God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 486

Chapter 486 – Intense Battle!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

After killing that assassin, a sense of danger arose yet again, and he leapt immediately to the side.

On the other side, Cang Ya had also flown over, waving his hand towards Yue Zhong, as numerous wind blades were conjured and shot towards him.

White Bones’ demonic fiery eyes danced, and it raised its huge axe, while countless bones combined in front of it to form a huge shield. When the numerous wind blades landed on the shield, they caused part of the bones to shatter and splinter off, leaving behind many scars.

White Bones forcefully defended against Cang Ya’s assault, while Yue Zhong’s pupils contracted, and he looked towards the direction of the sniper. That enemy with the [Strengthen Bullet] skill was a huge threat to him.

To any expert, a sniper with the [Strengthen Bullet] skill was a deadly foe. Although a Type 3 Mutant Beast hide could withstand the piercing bullets, the explosive impact could kill a person from the inside, if not injured greatly.

Yue Zhong looked over, and notice a glint of reflection about 2km atop a building.

“A sniper is still damn irritating.” He lightly sighed, before pulling out a walkie-talkie and ordered: “There’s a sniper on the Ming City Building. Eliminate him.”

No matter how insanely overpowered he was, Yue Zhong had no way of dealing with the enemy at a distance of 2km with his Stinger. Unless he could pull out his Falcon Sniper. However, there was no time to have an exchange right now.

Some distance away, Bai Xiao Sheng kept his walkie-talkie and immediately barked some orders: “There’s an enemy on Ming City Building. Kill him!”

12 Enhancers over Level 30 immediately made their way towards the building and surrounded it.

When he saw Yue Zhong pull out the walkie-talkie, the sniper had an uneasy feeling. He had immediately kept his sniper into his case and went through an escape tunnel. He then hurriedly changed his disguise and melded into the human crowd, attempting to walk out.

One of the Enhancers immediately reported to Kou Ming, the leader of the team: “Head! It’s him!”

Kou Ming nodded slightly, and motioned for his subordinates to surround the sniper.

When the sniper saw this, his eyes widened in alarm but he asked innocently: “What’re you guys doing?”

The sniper had been an assassin before the apocalypse, and he was well-versed in disguise and acting innocent, using his ploys and tricks to confuse the enemy. Usually, ordinary policemen would ask him a few simple questions and let him go easily. Most policemen would not even give him more than a single look, because he looked too normal.

Kou Ming did not seem to care as he pulled out a blade and stepped forward to slash the sniper.

The remaining experts also pulled out their weapons viciously, slashing towards the sniper.

“They’re murdering people!” The sniper’s face fell as he screamed out, before 6 or 7 Tang Replica Swords sliced him into 7 or 8 parts.

Seeing this cruel scene, everyone in the building stared in horror, before running back to their own homes in fear.

Back at Cang Ya’s side, after his wind blades were blocked by White Bones, he became more anxious. To him, time was precious, if they did not manage to exterminate Yue Zhong quickly, the rest of his men would be in more danger.

“Damn bastard!! Die!” Cang Ya looked at White Bones defending Yue Zhong, and his face fell before he expended a huge amount of Spirit and Stamina to congeal a huge wind blade that slashed towards White Bones.

That enormous and powerful wind blade immediately sliced the bone shield apart, before slicing White Bones in half as well.

Yue Zhong had darted out the alley by then.

“Cang Ya!! We need to retreat!!” Just as Cang Ya was about to give chase, Wang Li shouted loudly.

Cang Ya gritted his teeth and he spat back: “If you want to go, just go! I won’t give up until I kill the bastard Yue Zhong!!”

The total number of Vietnamese that had died at Yue Zhong’s orders were over 20,000 and Cang Ya was filled with intense hatred towards Yue Zhong.

Wang Li replied loudly: “Cang Ya, don’t be rash! If we’re all wiped out here, no one will be able to help us seek revenge for our fallen comrades!”

Cang Ya was really a genius among geniuses in Vietnam, being a triple-attribute Evolver. At the same time, he had a Second Order skill, and was at the very least one of the top 3 experts in Vietnam. Wang Li did not want to lose such a heavyweight here.

Li Duo immediately shot forwards and chipped in: “Cang Ya, let’s go! Our men are almost gone!”

On the other side, the originally intense gunfight was starting to die down, a sign of the battle coming to an end.

