God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 485

Chapter 485 – Surrounded

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

As Yue Zhong dodged into one of the buildings, all of a sudden, a shadow came shooting towards him with a dagger aimed at his chest noiselessly.

The person had an extremely strange ability to hide his presence, and Yue Zhong expended all his strength to leap to the side, as the dagger flashed by with a trail of black, slicing the Type 3 Mutant Beast hide on him.

If Yue Zhong had been a moment slower, he would have become a corpse.

He dodged to the side, a chilly gleam in his eyes, and he pulled out the Crocodile Sawtooth Blade by his waist and slashed at the shadow.

Just as he was about to slice the owner of the shadow in two, a cold feeling crept up in his heart, and he immediately withdrew and leapt to the side again.

Following the sound of a gunshot, a huge hole appeared at the location Yue Zhong was at just a second ago.

“Strengthen Bullet!! An expert sniper! Seems like many people are aiming for me!”

Yue Zhong had just backed into a corner, when he noticed 10 men dressed entirely in black running over.

The moment they caught sight of Yue Zhong, they pulled out their guns and began firing as they ran.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed fiercely, as he flipped his hands and 2 .05 submachine gun appeared in his hands. He raised them and began firing back at those men.

In just that exchange, 3 of the men in black were instantly taken out with shots to their heads, and the remaining 7 suffered bullet hits on their bodies, but they were wearing Type 2 Mutant Beast covering. When the rounds hit them, they would stumble backwards, but the bullets deflected off.

Yue Zhong had instantly put down 3 men, when a huge 3m-tall were-bear charged out from a room, his body covered entirely in fur, and pounced at Yue Zhong.

The huge were-bear used his palm to strike downwards with a terrifying strength, which could flatten even a small-scale car. At the same time, it’s fur and hide was thick, and not even rifle bullets could penetrate them easily.

Atop a building, there was a Vietnamese expert who had transformed into his Forest Ranger form. He was short and ugly, and his hair dyed blond. He held up a huge Bronze Bow and aimed at Yue Zhong.

Cang Ya, who was covered with the hurricane, flew up in mid-air and observed Yue Zhong coldly, before waving his hand and condensing numerous blades of wind, slicing towards Yue Zhong.

Cang Ya’s Second Order [Hurricane Manipulation] was truly terrifying, even an armored vehicle might not be able to withstand those sharp wind blades.

Surrounded by so many attacks, Yue Zhong was forced into a dangerous corner. Although he had already released a signal, it would still take another 2 minutes for his subordinates to rush over. In a battle between experts, 2 minutes were more than enough to decide life and death.

A huge sense of peril rose up in Yue Zhong’s heart and he knew that this could possibly be where he might die.

His eyes flashed coldly, as a green light appeared behind him, revealing the Type 2 Green Jiao-Snake. It uncoiled and spat out a poisonous mist at the 7 men in black.

Blanketed by that poisonous fog, 4 of the men dressed in black immediately dissolved into a pool of blood and flesh. As for the other 3, they were Agility-based Enhancers, and their faces fell before retreating swiftly, barely escaping the radius.

With the appearance of the Green Jiao-Snake, it blocked the wind blades as well as the line of sight of the Forest Ranger.

The wind blades assaulted the body of the Type 2 Green Jiao-Snake Spirit, immediately causing numerous wounds.

The Forest Ranger held his breath in, adjusting his bow, which shone with a thick green glow. At the next moment, he released an arrow that shot towards the Green Jiao-Snake like a cannon, exploding on its body, resulting in a huge gaping wound. The impact was almost enough to tear the Green Jiao-Snake in two.

Yue Zhong seized the opportunity to turn his attention to the were-bear, unleashing his [Art of Fear], as a huge Spirit force enveloped the mind of the were-bear.

The were-bear was a Level 46 Strength-based Enhancer, and while his Spirit wasn’t particularly strong, usually after transforming, he would gain a heightened defence. However, against that terrifying [Art of Fear], he could not put up a resistance.

The were-bear was instantly plunged into a nightmarish hallucination, his entire body frozen in fear. Yue Zhong casually slashed, and decapitated the enemy.

