God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 487

Chapter 487 – Harvest

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Cang Ya’s face fell as he pointed at Yue Zhong, and a powerful lance was formed from the screaming winds, before it shot towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong’s own spear brushed past Cang Ya’s move, as each of the spears slammed into their respective opponents’ defences.

Cang Ya’s shield dimmed instantly, losing its energy.

Yue Zhong’s Bronze Spiritual Bell also suffered from the impact, its barrier fading.

Be it Yue Zhong’s Devil Flame Spear or Cang Ya’s Wind Spear, they were both skills that possessed the might of a cannon. Defences like the Bronze Spiritual Bell or Defense Light Shield would at most be able to defend twice against such might.

Yue Zhong pointed in the air again, as another Devil Flame Spear appeared, and it tore through the air as Yue Zhong shot it towards Cang Ya.

This time, Cang Ya’s face was really pale as he quickly generated a shield made of the hurricane to block in front of him.

The Devil Flame Spear slammed into the shield made of wind and immediately exploded, causing the shield to shudder.

At the same time, 10 sharp bone spikes shot out from Yue Zhong, aiming for Cang Ya.

The black long blade in Cang Ya’s hands immediately danced about, displaying a flurry of shadows in its wake as it deflected the 10 sharp bone spikes.

Just as the 10 bone spikes were dealt with, Yue Zhong once again conjured up another Devil Flame Spear to lunge it at Cang Ya.

Cang Ya’s already pale face from the huge expenditure of Spirit and Stamina lost all colour. He forcefully conjured another shield made out of wind to defend against that 3rd Devil Flame Spear.

This time however, against the brunt force, the shield immediately collapsed.

Cang Ya, who had been acting high and mighty earlier, spat out a mouthful of blood, his expression pathetic. He had overdrawn too much of his Spirit, and even though he had the Spirit attribute, he could not keep up with the expenditure.

Facing Cang Ya, Yue Zhong was similarly looking weak, there were even 2 deep gashes on his face caused by the wind blades, and they were so deep that one could see his bones.

“Hehe!! Yue Zhong, seems like your Spirit is also out. I’m a Triple-Attribute Evolver, on what grounds can you fight me? Even if my Spirit is depleted, today will still be your death day!” Cang Ya laughed savagely, and flashed forwards towards Yue Zhong.

At this time, both of them had already depleted their Spirit, and victory rested in the outcome of a close-combat fight. In which, Cang Ya had the advantage being a Strength and Agility Evolver as well.

Yue Zhong looked at Cang Ya pouncing towards him like a leopard, and his eyes narrowed. He pointed out with his right finger, as a flame ball and ice shard appeared out of thin air and blasted towards Cang Ya.

Yue Zhong had just raised his hands, when Cang Ya dodged lightly to the side like a spectre, as those 2 abilities brushed past his body.

As a triple-attribute Evolver, Cang Ya’s speed was faster than Yue Zhong by about 20%, the moment he reached Yue Zhong’s side, he slashed out with his blade, causing many shadows to trail behind. The attack assaulted Yue Zhong like a mighty wave.

With a thought of his mind, 10 sharp bone spikes burst out from Yue Zhong’s back, aiming straight for Cang Ya.

Cang Ya relied on his terrifying speed to parry the attacks, as his blade flashed about, destroying the incoming spikes one by one. Finally, his last strike was aimed towards Yue Zhong’s waist from his left side.

Cang Ya was not some blade specialist, but his speed was incredibly fast, adding on to his obscene strength, currently no one could compare against him.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a chilly light, as he used his left hand to block that blow, while at the same time activating his [Gravity Manipulation]. His right hand also wielded his own blade to slash towards Cang Ya’s left side.

“You want to take me down with you? Fool!! Watch me cripple you first!” Cang Ya’s eyes flashed with a vicious glint, and he swung down savagely.

With the nearing 18-times Strength of Cang Ya, the Type 3 Mutant Beast hide on Yue Zhong’s left arm was immediately sliced through, and the radiant protection as well as the Level 4 Protective Armor was split apart, leaving a huge gash, as fresh blood flowed.

A huge surge of winds blew around Cang Ya, and Yue Zhong was sent knocked back 6 to 7 metres, before Yue Zhong himself could slice beyond the first layer of defence with his Crocodile Saw Tooth Blade.

He rolled with the momentum, causing his blood to splatter all over the ground. At the same time, a transparent spider silk shot out from the ring on his left hand, hidden beneath the blood.

“Powerful!!” He sucked in a deep breath, staring fixedly at Cang Ya. This man in front of him was truly the strongest enemy he had ever met.

Cang Ya was not only a triple-attribute Evolver, but one that had been through countless battles and experience. If there was a weakness, it would be that he was conceited.

Without waiting for Yue Zhong to catch his breath, Cang Ya shot forwards like a cannonball, the Wind Blade in his hands causing blade waves to be emitted, forming a pressure as he approached.

Using a single hand to parry Cang Ya’s assaults was really exhausting.

