God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 484

Chapter 484 – Cang Ya!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Of the Vietnam cabinet that Yue Zhong established, Chen Yao was appointed to be the mayor of Lang Son City, while Fan Tong Xuan became Thai Nguyen’s mayor. The rest of the cabinet was formed out of his other trusted subordinates from China as well as some other Vietnamese survivors that he had rescued in the past.

As for the military, it went through a total overhaul. In this apocalyptic world, those with troops had power. While it was true that a single strong expert could cause the tide of a battle to change, even someone as insanely strong as Yue Zhong would die if he went against the Kingdom of God forces singlehandedly.

There were plenty of experts out there, not just Yue Zhong alone. He was not afraid of taking on anyone of them alone. However, if 7 Second Order experts were to join forces against him, he would not stand a chance.

For the army, Yue Zhong brought 5 battalions from the reserve at Guilin City. He merged them with the 2 elite battalions under Gan Tao and Pan Jin Yong, before appointing the entire troop as the 1st and 2nd Infantry Battalion of Lang Son City. The 1st came under Gan Tao, while Pan Jin Yong commanded the 2nd. The commander of the 3rd Infantry Battalion was Chen Sheng Yong.

The bulk of the modern warfare equipment like tanks and IFVs were parked with the 1st, having priority over the 2nd and 3rd.

At the same time, only a small elite group in the 3rd Battalion was Chen Sheng Yong’s men, while the rest were Yue Zhong’s loyal subordinates. The majority of the commanders were also his men. Their troops had high combat ability amongst the Vietnamese, it was just that they were commanded by mostly Yue Zhong’s men.

That was to say, Chen Shen Yong truly only had command over his own elite troops. Of course, once he had proven himself, the rest would come under his control.

After reorganizing, Yue Zhong once again set them all to training. Especially the troops of Gan Tao, who received instruction on how to operate the advanced weaponry under those soldiers from the Kingdom of God. Once they were proficient, they would be an additional effective measure against the zombies and Mutant Beasts.

Yue Zhong recovered a huge amount of rations in both cities that had been collected and hoarded by Wuyan Hong and Chen Sheng Yong. The total amount was enough to feed 200,000 people for another 5 years.

At the same time, there was an unexpected gain. Yue Zhong obtained a few small-scale factories, while they could not produce the heavier rounds for artillery, they could produce the smaller rounds and some smaller cannons. With enough materials and workers, and if the factories were to enter full-scale production, they could produce 150,000 rounds and a few thousand rockets per month.

When Yue Zhong reopened the factories, he immediately recruited manpower to resume work. With those factories, he could replenish his ammo count, and there would additional combat power in the future battles.

He came to those small factories and observed the work, before quietly making a decision: “The next target will be Yan Zhou. Regardless of the price, I have to take it down.”

Yan Zhou was a huge industrial city within the Guang Xi region, and there were all sorts of industries there, as well as the largest military factory in the whole of Guang Xi. If he could conquer it, his establishments would gain a heavenly leap in terms of production and combat ability as well.

Not just the normal bullets, even larger and heavier rounds could be produced.

By that time, with his million-strong human resources, and the modernized weapons, the entire combat strength would increase by at least 10 times.

However, the population at Yan Zhou numbered at least 3 million, after the onset of the apocalypse, there would be at least over 2 million zombies. It would be tough if he were to head over there now with his current military might. The crucial thing was that he didn’t have enough ammunition. Eradicating the 2 million zombies was still a far-off dream.

Yue Zhong left the factory and thought of the alluring Chen Yao and had a sudden passionate thought: “Should I go visit her?”

He had just taken a few steps when a sudden surge of danger arose in his heart. He swiftly turned to look towards a field a distance away, and discovered a middle aged man, with a face and body riddled with scars. He was short, but his muscles were defined and tough. He walked towards Yue Zhong.

Eyeing Yue Zhong, he spoke in Chinese, with a hoarse voice full of arrogance: “You’re Yue Zhong?”

Yue Zhong looked at him coolly and replied: “That’s me! Who’re you?”

“Great!! Since you’re so co-operative, I’ll let you know, just whose hands you’ll be dying at today! I’m Cang Ya, and I’m here to kill you! This time next year will be your death anniversary!”

He laughed coldly, before he shot towards Yue Zhong with a speed surpassing a Type 2 Lightning, brandishing a huge black blade.

“Agility Evolver?” Witnessing that speed, Yue Zhong could not help but evaluate, as his pupils contracted and he casted the [Art of Fear] ability. A huge Spirit attack was launched at Cang Ya.