After killing him, a huge wind blade managed to slash the Type 2 Green Jiao-Snake from behind, causing it to be dispelled.

At the same time, from a small alley, a short Vietnamese expert suddenly appeared, and casted his Second Order [Gravity Manipulation] on Yue Zhong.

Instantly, Yue Zhong felt an eight-fold pressure weighing down on him, if it wasn’t for the fact that he had 9-times the Strength of a normal person, he might have found it impossible to move.

However, he still felt the effects, and his speed that was originally 20 times that of a person was slowed to only 3 times, every action requiring at least 8 times the Stamina.

Above Yue Zhong’s head, a nether hole appeared, and a sharp bone spike shot out from within, aiming for the expert with the [Gravity Manipulation].

The Vietnamese expert with the Second Order [Gravity Manipulation] felt his heart turn cold, and immediately dispelled the gravity on Yue Zhong, using it on himself. He leapt with all his strength, and shot like an arrow towards another building, dodging the bone spike by a hair’s breadth.

[Gravity Manipulation] was an effective close-combat offensive control skill, but it could not do anything for defence.

The moment Yue Zhong felt the eight-fold gravity disengage, he swiftly pulled out his Stinger and aimed at the Vietnamese expert who had just retreated.

On the other side, the Forest Ranger had already cocked his bow swiftly and was aiming at Yue Zhong.

A strong sense of perception flooded Yue Zhong’s mind, if he were to kill that expert with the Second Order [Gravity Manipulation], he was sure to suffer as well.

This was the strong point of a joint-attack, if one person’s strength was not enough, by relying on a few people together, even weaker experts could take out an expert.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a brutal light, and he maintained his aim, before firing.

With that gunshot, the Vietnamese expert with the Second Order [Gravity Manipulation] skill was instantly killed with his head exploding apart.

“What a ruthless fellow!”

The Forest Ranger thought to himself as his eyes shined with a cold gleam, and he released his arrow imbued with the [Strengthen Arrow] skill as it shot towards Yue Zhong explosively with a green trail.

The arrow came shooting through the air with a terrifying speed and power, its might was equivalent to a cannon, which can pierce even the armor of an IFV. Its speed was something even Yue Zhong could not dodge.

As the explosive arrow was about to pierce Yue Zhong, the Bronze Spiritual Bell flew out, and a green protective layer immediately enveloped Yue Zhong.

The explosive arrow immediately exploded loudly when it came in contact with the green barrier, causing ripples on the barrier, as the radiance of the barrier dimmed greatly.

Yue Zhong snorted coldly and aimed at the Forest Ranger.

The Forest Ranger who was a Level 56 Vietnamese expert was instantly filled with an icy cold fear.

A Stinger round shot towards the brain of the Forest Ranger.

A huge earthen wall suddenly rose in front of the Forest Ranger, blocking the trajectory of the Stinger bullet, which exploded upon impact with the wall, causing a small hole.

When Yue Zhong saw this, he did not bother with them as he jumped towards an alley. No matter how strong he was, facing such a coordinated attack from all sides would cause him to die.

“Li Duo! Many thanks!” The Forest Ranger, Wang Li, seemed to have gotten his soul back and he immediately thanked the expert beside him. It was precisely that skill that saved him, otherwise he would be halfway to the afterlife.

Yue Zhong’s speed had vastly surpassed Wang Li’s imagination, just now, he had known it was impossible to dodge.

Li Duo nodded slightly as his face turned to another direction, full of worry, as an intense gunfight sounded from there.

A large number of troops under Yue Zhong were currently rushing over, and the moment these assassins were surrounded, no matter how strong they were, they would die.

As Yue Zhong stepped into the alley, from behind him, a shadow shot out noiselessly and slashed at him.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with an icy light, as he instantly activated his [Gravity Manipulation] and [Art of Fear], under those 2 simultaneous skills, the shadow froze in mid air. From behind Yue Zhong, a bone spike shot out, piercing that assassin’s head and nailing him to the wall!

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