This meant that all the subordinates of the assassins have been wiped out.

Li Duo watched as his troops were swiftly taken care of by Yue Zhong’s subordinates, and his heart was also filled with shock.

“Alright!!” Cang Ya hesitated a while before agreeing to retreat.


With that order, the remaining 5 experts immediately leapt out from that area, trying to make a break for it.

“Cang Ya, if you have the guts, don’t flee, didn’t you say that today will be my death? Seems like you only know how to talk, what a trash! Look at how I’ll slaughter your men! Trash!”

When Yue Zhong saw the experts rushing away, he immediately jumped out to scorn Cang Ya, at the same time casting his [Art of Fear] on one of the Agility-based Enhancers.

Blanketed by that oppressive Spirit Attack, the Enhancer was frozen in place from the hallucinations, as Yue Zhong casually took out a gun to put a bullet in his head.

“Yue Zhong! The one who will be running is you!! No matter what, no one will save you today!! I’ll definitely kill you!” When Cang Ya heard Yue Zhong’s words, and witnessed his comrade dying, he instantly became enraged, and charged towards Yue Zhong in a gust of wind.

Cang Ya had always been fawned upon when he became a triple-attribute Evolver, causing his ego to grow inflated. Now that he was ridiculed by Yue Zhong, he immediately lashed out.

Wang Li laughed bitterly, while asking Li Duo beside him: “What do we do now?”

Li Duo sunk in his thoughts, his eyes flashing with resolution. He gritted his teeth as his killing intent surged: “I’ll bring 3 men to block the reinforcements. You go bring the remaining to deal with Yue Zhong.”

Blocking the reinforcements was a suicidal mission, Wang Li casted a long look at Li Duo, before saluting and said: “I’ll leave it to you then.”

Wang Li eyed the remaining experts and barked: “Come with me! As long as we can kill Yue Zhong, you are the heroes of Vietnam!”

After that, he immediately rushed towards the direction of Cang Ya, with the other 3 following closely behind.

Yue Zhong activated the [Bone Encompassing Armor], causing White Bones to transform into a bone carapace. In midair, Cang Ya was currently surrounded by his hurricane armor, and he was waving his hands, causing countless wind blades to shoot towards Yue Zhong.

Under the relentless assault, sand blew and the winds howled, as the bone carapace was subjected to countless slashes.

Although Yue Zhong tried his best to dodge, there were a few that still landed. Fortunately, they were blocked by the thick, hard layer of bone carapace. Scars were beginning to appear on the layer of bone.

Yue Zhong had to activate his [Shadow Steps] as he tried to escape in a pathetic manner, retreating towards a forest. With the cover of the trees, the wind blades of Cang Ya would be less effective.

Cang Ya thus deactivated his hurricane armor, landed on the ground, and immediately gave chase.

Wang Li followed right behind with the other 3 experts.

When Wang Li and the other 3 had just entered the forest, a gust of wind rushed past them, and the heads of the 3 experts shot towards the skies, with blood gushing out.

Before that gust of wind had reached Wang Li, he had transformed into his Forest Ranger form, forcefully dodging with his increase in speed.

A sharp claw brushed past his body, tearing a huge chunk of meat.

“Type 3 Mutant Beast! How is this possible? How can he subdue one?” Wang Li scrambled up with despair and fear in his eyes!

Lightning eyed Wang Li coldly, before lunging at him, disappearing from his sight.

While Wang Li’s speed was increased in his Forest Ranger form, and the rest of his attributes enhanced as well, it could not match the Type 3 Lightning, and in 10 seconds, he was already sliced in two by Lightning’s claws.

On the other side, Yue Zhong had ran for about a dozen metres, when he suddenly swivelled around, and activating his Devil Flames. A huge ball of fire shot towards Cang Ya.

“Humph! Your fire trap is too weak! Disperse!” Cang Ya eyed the incoming blazing flame and snorted coldly, as his hurricane armor appeared again, blowing apart the Devil Flames.

Just as that tornado of flames had dispersed, a long Devil Flame Spear that had been formed pierced through the eye of the tornado, shooting towards Cang Ya.

He looked at the incoming projectile and his expression changed in fright, as a white-coloured shield shone out of his body, blocking the blow.

Yue Zhong saw that and his pupils narrowed, congealing another Devil Flame Spear, lunging it towards Cang Ya: “Defence Light Shield! This fellow truly has some treasures!”

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