With every blow, Yue Zhong would be sent knocked back a few metres before he could steady himself.

Cang Ya unleashed 15 consecutive attacks, and Yue Zhong was forced back constantly, suffering a few slashes, his blood flowing down. Even holding the Crocodile Saw Tooth Blade was becoming difficult.

“Go to hell!! Yue Zhong!!” Cang Ya instantly sent out 2 slashes, as one broke apart Yue Zhong’s defence, and another threatened to slice Yue Zhong’s head.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed, and the bone spike in his hand stuck out.

At the same time, the transparent spider silk laying below Cang Ya’s feet was tightened, and began to tangle around Cang Ya. He was after all an expert with countless experience. Facing this, his heart sank, and he twisted his body in a bid to crouch low.

Yue Zhong shot forward at this time to lash out with a vicious kick towards Cang Ya’s head, and with his 9 times Strength, if Cang Ya’s Endurance was not above 50 points, that single kick could have caused his head to be removed.

Yue Zhong’s kick was swift and vicious, upon smashing onto Cang Ya’s facing, it broke his nose and several of his teeth. At the same time, a sharp spike shot out from beneath Yue Zhong’s foot and pierced Cang Ya’s head. He was finally dead.

Yue Zhong kicked out forcefully, kicking Cang Ya’s corpse aside. After confirming that the head with an additional hole was not moving anymore, he then heaved a sigh of relief.

After taking a breath, he began searching Cang Ya’s corpse.

As a Triple Attribute Evolver, Cang Ya had plenty of good items with him. There was a Type 3 Mutant Beast nuclei, 12 Type 2 nuclei, 7 Type 2 Mutant Beast blood essences, a Level 3 Protective Armor, a Level 4 Treasure Black Wind Blade, a Level 5 Defense Light Shield, a pair of Level 4 Steel Arm Guards, a pair of Level 5 Wind Speed Boots, a Level 4 Falcon Sniper, and a piece of Level 5 precious stone.

“Level 4 Black Wind Blade: a sharp precious blade, it could, with effort, slice through any treasure below Level 3.”

“Level 4 Steel Arm Guards: Arm Guards with incredible defence, Strength +8 upon equipping. Can withstand most assaults from most Level 4 Treasures.”

“Level 5 Wind Speed Boots: Upon equipping, Agility +15. Comes with the ability: Increase Speed. Skill Description: Upon usage, Agility increases by 10, for a time period of 30 seconds. Cooldown time 24 hours.”

“Level 5 Treasure: Precious Stone. This is a precious stone that has magic powers. Embedding it in equipment could enhance additional attributes or extra skills.”

Experts like Cang Ya were equivalent to mobile storages, once they are killed, one would gain a huge haul of items.

After sweeping up all of Cang Ya’s equipment, he then walked out of the forest.

A soldier called Fei Xiong came up to Yue Zhong and reported: “Leader! All the assassins have been taken care of!”

Yue Zhong’s face turned icy as he barked: “How did you do your job? How can you allow these people to just barge in?”

Fei Xiong was one of the Chinese survivors that Yue Zhong rescued from the hands of the Vietnamese. He had followed Yue Zhong on his crusades and was a Level 32 Enhancer. Due to his caution and bravery in fighting, Yue Zhong had appointed him as the captain of the guards.

This time Fei Xiong had unintentionally allowed over 40 people to infiltrate Lang Son City to attempt an assassination on Yue Zhong, which caused him to be infuriated. If it wasn’t for his Strength and skills, this time he might have really died at the enemy’s hands.

As he was reprimanded by Yue Zhong, Fei Xiong felt his back drenched with perspiration. He thought to the dire consequences if Yue Zhong had really been assassinated, and could not help but feel a surge of fear.

Fei Xiong directly raised his head to look at Yue Zhong and braced himself: “Leader, it was truly an oversight of mine! I’m willing to shoulder any and all punishments. Even if you want to send me to the Scum Battalion, I would not complain nor frown. However, I want to say something. The fact that they managed to enter Lang Son City, I think that someone is helping them from the inside, otherwise they would not have infiltrated us so easily.”

Yue Zhong glanced at this man who was forthright and had a good attitude, and his anger subsided. He pondered for a moment before saying: “Fei Xiong! The position of the captain of the guards will be taken away from you. I plan to establish a small organization responsible for collecting information and cleaning up of traitorous spies – Hawkeye. You shall help me assemble the team, as for personnel and funding, I shall provide it. The first task of Hawkeye would be to look into Lang Son City and Thai Nguyen.”

“Yes! Leader!” Fei Xiong did not hesitate and accepted the new appointment with gratitude. He saluted Yue Zhong. He had already made the mental preparations to be sent to the Scum Battalion to kill zombies for a chance to redeem himself. Who knew that he would suddenly became the leader of a new special force, and he was extremely grateful to Yue Zhong.

****Dedition: I wonder if YZ would survive having half his head chopped off.

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