Unfortunately, when the attack landed on Cang Ya, it didn’t affect him, nor was he speed decreased. Instead, he continued towards Yue Zhong, slashing him viciously.

At the same time, Yue Zhong pulled out his Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade, parrying the incoming blow.

Immediately, a frightening strength was transmitted through the clash, causing Yue Zhong to be sent back 3 to 4 steps.

“You’re an Agility and Strength dual-attribute Evolver?” Yue Zhong’s expression fell slightly, his Stinger appearing in his left hand, and he fired 6 shots at Cang Ya.

Cang Ya laughed confidently, dodging swiftly, evading all 6 shots. He suddenly rushed in front of Yue Zhong with a deadly slash: “I’ll let you die with no regrets! I’m a Strength, Agility and Spirit triple-attribute Evolver! Yue Zhong, you’re dead for sure!”

Cang Ya was one of those geniuses amongst geniuses in Vietnam. After the apocalypse, he had quickly awakened as an Evolver, and his mind was only set on increasing his strength. He had stayed in the jungles and mountains for a long period of time, slaughtering Mutant Beasts to level up. Under those crazy training conditions, he had reached a terrifying Level 63. The majority of Mutant Beasts he had killed were Type 2, and he daren’t provoke the Type 3s.

Yue Zhong did not falter as he activated his [Gravity Manipulation], causing a two-fold gravitational force to weigh down on Cang Ya. It slowed him down, giving Yue Zhong ample time to deflect the incoming blow.

Cang Ya’s eyes flashed with a cold, mocking glint, just as the 2 weapons were about to clash again, he activated a Level 3 Wind-Splitting Blade. His Black Wind Blade came screaming down at twice the speed, turning into a beam of light that veered around Yue Zhong’s weapon, slashing towards his body.

Cang Ya’s original speed was already crazy, with the support of that skill, his blade seemed to reach Yue Zhong’s body instantaneously.

Suddenly, a bright light radiated outwards, as a white shield appeared, repelling the fatal blow from Cang Ya.

At the next instant, a pillar of flame shot towards the sky, threatening to envelop Cang Ya.

That pillar of Devil Flame was incredibly destructive, burning even a Type 2 Mutant Beast, not to mention Cang Ya and his flesh and blood.

Cang Ya’s expression finally turned to one of horror as he activated his Second Order [Hurricane Manipulation], causing a hurricane to appear around him amidst screaming winds. It formed a huge wall and protected him.

As the Devil Flame landed on the barrier of wind, it was immediately deflected and blown away.

Under the cover his hurricane wall, Cang Ya looked at Yue Zhong and called out coldly: “Forcing me to use my trump card. Seems like you’re truly capable. Kill yourself! If you do so, I can leave you with an intact corpse.”

“Based on your words?” Yue Zhong replied with a cold laugh of his own, pulling out an rpg and aiming at Cang Ya, he immediately fired.

Cang Ya placed his hands behind his back, chuckling: “It’s useless!! The moment I activate this skill, I’m invincible.”

With a flash, the rocket shot towards Cang Ya.

The rocket flew to within a metre of Cang Ya and exploded, causing a huge shockwave to blast outwards, destroying the wall of defence.

Yue Zhong saw the rocket not damaging Cang Ya in the slightest and his heart sank, knowing that he had finally met a fearsome foe. He did not give up, instead letting out a long howl towards the skies.

Hearing Yue Zhong’s howl, the experts that were in charge of defensive work immediately began rushing over.

“Calling for backup eh?! Shameless!! But, it’s useless, you’re still going to die.” Cang Ya heard that howl and his face fell, if he were surrounded, he would only be able to escape pathetically.

Cang Ya was filled with a powerful killing intent towards Yue Zhong, and he waved his hand, causing a huge blade of wind to be formed out from the hurricane swirling around him.

With that Second Order skill, instantly, over a hundred blades of wind surrounded Yue Zhong, sealing any possible routes of escape, before slashing towards him.

Yue Zhong forcefully endured the blows using the White Shield, employing his [Shadow Steps] as he charged towards some buildings a distance away, at the same time, he pulled out his .05 and fired at Cang Ya while running.

Cang Ya was floating in the sky within the eye of the storm, and as Yue Zhong dodged the majority of the blades, there were a few that still assaulted the white shield.

After enduring for 4 seconds, the white shield suddenly disintegrated, and Yue Zhong seized the opportunity to duck behind a building.

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