng Yong stationed there, and they did not put up any resistance. Chen Sheng Yong obediently summoned them and the survivors of Thái Nguyên to submit to Yue Zhong.

Although Thái Nguyên housed another 3 battalions of Chen Sheng Yong, other than one of them, the other 2 were using just plain melee weapons. They were simply not a match for Yue Zhong’s elite forces. That was why Chen Sheng Yong had obediently handed his troops over.

Chen Sheng Yong had his lucky stars to count as well, because there wasn’t a widespread genocide committed against the Chinese in Thái Nguyên. However, there were a few who did in fact murder Chinese people in the past. Chen Sheng Yong henced rounded them up, and executed them, before the anti-Chinese waves and notions died down.

Conquering both Lang Son and Thái Nguyên, Yue Zhong swiftly deployed another trustworthy subordinate from Guang Xi over to assemble a cabinet and manage the 2 cities. He wanted to secure his position and foothold in these 2 places.

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